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Just Call Me The King

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Who's Still the King??

September 9th 2013 9:05 am
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Hey Gang,
I'm doing serious cat napping so meowmy's going to write fur a bit.
well, Harrold is doing OK he eats, sleeps, and uses the litter box. he has a calming collar but I'm thinking Henry may need one too. I woke up yesterday to a huge cat fight and then the beginning of one today.
When they get along it's GREAT but when the play gets territorial it gets mean. It stresses me out because I just love both those boys. How long will this occasional fighting last?? When will their be peace in the land called Katie's apartment??
Lurvs King Henry and Scared Harrold


The "Guest Cat" Harrold

September 4th 2013 12:44 pm
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Hey Furries,
I'm STILL the King but a new guest cat named Harrold is here. He is a male short haired tuxedo kitteh who LURVS to talk. I am though a kitteh of few werds...
We have been getting along OK I guess but yesterday when he was sitting on the couch with my meowmy I had to remind him that SHE'S my PERSON! Not his. So I slapped him and hissed a bit. He got the message and I have been happier ever since....Here's mom's view:
Well, Harrold is a great feline near Henry's age. He meomw's allot and was traumatized the first two days he was here. When he gets scared he spends time under my bed. I spent time talking quietly to him and leaving treats, cats love food! He finally came out and has been a sport about playing with Henry.
Henry has had good days and bad. He's used to being an only child dealing with at times a doggie pal. I am doing my best not to show any favorites but they're still figuring out who is the Alpha cat. I think Henry will win! I have also learned they are like kids and at feeding time it's best to make sure they have the SAME food. MOL! Both are very affectionate and need lots of snuggling and pets. I am trying to deliver. I like the fact that now they are "learning" to play together and get exercise.
Please keep sending the tips and I'll post a picure of them both together as soon as I can..
LURVS STILL the King Henry and his meomwy


OMC! !!!

August 22nd 2013 1:51 pm
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This month I will be getting a new friend..a "guest cat" named Harrold. he is black and white spotted and was a stray like me. His meowmy is in the middle moving and doesn't want to leave him alone all day and night.
Now meowmy told me she's doing this for some GOOD CAT reasons. Harrold's human helped her out immensely during her face surgery and loves animals wholeheartedly. She also pet-sits too. So everfurry night has been telling me I must be good and share our hearth and home for this special kitteh. She knows I understand her werds..
Kittehs do ya have any ideas to help the guest cat and me get along??
LURVS King Henry


A Note of Thanks to My cat...

July 20th 2013 4:10 pm
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My hummin is writing fur me after our pets and snuggle time!
You have kept me sane during a scary period of my life. I had face cancer and went through 5 surgeries and lots of pain medication. But their you were, sleeping next to me, following me around constantly, even when I had to do nothing but baths! Their you were making sure I got out okay. You helped me back to work, de-stressed me after current car wreck and really never stopped loving me. You just kept on purring.
All I know of you was that you were declawed not by choice, left to roam for food, and living in a box near me at my old apartments..It made me so sad because all you ever do is give me love! It still astounds me that some hummins left you all alone.
But here we are together making it day by day. You are more than my buddy you are almost a true therapy animal and I get scared how hard it will be to let you go to the bridge eventually but I promised you I'd do you right no matter what!
I just feel really lucky to have a cat like Henry in my life...
Lurvs Henry's hummin and a happy loved Henry



July 12th 2013 7:07 am
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Hey Furries,
My meowmy is still trying to get to werk but her car is getting old and it's acting up. She's waiting for a towey trucky to get her to her dealership. Then she may have to rent a car! ARGH! More $$$ lost..ahh well I'm just enjoying having her near me. Giggles...
King Henry


Back in dat saddle

July 3rd 2013 8:55 am
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Hey Furries,
It's July 4th tomorrow! So meowmy will be home form werk..yup she went back and had two days of E-mail and training to catch on. She was REALLY tired when she came home. She's worried cause money will be tight fur awhile until she's all caught back up on work and bills. but no fear! Friends are helping her out and I will have food and cat litter no matter what. Meomwy always feeds me before herself. MOL!
It's just sooo hot kittes so take lots of naps, drinks water, and stay cool.
LURVS King Henry


Heat and Hairballs

June 29th 2013 9:37 am
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Hello Furries,
it is SOOO HOT!! 107 today and 100 yesterday. So I pretty much slept the day away and played like crazy last night. During my session I gave meowmy to HUGE hairballs to clean up after I was done. MOL!
Off to nap again cause this heat wears my furry fanny out.
King Henry


Almost Back on Track

June 21st 2013 11:08 am
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Well Furries,
My meowmy is about healed and should be going back to work before July. That's good because her FMLA is almost up and her cash is running LOW! I must have the food and treats that I'm accustom too foe sure...
So now I'm back on sleeping, pooping, and general lounging patrol!
Happy Summer kittehs!
King Henry


HairBalls and Baffs!!!

June 7th 2013 12:00 pm
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Hey Furries,
My meomwy MUST be feeling better because she gave me
a foam baff!!! Then she stroked and brushed me untill half my fur
was in the floor..The she gave me more hairball goop. The I horked up a HAIRBALL for her. MOLMOL!!!!
Now today I'm sleeping while she runs errands and treats herself to lunch. Things have been hard but they are getting better for us..Hopefully no more surgeries just a few more weeks with bandages. we shall see..
Stop by Jezebelle and Charlie's page. Charlie went to the bridge and they need all our purrs for dis tough time.
King Henry


Working Towards Recovery

May 30th 2013 9:56 am
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Hey Furries,
It has been nutty around here. I have been stepped on and underfed!! MOL!! I just hafta follow my peoplke around and my meomwy's mom is lder and not as quick as a kitteh, so she stpeeed on me this morning! Boy I yelled at at her and chewed her footie. She stopped and hugged me.
The good news is they are done taking stuff outta my meomwy's face and she an appoinment for plastic surgery this Tuesday. They'll skin graft more of her forhead but no clue what they'ss do for her messed up eyebrow. But I still like her. I stay close to her ALL the time and give lots of purrsss..
Please stop by Charlie kittehs page and give him some lurvs. His kidneys are messed up and he may have homeless longer than his meowmy thought. Just happy he is So LURVED like I am now!
Strays Rule!!
Lurvs Henry

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