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Playdates with Patz

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December 5th 2008 8:14 pm
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A million billion congrats to our friend Mercy.

She won the stetchy contest!! and we're so proud of her. What a lovely dame she is. I tease her UNMERCIfully too. She's such a fun friend, she gives me the dickens right back. I love it.

My family has always thought Mercy has that special something that makes a kitty a celebrity. Such poise that girl has when she's having her picture taken!

Thanks for being our buddy Mercy. We're so proud to know you, dear.


Bad Trip

December 3rd 2008 3:51 pm
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No, I'm not a druggie. I had to go to the vet. I have another respiratory/undefined infection going on. We saw a girl vet this time and she was very nice. I asn't very friendly and helpul as I am when I'm feeling well. We got more med-sin for the infection and then she's going to help mom and I get to the bottom of my problems.
Mom says we'll give this clinic one more chance. She was happy to see someone fresh and new come through the door. She also says finding a good kitty doctor is just as hard as it is for a people doctor! Or so it seems.
Dr Julie took some blood outta me and gave me a vit-o-min shot of B12. Sounds like a bingo number. After I get back up to snuff, we might do a biopsy and all that stuff. We hope this lady doesn't let us down and go off in some illogical direction as has happened before.
The doc raised the possibility of cancer and I thought mom was going to fall right through the floor. I can see the way she's looking at me tonight that she's very worried and doesn't want to lose me--ever. She told me she doesn't want to think of life without me. Wow. Maybe I'll start being good................nah.
We'll post our results on here. We don't know if anyone reads these things or not but what the heck. Maybe it will be helpful to mom just to get it out of her system.
I'm her velcro kitty tonight. I know she loves me and it means alot to me in my own way.



November 29th 2008 9:22 pm
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Somebody told me this poem about wintertime. It's kind of a nostalgic tale.

I made myself a snowman as pretty as can be,
I thought I'd make a pet of it,
And let it sleep with me.

So I made some pajamas and a pillow for its head.
Then one night it ran away,
but first it wet the bed.

~The End~


Ho Boy! Projects!

November 19th 2008 8:02 pm
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Things have been jumping around here and I'm there to help as usual. However, for some odd reason, mom isn't always as appreciative as she could be about this.
She's been putting up plastic on the windows in our old house as the "Farmer's Alamanac" says we're supposed to have a very cold winter. She says even if it's wrong, she's sick of our old windows leaking heat. Make sense? I'm glad it does to you because I'm in the dark on this.
Things were going swimmingly until I got intrigued with the scissors, grabbed them with my two little hands and flung them on the floor. Ok, she was working with them at the time but what the heck.
I love those rolls of 2 sides tape too. So fun to play with those ribbons of paper that hang down from them.
Mom yelled at me a bit after the scissors incident but she made up to me later. I can't help it. Honestly. I'm naughty-challenged.



November 15th 2008 11:35 pm
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We got to watch our friend Guido on the Meow Mix quiz show. It was sooo exciting! Mom fell asleep for the 1st broadcast of it so I kept waking her up in case she missed the late one. We were so proud to know him!
Mom was wondering how I'd do in something like that. It took alot of courage and a pretty calm disposition than most cats and cat keepers have to get up there on stage with all that noise and confusion. We were so proud of Guido and wish him all the best!


Big Freddie

November 9th 2008 4:01 pm
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I've been up looking for him today. Mom showed him to me last night so I'd know he was dead but I was too busy talking to the fairies on the ceiling (or so it seemed to Mom). I'm gonna miss him so much. He was part of my daily routine since I arrived here.
Pete isn't looking too good either and Mom is all worried about him. As long as he's moving around, he looks ok to me but what do I know?
Mom is sad today so I'm just lying around and being good. far...
Goodbye Big Freddie. You will be missed.



November 8th 2008 12:42 pm
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Big Freddie is doing very very poorly. Mom thinks he won't last the afternoon. We don't know what happened. He and Pete seemed happy to be home and then he started not doing well so we changed the water a bit and added in some good stuff we hoped would help him.

Mom started them on some med-sin to see if that would help and in case Pete might come down with something too.

So what happens if you do all the right things and they still don't work out? Well, I guess you just feel sad. We'll miss him so much.

He was just a few inches long when mom got him for Willie and her other cats then. That was in 2002. He would have been lunch for a turtle or some other animal so we saved him from that. Pete will need a new friend so we can do that for another little guy.



November 2nd 2008 3:53 pm
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I was in trouble deep this morning. Mom went down to the basement and found water dripping through the floor from upstairs...
To make a long story short, the filter on Pete & Big Freddie's tank was all askew so the water was pumping right onto the floor.

Of course, I got the blame because I'm up there all the time drinking from it. She was pointing her finger and me and saying" You're gonna get switched and I don't mean at birth either!". I wasn't too worried because I know she didn't mean it.

So now tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll help her fill it up again. Somehow, she's going to rig it so that doesn't happen again. Hah, yeah.

Sorry I can't stay on the computer long, she's still kinda mad..


Oh Phooey

November 1st 2008 7:37 pm
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Back on med-sin again. Mom has to dose me 2x's a day with this most vile brew:Tylan. A bottle opened up and spilled in her purse once and she thought she was going to die from bad taste. hehe. Revenge!

The vet wanted me to try an allergic diet too so we switched to Royal Canin limited ingredient venison and green pea--both dry and canned. We are not cheap dates as this stuff is very pricey!
The doc had us starting everything at once but Mom waited to start the Tylan icky stuff until we got the diet going. I've been acting like of tired and like I have a bit of respiratory going on so she got me going with it by suspending it in water and shooting it into my mouth.

The vet told her what a foul taste it has too hehe. Truthfully, it doesn't bother me all that much but it's being swept up and forced into swallowing med-sin but isn't that the complaint of cats everywhere??
Maybe if I vote for that one candidate she doesn't like, he'll get elected and won't make me take my med-sin.


Drinking At the Well

October 26th 2008 7:26 pm
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but it just so happens the well is Pete and Big Freddie's fishtank.. Mom seems to really mind this. The reasons she tells me are because she's afraid I'll fall in and then she doesn't like the germs I put in there. WHA? Me? Germs?

PSSSTT I'll tell you how I get my drinks, ..there's a gap in the back because the top doesn't fit on real tight. There's this big surging waterfall back there that just invites a purrson to come and drink. I go across the top quietly quietly and then sip sip sip. Mom says I make the level in the tank go way down too. But mom I thought you WANTED me to drink alot of water!

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