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Just Call Me The King

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Happy Spring and Baci is BACK!

March 25th 2010 3:34 pm
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Hey Furry friends,
Meowmy and I are still getting used to the NEW Catster! Wow! Change is good though. That's what my humoomin tells me. I for one am HAPPY that Baci and her purrttyy page found herself back on Catster. She is so needed by all us furs who relish her honesty and redheadness, she even sent me a cute bunny to play with when her page came back up.
I just lurvs how Redd Catt takes her on trips and treats her with cat respect. Let's face it cat respect is hard to get! My Meowmy can attest to that ordeal. I respect her the most when I get my Fancy Feast Appetizers and soft food for dinner. (just kibble while she's at work)
Now it seems I must be furminated due to the Spring Shedding. I leave parts of myself everywhere it seems. The gurls at the Pet place where I gets my food LURVS me! They appreciate my long hairy booty......Meowmy...well I hear her sneezing more. The price she pays to be near greatness.
Also meowmy says she wants to thank Margo RKN and her mewomy fur reporting her health news. It is making my humoomin more careful about what she eats. Catster makes a difference to not just kittheh health but human health too. So THANKS MARGO!

Well, I must nap...
King Henry


Happy Late St Patrick's Day! With Tacos?

March 18th 2010 10:14 am
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Hey furries,
Meowmy spent the week stressing HARD at work due to more changes and restructuring. So I made sure when she came home their were treats on her bed! What treats you ask?? I made hairballs....I know, we all get them but can YOU do yours two days in a row on the same place? I did them both on her sheets. So she washed them AND put new fresh sheets. MO!! That's how you train your staff to do the wash in the middle of week. HEHEHEHEH.....
Instead of beer yesterday for St Patricks Day She had a Margarita and Tacos!!! I guess that's what happens when you live in Texas. On an up note I have her opening up BOTH windows because spring is FINALLY showing her self. It took long enough.
Well I must chatter at some birdies and nap in the closet.
King Henry


A day In The Life...Requested By Charlie

March 11th 2010 8:18 am
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Hey Furries! Here we go....

MORNING: Take a huge runnning jump onto meowmy's bed and screech WAKE UP at the top of my lungs at 6:00AM! MOL! She hates it but I think it's fun! Go back to sleep till 9:00AM when I slowly cuddle up to mewomy and have "official cat time" before she gets out of bed and makes coffee and checks Catster. We then ooohh and Ahhh over Daily diary picks and visit Blossom's page. Then I go out on my porch and check and make sure my domain is safe from intruders.

AFTERNOON: Time to find the perfect place to nap. In the closet, under the bed, on the windowsill, OR on the couch on meowmy's side....

MIDEVENING: Grouse around for an early treat before dinner (usually get it) Playing with my purple feather wand and hide and seek till I wear meowmy out. DINNER is SERVED!

EVENING: Watch a faveorite show with meowmy till she falls asleep on the couch.

LATE EVENING: Wake meowmy up from couch and escourt her to bed. Take time to stare at the stars and wonder what all the other kittehs are doing. Sleep till early morning!


News and Poots!

March 5th 2010 4:11 pm
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It's still cold in Texas and my meowmies getting tired of it. I lurvs it! With my long coat it feels like the AC to me MOL!!!!
Nothing new on the homefront these days just getting used to my lack of a front toofie. It cracks my hummin up when I smiles! She calls me Snaggletooth and the de-fanged boy! Hummmmpppph....
On a side not do you boys ever get the urge to poot in your mewomy's face??!! I ask this because....I like to do it to my meomwy when she least expects it! I just can't help it! Is it just a guy thing to do?? I blame it all on the influenece of Newman. Since he all says we should have a hobby. We'll this is mine.
Well I must go and take another nap before dinner.

King Henry

PS Blossom Valentine is STILL CUTE!!! And Sweet too.....


I got a BAFF!!!!

February 26th 2010 4:05 pm
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Hey Furries,
It seems mewomy thought I needed a baff to get all the old VET smell and medecine oil off my long furr. She furst combed me fur awhile which I just LURVSS then she pulled out the natural foaming CAT Shampoo and she washed ALL of me! Even my pantaloons and tail!! I LURVS the clean feeling afterward and ALL the TREATS I get..........BUT I just hates the during when I'm wet!
Then can you believe that she de-fleaed me after I dried off!!!! The NERVE of her! I'm the KING.....I'm the master of my domain...I'm Ahhh schucks..I still lurvs her.
Then I looked in the mirror and saw clean teeth, shiny coat, and no fleas! Our meowmies just lurvs us sooo much!!!!
Thanks again Samoa fur letting me be a Dreamboat! Check out sweet PJ and Kibbles page and visit Lucy who's Cat of the Week!

King Henry



February 19th 2010 10:15 am
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Hey furries,
I'm feeling so much better now that my aching teethies are gone and my meds are done today! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!! I even woke up meowmy up at 6AM to celebrate..She was tired and didn't want to play. Everfur has been so nice sending zealies and saying such nice comments. It made me and my hummin feels better!
We're SO happy that Evan Lyscech won the Men's figure skating gold and the Flying Tomatoe grest gold too. YAYAYA! As Stephen Colbert would say, USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm happy Arnold P is doing better and Purrcy is not using a feeding toobie anymore. The healthier we are the healthier are humans stay!!!

Hugs and LURVS
King SnaggleTooth Henry

PS Isn't Blosson Valentine Ollie's sisfur CUTE!!


Poopy Pants Snaggle Tooth!

February 15th 2010 7:52 am
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Hey Furries,
Thanks so much fur all your purrss my toothies are hurting less each day because of yous! I still have to finish my antibiotics and stay on wet food awhile longer which I DO NOT MIND!! I just lurvs wet food!!
ELISE sent me TWO big kisses yesterday and I was in such a daze about it I's forgot to say...THANK YOUS!!! She helped to make my Valentines Day and Recovery easier.
Now I have to say my meds give me a bit of the "runs" mewomy calls it. It seems to run down my pantaloons. So she has to use wet wipes to help clean me up for another day! (They keep furgetting to trim them at the vet's) Then I must clean up after meowmy. After that strees I sleep on her clothes on the bed. Fairs fair right?
Well I must nap....
King of the dentist Henry


Just call Me SnaggleThooth!!

February 12th 2010 10:11 am
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Hey Furries,
Oh there was DRAMA yesterday! I woke meowmy up at 6AM HUNGRY fur food!! What no FOOD? An hour later I was put in my carrier and driven to the VET..There meowmy let me be CAGED like a BIRD till the VAMPIRES got my blood then put me out fur teethie surgery!!!!! ARGHH (Owowowowow)
Then I was rudely woken up and saw my meowmy fur the first time...I wandered over to her and NEARLY fell off the exam table. It's slippery! (ooowwwww) Then they put more liquid in my sore mouth that Made me LOOOOPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY......(ouchocouchch) Then the nurse talked a LONG time about my meds..
METACAM 1/4 dose per night fur pain (ooww)
CLINDAMYCIN HYDROCHLORIDE 2ml twice a day untile gone (antibiotics)??
Oh yeah and lots of LURVS from meowmy till I heal.
They actually cleaned ALL my teeth, took out my left front toofie and my back right toofie due to sever infection. I got STITCHES too! I hate them..they're sore and itchy. They had to dig out the infection from the bone to make sure it didn't spread. Meowmy feels bad she didn't realize I was in this much pain....
The lesson is Humans and Kitthes and Doggies need to brush thier teeth so they do not go through the pain I went through..(OOWWWWOWOWOW)
Now I'm off to velcro myself to meowmy like last night..I just hated being away from her. She needs me to snuggle with her and purr till she falls asleep.

Thanks fur the purrss
King SnaggleTooth velcro Henry


Rocky Ann's Passing and My Surgery...

February 7th 2010 1:14 pm
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Hey Furries,
Meowmy and I were sad to hear about Rocky Ann's passing. I did not know her furry well be she seemed like a wondefur friend to all. I'm purring fur her family and friends.
Meowmy also told me I'm getting my tooth out 11 February EARLY in the morning. So she's getting off work an hour early to spend more time with me and make sure I get fed before 8PM..then no foods at all!! JUST COLD WATER!! And you knows how much I lurrrvs a good treat! Ahh well.... Meomwy says it's all routine and I'm a very healthy boy fur my age. But she's still WORRIED! So we shall just purr and see.
Enjoy the Poopy Bowl (per Margo RKN) or Animals Planet's Puppy Bowl!!!

King( soon to have lost one tooth) Henry


WWSS DO Or and Ode to a great Diva Kitteh!

February 4th 2010 8:18 am
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Hey Furries,
After being So sad about the untimely passing about Alfie it was SOOO amazing to be chosen a DREAMBOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm making more friends and now I'm thinking I won't be alone or at least SO alone on Valentine's day.
We all should take a moment to stop by Samoa's page and that her furfamily and human family fur giving so much to Catster. After Calvin's sad loss they got up on thier four feet and made Calvin Collars to help support kittehs at Best Friends! Their meowmy also took in little Vivien in from the cold. And most all they endure that crazy Newman and his antics that would put any HOH in the nutty house!
So Cheers to Samoa fur holding her own against Newman. And hugs to her meowmy fur helping all us kittehs!!!! We LURVS YA!

King Henry
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