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Tagged Again!!!!!!

January 28th 2011 6:55 am
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Hunter tagged me! Okay, name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 others to keep it going.

1. I hate when I don't get enough TURKEY!
2. I just want to be left alone sometimes!
3. Keep my food bowl and water bowl full at all times!
4. Let me go outside for a walk and a stroll, when I say so!
5. That Grammy kisses me to much!

Now I am suppose to name 5 other kitties to tag!
Instead I am tagging anyone who wants to play the game!
Have fun and enjoy!


It's snowing again! Calling for more flurries tomorrow! And even more snow, and mixed bag on Wed! Oh No! I want to move to warmer climate! Where is SPRING?


I've been Tagged by Jelly Bean!

January 26th 2011 9:06 am
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Hi Everyone! Today I have been Tagged by my good friend Nina (Jelly Bean). So here we go:

List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do, then tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.
Here I go:

1. When they call me silly names.
2. When I have to wait for my food.
3. When they hold me and say dumb stuff, like you can't go
outside, it's to cold.
4. When they move my cat tree.
5. When Grammy gets that vacuum out.

I tag any furries that wants to play. Just copy this diary and enter your 5 annoying things, and tag 5 other furries.

Have a Great Day!


Feet First!

January 10th 2011 8:42 am
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Today is Grooming Day at our house!!!!!
We all get a brushing, nails clipped, and a good checking all over!
Meowmy usually does me last, cause she knows where I'll be. I get in my house on the perch and that's where I'll stay! It's kind of funny, when it's my turn she will have a hard time getting me out. I will make myself as tiny as can be and make my legs stiff. This makes it hard to get me out! MOL! Grammy just stands there and laughs. I guess it, is funny to see Meowmy trying to pull me out! Since I'm front declawed, she only has to do the back paws. This is a task! I don't like it done and I give her a hard time. I growl like a DOG!, I wiggle like a WORM! And I am basically GRUMPY! Not me at all! As you know I'm the Good One in the house. Well not today and it's all Meowmy's fault!!!!
Hope you all have a Great Day!



December 22nd 2010 6:20 am
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Cruel, Cruel House!

December 11th 2010 4:01 pm
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Hi to All Our Friends in Catster Land.
I just need to tell you about how cruel our furmily has been to 17 of us. Ever since Trooper Tater Tot got sick he has been getting extra attentions. Now we have learned he has to have special food for a while, maybe forever. Anyway we can't have it! Plus he can't eat any dry food or have treats! That didn't seem to bad to us, until last night. Grammy started emptying our dry food bowl one by one into one large bowl. Than she put that bowl in the microwave for the night. We had no, NO dry food all night long. That's cause they left Tater Tot out of the catputer room so he could be with us and sleep with Grammy if he wanted to. It was awful, terrible, just plain cruel. All we had for the night were clean, empty bowls.
When morning came we all got our wet food. Tater got his special wet food in the catputer room. Still no DRY!
Zeeke was mad! He smacked a few of us and gave Meowmy an attitude!
Still no dry. What is the world coming too!
Meowmy had to go to work today, so after she left, Grammy was in the catputer room with Tater and he fell asleep. Grammy got us some dry food. Finally! We ate a little bit and she left it in the bowls until Tater woke up. Than she put it away again.
Well at dinner time Tater went back in the catputer room for his dinner. Meowmy was home from work and noticed Grammy had the wrong can of food for Tater. It was his first Special food, so she left Romeo and I have it. Finally we scored! Maybe it's not so bad not having dry food all day, if we get extra wet at dinner.
Also That Grammy feeds Tater Tot with a Spoon, if he doesn't eat. We don't get feed by the spoon. What's with this, unfair treatment!
We love our family, but what's going on. Will we starve? Will we never eat dry food again? Will we never get treats or people food? Stay turned for another adventure in Days of our Lives a cats tale.

Love, Kibbles



I'm a Prince!

December 1st 2010 5:56 am
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I'm a Prince! Truly I am! Grammy told me I had a message from Buttercup saying I am Cat of the Month in the Group Princess Divas and Prince Charmings. This is truly an Honor. This group does a lot of fun things.
December is a month for Giving and Sharing and Loving one another.
That's what this group does.
Come on over and check it out.
Get you very own Christmas ornaments to put on the Christmas tree.
Tonight they are lighting the 1st candle for Hanukkah. Don't miss it!

Well it's raining cats and dogs here in Maryland and I'm going back to my condo and take a Royal nap!

Oh! I almost forgot! Check out my cool Picture, Buttercup made me. It's the second one on my page!

Love Prince Kibbles!


Trooper Tater Tot Needs Purrs!

November 26th 2010 12:41 pm
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My brofur Trooper Tater Tot needs Purrs! He went to the vet 2 weeks ago because he was acting funny when you touched the side of his face. When you tried to open his mouth to check his teeth he would cry and try to bite you. We though it might be his teeth, but it wasn't. Tater Tot has Stomatitis. This is a gum disease. This causes the gums to be inflamed and very tender, it can also affect the roof of the mouth and throat. It makes eating very hard. The vet gave him an antibiotic, which seemed to be helping. Well yesterday Thanksgiving he refused to eat. We even tried to give him chicken broth. He would have no part of it. So this morning Grammy took him in to the vets. She had to leave him, cause they had no appointments left, but they would look at him when then got a chance.
They called a little later and said the antibiotic wasn't helping like they had hoped, so they were giving him another shot. This shot is Depo-Medrol. He has lost 11oz. in a 2 week period (not good). They also sent him home with a prescription food and 2 syringes in case we have to force feed him. They told us how good Tater is. He loves the vet and the techs and the office girls. They always talk to him and tell him how good he is, but he was glad to see us. On the way home he sang Pappy and Grammy a song. Grammy is very worried about him.
Please if you have time, please say a little prayer or purrs for Trooper Tater Tot. Taters ID# 620605
He needs to eat and get well.
We know we have a long road, but he needs to eat.
Thank you.
Love, Kibbles, Francis, & Yoda



November 24th 2010 9:45 am
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Our family is going to Auntie Brandys for the holiday, but Grammy is busy fixing things for us today.
She always roast a turkey so they have turkey for the weekend. Things didn't go as they should.
The turkey has been thawing in the refridgerator since Saturday. Now it's only a 12lb. so it should have been thawed more that it was. So she had to do a few things to the bird, before she could stuff it.
Than she fried the sweet potatoes in the cast iron skillet and she had the burner to high, so they started to burn! She took the burned potatoes out and cut the burned part off and fininshed them off with lots of butter and brown sugar. Yum! This dish is going to Auntie Brandys. Uncle Jason had requested them. She also made Mac n Cheese to go, but there is no room in the oven yet to bake it. So it will have to waite. She is supposed to do Scalloped Potatoes too, but they might not get done. She did pies yesterday so they are done.
We are still waiting for the TURKEY to get done so we can taste test!!! MOL!
Than she found the gibbles, heart and liver still in the refridgerator. Oh Darn! She forgot to put them in the TURKEY, oh well she said we will fix them for Pappy on Friday.
All in All it's been a good day.
With the oven on Grammy has been hot so she has the door open to porch, so we could be on it most of the day.
In fact I was in the little house on the cat tree and I fell asleep.
Well Pappy is home from work and Grammy has to get us dinner! So I will close for now.

Kibbles and family


I got caught!

November 21st 2010 3:23 pm
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Today was a nice day here. The temps were in the high 50's with a breeze. We didn't get to go outside, but we did get to go on the porch. Pappy took our cat tree outside to air and we didn't have anything to play on. Grammy put 2 boxes of litter together and a shelf on them so we had something to lay on.

As you all know I am a good boy and don't give my pawrents much trouble. Well today I really wasn't what you might call on my best behavior. Grammy was either prepping vegetables or cooking. So I try to stay around her. When she fixed lunch for Pappy and herself she made sandwiches. She had leftover rotisserie chicken and made herself a chicken sandwich. Pappy wanted lunch meats. Ham, Sweet Bologna, Cheese and Salami. Well I got a little hungry and I stood up on Grammys leg and very gentle told her I was hungry. She gave me some chicken, no didn't want that, so she gave me some ham, no not that either. I wanted cheese. So she gave me some. Yummy!
Later when dinner came around, Grammy was fixing plates and I stood on her leg again and told her I was hungry. Well she tried a few things. She had to laugh cause I am so gentle when I stand up and tap her leg. For dinner we had fried ham, kale with potatoes and hominy. I got some! Yummy for the tummy! Good!
When Grammy was clearing the table, the heard a bit of a spat! Pappy had to come over and have a talk with me. I had Cleo pined under the raised cabinet and would let her out. I swatted her 3 times. Poor Cleo. She was just laying under there sleeping. Guess you might say I woke her up. Grammy said she was disappointed in me. Zeeke does that to me and she never thought I would ever do something like that. Well what can I say. I'm a little devil after all!!!!! MOL!

Have a great day everyone!



November 7th 2010 11:15 am
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Hi Everyone!

We got a basket of nip today! Grammy cut our plant back and plans on drying it. That way we will have our nip for the winter months. She let me sniff it first and take what I wanted. Well I was to tired to take any. You see we had an exciting morning. Meowmy played will us all. Now we are all tired. All we want to do is sleep and be left alone.
Also at lunch time Grammy gave me cheese. I love cheese almost as much as TURKEY! I ate almost a whole slice! Now with all that play time and a full stomach you can see why I am so tired. Hope you all have a GREAT DAY! Till later.....

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