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Check this out!!!

June 9th 2009 1:15 am
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You've got to check out Smokey's page (995310)!!! There is a hissing cat on there that is driving all of us crazy!!! Even just now when meowmy went to the page to get the number, Pumkin Pooh flew into the room furst and stared at the computer with his head cocked so funny!!! I swear I think there is a cat living in the computer!!! Long after meowmy goes elsewhere on the Web I stare at the computer and I am furry suspicious about this whole thing.


So many birds are out this morning!!!

June 8th 2009 2:44 am
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OOOH it's going to be a great day!!! I am happily watching them wif my eyes wide open!!! So many are here!!! It must be a meeting or something!!!

Thanks to all my furiends who invite me over to their house to bird watch.You are always invited to come here fur a play date. What fun!!!


Window Accident

June 7th 2009 2:50 am
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My meowmy woke up and came into the kitchen. A few hours ago, it was chilly in the house so she had closed the window. So now she put up her coffee and opened the window and was putting the screen in, and I was anxiously awaiting so I could go about my business of bird watching. All of a sudden the screen flies out the window, and we heard a little CRASH down below!!! Meowmy dropped the screen!!! So she had to get dressed and run downstairs and get the screen and she came back up and put it in the window PROPERLY!!! Pay attention meowmy!!! The window and all its dealings are my lifes work and are furry important to me.


Birds are singing!!!

June 6th 2009 3:19 am
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And I am happy!!! She is coming after me wif the brush so I only have a couple of seconds. My sisfur is THRILLED that her husband Pumpkin is TCD today!!! That is my Smokey's brofur. I think it's gonna be a purrty good day.


Missing Smokey

June 5th 2009 2:29 am
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You know, effuryone thinks all I care about is the birds and watching the birds and waiting fur the birds, but that is not entirely true. I miss my Smokey and I worry effury single day that he is feeling all right. I love my guy.


No Birds This Morning

June 4th 2009 2:26 am
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Nothing to watch except the occasional human. Meowmy says it is quiet because it has been raining all night and still is a little bit. I wish it would stop so my birds could come out. I bet if I was at Kibbles house there would be a bird and worm show right now!!!


Great Day Fur Birdwatching!!!

June 3rd 2009 3:17 am
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It is about 70 degrees out (meowmy told me) and there are so so many birds out this morning. This is wonderful!!! Some of them are singing and chirping away, others are quiet, some are moving, some are flying, some are still. Some look like they are searching fur food. I think I will ask meowmy to throw some broken up pieces of bread out the window fur them!!! Yeah, that is a super great idea!!! If meowmy starts feeding them all the time, they will always come to my window and I will have a birdie show effury day!!! Hey, meowmy..........................


Thank you

June 2nd 2009 2:54 am
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I want to thank Pumpkin and Trucker's and my Smokey's whole furmily and especially their Momcat, and I want to thank Soc and his Momcat and Tanis and his Momcat and Kibbles and his Momcat fur really caring about my meowmy and being such good furiends to her. We would be lost wifout Jennifer. Thank you effuryone fur your purrayers because they helped my meowmy and now she is home where she belongs!!!


Thank You Kibbles

May 30th 2009 1:42 am
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Effurytime I am low on birds here Kibbles invites me over to a bird watching pawty. Even I have to admit that is weally sweet. So Kibbles, I want to invite you over here to play wif me and watch the birds, but you must come early in the morning cause that's when the mostest birds are out.


No Birds Out

May 29th 2009 2:26 am
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It is furry quiet this morning. meowmy says maybe because it is starting to rain the birdies are not out and about flying around and sitting on windowsills where I can watch them. Oh I am so sad.

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