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Our Sisfur Onyx is a Angel

March 12th 2011 7:22 am
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Grammy can't write much more at this time, but wanted me to let you all know Onyx is a Angel. They helped her to the bridge this morning, More info on this is in Francis diary. We are all kind of quite here at home. Grammy told us Onyx is at better place.

They did bring our brofur Kahless home. He is doing ok.

Have a great day.

Love, Kibbles


Let's Party!

March 8th 2011 8:28 am
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Today is Mine and Francis Birthdays!
We are having a Party at our house and invite you all to attend. Come by and have a piece of cake or take a mouse!
See our beautiful cake!
Have a piece of Cake or a Mouse!

Don't forget to have some ice cream too!

We are going to have games too!
Come play detective and see who can find the undercover mouse first!
Who will be the first to catch the bug in the bug jar!
or Who can chase that laser light down!
Yep! we have a whole day of fun planned! Be there or be square!

Thanks to all my friends for the pictures, comments, pmails, gifties. I love you all too!

For my birthday wish, I ask each one of my friends to check the Get Well Soon Purr List and send your purrs and prayers to those furbies and families that need them. Help make someones day a feel better day!

Don't forget to stop by the PDPC group and see Franics and I. We are co-bar tenders today at the pub!
Come by for the best food around town!
We have birthday cake there too!
Join us in a day of fun and games.

Have a great day!
Love you all!


I'll be 7 Year Old Tomorrow!

March 7th 2011 11:17 am
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Hi Friends!
Just wanted to tell you that tomorrow March 8th, Francis and I will be celebrating our Birthdays. We invite you all to come over to our pages and have some cake and ice cream. If you have time you can stay and watch for the Hawk at our house. It is beautiful, but it does scare our other birdies and squirrels. Today it's sitting on top of the bird feeder again! Grammy got some pictures. She is going to put them on my page later.
Well. till tomorrow have a great day!
Don't forget our Party! Come by anytime!

Love, Kibbles


Rain, Rain Go Away!

February 28th 2011 6:36 am
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First I would like to Thank all My Friends for their Kindness to our brofur Romeo. Today he is still being force fed, but he has a little more life in him. We did see some attitude from him, which is good. He wants to be loved and Grammy held him and gave him rubbies. He really enjoyed them. So looks like we will hold off on the vets. Thank you for the purrs!

Also I would like to Thank you all for the pmails, comments, messages, gifties, and pictures you sent me for my DDP. I love you all.

I would like to Thank Big Harry at the KCK Group for my new Birthday Picture. Francis and I will be celebrating our Birthdays on March 8. Hope you'll stop by on March 8th!

Last night we were awaken to thunder boomers. I mean we had some terrible ones. We all got into bed with Grammy & Pappy and in Meowmys beds. The rain was hitting the sides of the house....sounded like someone was throwing it just at our house. Now this morning it's grey and dreary. Not many birdies, but the squirrels are up. Guess they want to beat that hawk! Looks like there is plenty of mud outside too. I think I'll stay inside where it's nice and cozy! I wish the sun would come out...but they say it's not....they are calling for winds again. Last week we had winds up to 60mph. Don't want them back....but looks like they are coming after the rain. Temps are suppose to go back into the 30-40s. We know Spring is coming ..... but wish it would hurry up. We want to open windows, go on the porch, take walks and strolls outside and enjoy the beautiful birdies.
Hope you all have a Beautiful day!
Rain....Rain....Go Away....Come Again Another Day!


Thank you All

February 27th 2011 7:30 am
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I would like to Thank you All for the pmails, comments and gifties, and my new friendships. I was surprised to wake up and see I was a DDP today.
Thank you Catster Diary Land.

It's 46 degrees today, should go up into the 50's. I sure hope so! The sun is in and out. I really hope it stays out. The windows are warmer that way. Not many birdies to watch today, Grammy saw the Hawk, sitting in our big maple tree. It was watching everything going on. Two of the squirrels did venture out in the open to get their peanuts, but quickly ran to cover in the neighbors bushes. One or two birdies came to the feeders, but didn't stay. The hawk sat still in the tree, just watching. Than one of those squirrels ran right up the maple tree and beside the hawk!!!!!! Grammy couldn't believe it! The hawk, just sat there....watching. Than he flew over to the neighors tree....and he's still there.....just watching.

Update on Cleo and Romeo. Cleo is eating well and doing well. She is playing and bathing everyone, who's dirty......
As for Romeo, he's still not eating....we have to force feed him.....he is so skinny....Grammy worries about him. We know his mouth is sore....but he has to eat something. He won't even drink milk on his own. The swelling has gone down. We have been putting ice on it from time to time...and he seems to enjoy that. Most of his days he is we let him alone. The others seem to know he doesn't feel they leave him alone too. We sure hope he soon starts eating on his own soon. Grammy says if he's not eating something on his tomorrow....he's going back to the vets. Let you know more tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Love, Kibbles


Busy Day!

February 23rd 2011 8:43 am
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Today is a Busy Day!
It started early...I thought something was funny....
Meowmy was up early and dressed! She went in the basement and put two of our carriers on the kitchen floor...but .....she went back downstairs and...and she got two more carriers!!!!!
What's going on??? We never have the kitchen floor full of carriers. Than she got four harness and leashes out. Than four jackets and sweaters. What! Who! Where!
We didn't even get breakfast! What's going on!
Than Grammy came out and she was dressed, she even had her shoes on! We ask Grammy for some foods, but she said we have to wait! Than she started to look for.....Cleo. She put her harness on her, than her Minnie Mouse Jacket and lead. In the Carrier went Cleo. Than she got Francis....she put his sweater on him and tried to put him in the carrier, but Francis wasn't going Meowmy had to get him in. Than Grammy had to look for Romeo....she found him. She put his Shirt on him and in a carrier he went. Than of all the nerve....Grammy tried to pull me out of my house....Well I was having none of it. I planted my Legs straight and I wouldn't move. Grammy had my front and Meowmy pushed my backside. Finally they had me. Grammy put my hoodie on me and put me in a carrier too.! Than one by one we got put in the car. Boy it's cold outside today. Only 14 degrees! Boy did we all wake up! Meowmy put me, Cleo, and Romeo in the back seat and seat belted us in. But where is Francis? Grammy had to hold Francis and his carrier, cause the backseat ran out of room for him. Now we are all in the warm car. We are such good cats, we thought we would sing songs to Grammy and Meowmy. In fact we all did. All four of us, Grammy said we sang well. No one showed off we blended together. Finally the 15minute trip was over, we were at the vets. Francis was first one in the door, than Kibbles, Cleo and Romeo. Stephanie put us in the large front room. This room is great! It has two big windows. Plus a nice long bench to sit on. It also has a huge hutch type bookcase, that we love to climb on. Yes, we are allowed to. The exam table is cool too...if faces so you can see out the windows. We got to see all the big trucks and cars go up and down the road. We even watched the landscape people across the road. How exciting!!! Well the vet techs came in and took Cleo and Romoe in the back with them. You see they are getting dental work done today. So they didn't come home with us.
Than the vet tech came back to weight us and check our ears and eyes and combed us to see if we had fleas and that our fur was ok. I know she loves me best, cause she gave me extra petties!
Than Dr. Holland came in. She checked us over again and we got a shot and more petties. I gave her a small quite growl when she gave me my shot, but than I went back to watching things out the window. We were done. Now back in the carriers, it's time to go home. Since it was just me and Francis we didn't sing as much. We waited until we were almost home, than we sang a short song. We're home! Everyone was glad to see us, they smelled us and said Now can we Please have some breakfast!
Well got Chicken and Salmon. Yummy! Now we are resting. We do miss Cleo and Romeo, but we know they are coming back home later. Have a great day everyone!


I'm A DDP Today!

February 19th 2011 6:51 am
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Oh my goodness! I'm a DDP today!
Thank you all for the Gifties, Pmails, Comments and your friendships. My Friends are the bestest!

It's Windy! Windy! Windy! Today we are having Wind gusts up to 50-60 miles, and the temps are only in the 40's so far. Thank goodness the sun is shinning!
We are soaking up the sun coming in the windows and just being lazy today. So far things are quite on the home front. Guess we're to cold. We haven't seen many birdies today. I think the Wind blew them away!!!! All we see is leaves and paper blowing around. Hope you all have a Great Day!


Go Fish

February 18th 2011 1:39 pm
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Good news.....We still have some gold fish in the pond.
Grammy didn't see all of them...but she did see three. Two medium sized gold and her large white one. He's about 5 or 6 years old. So she's happier today.
Now for the weather report!
It is 70 degrees today, but cloudy and windy. Not as nice as yesterday, but better than that cold stuff! Almost all the snow is gone and we can see the shoots of the flowers coming up!
Grammy didn't open the window today, cause it's to cool, but she did open the porch. It's nice and warm and we can look out the windows there.
The Hawks must be flying around today, cause we haven't seen many birdies and only one of the squirrels. He didn't stay in the open to long. That usually means somethings on the hunt! Yes, we understand Hawks have to eat to, but we like our birdies and squirrels. The Hawks kind of scare us. To Big!!!!
Hope you all have a great day! See you tomorrow!


It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbor!

February 17th 2011 9:15 am
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Good morning friends.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...a beautiful day it is! It's in the 60's today and we have our window open and the porch. What a great day. I am enjoying just laying on the cat tree watching the squirrels run about and chasing each other. They are nuts!!! Speaking of nuts, our backyard looks like we are having a peanut hunt. I mean it! The squirrels hid them in the snow and now that it's melted. Nuts everywhere! MOL!
The birdies are happy too. They are singing and chirping. Grammy gots to go outside and see how her goldfish are. We sure hope they made it through this winter. She has had some of them for over 5 years, but this year she couldn't break the ice to give them fresh air. Plus there was so much snow on top of the ice. Well we'll know later today when she goes out. Meanwhile, I am just going to enjoy my day in the sunshine and maybe go on the porch while I can. Hope you all have a beautiful day in your neighborhood.

Update on Grammy's goldfish.
The ice is still about 2inches thick on most of the pond, but there is one spot where there is water. She moved some of the water plants and under them was one of her large gold fishies belly up. She didn't see any others, but she thinks she probably lost all of them. Time will tell when more of the ice melts and she can see more water. This was her pretty fan tailed fish. It was about 5-6 inches in length and about 3 inches tall, and a dark orange color with a fancy tail. She raised these fish from little feeder fish and carnival fish. So they were very small years ago. Thanks to our friends who have offered suggestions on keeping the water from freezing completely, but where we live about the only thing we know to work is electric heaters, and we don't use them. We have had a fish pond for over 20 years and you expect to loose some, but you hate to loose those large ones. Hopefully we still have some and they have babies. We cats love it when they have little ones. Lots to watch swim.


Love is in the Air!

February 14th 2011 6:46 am
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Love is in the Air!
It's a beautiful day here in Maryland! It's a day full of Love, Sunshine and warmer temps. It's in the mid 40's already!
The snow is melting and the grass is careful where you walk, there's lots of mud too. Today is Valentines Day and I would like to wish all my friends to have a great day.
Try not to break to many hearts.....
Grammy already gave us Lovins, Hugs, Kisses and Breakfast! We had Turkey and Gravy. My favorite. I cleaned my bowl, and checked all the empty bowls for extra lickins! This is my kind of day. Turkey, Love, and Peace in the house! Today everyone is on their best far! It must be all the Love in the Air.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine Day!

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