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The Art of Being Clueless

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Oh, those cat shows...

June 7th 2009 7:20 pm
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There's a cat show next week that Meowmy has been PERSONALLY invited to take part in. It's sponsored by a new cat club, we think that Ousted Member is one of the directors, and although we have only Sunday open, we're going to go. (For the 1.1 readers interested in this, Breeder Daddy has no cats to show, but is going to come anyway...and...interesting things may occur with Meowmy after that.) Anyway, although Meowmy wanted to put in Currier, lazy and ditzy Meowmy has never gotten a CFA number for her--not necessary in the kitten class, but Currier will be over 8 months at this show, so she needs a number. (Don't worry if you don't understand this. The CFA is basically a very kind and fair association, but they have rules that make quantum mechanics look simple.)

Well, Currier can't make it, there's no point in putting Harvey into another show (in TICA, you can apparently become a Grand Champion or Grand Premier as many times as you like, but the CFA is one-time only). Chibi is still parked at Breeder Daddy's apartment, awaiting the moment when conception! becomes possible. So, it looks like Leila is going to have to go. Mind you, she will not get a single ribbon or any points towards her Grand Championship. Since having had babies, she's a lot calmer than she used to be, but she really hates cat shows. Still, here in Japan we have "giri," meaning a kind of loyalty to company, group, or whatever, so Meowmy will put Leila in the show just for the heck of it.

It's only one day, and not that expensive. Meowmy was specifically invited to be in this show by Ousted Member and by the show's director. Oddly, Meowmy is hated by her own cat club, but seems to have fans otherwise. She's weird, she is foreign, she has this thing going on with Breeder Daddy, but this is a world where EVERYONE is totally crazy, and Meowmy and BD having a relationship is nothing compared with the same-sex couples who come to exhibit their cats. (There's no prejudice directed at them, either, by the way. Men in the cat world--we're not sure about women--do have a tendency to prefer Humans of their own sex. Everyone knows this, and just accepts it. One reason Meowmy likes Japan--they tend to leave you alone.)

Anyway, Meowmy is mad enough at the directors of her cat club that she doesn't mind if they read these diary entries. (They are both very fluent in English.) When Meowmy was discussing the cat show yesterday with the director, she was told, yet again, that most Maine Coon breeders can't stand the directors of Meowmy's club. Meowmy is not a very vindictive person, but she does like hearing that she's not the only one who has been "shunned." Perhaps more important is the fact that her being "shunned" by her cat club has brought her new friends--it seems that anyone who knows anything about Meowmy's cat club hates the directors, which means that Meowmy, having been "shunned," is now more popular. Whew. The cat world is CATTY. So Meowmy is happy that she's not the only one to have been "shunned," and what is more important is the fact that her connection with Ousted Member and other MC breeders who are NOT members of her cat club are now on her side--which means being allowed to buy kittens, get breeding rights, and even stud service. We don't know what's going on with Chibi right now, and hope that she will have beautiful kittens with Umesaburo, but the truth is, as Meowmy has written before, the life of a breeder is much different from that of a pet owner, and involves all kinds of problems and angst. Parting with your kittens...recycling your breeding stock...if you think breeding is evil because of all the kitties in shelters who face euthanasia, you probably have no sympathy for these problems, but there will always, always be people who want a cat with a pedigree, and somebody has to meet those needs. Breeder Daddy is a pro, and doesn't seem to experience any angst when parting with his batches of kittens (mind you, he's a small-scale breeder--only a few litters a year, from two or three queens). But Meowmy is sort of traumatized by the whole thing. Fascinated, but traumatized. But...the families she has placed Leila's litter with have been some of the nicest people she has ever met in Japan.


Oh, I'm a Hongrey Boy!!!

June 5th 2009 10:55 am
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When Meowomy's asleep (her usual state when she is not actually required to go to work and make money for our kibble and ELK), we prowl around the Internet and find information regarding food that Meowmy should be aware of. For shame, Meowmy. This weekend, all six of us (Chibi is still trying to "make it" with Umesaburo) are going to the States, where we are sure to take down numerous ELK. Meowmy is not sure about how she's going to ship them back or how she's going to preserve them, since she owns the world's smallest refrigerator, but we're gonna do it--the boys in leather bomber jackets, and the girls in satin that matches their fur tones. Chomp, chomp. I can't wait to get my toothies into an ELK!!! ELK!!! ELK!!! After having my fill of ELK, I may very well die from total ecstasy. But that is the risk you run when your life is full of pleasure.


The Strange World of Humans

June 1st 2009 5:19 am
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No more cat shows, so I'm burying myself in the Upanishads. I'm not a linguist like Chibi (I think she has some kind of OCD), so I'm reading a LOLcat translation rather than the original Sanskrit. Life is good.

Still, I miss those grooming sessions with Meowmy. I was never too keen on the shower or the hair dryer, but I sure love being combed. She still combs me whenever I come to help her with her PC, but it's not the same. Oh, well, most show biz stars fade away eventually; at least I haven't descended into a Judy Garland-like spiral of alcohol and drugs.

I hated those kitten things with a passion, but now that most of them are gone, the apartment is getting awfully quiet, and I hate to admit it, but I kind of miss them. I don't think Leila does, though. After weaning them, she would hiss each time one of them got close. I still hiss at them sometimes, but my heart really isn't in it. There's food enough for all of us (except for that day when Meowmy broke her shoulder and couldn't get any food), they don't try to take away my personal cat bed, and the worst thing you can say about them is that all of them are tremendously sloppy water drinkers--within hours, several liters of water will have been sloshed all over the floor. Yeah, we're Maine Coons, we're hard-wired to do that, but they've been just a wee bit too enthusiastic. Hilles, who is now named Seika, apparently is doing this in her new home, and while her new owner says it's "cute," I wonder what she's really thinking. Heh heh, too late for returns.

Breeder Daddy visited on Sunday. We were all relieved because Meowmy made a point of cleaning our litter pans before he came--it was sort of hard for her to do it one-handed when her shoulder still hurt. Even so, there was that certain eau de chat odor in the apartment when he came, and the first thing he said (this is not a man to mince words) was, "Wow, stinky. Open the windows, won't you?" This is a man who Meowmy seems to have a romantic interest in; you'd think she could have worked a bit harder to make the apartment more appealing.

We all like BD. For one thing, he's the only Human who Meowmy allows inside our apartment. Also, three of us grew up with him, and when he waves his hand and says "Harvey! Do you remember me!" I want to tell him that I remember him mostly because he smells like tobacco. I still have vague memories of the cat tower in his apartment--I could watch the cars going by the highway across the street. Zoom, vrrm. Us guys like cars.

BD only stayed for a little while, but as far as I could tell, the whole conversation was about cats, cats, cats. Don't Humans ever talk about anything else? It was agreed that Currier has great proportions but lousy fur; if someone wants to buy her, Meowmy will sell her, but there are no takers yet. Leila and Chibi have their good points, but their profiles make them look like Norwegian Forest Cats--a big minus in the show ring, and not the ideal configuration for producing kittens, although Leila did okay this time with Umesaburo.

Then, when BD left, something disgusting happened. He and Meowmy OSCULATED in the foyer! I don't think it was the proverbial peck on the cheek, either--it seemed to go on forever. Humans are so gross! We cats like to check each other out by smelling under each other's tails; I don't do it much, because I've basically figured out who I'm living with, what sex they are, their age, and whatnot, but Spike (who is otherwise a very sweet and naive boy) just can't get enough of sniffing under the girls' tails. They don't seem to mind it, though--a few times I've seen him and Currier curled up asleep together. Oh, and he's big on grooming the other cats, even those nasty, nasty kitten creatures. Personally, I don't groom anyone but myself. I'm a celebrity now--gotta have SOME pride, right?

Anyway, it seems that Humans don't go into this sniffing under the tail ritual (well, in the first place, they don't have tails), and I have yet to see a Human licking another Human...and if I ever do, I think I'll barf. They don't even have fur.

Now it appears that Meowmy may be in heat. As far as I know, she can't produce any of those (nasty, nasty) kittens, but I'm sort of divided in my opinion of BD. I could do without his smoking, for example. And I have this feeling that if he spent more time here, I'd be getting less quality time with Meowmy. On the other hand, he loves us cats, he's good at changing litter boxes, and Meowmy seems calmer than usual when he's around. It's a close call...but I suspect that I'm not going to be able to influence the course of events in this case. I wonder why Catster doesn't have a "Behavior and Training" forum for HUMANS. We cats could teach them a thing or two.


Oh no!

May 24th 2009 5:42 am
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Leila's in heat again...well, it's kitten-producing season, after all. BD, who is eager for the stud fee, says "no problemo!" to having two cats with kittens at the same time (he does it himself all the time--mind you, he only has two queens, so it's not like he's got millions of kitties all at once), but the trauma of letting those (nasty, nasty) kittens go to their new homes (and there are still two of those blasted creatures left), not to mention the fact that Meowmy is phone-phobic and not a good businesswoman, means that the problem isn't the kittens so much, but selling them--brown tabby, yes; red tabby, yes; torties, no. Heh heh heh, the landlord still thinks she has only two cats...

And what to do about Currier? She's got a really good body (looong like her mother's) and an amazing Maine Coon tail. She also has a better profile and muzzle than Leila. But, like Leila, her ears are a bit small and set a bit too far apart (although their setting is good); also, she didn't get the nice long, silky fur her sisters did--hers is rather cottony (a demerit in the judging ring; not that she'll be competing, but who knows what kind of fur her children will have). Also, she alone among the girls inherited Leila's standoffish personality, although she's always sort of hanging around, watching Meowmy.

The question may be moot, however; only one person has shown any interest in buying her so far, and they backed down at the last minute. So Meowmy may just be forced to keep her anyway. And she's curious to see what a tortie without white will produce. However, she can't be bred to Umesaburo, her own father, so Meowmy will have to find another stud...dilemma, dilemma. I wish she'd just be satisfied with the four of us resident cats and stop this (nasty, nasty) kitten business, but it's her only hobby, and her only way of meeting people. Meowmy is lonely and bored and doesn't like her job much. Me, all I have to do is lie around all day, check the food dish occasionally, make sure that the toilets are clean, and just zone out. Oh, and look handsome--my main job. Humans have it rough.


Made it!

May 21st 2009 10:45 am
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I may be #17, but that puts me in the Regional (National) Winner Class for Japan for this past season. Whew! What a year! I am now officially retired from show biz (but sorta miss the intimacy with Meowmy). I hear that Chibi is going to produce some of those (nasty, nasty) kittens, but what can I do about that? Anyway, it was a long, long haul, and both Meowmy and I are exhausted.

Meowmy and I don't care about my ranking, as long as I managed to get into the top 25. Her biggest contenders--who went to every show--ended up being #10, #11, and #12 respectively, which in the scheme of things is not so superior to #17. I WOULD have scored higher if I'd been more cooperative with the judges (apparently no one likes having a hissing cat lash out at their jugular), but, well, I march to the beat of a different drummer. My main competitor was a cat in the same color class (red tabby and white), and by the end of the season, she was getting those black "First" ribbons because she was so good-natured and just LOVED playing with wand toys. Bah. I don't even really like wand toys at home--why do I have to pretend to like them in the show hall? I do things MY way; and while I'm happy that Meowmy's happy that I'm now a Regional (National) Winner, this is not a career that I would care to pursue any longer. Oh, the sacrifices we cats make for our selfish Humans.

It hardly needs mentioning that the #1 cat was a Persian. It's a kind of rule in the cat world. Maine Coons are popular and even overrepresented, but we almost never make #1. Having said that, the #3 MC Internationally last season (I've mentioned this before) is my distant relative (same mother), so Japanese cats are, generally speaking, highly competitive in the cat world.

Being a Regional Winner means that we can go to a big bash at a plush hotel in July. They show slides of us winners on a big screen while each owner goes in turn to get a really big ribbon. Big deal. We'd prefer cash. Meowmy wants to invite Breeder Daddy, but he works on Saturdays, and isn't sure he can make it. I also think he's a bit shy about being seen with Meowmy. But hey, I come from his cattery--he should get some credit. And his breeding career is about to come to an end; it would be nice if he could attend the Award Party and show people that he's produced some very good cats in his time.

Stay tuned for some REALLY goofy pictures of me by Chanan. I am not photogenic like Chibi (check HER page--hate to admit it, but she sure looks good).


Cat Show, Osaka, 4/11-12, 2009

April 12th 2009 5:23 am
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What a bummer. Went all the way to Osaka, and only got twenty points. I have a few cats below me (I'm currently number sixteen) who all scored well in this show; my rank is sure to fall. But there are only two shows left, and the chances remain good that I'll stay in the top 25. Even #25 is fine by us.

Meowmy wore her "lucky" red panties (repeat: they are cotton bloomers and not in the least sexy) as well as her two crystal rosary bracelets that are supposed to bring her good luck. Meowmy is quite superstitious, probably because of her OCD. Well, honey, neither the red bloomers or the Buddhist rosaries did any good. We got 20 points, and I suspect that some of them were just sympathetic gifts from judges who want Mommy to continue in the cat world.

The cat show was sort of lonely for Meowmy. Her cat club members are giving her the cold shoulder in hopes that she'll quit (like the Ousted Member did last year), but Meowmy has a perverse streak, and has decided to stay a member just to annoy them. Not that you have to belong to a cat club, mind you. But networking is important for buying kittens, getting breeding rights, and getting stud service. Not to mention that networking is the way you learn about breeding and cats in general. It's cost Meowmy a lot of that paper stuff with people's pictures on it to finance my "campaign" to become a Regional Winner this year, but she considers it tuition in the school of Cat Husbandry. She says that she wouldn't want to do it again in the Premiership Class, however--the Kitten Class is educational because it indicates which kittens are future winners and should be kept, and, of course, the Championship Class (intact cats only, thank you very much) is where the real action is. Meowmy's next goal (for some time in the future) is to produce a Grand Champion. I'm a Grand Premier, but it's sort of like being a star in the bush leagues.

Meowmy and I were benched with her cat club, but in contrast to last year, when everyone went out together to eat after Saturday's show, this time everyone left Meowmy alone. We went to our hotel and Meowmy promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning--not that she's in danger of starving. She's built like a whale and probably could go for a week without food.

While she was out cold, I appropriated her change purse and went out into the hallway where the vending machines were, and bought a beer and some of those little rice cracker thingies with tiny dried sardines mixed in. Then I went and sat on the window sill, watching Osaka move by night as I sipped my beer and ate the little fishies (the rice crackers were yucky). I thought about Meowmy, cat shows, the meaning of life, the Great Watchmaker in the sky, and other things, and watched the cars zooming around six floors down. I like cars. Too bad cats can't get licenses.

Then, precisely at dawn, I DID IT! The first time I stayed in a hotel with Meowmy, I was too nervous to eat, drink, or use the portable toilet, but this time I was used to the whole routine, so at dawn I did a big one. The only problem was that the wee-wee sheet came loose as I was trying to cover up my doo-doo, with the result that my paws got, er, a bit dirty. We cats are supposed to stay in tents or other enclosures when in show hotels, but up until now that hasn't been a problem for me, so Meowmy didn't even bother setting up the tent. Well, after getting my big Maine Coon paws covered with you-know-what, I immediately jumped onto the pristine sheets of Meowmy's bed, leaving behind a series of brown footprints. This, and the odor of what I'd just produced in the toilet, woke up Meowmy, who was horrified--not because I'd misbehaved (I hadn't!!! I was a good boy and went in my kitty potty!!!) but because dirtying show hotel rooms can cause problems, for both owner and the cat club hosting the show.

It was a strange hotel. Wouldn't you know it, this was the first time we'd stayed in a room without its own bathroom. Fortunately, it was still 6 am, so Meowmy took me to the communal bathroom and washed off my feet. Then she took a wet towel and somehow managed to get my "imprints" off the sheets. It was a close call. Since then, she's learned that you should secure the wee-wee sheets to the toilet with butterfly clips.

Personally, I would have preferred it if she'd left my "mark" on the sheets and floor, but I understand Meowmy's position. In fact, I'd like it if they put up a plaque saying "Harvey slept here." But getting #17 in the Premiership Class is not exactly at the level of being an American president or a literary figure who died a tragic death. Anyway, I WAS a good boy--I ate and drank and used the toilet. I'm now prepared to become a world traveler. Hotels are great.


Portland Cat Show, April 4-5 2009

April 6th 2009 5:28 am
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Meowmy had to work on Saturday, so we could only attend Sunday's show. Breeder Daddy was there, so we were benched with him and the ousted member of our cat club.

It's too bad that we couldn't go on Saturday, because there was a big cat fight between the husband of the ousted member, the husband of the husband/wife team who run Meowmy's cat club, and the husband of one of the people who was instrumental in kicking out the ousted member. We're not sure what it was all about, but apparently they caused quite a disturbance, and the show manager gave them a tongue-lashing. The cat club husband left in a huff, and didn't show up on Sunday. Since their cat is my rival (same color class), even though I only participated for one day, I got ribbons in each ring, including "Best Cat" in the Longhair ring.

Meowmy had a long talk with one of the American judges from the day before, and the American judge volunteered to help Meowmy import a stud cat from American. It may not happen soon, but it looks like I'm going to have yet another rival for Meowmy's affections. I hope he doesn't spray at least. Oh, the shame and jealousy of having to smell some Intact male cat's urine...

Breeder Daddy is a pretty sociable person, and likes to schmooze with other exhibitors and the vendors (who are usually breeders/exhibitors themselves). He spent most of this show talking with the ousted member and her husband about the fight the day before...and perhaps also about Meowmy, because the ousted member is trying to play Cupid between Breeder Daddy and Meowmy. I don't mind that too much--he's Intact (I assume) but not a cat, so not a rival the way a stud cat would be. (And I also assume that he doesn't spray.)

Chibi came, too, because she was going to go to Breeder Daddy's place anyway to make babies with Umesaburo. Meowmy wanted to give her a nice shampoo anyway before she went to Breeder Daddy's, because she doesn't want to shampoo her while she's pregnant or nursing her babies (those yucky kittens! Barf!)--too much stress. As usual, since there were no American judges on Sunday, she didn't get any points, although it turns out that she already has 65 of the 200 points needed to make her a Grand Champion. After she's weaned her kittens, Meowmy will put her in shows each time there's a foreign judge, and she might, just might, become a Grand Champion someday.

Meowmy took a photo of Breeder Daddy (she wants to put it on MY page--hmph--I'm much more handsome; he looks kinda like a lizard). He then revealed that he's been carrying around a photo of her (holding me, of course) in his wallet for this past year. Romantic...I sure wish I had a photo of that cute grey Norwegian Forest Cat I met last year--oops, I forgot that "she" was a "he." Well, nobody's perfect...

And then when Breeder Daddy left Meowmy off at the station, he did it--he popped the question, as Humans so quaintly put it. The ousted member had suggested, half in jest, that BD take Meowmy to visit his hometown in the country, and we all laughed it off. But when BD stopped the car, she asked him how he would introduce her to his family if she did visit his hometown. "Why, as the woman I'm planning to marry," was his answer. Marry??? Does this mean I'm going to have yet ANOTHER rival for Meowmy's affections? The kittens are bad enough, but really, a HUMAN??? However, both Meowmy and Breeder Daddy are incredibly ancient, so they're going to go really slowly with this thing and spend the next year dating in order to see if they can actually stand being with each other. Not that I dislike Breeder Daddy, mind you, but having to share Meowmy with Spike, Leila, Chibi, and all those bratty kittens that keep popping up like mushrooms is almost more than I can take. However, BD is really good about keeping litter boxes clean, so if they do get together, at least we'll always have clean toilets. Meowmy's a bit lazy about things like that.

Heh heh heh, you may not think that your cat understands what you're saying to other Humans, but we understand more than you realize. However, we're very good at keeping secrets. Shhh.


Norwegian Forest Cat Show, March 28-29, 2009

April 6th 2009 4:58 am
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This is the show where I fell in love with that little grey NFC last year. Too bad "she" turned out to be a "he"--oh well, win some, lose some...

We failed to go to Osaka last week, as Meowmy just collapsed out of sheer fatigue after bathing me at 4 a.m. She's been living on Planet Z for the past several months, and forgot to pay her phone bill; she could call within Tokyo, but not as far as Osaka, which meant that she had to get up, get dressed, and find a phone booth (she has also managed to lose her cell phone). By the time she called, the show manager had already called Breeder Daddy to ask him where Meowmy was. Like, why couldn't they call Meowmy herself? And why did they think that Breeder Daddy would know? Apparently people are starting to see Meowmy and BD as a couple. I don't mind; he's nice to me, and after all, I spent my first five months living with him. But I wish he wouldn't smoke those stinky cigarettes. They make my lovely fur smell icky.

We lucked out on this show. A really superb Maine Coon is now no longer being shown, because he has a high enough rank to become a Regional Winner without attending any more shows. And another rival was tetchy on Saturday, so his owner didn't bring him on Sunday. I got six ribbons out of eight rings--minor ribbons, to be sure, but they added up to around 70 points. I now have over 1000 points. Even so, the competition in the Premiership Class this year is keen, and I'm currently ranked #17--there's a chance I may not make Regional Winner after all, but I'll probably be okay. In any event, after April, no more cat shows!!! Talk about early retirement...Although when I'm seven or so, Meowmy can show me in the "Veteran" class. I am NOT looking forward to that.

Meowmy credits our luck in this show to two things: one, this has always been a lucky show for us; and two, she was wearing her lucky red panties. They aren't anything to get excited over--just cotton briefs that happen to be red. People buy red panties in the Year of the Monkey to ensure good health for that year.

Meowmy benched with her cat club, but no one is speaking to her anymore, so it's kinda lonely. On the other hand, she's now made friends with some other people who don't like her cat club's leaders--and there are a lot of people who don't. The problem is, you need contacts in the cat world to buy and sell kittens and especially to be granted breeding rights. Meowmy's cat club has lots of MC breeders, and in theory is a good club to belong to...but at this point, no one is giving her any help at all, much less offering her kittens for breeding. She says she needs a stud cat. Well, excuuuse me. If Meowmy hadn't been so quick to get rid of my naughty bits, she could have used ME. I'm not so sure I'm going to like to live under the same roof with an Intact male.

On the other hand, I was praised several times for my muzzle. True to the growth pattern of Maine Coons, I am developing slowly, and my muzzle has finally become manly. Thank goodness! Now I don't have to be ashamed in front of all the other guys in the locker room.

Meowmy sold two more of those nasty, nasty kittens. That leaves only three--which is three too many, in my opinion. I know guys aren't supposed to hit girls, but I bop them in the head every time I get the chance. And growl. They get the picture and run off. I used to do that to Chibi all the time, but compared to those horrid furballs, Chibi's starting to look good; I don't pick on her anymore. Meanwhile, she's been in heat for two weeks, walking around going "Mrp, mrp," in her Maine Coon way. MCs are not very strident when they go into heat. Anyway, it looks like an appointment with Umesaburo is in the offing. Oh, geez, that means more of those nasty, nasty kittens. I think I'm going to give up Zen and become a Trappist monk. Do they have monasteries for cats?


My latest ratings

March 19th 2009 7:55 pm
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Well, I'm still the number 16 cat in the Premiership Class, and as there's only another month left in the season, it seems unlikely that I will not make Regional Winner. I have, however, descended to being the number 15 Maine Coon in the CFA world--which doesn't mean anything to Meowmy and me.

Why does Meowmy want to make me a Regional Winner? She is the equivalent of a show mama or a soccer mom, and she will feel fulfilled if I do make it. Yes, she'll deal with it if I don't make it. But these weekly shows, and the expense (!!!) (not to mention the stress) have taken an extreme toll on Meowmy, and, not to put to fine a point on it, if I do not get an award this year, several thousands of dollars will have been wasted. Meowmy is now eating cup raamen.


Our last cat show...

March 17th 2009 11:36 pm
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Oh, how I hate to use the word "our," associating me with Chibi and the kittens who also participated (I hissed at them whenever possible. Nasty creatures, but Meowmy seems to dote on them).

In the Japanese CFA world, each show is sponsored by a specific cat club, and this was the show sponsored by the cat club to which Meowmy belongs. Since there was a (shh! secret!) discount on entering more than two cats, Meowmy put in three of the Weird Sisters. Mind you, that brat Chibi was going along too, because there were American judges, and only Americans like torties.

Soo...on the first day, I was fairly relaxed, and got two ribbons. On the second day, I was sick of the whole thing, was contientious with the judges, and that was that.

Chibi got a "Best Champion" purple ribbon in a ring that was being held by an American judge. I know that this makes no sense to anyone who is not on the CFA circuit, but--as I keep repeating--only Americans recognize torties (who are by definition females), and that single purple ribbon was significant.

As for the kittens...

Hilles and Byerly got two ribbons. Byerly is rather small still, but has classic tortie coloration. One of the judges who gave Byerly a ribbon is a very important figure in the Japanese cat world, and Meowmy suspects that she gave Byerly a ribbon partly because she wants Meowmy to continue in the cat world--she was aware that Meowmy is a first-time breeder, and told her that she should try to breed bigger cats. It's not always simple out there in the cat world--judges know who is showing which cat, and that can influence judging, for better or worse. We were surprised that Hilles got recognized--she has very small eyes--but apparently the Olympic torch mark on her forehead and her general body configuration got her points.

As for Currier...Meowmy's fave kitten--only the American judge recognized that she is (yes, I hate to admit it) a beautiful kitty, and gave her a ribbon, saying that she was a beautiful Maine Coon. Because of her coloring, you have to look very carefully to tell that she is actually a good example of the Maine Coon breed, and not just some cat from off the streets. Her beautiful, large, wide-set eyes, and her good muzzle are not obvious on a first glance, because of her facial coloration). But, among all the Weird Sisters, I would say that, with her facial structure (her ears were praised as well), and her long torso and long tail (yeah, she's my niece, we share that characteristic), she's the best of the bunch of those (stupid, nasty!) kittens. Only American judges can figure this out. And boy, did she play with the wand toys during the show!!! Currier is less demonstrative than Hilles, but is simply always...there.

Having our cattery's kittens recognized for the first time made Meowmy happy (I couldn't care less).

I spent most of the show asleep with my tummy up, and so did Chibi. The kittens did that one the second day of the show, too, but that was less an example of zoning out than just being relaxed and going to sleep in the afternoon--which is what cats do.

Now I'm going to go and meditate on some Buddhist texts.

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