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Just Call Me The King

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Best in Show!

February 13th 2013 10:20 am
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Hey Furries,
Last night I watched the Westminster Doggie Show and a little toy doggie won. His name is Banana Joe ans he's an Appenfincher. The big Old Sheep doggie Swagger came in 2nd place. His family helped keep kittehs and doggies during Hurricane Sandy!
I got scared though that meowmy wouldn't want me anymore and get a show doggie!! Ohh Noees!! Well she said I'M Her BEST In SHOW! HAH! Best for flying fur, hairballs, and being an alarm clock. Also best in purring, snuggling , and whisker kisses. I won at everything. I'm also my meowy's Valentine AGAIN this year..... I'm just so busy with all my duties now that I'm napping while I can.
Do not forget to stop by Samoa's page and check out all her Dreamboats!!!!!! She's got such grrreeatt taste. I should know since she picked me as one too...MOL!
Happy Valentine's Day and Best in Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lurvs King Henry


Cat Monopoly!

February 6th 2013 8:42 am
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Hey Furries,
It's a wet day here in TX. but I do not mind since meomwy
gave me a baff last night and NOW my skin and fur feel so much better!! I'm meowing and running and jumping all over the place...hehehehe...
I also saw that Monopoly is getting a kitteh to replace that awful iron. It's about time! The hummins only plans today is running some errands and baking fur a co-worker who is transfering to new office. It makes her very sad that she'll miss this person but happy that they will be closer to her family.
Gotta nap..
Lurs DB King Henry


Soft kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur

February 1st 2013 9:25 am
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Hey Furries!
OMC it's sooo pretty out now but meowmy HATES it due to her tree pollen allergies. I loves it 'cause the birdes are out chirping and playing.
Now our birdie friends,have you heard on the news and radio how us kittehs are getting a bad rap again! WHAT IS THIS?? Yeah were natural born hunters but most kittehs I know prefer mousies and ratty's compared to birdies who can FLY! They can make a quick getaway and we have around in some for or fashion in ecology as long as the birdies have...What about the doggies that go after birds too??!! HUH??
We deserve respect, love, and safe house to live in.
Anyways, I have been reading Splat Cats diary and Uno's about disabled animals like Homer too. Wow, they sure are special and make thier humans laugh just like us abled kitteh's do. So go out and foster or adopt a special needy kitteh or doggy today.

Lurvs King Henry


Hey Every furr!

January 24th 2013 10:01 am
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Hello from Texas,
One of the very few states not in the deep freeze. In fact my hummin has been running the AC. MOL!
I wish I could say things have been exciting around here but they have not been. The only thing NEW is that I have decided my meomwy's lap is better than any cat bed.'s true. I stare at my kitteh beds then run up to my meomwy's lap and purr.......what can I say, I'm officilay a meowmy's boy now. Just a taste of being a stray and now I'm back attached to my hummin!
Have some fun today and read Hazel Mazel's diary of the day..She wants to help Boudicca a pretty kitteh who like me needs to be in a one cat household. She doesn't want to share any lap time. MOL! Let's get her a new home for Valentine's day.

Lurvs King of the lap Henry


Dieting for Dummies

January 18th 2013 12:58 pm
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Hey Furries,
Meowmy and I are doing the dieting thing..She wants me fit and trim
and happy for life. But we're going REAL SLOW and with diet food.
I do not think I'm gonna like this!!!


Nearing the End of Vacation

January 16th 2013 10:46 am
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Well Furries,
I have watched my meowmy spend her whole vacation
running around taking care of errands. I slept on the bed and
ate my traets but lately I've been sneezing again. I sneezed alot before my last dental. ARGH!! Meowmy thinks I may be getting a bad tooth. YUCK.....That means a cleaning and pulling is in my future...YUCK! But then my teethies will glow in the dark and the vet people's think I'm beautiful. I think I'm a MANLY MANCAT! Heheeeee...
Meowmy also picked up Gwen Coopers new book and she can't wait to read it.
Well off to nap till dinner time : )
LURVS King Henry



January 11th 2013 3:03 pm
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Hey Furries,
My mewomy ran errands non-stop today so I slept in peace, till she got back. Then WOW she Furminated me..Hair hair was everywhere...but it felt sooo goood to get rid of that extra weight. MOL!
Then she combed me again afterwards. I'm so fluffy and shiny now. I think I could become a repaet Dreamboat this year...
Well off to sleep off my combing on the couch in ...PEACE....

Lurvs King shiny coat Henry


Happy DDY on a rainy day...

January 8th 2013 8:08 am
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Hey Furries,
I headbonked my meowmy today then horked up hairballs to celebrate her upcoming vacation form the holidays. She does this every year to Spring Clean and relax.
I can't wait to sleep soundly on her lap while she eats her cheesecake and new book...
Hug your hummins today!!
LURVS King Henry


A DDP New year

December 31st 2012 5:29 am
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Hey gang,
I'm a DDP! Wowsa!! I guess the dieary lady liked the fact that I came
home and stayed...This morning I cuddled wif my meowmy before she got up for work. Sometimes I do not think understands ho much I need her. especially for food and treats. MOL!
It's gonna be nice quiet New Years for my meowmy and me. We just want to relax together and have some nice wine and cheese. I like that 'cause she gives me the cheese.
Have a Safe New Years!!

King Henry


Back to Normal

December 28th 2012 8:35 am
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Hello my Furry buddies,
The tree and decorations are gone and meowmy is planning
for the New Year. Today after her shower she's going to do a little shopping for basics like milk and bread. Then it's all about using her Gift cards and writing Thank you notes this evening.
Besides my little outdoor adventure Christmas was fun but we are ready for a brand new year filled with less stress and heartache! And lots of treats for me..
Lurvs yous guys!
King Henry

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