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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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December 24th Is A Special Red Heads Day

December 23rd 2009 10:20 pm
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On my OH MY it's a double celebration today! Not just Christmas Eve, but also, (place your paws soundly on the ground to hear this one!) it's the 2 month anniFURsary of Redd Catt and I being meowried. We Mewlyweds are doing great and recommend meowried life to any fur. Have you noticed as the days go by, Redd and I are starting to look identicatical? Maybe there's something to be said about red - it's not REDiculous that my Hunk O' Mann Catt and I look alike - it's simply divine! And tis the season to be jolly and RED! So I guess we're in season.

Merry Merry Christmas furiends and we hope Santy Paws brings you bundles of abundacat love in your Christmas Stocking too!


A Momma's Job Is Never Ever Over

December 8th 2009 9:13 am
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Remember To Vote HERE for GUIDO the Italian Kitty-Best in Show-CLIMBER !

Oh MY, OH MY! My son and his smitten kitten self is vying for Best In Show (with all those supurrb catpetitors) - and my smug self doesn't want Guido to know that I'm just bursting my red buttons with happiness. So shhh, don't tell him I'm out campaigning fur his Kitty CLIMBER self! Can you keep the secret till December 14th? Shhhhhh


oh My, Oh MY, OH MY!

November 24th 2009 10:05 pm
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Oh my! I turned 14 on Halloween this year , I'm a mewlywed for 1 month and now my son GUIDO the Italian Kitty is one of the fun finalists in the "Best In Show" photo finals - so does life get any more meowvalous than that? Pinch my old red paws as I may be dreaming too much (after all I'm an Olde Furt and do catnap a lot!)

So furiends here and afar, as a momma cat I'm asking you to cast your pawsative vote in the CLIMBER division for my son GUIDO.Oh my OH MY he makes me purrrroud! (well we won't cat chat about his bad points!) giggles galore and wishing you the most meowvalous Thanksgiving Week. I'm giving thanks for having YOU in my life!

Pawsatively Vote Here for GUIDO the Italian Kitty for Best in Show!


Halloween? Nope It's the 10th AnniFursary of my 4th Birthday

October 30th 2009 1:15 pm
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Oh my OH MY pinch my paws! If someone had told me 14 yrs ago (that's about a trillion catnaps past) that I'd be celebrating my 14th year on the planet (and as a Catster with abundant special feline furiends and loving life with my new fursband Redd Catt) - well I can certainly assure you, this redhead would have said "not in your 9 lives or mine combined!"

So what's my secret to living and loving? I'm not going to spill my red beans! But I will tell you sun rays, love, catnaps, love, mewsic, love, being brushed, love, and getting my redhead way, coupled with more love is the recipe for my celebrating the 10th annifursary of my 4th birthday. So it's really not Halloween for me as you see and count on me sleeping the day away as that's the ideal gift - countdown clock is ticking for my 12 catnaps on Oct 31st.

I may be Red but I'm not Rusty!


Honeymewning On The Island of Crete

October 28th 2009 8:07 am
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Yiasou (that's Greek for GOOD MORNING!)

Redhead greetings from the Island of Crete - over in the Aegean Sea where my new fursband REDD CATT and I are honeymewning for a week. It's an amazing island, although we Olde Furts tend to catnap more than site see and the abundant sun rays on our Honeymewn Villa patios make for a purrfect day.

Redd and I did manage to open our cat eyes and get our 8 red paws over to the Catacombs of the ancient civilizations (giant mouse colony) and you know what? We're meeting so many Greek cats who are curious about America - they don't travel off their Island ever! We catchatted with a watemelon farmer who invited us to his house for a furesh Aegean Sea sardine barbeque and a bunch of dishes we can't purrnounce (oh we nipped on a shot of Greek Ouzo too - but hey we're honeymewning!)

Redd goes out bird watching in our private garden (it's a man cat thing) while I enjoy a Greek mud mask at the Spa. I like the Greek rice pudding that hovers in the bowl atop double cream - so rich and yummy in the tummy. Good eats over here on Crete!

Efharisto (that's Bye Bye) and thanks for coming to our Redheaded wedding in Venice Italy!


It's A Redheads Wedding & We Want You To Join Us In Italy

October 24th 2009 2:27 pm
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Oh my OH MY - yes Redd Catt and I invite YOU to join us mature meowsters in Venice Italy - where we're tying our tails in Meowtramony. Get yur PassPurrts ready and we'll see you in Italy this weekend!

When: Saturday Oct 24th 3 O'clock HQ "The Right Time For A Red Heads Wedding"

Where: On board The CHRISTINA-O YACHT Staterooms for all guests purrvided by my Fursband Redd Catt!

Reception Catering: Purrvided by the Internationallly famous "Chef Rooster" and his Texas sized staff assisted by Food Network's sous chefette Cat Cora. AND maybe an Italian styled MEATBALL MADNESS!

Mewsic: Nora the Cat on Piano playing Mewzart Symphony Unfinished - But expected to be finished in time!


Walking The Paws For The Breast Cancer Cure

October 3rd 2009 7:30 am
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I never ever step out of my house, but I did this week - because I went to meet the walking Momma of Jeter Harris who is here in my City by the Bay to walk for 3 days and 60 miles - all for the Cure for Breast Cancer! Oh my oh MY OH MY! Jeter's one lucky guy as his momma is special - you'd have to be special to fly across the country and walk walk walk. So I got out of my house and down to the waterfront and saw my ol' friend Skeezix (he's always got his shades on!) and Guido came along and we all had a nice table in the sun.

Abundant catster mommas joined us - oh my! Pinch me paws I met them all! The picture shows me and Skeezix and Guido and Yolo came along too but he's in back of me hunkered down - hey the Cowboy Kitty doesn't like the limelight. I had a lovely cat chat with momma of Chai Latte, Sugar and Little Bit - my San Francisco furiends.

So now I'm back home and must begin the plans for the OCTOBER 24th event when my feline fiance Redd Catt and I tie the red knot in Venice Italy. You're all invited so stay tuned, we'll be letting you know more, oh my OH my OH MY! I can't believe this is all happening. You're never too old for a great life surprise!


It's Not REDiculous! I've Found My Redhead Man Cat

September 27th 2009 4:08 pm
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September 26th is not just 1 day short of 3 months till Christmas, but it was an Oh My Oh My OH MY day for my old self. My good furiend, Redd Catt in Texas PURRposed to me. Humdee humdinger! He and I've been having some simply divine chats for a furry long time. So my Man Cat kneeled down on his furry red knees and PURRposed on Saturday. Actually he asked my sons Guido the Italian Kitty and Yolo fur my paw. The Boyz evidently said "She's yours for the taking Redd"!

Redd's such a gentleman - he's renting a yacht in Venice (Italy not California!) and both of our furry families will be purresent for the meowtramony ceremony. We've got a few yunguns in our families so it's going to be a wild experience! Chef Rooster is doing all the gourmet catering so we know the cuisine is going to be exquisite.

Who would have ever imagined at my almost 14 yrs old, I'd find a wonderful gentleman cat and a red head too! I told him I'd love his red self until it snows on the Sahara or the sun turns blue! Never think you're too old fur anything, as you see miracles happen, even to an Olde Furt like me.

You can meet my Man Cat 'REDD CATT" here....


REDiculous Hurricane Names

August 17th 2009 8:49 am
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It's definitely Hurricane season and the national weather PURRson is naming all the Hurricanes again.

Such mundane names and never a friendly feline name in the bunch. Let me ask you a serious question before your next catnap: have you ever heard of a Hurricane Baci? Hurricane Hazel Lucy? Hurricane Tigger? Hurricane Rocky? Hurricane Redd Cat? Hurricane Toulouse? Hurricane Chef Rooster? Hurricane Guido (ohhhhh, that's an active storm in my house every hour!), Hurricane Alfie? Hurricane Chai Latte (now that would probably be a sweet Hurricane!) These names would add some zip and vigor to the list.

Oh my oh my oh my - it's my Red Head opinion that I think purrsons naming the Hurricanes might need some catnip to get creative!

Do you have a suggestion for the next Hurricane Names List? Wind up your creat-a-cativity and let's hear it!


Purrrrroud Momma Catchat

July 28th 2009 5:16 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my - my old Redhead self has come to life today seeing my son GUIDO the Italian Kitty selectacatted (oh my oh my - I'm starting to cat chat like his silly kitty self!) the Cat of The Week. Now that means his Italian head is huge, he's purrancing around the house like a meowster mastadon and he's going to have his Catitude on full throttle. But not to worry, a momma's job is never done and I'll be making sure he writes his thanks notes and stays grounded and gets his Catitude back to sea level.

Oh my oh my oh my - I'm so purroud of my boy. My ol' ailing heart suddenly feels rejuvenated. Momma loves you Guido:)

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