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January 18th 2009 8:57 pm
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All done packing things for my trip tomorrow to WHINE Country. Did I hear they have big long drapes there for me to climb??? I don't do that anymore but it wouldn't take much for me to do it again... hehe.

Willie gave me an overall body inspection, I suppose looking for cling-on's. Guess wot? I DON'T HAVE ANY!! I wonder if she was diappointed?

Pearlie told me they have a koi pond on the estate. Ho boy! I think I might to terrorize them just a little bit. I love to drink fish water too.. but she told me she'd treat me the same way I treat them.. Hmm... better just drink their water.

Hang on California here I come!



January 17th 2009 11:06 pm
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Well, you knew that hehe. We're off to WHINE COUNTRY at the invitation of Wilson J Scooter to spend some time romping among the vineyards and making merry with catster compatriots. I'm so excited!!! I love to go for trips!

Willie has been telling me to mind my manners....but I'm so cute.. This helps me get away with so much. I promise only to make everyone laugh while I'm there.

It's MONDAY and I can hardly wait!! Mama was ok about us leaving although I doubt she's going to get very far without Pearlie and I there to help her. I sleep with her alot and she is going to have some cold nights!
MONDAY get here real soon I can't wait!!


Shave me Tonight

January 13th 2009 3:41 pm
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Well, it's been an intersting day. Mama noticed I had the icky stickies so she's gonna shave my doopah down tonight. I'm not sure what this is but I guess I'll find out.

Then, she'd bought a bookcase from LL Bean which she finally put together for the front hallway she's been working on... Well, I heard everything from how awful the Chinese manufacturers are once again to how "this thing was NOT worth the money Patsy", "I guess I've learned my lesson about pretty catalog pictures", "I coulda done better locally" and then some things that are not fit to print here on catster.
She got so sweated up she went and put on a big ol' sleeveless t-shirt. At first I was helping with my hands stuck right in there and then she told me this was dangerous as she was turning the air blue with exclamations. I did help from a distance and then I came and snuggled with her on the breaks she took because she said she had to walk away for awhile. !!
Finally she got pounding on the thing to put these covers on the screws and that scared me.. I kept looking at her. I just can't imagine that she'd be the kind of human to pound on things but she kept telling "It's ok Patsy" so I just chilled. I don't like the big noises much though. It was ok though and she stopped pretty soon.
She sank into the couch "OMG, Patsy, what an ordeal". I think we'll both go eat supper now with some iced tea. I like to drink out of her glass when she's not looking and go fishing for ice cubes with my feet. Ok--better sign off for now.


Drip Drip Drip

January 7th 2009 12:23 pm
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Well first off, let me tell you I went to see Dr Julie this morning to get my chiropractic treatment. I played the shy kitty too wanting to hide in my carrier/house thingie. I like Dr Julie but she thumps on me so much, what else can I do but squirm around. Maybe she'll hit mama with thing instead of me. I got my shot of vitamin B12 and the doc told mama to get me going on probiotics. We have some leftover Natren in the fridge wayyy back and luckily it's not expired-yet.

THEN we got a big package right as I was coming in the door and it was a Drinkwell fountain! I've been sticking my feet in it and it does have my approval. I think mama is wondering if this will help with my impulses to drink out of the fishtank which I have been working at figuring how to do despite mom's best efforts. hehe
Then we got this furminator comb which I KNOW I'm not gonna like but mama says she's tired of cutting knots out of my hair. I HATE to be groomed so it's gonna take alot of tough love to get me to do this. Get set mama.. hehe.
Ok I'm off to go stick my toes in that new fountain. What a great idea! A foot cleaner!


I'm not mama's girl anymore

January 2nd 2009 12:31 pm
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I got up into a cupboard today and couldn't get out. It took her a full forty-five--45--minutes to come and get me. She called out to me because she must have heard me rattling things and finally she came into the kitchen. DUH! Took her awhile. She had a bunch of stuff on the counter and I couldn't jump down anywhere. DUH! Took her a few minutes to figure this out too. FINALLY she moved things and I came out.
Now I'm mad at her. I'm going to keep this peevish expression on my face all day long too. Sure, I'll follow her around like I usually do but I'm still going to act MAD AT HER.


Mush Mush!

December 24th 2008 10:21 pm
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Mama just about had to get out a dogsled this morning but we did make it to the vet. We were slippin' and slidin' all over the place. Mama began to sing Yoko Ono songs so I could sing along in cat language which I did. I could tell she was trying to lighten the situation so I added right on to it.

Dr Julie did another chiropratic treatment on me and I didn't really mind it all that much. Felt kinda good to get thumped a bit. I was not in the mood to go out from the very start so was pretty shy when I got there. I got another shot of B12 too. I had a little present for Dr ulie and a card. It was one of those musical ones and this one had cats on it singing a carol and on the inside it said something like "please excuse occasional hairball breaks" and then a kitty would make a barf up sound. hehe. A non-cat owner might not appreciate this but the doc and staff thought it was pretty funny. I gave Dr Julie a nice little soy candle to take home and enjoy.
Mama is very insistent I keep up with these treatments no matter what. So hitch up that dogsled and MUSH! There seems to be so few lulls between snow storms so best to keep the sled dogs on retainer for the duration. MUSH!



December 18th 2008 5:46 pm
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WOW! If kitty-cat chiropractic works this good, I'm gonna stick with the program! Mama says I've been heck :-) on wheels today. A shot of B12 and a thumpin chiropractic treatment and zoooom. Dr Julie hopes this will help me too and if my longterm outcome is like today, we're off and running!
Mama and I took the day off. She was supposed to go down to Iowa and then to a meeting tonight but they keep saying it's gonna snow big time with ice at the start. So we hung around the house together today. Pearlie hung out in bed near her friend Willie and all was well.



December 17th 2008 4:36 pm
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WOW! Diary of the Day! Thanks catster. Thanks to my well-wishers who congratulated me on the honor. So nice of you.
I went to see Dr Julie again today. Mama told me I had to go so I just jumped right into my carrier. I like trips.
Doc Julie just got certified in kitty-cat chiropractic so I got thumped on my spine mostly. That's what they do for us which is good because mama was wondering if they'd grab me and give my back a big ol' crack. It wasn't my favorite but I didn't mind it so much. I got a vitamin B12 shot too and the hoomans discussed what course of treatment I might get. Yah dah yah dah.
I kind of sit back and just look at Dr Julie. I'm not sure what to make out of her yet. She's a petite hooman,pretty quiet and she's not pushy with me. I haven't decided if she's totally foolish or whether she means well toward me and know's alot of things like my mama.
I have fun at the office and today I managed to get up into their shelves where they keep their paper before I got yanked out.
THEN after I got home and got online, I discovered my wonderful honor! Awesome catster. We have so much fun on catster too. I'm very tired so will close. Thanks again to my well-wishers and to HQ for choosing me!



December 14th 2008 4:59 pm
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We lost another fishie friend the other day. Bevo the betta died when mom was out at a meeting. She only went for a few minutes because she knew what was going on but it's ok mom we were here with him.
I loved to watch him swimming around and sometimes I loved to scare him. Sorry. Pearlie likes to help mom feed them at night and I know she'll miss him too. Heck, even old Willie used to stand there and watch him.
He was a warrior type who whipped himself into a frenzy watching female bettas in the next tank over. This made for some some good observation time!
We'll miss yah Bev. You were a surprise addition to the family when mom's friend called and said his son had brought a betta home for Thanksgiving from college. She drove down to Iowa to pick you up and then you just blended in. We loved watching you and will miss your friendly face.


Ok Trip

December 10th 2008 5:14 pm
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Well, this trip to the vet's went better. Mom was frozen out of her car but once she got that working, off we went. I got another shot of B12. They had to take my temp again which I absolutely HATE! So undignified! Dr Julie is de-worming me. We don't know if that has ever been done. She consulted with another vet about inflamatory bowel disease and he said it's most often a process of elimination hehe. Just that biopsies aren't always definitive and I could have it even if my results were negative. So, that's the course she's taking and we're going to follow along. This is much better than we've gotten before and mom is all excited that our new lady vet cares enough to consult with someone.!!
I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there. I'll be on tylan for another few days and we can always get more antibiotics if we need.
Tonight I'm pretty pooped out so will keep this short. I had a pretty good day after I got back watching the birds crowding up at the feeders. So entertaining!
Thanks for reading and check back for updates.

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