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Just Call Me The King

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A DDP for me me me!!

July 29th 2012 12:05 pm
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Hey Furries,
I have been watching the Olympics and trying to figure out what sport suits me best. Swimming, archery, cycling or I know Gymnastics! I do lurvs to jump up on everfurthing and leave fur!
Stay cool as it's a been a REALy hot Summer and thanks Diary Lady for recgonizing this furte..

King Henry


Purring Fur The Colorado Kittehs

July 20th 2012 9:33 am
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Just taking a moment to purr for the hummins and tier furries after the terrible disaster that happened last night.....

King henry his hummin and all of Texas


DDP Yesterday!!

June 15th 2012 7:58 am
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Hey gang,
I missed mt DDP because someone spent her day getting her eyes checked..... No E-mail either so we didn't know till today.
Thanks fur the comments , zealies, and Hi paws via Pawmail.
I just lurvs my furry friends and want them to have a safe happy Summer.

King still of my werld HENRY!


Hey HQ We're MAD At YOU!

June 8th 2012 10:40 am
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And HQ...
What the he** are you putting on the front page? I mean a cat skull and a cat copter?? Would you put that stuff on Dogster? I hope not!
We miss Skeezix and all the fact finding, fun loving, and hardecore animal lovers who commune on this site. Zealies may be great but why should I pay you with my extra cash if you put up content like that!!! My kitteh and the kittehs here deserve better.
We are the hardcore animal lovers here who see our pals like FAMILY!!!!! Please clean up your litterbox or no more special membership for you. No Soup For You Catster..
Henry and his sad meowmy


Checking In

May 21st 2012 2:41 pm
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Hello Furries,
Meowmy is getting by day so I gives her tons of puurrsss and lurrvvssssssssss....................
But she is not very social either. We all deal with pain in a different ways and she's realizing now that some old hurts need to be dealt with to fully heal.
Keep purring us!
King Henry


Hey My Page has lots of Rosettes!!

April 7th 2012 3:16 pm
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Dear Furries,
My meowmy has felt all your purrs and mine and she is doing better. She has no clear plan yet on what to do but she is SO THANKFULL for Catster!!!!!
You guys always fill my heart and boxes with lots of the LURV that even a big Mancat like me needs. It just makes us feel so special when the diary lady noticesd all happiness and pains. Meowmy has told me so many times she doesn't know what she would do without me. I agree! She 'd be crackers....MOL!
Have a Safe and Family filled Easter. My hummin must werk but she's bringing snackies fur her co-werkers. Bagels and Smear!!

King Henry


Crying....My Meowmy Has gotten good at it!

April 2nd 2012 9:08 am
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Hey Furries,
Thanks so much for all your support...Meowmy cries a lot in front of me now. And she just doesn't know what to do about her entire life right now.....She is depressed.
All I can do is purr and lurvs on her till she gets through this...Keep purring fur her please!
King Henry RKN


Catster men Rock! Other Men suck.............

March 29th 2012 10:44 am
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Hello gang,
This is Henry's meowmy....we haven't been on Catster much due to a dating scenario....
You see I've known this man for twenty years and he has broken my heart now for the third time. I dated him in HS ge was my second serious relationship. I was his first serious relationship. We made allot of dramatic childish mistakes so we went our seperate ways.
I met him again in my early 20' was like we never stopped talking. But then you see a new girl started flirting with him so he devastaed me and broke my heart again. I was very brave that time. I gave him back all the memories and gifts and SWORE that I would get over him. I never really did though. No one could undestand him like I could and the same is true now. One night in August 2009 I really missed him so I found him on FaceBook and E-mailed him. I never heard back so I moved on. And rescued Henry and fed ferals and became active on Catster.
I built a small life but it was mine. He E-mailed me out of the blue Jan 2012. I told him not to contact me unless he was fine form. he said he was so we began to date and it was SO WONDERFULL....
But like always I wasn't enough BUT he wants to be friends like best friends and now I'm LOST. Angry. And I just do not know what to do because I have missed him so much. I'm trying very hard to be brave and resilient but it is hard because I'm tired. I'm just tired. Henry needs me though so I'm being brave for him.
I know allot of this is him even though he put it on me. You see he had an AWFUL divorce and he has allot of debt. I was him in a weird way 5 years ago but not divorced. I want to do the right thing but I do not know what that is...I want to save all the homeless cats but I can't. I want to be able to give my heart to someone who apprecates it. So I'm going to be sad for awhile with Henry. Any advice or hugs or lurvs would be wonderful right now because Henry can't heal me all on his own. He's a great RN but he can't talk back...
So that's where me and Henry are right now furries..
Katie and Henry


Three day Weekend!

March 8th 2012 12:30 pm
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Meowmy took an extra day off this week so she could recover from werk! Werk almost drove her BATTY! And I just hates fighting off bats.
Today she's much better. She spent all the time I was napping baking a birfday cakey fur dat DUDE she's dating. Or dud you choose. MOL!
She really likes him but dey are taking it slowas his last relationship ended in a bang. I'm just happy I get my noms noms...
I see laundry that needs my floofy fanny on it!

King Henry


Me A DDP??

March 2nd 2012 9:17 am
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Hey Furries!
Thanks so much for all your gifties Pawmails and comments...Gosh all I had to do was get my typist back to werk. MOL!
I have been getting lots of lurv and treats today. But then meomwmy says everfury day wif me is a special day. And her man fuurreind is mad that I used to be a stray. Heheheh I win every heart I meet.
Well I'm off to take a long kitteh nap in a pool of sun.

King Henry

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