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Just Call Me The King

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New Year New Kitteh..

January 6th 2011 10:22 am
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Hey Furries!
My meomwy is now on a week vacation to take care of ME(of course) and start the New Year right. She's SO HAPPY she's out of the DEBT monster. She says we must pay our bills on time and never buy more than we need. 'Cause all we need is each other..
She also told me I hafta go to V-E-T soon for my vaccinations and check up. ARGH!! She says us kittehs need our wellness exams just like humans. So kitthes go get you yearly check ups!!!!!!!
Also go get the Morris calander with Guido in it and pose for poopie pictures for Newman's new E-book.
I must nap.....
King Henry


So Touched..and LURVED and Happy Mewomy is home!!!

December 24th 2010 6:25 pm
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Dear Furs,
I am so humbled and flattered from ALL the furs who remebered my birfday and gotcha day....
See I was a stray living on the streets and begging fur goodwill when I saw my Hummin. She stopped and MEOWED out loud to me. So I laid on back in trust and lurv and we've been together ever since.It all happened in December so I'm a Christmas cat. It works fur me! She lost her old family dog recently so I helped heal her heart and she keeps me healthy and whole.
Thanks fur letting a stray like me into such a strong Catster Community.
MERRY CATMAS Every Kitteh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MEOW!

King Henry overflowing with thnkfullness and Lurvs


Happy Holiday Kittehs!

December 5th 2010 9:05 am
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Hey Furries,
Things have been NUTTY since Thanksgiving. We have been driving and decorating all over Texas. My are paws are still recovering from trying help meowmy bake cookies and put up our tiney toy tree.
Today she's off before starting get up EARLY in the morning training for work then we got have to work on Christmas shopping. OH My Paws! There's still way to much to do and not much time to do it.
So I'm going to nap and watch meowmy lose her noodles! Wanna watch with me? MOL......

Hugs and Lurvs to Gleek and Violet...
King of the Nap


Long Time No Speak..or Meow....

November 4th 2010 9:28 am
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Catster got REALLY catfusing there for awhile so I decided to let the dust settle before I posted again.
Fall is here in the South so I'm getting fluffier fur and a BIGGER appetite. Hehehehehe so I've decided to celebrate this fact by waking up meowmy at 3 AM. That's hard on meowmy but fun fur me!!! MOL! So ya know what my hummin is doing now to get
more sleep...she's playing with me MORE (which I like) and feeding me later.
Now I let he sleep till 5 AM. HA!
I'm sad that Sugar has gone to the bridge but happy she's not feeling any pain and Calvin is giving her a personal guide to the bridge and being an angel cat.
I heard meowmy say something about the Furminator and De-Fleaing me today....It's a good thing I lurvs her otherwise
I'd bite her with my last front working tooth!
Gotta nap
King Henry


DDP and Meowmy gets paid tommorow!

September 30th 2010 10:51 am
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Hey Furries,
I woke up my meowmy EARLY because my kitteh sense KNEW the Diary Gal was crushing in me again. I'm a DDP! I guess she doesn't like stangers on her patio either. The workmen were thier again today on my deck but I didn't growl. Just stared in awe at thier big boots and loud hammers. They are still here trying to fix what weather or Hurrican Ike damaged years ago.
This is why mewomy says we will eventually move to a place that is newer property. Till then we grin and bear it.
Stop by Sugar and Newman's page to give them lurv and thanks to all my friends fur the zealies!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to napping, snacking, eating, and napping again.



Hello Again!

September 23rd 2010 11:02 am
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Hey Furries,
Mewomy needed a computer break due to her allergies! I've had the sneezies too so she worried about me constantly. I'm a healthy furte who just likes to clean out his nose once and awhile! MOL!
I also have been waking up my meowmy EARLIER for her new shift at work. Keeping her "on time" gets me snacks and lurvs. Since I'm older I don't play allot at night like Charlie and other kittehs BUT I do get up EARLY! So I can see the birdies and squirrles get ready fur winter. I also play guard cat like Homer. Though meowmy says Homer is better at it than I am! I did HISS at a worker this morning working on my patio. That's MY domain. Not his. Mewomy was floored. I never hiss or scratch. Just purr and meow.
I'm happy that HL and Buddie are celebrating thier Caterfurasry. What agreat pair! As fur me? I think I'm a confirmed bachelor like Proffesor Higgins from My Fair Lady. BUT I do lurv to flirt with aany Eliza kitteh's as I can! I'm a furte but a fun furte.
Go spread some headbonks today..
STILL King of his Castle


Happy Labour Day...

September 6th 2010 11:24 am
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Fur those who have to work.... I feel your pain! Fur those kittehs who are happily napping the day away.....
I'M with YOU!!!!!
More tommorow

King Henry


Hey Gang!

August 30th 2010 8:32 am
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I think that Diary gurl has a little crush on me..MOL!
The zealies are exploding all over the house now and meowmy and I can't keep up with them. She says this all my fault fur being fluffy and kingly!
I can't help it. She also told me to tell all of yous that she lurvs youy and CAT PEOPLE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks you again fur all the prezzies and pawmails..
Feeling the Cat LURV
King Henry


OMC I'm a DDP And Mewomy works fur the litter

August 29th 2010 4:46 pm
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Hey Furries,
I did it again! I erased my diary by accident...Sooo I'll begin again.
Thanks SO MUCH fur all the ZEALIES!!! I just lurved playing with them all day while meowmy was at work.
In fact she found me nappinjg and purring underneath a huge pile if them. My tail SwZZishing with joy! (this part typed by Henry)
I then got my food and fresh water. She told me she would have done my diary sooner but she, "had to work fur the kitteh litter". Do you know what this means Samoa? I thought my food and fancy feast appetizers were FREE! MOL! I guess not.
I'm just so happy my sick friends are getting better and that
I've made more furriend today!

more tommorow
King of my world


HEY I'm a DDP!

August 27th 2010 9:09 am
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Hey Furries,
My mewomy will type more fur me later but we were happy and
suprised to share this honor with Vivien, Lucy, and the rest!!
Thanks soooo Much fur all the ZEALIES!! I lurv to give them as much to get them.
Stop by Gleeks page and tell him to drink up and get P back in balance with the D...MOL!
King Henry

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