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Just Call Me The King

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Fall-Solistic-and Cat-I-Tude

October 10th 2009 11:58 am
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Meowmy It's fall and I LURRVVSS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran around all morning playing with everything I ran and telling Mewomy I'm so happy she made it cold outside. I lurvs the wind through my hair. And watching squirrells and licking the whip cream from mewomy's hot cocoa...Hehehehehe...
Little Leo is getting hairer and playing again. I only hope that Calvin keeps eating and Oliver's food was just a but stale and his tummy is OK. : ) My new favorite food is call SOULISTIC (not Solstice) as orginaly reported. It is grain free and comes in great flavors like PUMPKIN Chicken and TURKEY and TUNA I just hop up and down like a pogo stick when I hear that can open MOL!!
I also have more 'Tude in the Winter. Is this true of all long-haired kitteh's out there? I just lurvs to purr and play more and that maked my meowmy happy.
Gotta nap and wait fur dinner!
Lurrvvss and PURRSSS
King Henry



September 26th 2009 11:01 am
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Better Late than Never!

September 26th 2009 9:58 am
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Hey Furries,
I have been YELLING at my mewomy to update my diary on her days off but NOOOOOO she had to work and run errands....The nerve!
But we have been keeping close tabs on Little Lion Leo who is slowly getting back to normal. His illnessfreaked out me and my mewomy and We don't even know the little guy persoanly. Catster just does that to you I guess.
Autumn is here and my mewomy tried so new new food fur me. It's called Solstice and I LURRVVSS it! My mewomy also picked up some petromalt paste that is sugar free. She's worried I may be gaining to much weight. MOI? It's ALL haor as far as I'm concerned!! MOL!
Happy Annifurrasry to HL and Buddie and we'll all keep purring hard for LEO and CALVIN!!!!!

King Henry


Piratey Talk and no gear!

September 17th 2009 8:11 am
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Hey Furries,
I hear lots of meowing about PIRATE week! But I'm a KING! We shouldn't be running around on ships and taking nip...MOL..... Ohh well, I can enjoy the view up in my castle with my mewomy lurvin on me. : )
I still hear Calvin is feeling bad and that he sees the vet today with Sugar. Hopefuly they can work out the kinks and get him back "shipshape". He's really a cute pirate and not very scary looking.
Moewmy is not letting work or the world getting so down anymore and she told me today she's getting me more hairball medicine! pfftt!
Have a fun
Hugs and lurrvvss
King Henry


Calvin get better Soon!

September 12th 2009 7:59 am
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Hey furries,
Another one of our mascots is under the weather..CALVIN! We lurvs Calvin sooo much and want him and his family to know we are purring REALLY hard fur him to take his meds and get on the mend. I sent him a hero ribbon because he's my kind of orangie. Smart. Fiesty. Full of lurvs fur all furry animals that purr and bark.
Get well Calvin!!!
Lurvs King Henry


I'm- HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 5th 2009 8:40 am
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Hey Furries,
I have spent the last few days in Dallas spending time with my mewomy's real hummin parents. They have backyard with a fence that I got to explore and I chased squirrels and I ate good food! I had a grreeaat time.
My faveorite part of ther house was under their bed. It was cool and quiet. My little nephews were LOUD but they lurved just to look at me and pet me gently.
Glad to home and way from the big loud metal box with wheels.

Hugs and lurrvvss
King Henry


Getting What Ya Want...

August 25th 2009 7:47 am
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Hey furries,
Mewomy's food poisoning or virus has cleared up so NOW I'm calling in some chips. I got her to twirl the feather fur me last night, give me more petromalt treats, and........cuddle me whenever I sway my tail at her.
It's sooo good to be the KING!!!!!

Lurrvvss King Henry
PS Come home Oreo J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buckley's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 20th 2009 11:13 am
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Yay! That crazy black kitteh found his way home just in time fur the weekend. Too bad my mewomy is too under the weather to enjoy it. Food poisning maybe??? So it's water and soup till she can keep things down. I tried being a Male RKN to her but my purring just didn't stop those trips to the bathroom..
Off to nap..
King Henry


Clean hair and Samoa fur President!

August 18th 2009 10:43 am
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My mewomy computer connection went crazy after a bad thunderstorm and she just NOW has full internet connection! Yaya we can pay bills and check out Catster.
I must say Samoa has some kewl new thoughts fur Catster...I think we should have our own little Catster election. I could be her PR manager...she could introduce me to her cute kitteh friends! MOL !!!A guy can dream can't he?
My grandpa and grandma went out of state and met three ragdoll kittehs and a siamese at one house!! They met a Newman kewl was that....BUT they also showed her a new toy that they want to buy me! A round scratcher with a ball inside. Mewomy forgot what to call it but happy they like to give me gifties.....
I also got a bath!! ARGH and mewom's threating the toenails are next too. Whats a guy to do but be sweet about it and wait fur the treats to come afterwords.
Hugs everfury body I see a nap and CAT TV in my future..

King of MY world


Lost the Tikki food BUT gained the Purina Plus!

August 14th 2009 8:52 am
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Hey furries,
My angel buddy Tyler had a contest to write a limerick about being a furte and wanting his food! I tried but I lost out to the poetess Lucy. She's so smart and purrty I'm not surprised! It was just fun to do. Although when I checked my pantry I noticed I was low on provisions so meowmy went out yesterday and gots me more kibble, treats, and wet food! Yayay me!!!! Today she goes out and gets her own hummin food. I'm glad because I would not share mine fur anything!
She also says I must get a Spa day in soon too! That means a BATH!!! ARGHH!!! But my skin feels sooo good afterwords that I purr fur days.. MOL!
All this writing makes me tired so I'm off to nap and dream of dinner.

King Henry

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