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Just Call Me The King

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Hot and Looking for Buckley!

July 2nd 2009 9:00 am
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Hey furries,
Please keep a look out for a cute lost kitteh named Buckley!!!!!!!!!! Also please keep purring for a really great kitteh named Hooch. He's the "enforcer" of the pride at his home and his meomwy just worships the paws he walks on. We like his personalty and nip pod! So every furry get busy purring and sending good vibes for Hooch.
We also learned this week that Muppets ears may be a problem a bit longer till an descion is made to "fix" her up for good.
But the best news EVER this week is SAMOA is HOME!!!!!! Gosh I've such a huge kitteh crush on her. She makes my paws sweat and my purr engine roar. I hope she'll be in New Yawk for the 4th of July pawty. Maybe I can win her over with ice cream MOL!!!!
Gotta look for the spider I was playing with yesterday and then NAP!

Lurrvvsss Lots
King Henry


Dr Whoooo Dr Whooo

June 28th 2009 9:26 am
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Hey Furries,
I watched the Dr Who episode "The Next Dr" on BBC America FINALLY last night!!!!!!!!!! I luuurrvvvsss David Tennant. Will miss him So much when he leaves... And saw that the new Torchwood episodes are coming in July! Mewomy is just trejocing that she'll have good British TV to watch during this heat wave.
I just hope she keeps giving me the new petromalt treats and brushing my fur.
Must nap in the bathroom then watch CAT TV
Lurrvvvvsssss King of the BBC Henry


It's a Heat Wave (Yayaya)

June 26th 2009 8:15 am
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Hey furries,
OMC it's SOO HOT in Houston!!! 104 degrees!! And meowmy told me she must go out and face the heat to get grocery's and kitty food. So I said,"Bring lots of water and don't forget to bathe yourself to keep cool"...
Also Muppet has a game about what Ice Cream you'd be: I'm Strawberry Cheescake!!! I'm as sweet and snuggly as a fresh berry but I know how to play mewamy like smooth creamy cheesecake to get my OWN way!!
On a sad pop culutre note musician and entertainer Michale Jackson died today. Meowmy grew up with his music and is in shock and sad for the family. Farrah Fawcet also passed away too. So we send a purr for their fans and families.....
Gotta nap,
King Henry


Thanks Again!

June 23rd 2009 1:03 pm
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Dear Furries,
My meowmy was beside herself all day. Things are no fun at her job so every DDP is great not just fur me but for her too!!!
The Dairy Lady has not replied to my propsal yet....Who could say no to this King?
Anyways, thanks for all the attention and prezzies. I just lurvs it all and lurvs all my smart, happy, and loved kittehs on catster!! Now I think it's Samoa's trun for Dairy of the day! what do yous think??

Lurrvvvsss and Purrsss
King of the world!!
Henry : )


Dear Diary Lady

June 23rd 2009 8:11 am
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PLEASE MARRY ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shocked! AGAIN??

June 22nd 2009 11:12 am
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Hey furries!
Do you think I can fianlly do it for my long haired orangies out there and BE DIARY of the DAY pick????
Meowmy is just so shcoked and happy that my furry butt is being regconized for it's all it's kingliness... Again I personaly would not like Dairy lady's job because ALL catsre Cats are SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!
Also a side not for the Mayor of 7th Street. This entry is for him and all the animals who make life more fun and full of lurvvsss....
Thanks for the pawmails, treats and special prezzies fom all my furry frieneds.
King of (his own world) Henry



June 17th 2009 8:02 am
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Hey Furries,
I just can believe this...DDP today!!!! Ohhh Hugs and very wet kitteh kisses to the Daily Dairy Lady. Her job must be soooo hard with all the intresting cats and kittens out there making the lives of thier human crazy and fun!
And I must say thanks to Buddy,Mckeena, Cash, Gibbs, and HL, and Calvin and Muppet (catsters unofficial mascot) for the pawmails and prezzies...MOL!
Also a very furry shout out to my little buddy Yolo. Why you ask? Because he sent me some San Fransisco cool wind and it turned back on the AC in our home! We no longer are living in a space heater!YYY AYAYAY...
Keep surfing!!!!!!!!
Lurrvsvsvsvsv King Henry


Heat, Table Surfing, and Being overly Affectionate

June 15th 2009 7:48 am
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Hey furries,
I did my table surfing trick on mewmy yestreday but she managed to help me without knowing it! MOL! She had her two leggies crossed so I ran really FAST then used her legs for springboard then BOOM!! Right on the table!! A perfect 10 I'd say!! She laughed and smiled then broke down later and gave a treat...heeeeehee I lurvs to work my mewomy!!
Then she complained to ME about the HEAT!!! I have WAY more fur than her but I dunna complains! I just sleep in the cool bathroom while she tries to sleep in her bed. Now who's smarter than who I ask?? And she doesn't seem to understand that as a kitteh it is MY peragative when to show all my affection to her. Whether that's after work or at 4:00AM...that is just how it works! Am I right kittehs?
I thought so!
Must plan my next plan of kisses and headbonking..see ya after my nap.

Lurrvsvvss and kisses
King of (my) world Henry


The Daily Diary Lady may like me after ALL!!!!!!

June 12th 2009 9:05 am
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Hey Furries,
OMC I just could not believe the luck of being one of the chosen few today. Thanks again diary lady, HQ, and every furr who passes by my little page.
It makes all the money meowmy spent on me yesterday worth it! She gots me more food and a NEW TOY!!! It's soooooo NEATTTOOOO! I played with it all yesterday into the night and flipped my scratcher playing. I may be an old furte but I have some spunk left. What's this toy you ask?? It hangs on the door or my cat tree. It's a mousie that bounces everywhere when you tap it. AND it SQEEAAAAAKKKSSSS!! Oh furries I lurvs it so..It brings out my inner wildcat.
The my meowmy gave me a bath...It helps get rid of the extra hair and goo that get traps in my flurf...I hate it at firt but my skin feels so good afterwords that I purr ups a storm. My meowmy says it helps her and my allergies get better.
Thanks to Van, Toffy, and my furte bud Calvin for the GREAT gifts...I lurvs then so much! But kittehs you listen to the King and send pawmails or l comments on my litle page and save those treats for the sick kittehs and goggies. Times are tough for the kingdom and all my furries ALWAYS come before me!
I have worm myself out with joy so off to nap time in the COOL bathroom.
King of the world(kitteh that is) Henry

PS Thanks again the paw mails Buddie and HL : P


Monday Madness!

June 8th 2009 7:50 am
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Hey furries,
I'm so happy! Toffy and Van wanna be friends with me! I even got a piece of watermleon to help me keep cool these hot Summer days. Moemwy lurvs Toffy's name because it's one her faveorite types of bad she can't eat a Henry! MOL!
Her work is really nutz too. Apparently her mangement is currently judging her coworkers on a new job THEY do not even know what to DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She warned that fur was going to fly soon and a cat fight was immenent....I'm happy I'll be napping at home when that happens. She says the word of the week is "Incompetence"....I wonder what new word Calvin could make of that one??
The heat isn't letting up BUT I refuse to give up my porch rounds every day. A King must always gaurd his castle (human)
Off to finish my watermelon then CAT NAP....

Lurvs to all the sick kittehs and goggies
King (hot) Henry

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