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Just Call Me The King

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A DDP fur me??

October 30th 2013 12:31 pm
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Hey Furries,
The diary gal LURVS spoiled King cats...MOL. I spent
some good quiet time wif my meowmy then I told her by going to
the door where GC Harrold was to let him out. Then we all sat together
in the quiet.
My hummin got her blood results back from DR. It looks like she has LOW vitamin D and high cholestrol. BUT her high blood pressure is finally normalizing out. YAYA doing cat Yoga helps. Now she has to add
better foods and walking and swimming to her routine.
It's a lot to take in but I'm purring real hard and helping her wif her Money again tomorrow. Have ta see what to take out and what to add...
We already know it's going to be small Christmas this year but that is OK.
Tomorrow is Halloween please watch your animals!!!! Leash them or put them in a room till the kiddies are done trick or treating. Do not give us any candy or wrappers either. BUT if you want to give us some extra TREATS FINE BY US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop by Sugars page and wish her a happy bridge day..
Thanks again fur my DDP and all the LURVS you gives me and my meomwy.
LURVS King Henry
and his hummin


All About ME!

October 26th 2013 4:29 am
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Hey Furries,
Meowmy has decided that tonight is ALL about Henry night. She plans lots of playing, cuddling, and just hanging out ALONE!!!!!!!!!
The GC Harrold will go back into the bedroom and enjoy some quiet time.
Meomwy is doing this because she doesn't want oour strong bond to get messed up up due to the guest cat. And she doesn't want me to feel threatended either. Besides Ingen gets to play ber herself with her meowmy and I'M a KING so whay can't I??
Head on over to Calvin's page today..It's his rainbow bridge day. What a cat. I'm sure he's taking good care of Samoa and the rest of the furfamily at the bridge. Meomwy was looking at a pet magazine and saw a picture of a doggie that reminded her of the family Dog Macy. She was sooo pretty and sweet. After Macy past she made sure I found meomwy and let her cry hard on my shoulder...
Off to sleep in peace till my night starts!!!
King Henry


The Government is Open and so is the Kitchen!

October 20th 2013 10:17 am
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Hey Furries,
My meowmy has felt so bad lately since her surgeries she's had to borrow money from her parents and they are retired, meaning a fixed income.
So she's reevaluating how she shops, eats, does her yoga, everything!!! Just not me and Harrold. We will get our good food and we have TONS of litter right now. Thank the Lord and Karma.
So she got the day off today and thought she was going to the Renassaince Fair but she realized she sooo cash strapped she donated her tickets to her Yoga studio on donation day. They seemed happy
So today she's made scones and homemade pumpkin soup. Enough for lunch tomorrow and some to freeze. That way she doesn't need to buy more vegetables for awhile. Or at least very few. She's also considering baking her own bread to save money. She says to me while I watched that it's getting cooler so baking and cooking isn't that bad anymore. We are back couponing and considering shopping at Walmart.
If you work their and they treat you great then great! But meowmy has issues with this company.
But there's always the dollar store and maybe getting a COSTCO card.
We are no matter what going to put money aside like always and donate to an animal charity and anything to do with books. I like it when meowmy is on dat bed petting me and reading a good book.
This awful year is almost over losing our favorite cats and dealing with health issues. But meomwy tells me when she gets stressed not to worry because she ALWAYS got my furry fanny! MOL!
Have a good week furries and hummins..
Still the King Henry
and Guest Cat Harrold


Cat Hair

October 17th 2013 7:37 am
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Yes meowmy their is TONS of cat hair because I have LONG hair and Harrold the GC is adding his tuxedo to the pile...
MOL That's why you're vacuuming later....
Right Kitties?

Lurvs Harry Henry and Shedding Harrold


Yoga, GC, And Miss Samoa who is partying at the Bridge

October 16th 2013 8:43 am
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Hey furrie gang,
That includes River and Simone!
Poor Miss Samoa who made me
a Dream Boat has gone to the bridge to be with the rest of her
fur-family. We're all just so sad for the MRS and DD...They took her in from the cold woods and helped her become the Diva Angel she is now. What is so amazing is how us furs and hummins grieve with the pet
parents. I never got met Samoa personaly but Catster MADE me feel like she was a part of MY fur-family! Calvin was like that too! All us kittehs have weird amazing personalties. We make out parents day just by purring and meowing.
Heck me and Harrold the GC woke meowmy up at 5AM to be fed on her day off. She just did it. No complaints just coos of lurvs. So then at the end of the day we watch her do what I call now "cat poses" or human Yoga after a tough day at work or worrying about money. MOL! GC and I just sit and watch bemused. Then we purr and cuddle with her when she's done. We think she's trying to become a cat...MOL!
As fur my meowmy she's just been REALLY tired lately so she went to her DR and had to get her blood tested for anemia, vitamin defincietcy, or thryroid problems. She had to do the fast 24 hrs ahead and no coffee or breakfast before the blood work. When she popped in the door after words she was holding coffee and a BAGKEL wif cream cheese. My favorite! So I got cream cheese and lurvs...
Well off to nap and make sure the Guest Cat Harrold still knows I'm dat King of the house!
We lurvs you Samoa, Inky, Newman, and Gleek!!!!!!

LURVS King Henry
Harrold and dat hummin


The Guest Cat and I

October 9th 2013 9:58 am
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Well Furries,
I have good and bad days with the guest cat Harrold. He can bes really purry and snuggly to me and my meowmy and then some day I just don't want to deal with a roommate!
Meomwy put Calming Collars on us for awhile and it helped...Now she's experimenting without them to see who needs to wear it more. Each day it changes. We also love to try and eat off each others plate. Do you kitteh's do that too? Even if it's the same food???
Other than that my hummin will clean AGAIN since us cats leave more hair and litter around the house. MOL! Then she goes to late night Yoga to do what we cats do ALL day, STRECH! She comes home tired, sweaty, but in a good mood.
Then tomorrow it's work for some extra ca$h and start writing up our grocery list...Busy busy busy!
Lurvs King Henry



September 24th 2013 1:57 pm
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Hey furries,
I've been sooooo busy helping meowmy with her yoga and stretches
that I FORGOT about talk like a pirate day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please forgive my typist as she gets cranky and stressed easier due to all her new DR appointments and just trying to stay organized!
On a happy note the guest cat and I do not understand dis "yoga" stuff....We do our cat stretches everyday. I try to show meowmy how to do it but it's FUNNY!! MOL! SO Harrold and sniff her and lick her while she sweats on her mat. Aren't we da best kittehs!
Well the healthy soup be almost done so my hummin can eat and relax before she's up doing more stuff.
I think hummins need more cat naps don't you agree???
LURVS to all of yous special cats...
and dat guest cat Harrold


Poopies and a DDP!!!

September 17th 2013 12:19 pm
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I told you Newman is right that the Diary Gal LURVS poop stories....MOL!
I am doing better today BUT meomwy says that I must be hygienic and get a foamy baff later to make sure I did not get germs on me or dat guest cat. No sickies fur yous she said...HEHEH
Harrolds still skittsh BUT he just LURVS my meomwy's lap. Hah, last night though I got to it first. He looked sad but I tolds him that she's my meowmy not YOURS!!!! But I said she can be like a friend-fur or an Auntie. He seemed pleased about dat.
Thanks fur all the DDP lurvs and all the helpful advice for the guest cat. I guess he's a nice fur after all...

(poopy pants)


Poopy Pantaloons and Claming Collars

September 16th 2013 3:12 pm
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Well Furries,
I am STILL King! But I guess I ate something funky because I got a funny smelling booty! It was SO BAD SMELLING my hummin put me in dat sink and washed my rear end with clean water and a towel...
MEOWSTER! I was mad...but then I felt a bit better and let her clean my tail and booty. My poopies are gone now Newmie!!! MOL..
Harrold and I now are wearing Calming Collars that Miss Hazel Lucy and Miss Maisie recommend. I'm a bit less aggressive toward the guest cat and he's getting a bit more secure...
A two kitteh family is hard. Now I so much more respect for Pansy and Samoa. It's hard keeping your clowder in line.
Felling floofy fresh
King Henry and Harrold the guest cat


The KING and Guest Cat Update..

September 12th 2013 11:01 am
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Well Furries,
Things were rough at the start and then meowmy realized her OWN stress was affecting us. So she went to the Dr's and they are helping her out now with it and now, we are slowly quieting down. We can eat together and sleep together in the same room. Meomwy has new claming collars for BOTH of us not just Harrold on the way and the has a feliway diffuser too. Most of it though is just her reassuring ME the KING that I am King that she's still my person no matter what..She also is nice to Harrold and leaves him in peace under the bed if needed and pets him if he wants...
Today we all watched Lil Bub's video on Catser! Our eyes got big and we all laughed at her purrss and bleeps.
Remember sweet kittehs, "Tough times don't last but Tough People do"

LURVS STill the King Henry
and guest kitteh Harrold

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