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May 8th 2011 8:12 am
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Today is a beautiful day here in Maryland. The Weather is sunny, in the 60s so far and a bite of a breeze.
Today is Mothers Day. That means we cats will celebrate our Meowmy and Grammy. Things are starting out right. Meowmy feed us and we were good. Than we loved all over her. Next was Grammy. We let her sleep in. However a few of us did get in bed and tell her how much we love her. When she got up, we were all over her. We are giving her lots of rubs against her legs, head bonks, and being her shadows. We are just full of Love for our Meowmy and Grammy. Meowmy had to go to work, so we gave her kisses when she left. I'm not sure how the rest of the day will go, but we do plan on being good today. Hope you all remember your Moms today and are treating them with lots of love too!



It's official

April 19th 2011 3:44 pm
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It's official...it was a tornado! Granted it was only a EFO. Which means it was the lowest level tornado. Well let me tell you all, I hope to never see another one. I can't imagine a strong one.
It was closer than we thought too. It was only 1/4 mile from our house. In fact if the woods was not there we would be able to see the house it did hit. Way to close for comfort!

We send our purrs and prayers to the states that got hit really hard, and to the families who lost some much. Boy this is crazy weather everywhere!

Hope you are all safe and have a great day!


Was it a Tornado or Very High Winds!

April 18th 2011 4:45 pm
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Yesterday was a very gloomy day here. We had no birdie show, no other TV, no lights, no puters, no electric. We had been without electric since early Saturday night.
Let's me tell our story! It had been rainy Saturday...than it clear off....than Grammy was working on the puters and ask Meowmy if she was getting a bath. Meowmy said later...Grammy said look at the darkness coming over the mountains. So Meowmy hurried up for her bath so Grammy could get hers. Well the sky gots dark grey and the rain started again. Within a few minutes the lights flickered so Grammy gots off the puter. Than all of a sudden the winds, darkness, and hard pounding rain came. It was really scary....use cats went running. Than no lights. Pappy heard the emergency vehicles from a distance....but they were getting closer. After a while we noticed lots of traffic coming back our road. This usually happens when there's a bad accident and they have to shut the main road down. Well this traffic kept coming all night long...so we knew it was more than just a accident. We didn't even have phone service. Sunday morning came and still lots of traffic. Pappy and Meowmy went out a gots stuff to eat for lunch and said the road was still shut down. They couldn't see anything. Well it was about 21 hours before we got electric...but it wasn't till 9am till the main road was opened. They were busy cleaning up the mess mother nature made.
They said Carroll County had 4 possible tornadoes. Only 1 has been confirmed...that was 10 miles from our house. We are waiting to hear if our was a tornado or just very high winds. They said they should know by tomorrow. We don't want to ever go through that again. Too Scary! Everyone is safe!

Have a great day!


April 1st

April 1st 2011 6:55 am
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I'm the April 2011 Cat of the Month in the Group PDPC! What an honor! This is a fun group! We take trips, play games, everyday someone is a Royal Cat or Dog of the Day!, We meet lots of friends too. Today is Rainbow Bridge Angel Day. Go by and remember all the Angels.
Well we had more snow overnight! I think this is an April Fools joke! Now put away the snow and let us all have our Spring!
Happy April!
Happy Spring!
Have a great day All!


Guess What??????

March 30th 2011 5:13 pm
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Guess What?
It's snowing again here in Maryland.
What's wrong with this picture?
It's suppose to be Spring!
Now the Flowers are hiding under snow covered leaves and petals.
The trees are white again....and where did the green grass go?
It's all white.
It's beginning to look like Christmas again!
Is not, the Easter Bunny suppose to hop down the bunny trail soon?
If it keeps snowing he will need a sleigh too!
Oh where....Oh where is Spring?
Does anyone know??????
Is this an April fools joke or what?

Everyone be careful and have a pawsome day.


Our Sisfur Onyx is A Angel

March 12th 2011 7:19 am
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I come to you today with very sad news. Our sisfur Onyx was taken to vets this morning for what we thought was a broken leg. Only to find out it was neurlogical problems. They took a fluid sample and it was FIP! Meowmy and Grammy made the desigison to let her go to rainbow bridge. As Onyx was so ill. Grammy held her in her arms in a blanket as she slipped away. She is now at Rainbow Bridge. No more pain, or illness. She is with her sisfur Tiggy and Uncle Yoda. They will show her around. Grammy has leaky eyes sometimes and told us all Onyx is at a better place. Grammy is so thankful for a little over 2 years of happy fun filled days with Onyx. Grammy will miss Onyx and always love her as she does us. Please keep Onyx and our family in your purrs and prayers today.

Update on Kahless.
He is home and will be fine. Will write more when we can.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers for Onyx and Kahless.

Have a great day.

Love, Franics


Thank you Again!

March 11th 2011 7:08 am
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Update 12:40pm est

Sorry to leave in the middle...but we got a call from the vets and they wanted us to take Onyx & Kahless in right away. Some good news....some not so good news!
Onyx first....Temp is coming down....got another shot....Steriod...she seems perkier than what she was...eyes are brighter and have more life....newmies are still running out, but have a bit more consistency and color change. She seems to be walking more upright than droopy. And we didn't have to do anymore sub-q today.

Not so good news is Kahless. That Chrystal Chick has visited him again....he has a blockage. He had to stay at the vets. The are treating him now. He may have to spend the night. Purr for Kahless as we need to get rid of the Chrystal chick.

Hopefully no one else gets sick.

We Thank you all for you purrs and prayers for our family.
Love, Francis and his entire family


Thank you Diary Centeral for my DDP again today! We just can't believe it! I am so honored.
Thank you to all my friends for the email, pmails, gifties, pictures and comments. My friends are the best!
Please save you gifties, if you feel you need to give them, please send to my sisfur Onyx. Onyx ID#930994. She is really sick and still needs your purrs and prayers. We do have a little good news....her temp. has come down to 100.7. However we are still are force feeding her....but it's coming out as fast as it's going in. Poor baby! We are waiting to hear back from the vet, as she wants updates too. We love Dr. Holland. We will update you when we know more too.
Meanwhile the rest of the family seem to be doing a little better too. Kahaless is still upset a little, he seems to be haveing a hard time in the potty...so we are watching him. He has gas....As for Meowmy she still feels ucky....now Grammy don't feel so good. As Grammy is writing this we put another call into the vets about Kahless. Now both of them have gotta go to the vets. Got to close as we have to go the the vets. Please keep up in your purrs and prayers.


Is there a Doctor in the House!

March 10th 2011 3:17 am
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update on Onyx 7:00pm est

Grammy just typed it all out and forgot to save it and lost it. She must be tired.
So she will redo a shorter version.
Onyx did go back to the vets this morning....she had a temp of 104. Poor baby is really sick. The vet did a X-ray which was ok....bloodwork which was not good. Not good at all. They just can't pin point what this is. We gots more meds and special food for Onyx. If she doesn't eat we will have to us the syringe....she started to take a few licks, but stopped ...so we syringed the rest. She does drink water on her own. She still has the watery, stinky newmies...we hope the meds soon help them. She got more sub-q's. They gave us a few diapers to put on her to help keep her clean. Poor baby doesn't like them. In fact she took one off already! We will let you know more when we do.
In the meantime .... can spare a few purrs for Onyx.

Also not feeling well today is Kahless, Zeeke, Tommie, and Kibbles. They have all thrown up once today.

Meowmy is feeling a little betters. She has been able to eat and keep things down so far.

Grammy is just Tired.

================================================== =

Thank you all for making the past two days so exciting! First my Birthday...than Cat of the Day and A DDP. There was so much excitement in the house. I got lots of attentions, fine dinning and lots of love. I Thank all my friends for the pmails, emails, comments, pictures, gifties, new friendships and group honors and invites. I will treasure them always.

Today is a sick day at our house. It really started yesterday. Grammy had to take Onyx to the vets. She's not eating...and she's throwing up, and has the newmies really bad. The vet gave her Sub Q's and some tummy meds and a shot. Onyx has a fever and is a little jaundice and also has a foul body odor. We have to call the vet today and let her know how Onyx is doing. Onyx may have to go back to the vets again today. We will try to update later today.
Meanwhile Grammy was awaken by Meowmy calling her to get up...she's not feeling well. Grammy got up to help Meowmy...who was laying on the floor. She felt like she was going to pass out! She scared poor Grammy! Grammy got her a cold compress and some ginger ale. Meowmy finally felt betters enough to get up and go back to bed. Than Kahless threw up all over the place...this was before we had anything to eat....than Tommie threw up a hair ball. Poor Grammy! All this before 5am.
We got fed early....since Grammy was up! Now everyone is resting.

It's a ugly day....lots of rain....in fact to much.....lots of places are flooding.

Hope the day gets better!
Have a great day!

Love, Francis and family


Oh My Gosh!

March 9th 2011 6:22 am
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Oh My Gosh! Grammy opened her email and it was full. She thought What's Up! Whats up, I said....Oh my gosh, Francis is the Catster Cat of the Day and a DDP today! What excitement! I can't believe it! Yesterday was my Birthday and we had cake and ice cream and a special dinner.....now today these honors.
I would like to Thank CatsterLand for choosing me as the Cat of the Day and Diary Central for my DDP today. I would also like to Thank all my Friends for the many pmails, comments, gifties, pictures, group invites and emails for my Birthday and now my Cat of the Day and DDP. I am so honored. My friends mean the world to me and my family.

Speaking of friends, please continue sending purrs to all the sick furbies on Catster. You can do this by going the The Get Well Soon Purrs List. Many furbies need you purrs. Boxie Brown you are doing a great job!

I hope you all have a great day!
I know I am!

Oh the chipmuncks are back...they are running around the yard. Hope that hawk stays away for a few days. Some birdies have come back too.


Party Time!

March 8th 2011 8:12 am
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Happy Birthday to Me and Kibbles!
It's party time! Join Me and Kibbles in the fun!
Check out our birthday cake!
Have a piece of Cake or a Mouse!

Feel free to have a slice of cat or take a mouse!
Don't forget the ice cream!

My Birthday wish today is for all my friends to go the the Get Well Soon Purr List and send Purrs and Prayers to all the Furbies that need them. Please help someone feel better!

Also Kibbles and I are co-bar tenders at the pub in the group PDPC. Come on over and share a drink and some great food and fun.

Thanks to all my friends for the gifties, pictures, comments, and pmail. I love you all too.

Have a great day!
Now let's Party!

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