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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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OH MY! RED-surrected on Easter Weekend!

April 6th 2010 8:56 am
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To my dearest wonderful adoring caring spectacucatular furiends ... yes that's YOU. And even though I'm a Redhead in control for almost 15 years, now that I'm at The Rainbow Bridge I'm not quite certain how to orchestrate this note to you. Just unpacking and learning the ropes of the heavens and, well it's different being light weight and nobody's telling me I'm needing a diet ala Marie Osmond or Kirstie Alley! That's nice...

You're all correct in that I kept a secret from you - my Congestive Heart Failure and Ah-Rythmia (oh gosh that's EyeTailYun cat chat which means I lived with Guido waaay too long!) . August '08 I opticatted for no meds, going the natural route which is amazing, because I lived almost 2 yrs with this condition. Enjoying every day with my Boyz, lounging in sun rays and moving hourly as the sun moved to the right of the living room was my joy and quality life - all without meds. And I was still popping Yolo in the cheeks when he got too close and having a redheaded hiss fit when the Boyz needed their meowster manners reminder.

Suddenly last Tues I didn't feel so good - but hey I'm almost 15. Redhead control sets in and I let Momma & the Boyz know it was time for me to travel. Oh my OH MY! Lemme tell you sometimes the hoomans don't listen cuz they don't want to !

I selectacatted (Oh My I'm doing that EyeTailYun catchat again!) Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter to travel over The Bridge, It was a good trip: I took off on time Saturday morning at 10:53 am HQ time with no delay on the runway, the flight was not bumpity bump bump or thumpity thump thump like the Easter Bunny did, and the flight landed on time. When I arrived at The Bridge, I was amazed - yes amazed! There to greet me were so many of my meowster pals, and my 2 other sons who'd gone before I ever adopted Guido and Yolo. Everybody was at the arrival gate with signs saying "Welcome Baci"! Just like at the airport when you see those Limo drivers all lined up at airport arrival gates holding signs for "Mr and Mrs Traveler".

The Feline Fashion Angel has scheduled me for Wing-Fitting. Hmm, hope they make Garnet colored wings to match the wedding ring Redd Catt gave me! As I unpack, tears flow from my amber eyes when I read and re-read the abundacat notes, poems, songs, words of wisdom, shared and warm thoughts, prayers, simple sayings of support, and blessings and I see the gifts galore, stacks of zealie gifties YOU have bestowed upon me and Yolo and Guido. There is absoluticatically (oh MY, there I go again talking like Guido!) no way I can begin to say an appurrrpriate thank you as I'm overwhelmed, I'm touched, I'm stunned, I'm speechless over the outpouring of love and concern and I want you to know YOU warm my kitty heart so much. My son Guido has a Guido-styled tribute to me on his GUIDO GAZETTE and purrhaps you'll all see the real me! Giggles!

I promise once I get my wings I'm flying down to visit and help others, but will you promise me something? Promise me you'll never ever change - always you will be in my 'now new and improved' red heart.

I love you & send heavenly purrs galore,
Baci "Mrs Redd Catt"


Farewell From San Franfuncisco

April 3rd 2010 8:21 am
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So many things come with a Life Time Warranty, but I didn't and my Olde Furt parts have pooped out (no pun intended furiends!) and this morning on this sunny Saturday in San Franfuncisco, I will make the voyage to The Bridge at 10:15 HQ time. It's been amazing, and Oh MY OH MY, my almost 15 years couldn't have been more marvelous.

I have raised 4 boyz - yes Guido the Italian Kitty and Yolo are my latest purrojects and there are days I'm sure they wanted me to move out! I've been a strict momma cat and always wanted my boyz to have their pawty manners on. I've instructed Guido and Yolo to behave as
my beloved Fursband REDD CATT
will be checking on them as I too will be doing 24/7 from just up above and they know even it's foggy in San Franfuncisco, I can still see them as I hear being at The Bridge is like wearing red 3D glasses - perfect view up front and close.

I'm packing my red Samsonite case for my Bridge trip and in it is the special Wedding foto of Redd and me last October 24th. And I intend to wear my gigantic Garnet wedding ring he gifted me with. You don't think a girl is gonna part with her jewels do you?

If you ever think you're too old for something, well just kick your paws back and look at Redd Catt and me finding feline love at our Olde Furt ages! These past 6 months have been the brightest in my life, having my Man Cat fursband at my side. He's so brilliant (well Redheads are!) and I ask that all of you check in with him from time to time.

Once I find my Heavenly stateroom and unpack, then I'll be back in touch with YOU my most special furiends. I wish I could wrap my red paws around each and everyone of you and give you a Baci bear hug!

Redd - this is for you, our favorite song:

All my life I've been waiting for a love like this
And now that you're here, romance is just a second away.
It's gonna stay,
I'm going to love you
Till the snow falls on the Sahara and the sun freezes over,
Till the Mojave red turns into blue....

When my lungs get tired of breathing
And my heart stops its beating,
I'll still never stop loving you.

Purrs galore and love from me to all of you,


No Fooling - It's April Fool's Day

April 1st 2010 10:32 am
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Let me count how many April Fool's Days I've seen, not this year, but in my whole meowster life - hmmm, counting on my red paws, I've almost run out of toes but seems this is my 14th April Fool's Day. Yes I think that's correct, being I'll turn a whopping 15 this October. Now where has all that time gone to? Well purrrobably some into the litter box, some into Redheaded style Hiss Fits, and some into abundant love, kitty kisses and purrs galore because life is wonderful.

I like April Fool's Day because I can fool around - and nobody notices because everybody is fooling around or fooling upside down on April Fool's Day. But I'm no fool - because I'm a Redhead and bright as can me - smart too! Well you get to my olde furt age and you can tout yur feline horn that you're anything!

Wishing you a fun Fool's Day and hope you manage to sneak in a smart cat nap!


I'm Baaaaaack!

March 23rd 2010 4:27 pm
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Have you ever woken up and felt you just wanted to disappear for the day? Well, never wish for what you want, as I totally disappeared off of Catster. Yes it's so true and I could see you & hear you the whole time but you couldn't see me. Phew - let me tell you what it's like being invisible but still viewing everything in the back rooms of HQ.

Well, firstly I heard the HQ technocats racing from office to office, yelling "Call Feline Nine One One! Baci is Missing!!" I just laughed my red self silly watching their fast fingers speedy dial on their iPhones while bmping into each other, while they tripped over the office dogs, crash into the water machine and the giant water bottle went rolling all the way down the HQ office red carpet, dropping their donuts, raced back to their puters, dropped more donuts, and it went on and on. The Technocats at HQ are wizards of wonderment - they can multi task good! Yes I applaude them for bringing me back. Phew, I was gone a while and I missed every one and thank you for all the concern. I'm never ever gonna wanna dissappear again.


Two Old Redheads Do Ireland

March 16th 2010 8:49 am
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Redd Catt and I are deleriously happy traveling cats here in Ireland and we've been trotting our paws from one Castle to the other (some are super dusty and full of ancien Gaelicat cob webs). And we snooze at every castle, finding a corner to catnap in so we can say "we catnapped there"!

Yesterday we tried Fly Fishing - oh if you could see Redd wearing those waist high waders and his suspenders falling off his furry Man Cat shoulder! We waited all morning on the shore for our fishing guide so we could wade out in our waders but the guide was a no show (we heard he got stuck in a sheep herding traffic jam). So we waded out with our fishing poles - just the 2 of us Mewlyweds. Irish salmon were jumping all over the place and I got so excited I lost balance and kaplop! I soon was floating & doing the back stroke in my waders.

Today we're planning a catnap near the Blarney Stone - a short catnap as they don't let you stay too long. Then tonight we're at Bunratty Castle for a medieval meal of old stuff - well that's what we hear the medieval foods are - old. And we're old so it's a good match.

Signing off from Ireland!
Baci & Redd Catt


Ireland OR Bust!

March 11th 2010 9:32 am
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OH MY! PInch my paws as I must be dreaming! My fursband Redd Catt is picking me up Friday in his private Red Jet and whisking we mewlyweds off to Ireland for a whole week of fun in the sun, fishing for furesh fishies, snoozing in the old elegant castles and just hanging out having REDiculously fun times!

Gotta get my mani-pawdicure today and manage a catnap too! You know, we Olde Furts slumber alot! Oh MY ... OH MY .... heading across the pond to Land O' Leprechaun!

We'll pmail you once we land,
Purrs Galore to you, our friends,


Happy Valentines Day From ... From ... Oh My... Where Are- We???

February 12th 2010 8:04 am
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Oh my! OH MY! Redd whisked me away this morning in his jet and we're way up above sea level heading to Le Mirador Kempinski over in Switzerland! Have 2 Catshunaries in my lap - brushing up on my French and German just in case I need to talk to the Room Service Waiters.

Redd and I are so in love and celebrating our very 1st Valentines Day as MEWlyweds. He's a romanticat fursband. Here's our Catinerary he's planned....shhhhh he doesn't know that I peaked into his brief case and saw what he's got up his paw!

*We will leave tomorrow for France and from there take the famous Snow Train to our destination in Switzerland.
We will return when we feel like it.
That is the beauty of being olde furts.
You do as you wish!
Our purry first Valentines together as a married couple.*

We toast ALL of you, our special furiends who make our lives so delightful! Gotta go and give my "Hunk O' Man Cat" Fursband a hug - Ohhh I think we're over England now ... and about to land in France! Parlez vousette Furench? Bring on the bubbly!

Love and Kitty Kisses!
Baci & Redd Catt


Aloha ! We Redheads Have Arrived

January 29th 2010 9:44 pm
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It's so cold out, icy, raining, windy and dreary - but NOT here in Hawaii where my wonderful fursand Redd Catt has brought me for a few days of warm fun in the sun or maybe it's called "Redheads In The Sand".

We're celebrating our 3rd month of marriage and Redd just swept me off my paws and onto a Hawaiian Airlines jet and here we are in the most beautiful warm beach furont home - a Hale (say Hah Lay) . If you could see Redd in his pineapple print Surfer Jams, well lemme tell you all .... YOU just think my Hunk O' Mann Cat catnaps in Texas all the time , but not true! His cat calves are pouncing down the white sand beach at this very moment, and his red fur is blowing in the tropicatical winds. Oh my OH MY! My olde furt self may need to pull out the Ahi Smelling Salts!

Tomorrow we pig out at a Luau, learn to custom can Kona coffee, howl around in our Hula lessons and then enjoy our Meowster Mai Tais with those cutie little umbrellas dangling over the glass. Oh ... and maybe after a few of those, my fursband will win the Kateoke award for singing Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles".

Mahalo and Aloha and warm greetings from Mr and Mrs Redd Catt
Purrs Galore,


Rain Rain Go Away

January 19th 2010 8:20 am
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In all my almost 15 years, the news is amewsing during storm time - always saying "but we need the rain and we need the snow too". Well I'm here to voice my redheaded opinion on that ongoing comment in this "Ahhhp Ed" column today.

How come the rain can't be consistent like we kitties are?

How come it pours 'cats and dogs' when I never see furs falling from the sky?

What's a "Bad Hair Day" have to do with us furs who are always grooming purrfectly?

How come the giant strong sun can't poke thru just for a little bit, on a rainy/snowy day?

Why are weather purrsons on TV never making up their minds? (we're going to have some sun, a little fog, definitely chance of rain and it might snow too)

How come it just doesn't storm at night while we're snoozing, and be sunny in the day when we want to play? "Organized storms" would work real well.

Did you ever see a weather purrson on TV having a bad hair day? Nope because they're in a storm free area!

That's it for today - I'm wearing my Life Purrservor and we may be boarding the Ark if these rains don't rain rain go away. But hey, 'we need it'!
Purrs Galore to you from me:)


New Years Resolutions are REDiculous

January 4th 2010 8:00 am
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When the ball dropped at Midnight on Mew Years Eve, I was snoozing in my jungle bed which is just fine with me. My party days and nights of midnight maurading are meowmories and my paws stroll thru photos of when I was a slim and trim, high heeled paw, wild child Redhead. There was no time for catnapping then!

Life is divine at my stage and amazing that I'm having my 15th b'day this year in 2010. Oh my OH MY! When I'm not catnapping in my jungle bed, I'm pawing some ideas for a celebration of this meowmentous event because it will be so special to celebrate - with you. Looking way back to another Meowlinnium when I found my furever home, I was just a a "16th Street Gal", yes a feline floozy trotting thru town and raiding the old lunch bags in the City of San Francisco and I didn't know I was so ill until 2 shelters later, someone stumbled across me and they started to purr.

Singing that Purr Duet worked wonders and after a week at the Vet I was healed of the respiratory infection, the eye problem, the mites & fleas and I was being served 3 square meals on a plate, every day! That beats scrounging da lunch sacks on the Streets of San Francisco!

So this 2010 brings me great joy, and a time to reflect on my Olde Furt self. I'm still raising The Boyz (oh my OH MY will they ever grow up!) and I've got myself the most handsome fursband (Redd Catt you rock!) and life is amazing.

My 2010 REDiculous Resolution is to keep my purr machine revved up, and lounge more in my jungle bed. Happy Mew Year to YOU my dear furiend.

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