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Is This A New Ritual?

June 29th 2009 2:49 am
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What is going on here? Now meowmy sneaks up on me effury morning before she brushes me and puts this gooey black stuff on my paw. She waits fur me to lick it off, which I refuse to do in front of her. Instead, I run inside and hide under a chair and lick it off in private. It doesn't taste bad but I will nefur admit it to her. She says it is to relieve the hairball symptoms and eventually I'll only need it once a week as a preventative (did I say that right?) But I am not happy about this.


It Feels Like Summer

June 27th 2009 1:57 pm
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It sure is hot, wif little bits of rain in between. My meowmy got some new decorations fur the house and I have been busy sniffing them over. Lets see, she put a big pink and white vase wif swans on it on the floor. And she got a big round thing with blue dolphins and you put water in it and plug it in and it makes bubbles!!! She put that on the shelf next to her other dolphin statue that says "Florida" on it. She better be careful that Pumkin Pooh doesn't drink the dolphin water!!!


Some Days

June 25th 2009 4:14 am
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are harder than others. Today is hard, being wifout my Pumpkin is so lonely. Yes I have my sisfur and my brofur and of course meowmy and my furiends and my toys and the world looking out the window, but when you have a true love, well, you feel incomplete wifout that love. Oh Pumpkin, my love, I miss you terribly today.


Good Morning World

June 24th 2009 4:01 am
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Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, my meowmy finally got some sleep!!! I am so purroud of her, I think she is taking lessons from us kitties about napping!!I keep telling her she needs sleep to have energy, like a car needs gas, right? I am one smart kitty!

Other than that I am as usual pining fur Pumpkin!!


Well, it's back to life as usual

June 23rd 2009 3:21 am
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OMC I miss my Pumpkin terribly! Now I really know what I'm missing because I had my wonderful week-end wif him. He is weally kind and considerate, funny and charming. And furry handsome!!! I love how he treats his sisfurs and brofurs. And he loves his Momcat something fierce! Yes, I am a furry lucky kitty to have such a husband as Pumpkin!!!


It's So Hard To Say Good-bye

June 21st 2009 6:08 pm
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Well, me, Pumpkin and his Momcat just arrived at Dayton International Airport, my flight is leaving in a few minutes. Luckily I only have carry-on luggage, no time to check bags! I keep looking deep into my husbands eyes and I can see they are glassy. My eyes are leaking, too.

I want to stay wif Pumpkin fur the rest of our lives, but what about my furmily? When I get home I am gonna have a serious talk wif meowmy about us moving to Ohio. I know Isabelle will back me up.

Oh sweet Pumpkin, it's never good-bye fur us, it's see ya later. I love him so much. (Jazzy kisses Momcat good-bye and thanks her fur a wonderful week-end, then hugs Pumpkin as tight as she can. Her flight is gonna leave wifout her so she has to hurry! She gives Pumpkin a loving kiss, turns and walks away. She can't see cause her eyes are all glassy.)


It's Gonna Be So Hard

June 21st 2009 6:07 am
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to say good-bye tonight.

Last night was so beautiful. We went out for dinner, then came home and watched reruns of "Cops." We sat on the porch, on the swing that is Pumpkin's Momcats favorite. The radio was playing, and all of a sudden "Hey There Delilah" came on! That is our song! Pumpkin took me in his paws and we slowly, softly danced the night away. It was a storybook picture purrfect evening.

I know one thing, I may be going home to New York tonight, but my heart will remain in Ohio.


It's My Last Day Here

June 21st 2009 2:05 am
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and already I am sad at the thought of leaving my Punkey poo. I am having such a nice time. That mischievous little Cheese stole my heart! She is so rowdy, always fighting. And Tucker walks around the house wif a bagel in his mouf!!! This place is like living on Animal Planet, effurywhere you look there is a cat, dog or the hairless rat Bruno. He is nice but creepy looking!

Pumpkin is still sleeping and I don't wanna wake him, so I gotta go now. TTYL.


Pumpkin is in the litter box right now

June 20th 2009 2:35 am
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so I have time fur a quick note. I love my furmily, don't get me wrong, but I am in Heaven here in Ohio!!! My in laws are the sweetest efur and the fursters here are great!!! I love that little impish Cheese like she's my little sisfur!!! I am going to lick her clean as soon as she wakes up!!! And my Pumpkin....well, words cannot describe how deeply I love him. He keeps introducing me to people and furs, I can't remember all the names except for Aunt Connie. And his Momcat served us a DELICIOUS cricket souffle with catnip dressing!!! Yummy!!! I am having the time of my life!!!


Took a nap wif Pumpkin

June 19th 2009 3:40 pm
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I feel like I'm in heaven! I tell you, there is nothing like waking up in your husband's loving arms, holding our paws together. I kneaded a little on his belly and we washed each others heads and faces. Then we had a nice long meow at the same time!!! MOL!!! I am soooo in love!!!!

Pumpkin said tonight we are gonna paint the town red! I didn't let on but I have no idea what he's meowing about. Do I need a paintbrush or thinner? I guess he has put together whatefur we need. I do know later this evening we are meeting Gabby and Tanis at the Woof and Purrs Cafe. Soc is in the middle of moving but we invited Charlie to go wif us but Charlie said she would feel like a third wheel. Once again, I am at a loss as to what that means. A wheel? When is a cat a wheel? And 3 of them? They sure talk funny here in Ohio!!! And Momcat says that it is ME wif the accent! Pumpkin says I talk just like a New Yorker (Yawker.)

I hope this week-end goes really, really, really S L O W because I feel like Cinderella and I don't want the clock to hit midnight!!!

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