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Playdates with Patz

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Big Freddie Home Again

October 20th 2008 12:20 pm
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WOW! Mom went over to the store and picked up my bestest frn Big Freddie and his buddy Pete. They'd been taking care of them for her. The tank leaked and then she had "frozen shoulder" and then she broke some ribs so couldn't fix the tank or take care of them. How nice they are to have helped her.
I'm so glad they're home and I'm more relaxed this morning too. Mom says I've been on a roll about being naughty but now that my frn is back, I have something new to think about.
Welcome home Big Freddie and Pete.


The Bad Mode

October 19th 2008 11:16 pm
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Well, once again the bad mode is upon me. I don't know where it comes from but I'm just an innocent victim to it.
One way it has manifested itself is that I am compelled to drink from mommy's cup. Doesn't much matter what she has in it either, I have to stick my nose way down in there and start drinking. Sometimes I do this right in front of her and sometimes I do it when she leaves the room so that she walks in to find me with half my head stuck down in her cup.
Then there's the big fish tank. She left the top half open tonight so I felt the urge to go walking across it like a person wobbling across a balance beam. I started out from the built in shelves in the wall and then ended up on my cat tree. Mom just watched me doing this too.
I got these thoughts about her new TV tonight and then she did say something but we can't publish that here. She threatened to spank me too. She never says that so I paid attention to that and got down from the back of it. This seemed like too much of a hot button item so best to leave that alone--for now.
Well, kinda busy now so can't talk long. I'm off to get into her teapot. I'd like to figure out how to take it apart. It's that bad mode that's making me do these things. Helpless!!


Monday at the Vet's

October 6th 2008 11:59 pm
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I thought that sounded like a title for a good drama type movie...for me not for people.

Mom took me off once again to the vet. Same practice but different office to see another doctor. Once again, I amazed the gals at the desk by running around with my leash on, investigating, saying hi and offering to help out. I particularly wanted to go into the back part where the lab and offices are to get right to the heart of things. I could tell those people were hard at work and needed someone like me to come along and assist.

The doc gave me that vile tasting cr*pola called "Tylan". He also put us on a new diet for food allergies to see if that's my problem. I tried it when we got home and by golly, it didn't taste too bad! I am pretty good about taking meds though so mom can't complain. She mixes them with water and shoots them into my mouth with a dropper. I don't mind too much really but don't let that get out as mom gets a good case of pity going... Get the picture?

I guess we'll keep this whole schtick going for awhile to see if things improve for me. I MIGHT have inflamatory bowel disease or food allergies. The doc hopes it's allergies as they are alot easier to treat. Mom gets all worried about me and I confess I kind of enjoy all that. So fuss away people. It's all good. I'm dictating this to mom as I'm nailing my sister Pearlie on the floor. Now go take on the day.



September 24th 2008 2:08 pm
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I got tagged by my mother-in-spirit Pawstuctaway Serengeti. Kind of a fun game, thanks.


1) I love to be with my human friend more than anything in the world. When she goes out, I make faces at her through the door and wait for her in the front porch window

2) She's been thinking about some way she can take me along with her on errands.

3) Sometimes mom can tell I feel so happy just to have my own home and feel a part of it.

4) Mom would like it if I snuggled with her more but then it might give her ideas that I'm a pushover.

5) I hate being groomed. Mom is trying to talk me into liking it. Save your energy lady.

6) I like to help Mom do every little thing she does. I like to use my hands while doing this and get right in there so she feels someone is there to help.

7) I love computer keyboards and jump right on them while mom is typing. Sometimes she gives up and sends out emails with things like llllllllllllllll8888888888888888 in them and makes jokes about how I stopped in to say hi to the person she's sending the emails to.

Ok--Now I'm going to let Pawstuctaway Serengeti--my mom-in-spirit becuz we look so much alike--that we've done our task and are forwarding it on

llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll88888888 888888888888hhhhhhhhh



September 14th 2008 3:15 pm
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Man oh man. Mama takes these pills for her shoulder and rib problems. I watch her taking them and think they're food until she shows me what they are. YUCK! Get those things outta my face!
She has weird dreams or something because she makes funny noises when she sleeps. I don't know what to do so I wake her up now. I got tired of listening to all that so this is just my way of helping.
I jump on her chest until she's wide awake and I won't let her go back to sleep no how, no way. She gets up for a short while so I circle her legs and wrap myself around her to make sure she's ok.
I mean it really worries me when she makes those noises in her sleep. She has bad dreams mebbe???? The 1st time I did it, she got a bit miffed at me but now she's happy I take her out of bad dream world. She says "Thank you Stinky" and I know she feels better. This is one small thing I can do. Mom told you I was turning out to be HER cat.



September 11th 2008 10:28 pm
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Something GOOD happened on Spet. 11th. I WAS BORN in 2006.
I'm this many (holds up 2 toes).
Mom hopes I always stay the same crazy kid I am now FOREVER!

She put up some mushy music on our pages. She has a thing for music from the 40's and early 50's. What ever makes her happy, makes me happy..... Wait a minute, did I say that????? WHOA!



September 8th 2008 5:21 pm
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I overheard a phone conversation today which did not make me happy but I will get to that later.

We had a terrific day yesterday. Mom let us all out in the back for a super play day. She said I good as gold too. I ran all around enjoying the wide open spaces and played fish pole too. Even Willie played which really surprised me. I just wanted to play,play,play. A neighbor came over to visit but in truth... Mom thinks I'm turning out to be Her Cat. Willie wanted to sit on the neighbor's lap but I found other things to do.

It was Pearl who was bad. Willie came around to keep her from doing bad but she was still searching for a way to get out of the yard.. Usually it's me who's naughty haha.

OK-Now to the matter of the conversation. Mom made an appointment at the vet's for me. Did I hear her getting a price quote for having my teeth cleaned? I like going up there and I like everyone there but they do stuff like sticking a thermometer in a very undignified spot and I get mad. Hope they're nice to me.



September 2nd 2008 9:08 pm
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Mom's been bizzy bizzy fixing up the 48 gallon fish tank so I can get my fish-brothers back again. The tank leaked and then with her shoulder problem and then her broken rib problem (!) it was hard for her to fix the leak and to take care of those infamous dirty boys, Pete and Fred.( Some friends have been babysitting them. )
I just love to help with this project. However, mom doesn't want me to jump in the empty tank. I try to get right in there and help her paste up those seams too. Go figure. So, I just go lie down on the arm of the sofa nearby. I'll try getting in there again when it's full of fish. :-) haha.
I love to go around with mom in the evening to feed the fishies and put everybody to bed for the night. It's all I can to keep my little paws out of the tanks. Sometimes I need a reminder :-( especially when she's cleaning them out. I'd love to drink that dirty fishie water!
I've missed visiting with Pete & Big Freddie as you see me doing in the photos posted on my page. Mom says she's gonna put up a portrait of Big Freddie too--a profile view. Enjoy! One of my bestest frens, Big Freddie.



August 31st 2008 2:06 pm
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Here's a link to my spirit mom's page. Treat yourself to a view of her!



August 31st 2008 2:02 pm
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Not a human mom and not a biological mom. I have a new Mother-In-Spirit because she looks just like me! She looks so serene too and maybe I will be too day.... mebbee.....
She is Pawstuctaway Serengeti and she is such an elegant mom. I've never seen a ktty who looks like me so this is a first. She smiles just like I do too.
It's kind of nice to have a lovely mom by choice not birth. My own mom is pretty but doesn't look one bit like me and my papa too. I should put their photos up online huh?
Maybe it's better we don't see each other every day because she might tell me what to do and I might lead her into being naughty sometimes..... Recently, I've been having fun taunting Bevo, the betta fish and have some skills to impart to others......
So glad I met you mom-in-spirit!

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