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October 2nd 2010 4:36 pm
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What's with Grammy putting monsters on my page???? She tries to put stuff on our pages that reflect our pussanalities. What's she trying to say????? I not a monster!!!! HONEST!!!!! Well I not!!!!! I sometimes get things started, but that does not make me a monster! Does it????
Hope she's not going to make me a monster costume! I won't wear it, even if she does! So There!

We have had a really nice day. It's on the cool side but at least it stopped raining. Grammy opened one window and the door to the porch. Life is grand. We got to lay in the sun and boy was it great. We got to stretch out in the window, on the cat tree and on the cement part of the porch. It was warm and toasty!!! Grammy had the oven on and we got to stay out a little longer. She made turkey meatloaf, and scalloped potatoes. We got to lick the cheese. When we had our dinner they closed the door and we are inside for the night. Now Grammy is making brownie with walnuts in them. She said we can't have any cause it's chocolate and nuts. I say Nuts to Grammy. Make a dessert we can have too. After all Tate's Mommy makes him Cuppycakes.
I going to go lay down and rest a little, so I can play later. So you all tomorrow!
Have a great day!


My Sisfurs

September 20th 2010 12:47 pm
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Hope everyfurry had a fun Talk Like a Pirate Day! I know I did!
I would like to thank everyfurry for stopping by and leaving such kind comments.

Now on to today!

It's a beautiful day here in Maryland. We have most of the windows open and the door to the porch. The porch is small but we all sort of take turns going on it. I love to lay in the window and soak up all that sun. The chipmunks are busy running from the mulch pile to the trees to under the cars. We all love to watch them. We also have been lucky enough to have a few bugs come in on the porch. It's like we get a new toy with each bug. Only problem is you can't put a new battery in them when they stop.
I want to introduce you to my sisfurs Tomiko (Tommie) and Miyoko (Moo-Moo). They are real sisfurs and Grammy and Meowmy adopted them before Kibbles and Me. They are Calico's. Yes sometimes they do have tuds.
Moo-Moo is the dominate of the two. She will actually pull Tommie out of the perch if she wants to lay in it. MOL! Moo-Moo likes to be loved but when she's had enough she will let you know. Grammy says she makes a prune face at you. She sleeps with Grammy at night. She has her own pillow above Grammys head.
Tommie is more lay back. She loves to be brush and loved. She will roll on her back so you can brush her belly. Tommie love to play and has taken a liken to Fozzy Bear. We think they are a couple! Tommy loves to run up and down the hall. Sometimes I get in trouble for chasing after her. I love my family and since I play with the girls more Grammy left me write about them.

Well I must close for now Grammy wants to put some foods together for the family. I hope that means us cats!!!!!




September 19th 2010 11:40 am
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Ahoy, Maties.

Avast ye day has come. It’s Talk like a PIRATE DAY! Hope everyone enjoys their day.

First let me introduce myself: Captain Francis The Fearless Fire Tail.
My ship’s name is Fire Tail.
We are on an adventure today to find the Lost Treasure of Fearless Franny. Some 100 years ago his ship was sunken and all was lost. Except for a piece of a map. A map showing buried treasures. Somewhere in the land of lost.

Heave Ho Buckos. Batten down the hatches it’s going to be a long trip.
Aye!Aye! Land. But not alone… another Priate Ship. It’s Captain Zeeke Bent Tail. He’s mean. He must have the other part of the map!!!!!
Round up the crew and have the cockswain row me to shore. Upon landing on shore Captain Francis The Fealess Fire Tail lead his crew to a cave where he think the treasure be. Shriver me timbers THE TREASURE! The crew of Fearless Franny Found after all these years. The crew takes the treasure back to ship. They are enjoying all the Silver and Gold and Pearls. What a Treasure. But in the mist of the sea is Captain Zeeke Bend Tail. Is the Treasure Safe or?????????

Signed Captain Francis The Fearless Fire Tail


So You Want to Be a PIRATE!

September 17th 2010 2:00 pm
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Pirate Rules

1. You must have a name.
2. You must have a ship or be part of the crew.
3. You must know some of the language.
4. You must have a buried treasure.
5. You will need some of the following misc. items:
A. Eye Patch
B. A Parrot or some sort of bird (for the shoulder)
C. You’ll need a map where the treasure is buried.
D. At least one Jolly Roger
E. Hat, scarf, etc.
F. A Peg Leg
G. A Sword

When you have complete reading these rules and abide by them!
Only than can you become a true PIRATE! Are you a PIRATE
Yet? Sunday September 19, 2010 is Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Join in on the fun!!!!!!!

Have a great day Matties!


Hot Taters!

September 15th 2010 5:55 pm
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Tonight Grammy almost had the big one!!!!!
Meowmy opened the door to the porch to go inside and Tater Tot flew out the door. Meowmy, Grammy and Pappy all hollowed at Tater and he ran under their parked car and wouldn't come out. It took them about 10 minutes to get him out from under the car. Grammy was worried he would run in the road or in the neighbors yard and he doesn't know that area. Plus it was just starting to get dark. When Meowmy finally grabbed him by the scruff she told him you are kenneled and will never ever get to go outside again!!!!! Than when Grammy came inside she gave Taters a talking to. We were all in the kitchen area and she started to tell us that if we ever do that we will never ever get to go outside either. I don't understand it was Tater that did the bad thing not me! Why did I get a talking toooooo????
After all that excitement we had a late dinner. Left over TURKEY. Grammy made HOT TURKEY SANDWICHES WITH GRAVY! We got left overs. We even got to lick the gravy bowl clean. After dinner while Grammy was on the puter and meowmy was cleaning the litter boxes, we heard an awful sound. Someone in the other room was screaming and growling. We jumped up to see what was going on. Don't know for sure but poor Cleo went running and Zeeke and I were right behind her. So Grammy and Meowmy think Zeeke and I were after her and being BAD! I told them both they were mistaken! But Grammy had the nerve to ask me if I also needed a calming collar! Well now that we have all been talked to and disciplined (HA!HA!) I think we will all take a nap! Nighty-night!


We licked the Platter Clean!!!!!

September 13th 2010 6:08 pm
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If you read Kibbles diary you than know we had TURKEY and the trimming for dinner. Well Our Meowmy just came home and Grammy fixed her plate. When she was done we got left overs. We all have some TURKEY with GRAVY, baked potatoes smashed and coated with melted butter. Yes the dishes are so clean they look like someone washed them!!!!! We love to do dishes!!!! For our dinner earlier Grammy gave us our canned Friskies Turkey Pate. Kibbles & Romeo said the second seating dinner was fabulous!!!!!! Poor Kibbles ate so much Gravy he couldn't finish his helping second of TURKEY! MOL!!! Meowmy says he is smiling from side to side. Guess we will all sleep good tonight. You know how it is after Thanksgiving dinner.
Have a great evening.


What Should We Get Into!

September 1st 2010 8:49 am
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Today started out like any other day at our house. Get up! Bug Meowmy for our FOOD! EAT IT! Go lay down! But today is Meowmys day off! She went to the store to get our stuff! Litter! FOOD! and may be other stuff! Ever since she came home we have been into EVERYTHING!
Grammy had to yell at Davidson, he was after Cleopatra. He made her growl, hiss and spit! She ran for higher grounds! MOL! Than we don't know who it was had 3 or four of us running in the hall crying and yelling! Grammy said we have to behave!!!!! Was there a full moon or what?????
Well just to let you know I have been the good one today!!!! I know SURPRISE!!!!SURPRISE!!!! Grammy even told me so!
I know we won't get to go outside today, it's to hot! The past few days have been in the 90s again. Supposed to be like that till Friday. Than we should get some much needed rain. Grammy probably won't cut us any catnip either. We have been to bad today! Except for me!!!! But she won't give one and not the others. Something about not being fair!!!! Whatever!!!!
Well I hope you all are having a great day! Enjoy!

PS Grammy got my new page done! Hope you'll come see me! I'm a pirate. Looks like I lost some weight!!!!!!MOL!!!!!



August 2nd 2010 7:26 am
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Oh my! I am a DDP again today! What an honor 2 days in a row. Thank you Catster Land! Thank you friends! This is a shock. I am Blushing!

I Thank everyfurry for the pmails, emails, rosettes, comments and my new friends. Glad you all are celebrating with me. Let's have so fun today!

Have a Pawsome Day Everyfurry!

Love, Francis


We are Family of the Week at HTT- Happy Tails Town Group!

August 1st 2010 4:15 pm
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Oh my gosh!!!!!!
As if DDP isn't enough to excite ya we get sent a message saying We are Family of the Week at HTT - Happy Tails Town Group! Our family is so honored. This has been one pawsome day, from start to end. All my family Thanks you all!

Love, Francis, Kibbles, Angel Yoda
Angel Friskie and Angel Homer (Dogs)


Thank you to All!

August 1st 2010 5:54 am
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Oh my! I'm a DDP today! I would like to Thank Catster Diary for choosing me. I also Thank all my friends for the comments, pmails, emails and rosettes they have sent to me. I am a lucky cat to have all this attention. Grammy opened the window for me this morning and she didn't even know I was a DDP yet. Can't wait to see how much more attention I get from my family. I hope I get to go outside again. I begged last evening, but it wasn't my turn....
Thank you new friends. It's always nice to make new friends.
I am just a happy little man today!
Hope everyfur has a pawsome day today!

Love, Francis

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