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Oh My Gosh!

March 9th 2011 6:22 am
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Oh My Gosh! Grammy opened her email and it was full. She thought What's Up! Whats up, I said....Oh my gosh, Francis is the Catster Cat of the Day and a DDP today! What excitement! I can't believe it! Yesterday was my Birthday and we had cake and ice cream and a special today these honors.
I would like to Thank CatsterLand for choosing me as the Cat of the Day and Diary Central for my DDP today. I would also like to Thank all my Friends for the many pmails, comments, gifties, pictures, group invites and emails for my Birthday and now my Cat of the Day and DDP. I am so honored. My friends mean the world to me and my family.

Speaking of friends, please continue sending purrs to all the sick furbies on Catster. You can do this by going the The Get Well Soon Purrs List. Many furbies need you purrs. Boxie Brown you are doing a great job!

I hope you all have a great day!
I know I am!

Oh the chipmuncks are back...they are running around the yard. Hope that hawk stays away for a few days. Some birdies have come back too.


Party Time!

March 8th 2011 8:12 am
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Happy Birthday to Me and Kibbles!
It's party time! Join Me and Kibbles in the fun!
Check out our birthday cake!
Have a piece of Cake or a Mouse!

Feel free to have a slice of cat or take a mouse!
Don't forget the ice cream!

My Birthday wish today is for all my friends to go the the Get Well Soon Purr List and send Purrs and Prayers to all the Furbies that need them. Please help someone feel better!

Also Kibbles and I are co-bar tenders at the pub in the group PDPC. Come on over and share a drink and some great food and fun.

Thanks to all my friends for the gifties, pictures, comments, and pmail. I love you all too.

Have a great day!
Now let's Party!


Tomorrow I will be 5 Years Old!

March 7th 2011 11:22 am
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Hi Friends!
Tomorrow Kibbles and I are celebrating our birthdays! Grammy said we can invite you all over to have cake and ice cream. Come anytime tomorrow for some goodies. Grammy makes great goodies! If you can stay awhile, we can play games, like laser light, undercover mouse, bug jar! We can even watch the birdies and squirrels in the yard. Maybe that Hawk will make an appearance! It's hear right now! Boy is it big! Don't forget party at our house tomorrow!
Have a great day!

Love, Francis


A Lot Going on Today! UPDATED 7:OOPM

March 2nd 2011 6:31 am
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7:00pm - UPDATE ON ROMEO...
He's home! It's like he's a different cat from yesterday. The vet said he even ate for them. His kidneys are a normal range again and he is purring and meowing. We still have to keep an eye on him, but things are looking up. If he doesn't eat or drink for us again, he will need to go back to the vet for fluids again. We hope he will eat for us. Thanks for all the purrs sent to Romeo. We know they help!

Tater and Francis have enjoyed their day and are glad Romoe is home. Grammy and Meowmy got us all Butterscotch Pudding and Tapica Pudding to celebrate Tater's Birthday, Franny's DDP, and Romeo's Welcome Home Party. We even got treats! What a Happy Day!

---------------------------------------------------- -----

Here at our house there's a lot going on today!
First....I'm a DDP today! Grammy told me! We were very surprised and excited. Grammy got up first and she fed us. We had Fancy Feast Turkey and Gravy. She even gave me left overs. So far so good! She didn't even know I was a DDP and I was getting special treatments. I got extra brushes, and petties too! So good.
I would also like to Thank Catster Diary Central for this honor.
Many Thanks to all my friends who have sent me pmails, comments, gifties and Congrats. I love my friends. Speaking of friends....several of my friends are also DDP today too.
I wish you all a Great Day!

Second....a update on my brofur Romeo. Not so good news....Grammy had to run him to the vets yesterday. Quick!
He was very listless and moaning. She was scared and her eyes were leaky. The vet said his gums were looking great...but his kidneys were not so good. He was dehydrated. They decided to keep him over night and give him fluids slowly. We haven't heard from them yet, but we are hopeful. They said they would call...but it would probably be in the afternoon. They wanted him on the fluids as close to 24 hours as possible. Than, they were going to see about stimulating his appetite. We will let you know more....when we do. Oh, the vet also said he thinks Romeo is a lot older than we thought. When we adopted him they said he was around 2 years old, back than the vets thought his was older, but only a year or two old... but the vet said his eyes and body are saying that he appears to be in his later years. Probably closer to 15. Something we didn't want to hear. Please purr for Romeo, he is such a good boy.

Third....Today is my other Brofur Trooper Tater Tots Birthday!
Grammy love us all....but truth be known.....Tater is her special little man. Tater is eating better this past week and he is gaining some weight back. He has stomatitis and has a hard time eating. Grammy and Meowmy make his foods real soupy, but this week he is eating some of the stuff right out of the can. Today he had some of the Turkey and Gravy with us...but he couldn't eat it ...Grammy mixed up some of his food with warm water and made it soupy. He finished it all. Tater has been wearing a calming collar for about a week now....they got him one to see if it would help him not be afraid of his food. So far it seems to have helped!

It's a cold morning....only in the 30's ....but the sun is shinning and we are excited. The cat tree is full of cats...laying in the sun...but the birdies haven't come back yet! There, are a few...but not many to watch. One of the squirrels did come to the feeder, but he didn't stay. Guess they are still scared of that hawk. Grammy didn't see him yesterday, but he might be in the tall pines and she wouldn't be able to see him.

Well got to's a busy day.
Hope you all have a great day.


The Hawk!

February 28th 2011 3:24 pm
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Oh my Gosh! Grammy finally got a good look at that hawk! He's really a big one. He was sitting on the big house type bird feeder. She saw him on it today. Twice! She was so excited. At first she thought it might be a young eagle, but Meowmy came running and said no it was the hawk. He must have sat on that bird feeder just watching and looking around for 30minutes or more. He is a beautiful bird, but Grammy is sorry to see him hanging around so much. Our birdies don't come by as much, with him prowling around. They don't want to be his dinner! We sure hope the birdies come back tomorrow.
Have a great evening.


Our Nip is Coming Back!

February 27th 2011 11:02 am
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Oh it's a beautiful day in Maryland. It's 54 degrees, most of the time the sun is shinning. Great day to lay in the windows. Grammy has two windows open for us today....and guess what?.....they are full of cats. When one jumps down....someone else jumps in. It's great! However, she did not open the porch. Something about the floor is cold. We don't have many birdies today, cause that Hawk is back and was sitting in our tree...this morning. Now, Meowmy is outside, pruning the brushes and cleaning up the flower beds. She checked her daylilies and some of them are shooting up. Boy that's a good sign. That means spring is on it's way. Grammy went outside and walked around and checked her pond. She took some of the leaves and stuff out of it..that the wind blew in. She saw some of fishes swimming around too. She saw her big old white guy. She was happy to see her fishies. She hasn't seen any frogs yet, but they usually come out when it's warmer. Grammy walked around and checked out Cat nip plants. They are also starting to show so green. Great....some more warm temps and we might get a leaf or two......Yes things are showing signs of Spring. We are all glad, cause we are tired of the white stuff and we don't want any more. We do still have a small pile of it in the back yard....but it's sort of dirty looking. Well got to go....I think it's my turn in the window again! Have a great day.

Love, Francis


What a Day and it's not over......

February 23rd 2011 2:57 pm
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What a day we have had. It started out early this morning. Four of us went to the vets.
Kibbles and I went for our yearly....we got to go home.
Cleo and Romeo stayed all day....they had dental work....Poor babies. They had more work than first thought.
Romeo was to have one or two teeth pulled...But they found a problem with him. He has stomatis. Really bad. They ended up pulling ten of his teeth. Poor baby.
Cleo was to have a cleaning and one tooth pulled. She ended up having four teeth pulled. She also has a fever and we have to watch her. They both have meds and pain meds. They were so glad to get home. First place Cleo went was for her food bowl. We couldn't believe it...she was eating her dry food. They didn't think she would want crunchy......we gave her some wet....she only ate a small amount of that and went back to her dry. Romeo hasn't eaten yet....we tried to give him, his wet food, but he left and went in Grammy's bed and went to sleep. Hopefully they do well and are back normal in a few days.
Everyone is glad we are a complete family again. We are Family!


Where is my Birdie Book?

February 18th 2011 1:55 pm
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Kibbles and I are going on a Bird Watching Tour, Sunday. It's with the Group Kewlest Catser Kitties. We always have fun with our group of friends. Going Bird Watching will be fun. Grammy got me a new outfit to wear, and we are getting our Birding Stuff together. I just can't find my Birdie Book. I thought I put it in the bookcase. Better go back and look harder.
If you love to watch birds and enjoy nature, why not stop by and join the group. You'll have lots of fun.
Angel Yoda sent us a message, that he will be flying with the birdies so we can't wait to see him.
Have a great day and remember to come join in the fun.


Like a Spring Day!

February 17th 2011 9:04 am
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Boy is it a great day here in Maryland today!
Grammy is cleaning again today....But this time she opened the bathroom window for us!!!!!! She said it was already 56 degrees when Meowmy left for work this morning and she wanted to air things. She said we had to share that window cause it wasn't warm enough to open all the windows. Tommie was first, we thought she would never get out of the window. Grammy was cleaning and laughing at us. You see we all lined up waiting for our turn. She loves us so much she didn't finish cleaning...she moved to another project. Little did we know she was sweeping the porch off and moving the bag of salt and making room on the porch for us. She said when it got warmer she would let us on the porch. Oh! Boy! Well it's not lunch time yet, but the temps have hit 61 already. Guess what????? She kept her word and now the porch is open for us. What a day. Now some of us are in the opened window and some are on the porch and some are just hoping she'll open the dinning room windows. The squirrels are chasing each other round and round and re hiding the peanuts they buried in the snow.....reason being the snow has melted and we have green grass! WOW! We do have mud also. The birdies are chirping and enjoy the warm weather too. They are fluffing their feathers and sitting on the patio, enjoying the warmth of the bricks. The weather people are calling for another day like this tomorrow, except with some wind. Sure hope Grammy opens the window and porch again. Well gota run for now....I want to enjoy the sun while I can. Hope you all have a Beautiful Day.
Yes, Spring is in the air!


Happy Valentine Day!

February 14th 2011 6:24 am
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Good morning all.
I am sending everyone - Lots of Love, Hugs, Kisses and Purrs today! I wish you all a Happy Valentine Day!
Grammy got up this morning and the first thing she did was Wish us all a Happy Valentine Day and then we all got Kisses and Lovins from her. She gave us Turkey and gravy for breakfast and she played some with us. We watched the birdies and squirrels and we played a little more. Meowmy had to go to work, so we gave her some loveins and meowed our goodbyes...we don't understand why she left, we were not done playing......
Now the house is quite.....most of us are taking a well deserved catnap! Hope you all have a Loving day, just like we are.

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