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It's A Wittle Bit Cooler

August 25th 2009 3:05 am
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Aah! (Isabelle breathes a sigh of relief!) I got in trouble already, I woke meowmy at 3 A.M. by scratching on da lamp. I wanted attention! Meowmy was a wittle testy and told me go inside Isabelle and let meowmy sleep! I sorry meowmy, I misses you!!! (looks up wif her big eyes and meowmy's heart immediately melts.)

I think Tootie and Robin are dropping by dis morning, we are gonna fly awound da neighborhood, but meowmy says she wants me to go early, before it gets too hot. I don't want to get her mad, I already did dat today!!! So I gonna be good and go early and come home after maybe one hour. Then I be a good gurl fur da rest of da day.


Had To Run Out And Get A Car Seat Fur Cheese!!!

August 21st 2009 4:52 pm
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He is too little to fly solo so I had to go to da store and get da car seat. Cheese put a picture of it on his page!!! So many pick-ups and deliveries going on I am losing my mind but I love flying so I am doing da best I can.I only have a few more and effuryone will be at Kibbles. I lost some time cause dere was a couple of storms and I had to wait dem out. What a night!!!


It's A Quiet Morning

August 20th 2009 2:36 am
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As usual, I am waiting fur da birdies to arrive at my windowsill. Meowmy says it's another steamy day coming up. But we are cool cats in here wif the AC on high. I am sooooo looking forward to tomorrow, I have alot of flying to do to get effuryone over to Kibble's fur the pawty dis week-end. Right after dinner tomorrow I start. I'm going to Smokey's house furst and then swing round to get Paris and Presley, Sonny will meet us there, he's driving. Then it's out to Paisan and swing round to get Precious and Tanis and back. I may have to make 2 trips to Smokey's cause there are so many of them!!! Same thing at Paisan's and also at Precious' house, I am not sure yet exactly who's coming. But I know grammy gonna treat us weally well and we gonna have a blast!!!


We Are Hot

August 18th 2009 2:37 am
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Meowmy says it's a heat wave. I worry da birds are out dere in da heat. Meowmy says dey get da breeze when dey fly, but she won't let me fly. She says I can fly dis week-end when I have to get effuryone over to Kibbles house fur the pawty. I can't wait! I love flying and I love pawties! I wanna ask Kibbles can Paisan come. I can't wait to see my Smokey finokie.And Sonny and his sisfurs. Oh this week-end is gonna be great!!!


I Think Even Da Birds Are Hot

August 15th 2009 5:06 pm
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Da hot is effurywhere. It's on my face, my body, my paws. Meowmy tells me to come in da room wif the AC but I gotta stay posted at da kitchen windowsill to see if my birdie furiends come visit. I don't wanna miss them.I is going to fly and visit all my furiends weal soon. I wanna check on Smokey dat he is all right. Little Cheese too. My meowmy calls him Cheesecake! She says someone told her boys can be cheesecake too! My sisfur Jazzy needs to see her Pumpkin and my brofur P.P. wants to visit Precious. Alot to do out dere. Paris and Presley and dere cars, Kibbles, Francis, Yoda, meowy and grammy and picnic catnip lunches and if we sleep over we can see da lightening bugs too. Bibi says to come visit, she gonna wait by da window. I've got alot of flying to do!!!And Tanis has a pool! Pawty!!!


Sleepover Coming Up!!!

August 13th 2009 2:01 am
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Meowmy says as soon as it gets a little cooler out I can go and spend da night at Kibbles!!! I will take bof Jazzy and Pumkin Pooh and maybe we can have a big slumber pawty wif Pumpkin and Cheese and Smokey and Sonny and Paris and Presley and Tanis and Gabby and all of our other furiends if Kibbles grammy says alright. She is super nice and makes da best sandwiches fur us!!! She wants us to see da birds and da squirrels over there when we wake up in da morning. I just know it's gonna be great and I'm weal excited and I can't wait!!!


Meowmy Says It's Too Hot

August 12th 2009 4:46 am
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to do much of anything. Yesterday here in NY we had a heat advisory till 6 p.m. We didn't even know till Pumpkin's Momcat told us. Today already feels like more of the same. Meowmy says she hopes it will rain and cool things off.

I told her she should come fly wif me, that'll cool her off better than any air conditioner! She said thanks but no thanks!!!

Our neighbor Frances went to Texas fur a week and meowmy is watching her 5 cats and 3 doggies. She has to walk the doggies at least 4 timnes a day. All the animals are familiar wif her and she especially loves a tuxedo kitty named Cassie. Cassie and I look a wittle bit alike. But she can't fly and I can!!! hehehe


I'm Going Flying Today!!!

August 9th 2009 2:08 am
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It's been a few days and I'm raring to go! Furst I hafta drop Jazzy off at Pumpkin's, they have plans with Sonny, Paris and Presley. Then I promised Tanis I would pick him up and drop him over there too so he could be wif his Gabby. Then I have to fly all the way back home and get Pumkin Pooh and take him over to meet Kibbles, Francis, Yoda, Grammy and Meowy.

Boy oh boy, now I know how it feels when you have a car and a million people ask you to drive them here and there and effurywhere! Lucky fur me I don't need gas money, all I want is a Happy Meal and I'm good to go!And one to go fur Smokey!!!


Staying Home Today

August 5th 2009 3:00 am
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Watching da birds and the people outside. The humans are starting to scurry off to their jobs, and the birds I am looking at are perched on my neighbor's windowsills. I just gave one of dem a wave! He looked at me like I'm crazy! I guess he doesn't know I know how to fly also! I haven't seen my birdie furiends in a while, Robin and Tweety may have moved on. My meowmy says birds travel a whole lot. I love to fly but I am glad I'm a pussycat and I have a home.


A Great Time Was Had By All!!!

August 4th 2009 2:34 am
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Like I said, furst me and Jazzy picked up the gurls (Presley and Paris), and of course Presley insisted we drive over to Pumpkin's in her pink cat-illac. OMC does she drive fast! I think we'd have been safer all flying on top of me!!! But you couldn't talk Presley out of it, Paris said don't even try, she just loves her car and loves to tear the road up!!! She is a good driver though, but man is she fast!!!!

When we got to Pumpkin's we had a real nice surprise, Sonny was there waiting fur effuryone!!! We all kissed and hugged and Pumpkin and Jazzy took off by themselves fur awhile!!! Dat figures, they still act like newlyweds!!! My Smokey didn't hiss once!!! He and Sonny reminisced fur a long time and little Cheese even danced fur us!!! She is a real pistol!!!

Then we (Jazzy and I) had to go because we had alot of ground to cover and meowmy said we had to be home before dark. We took a detour and stopped over at Kibble's house. His grammy had slices of watermelon fur us sprinkled wif catnip!!! Yoda and Francis were so happy to meet effuryone in person!!! I kept hugging Kibbles and Jazzy was crying!!! She said next time Pumpkin is definitely coming wif her!!!

What a super wonderful day!!!

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