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Happy Fathers Day

June 19th 2011 7:36 am
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Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's in Catster and Dogster Land.
We were good cats today and let our Pappy sleep in today! Someone already left him a great big prezzie!!!!! We love him so.
Have a great day all!


Happy Birthday to.....

June 10th 2011 9:48 am
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Love, Kibbles and his family


Happy Mothers Day

May 8th 2011 8:19 am
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Hi everyone!
Hope you all are having a Beautiful Mothers Day.


Good Behavior - Get Rewarded

May 7th 2011 2:54 pm
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Today started out like most days here. We got up, begged for breakfast. Which was earlier that usual. Grammy couldn't sleep so we got breakfast early. Than we showed off a little, played and than took a brief rest till Meowmy got up to get ready for work. She was kind of grouchy, so we tried to stay out of HER way. After she got the litter pans cleaned and a pressie someone left her, she gave us lovins. That's more like it! We didn't want her to go to work....but we all told her bye and watched her go down the driveway.
Grammy opened some of the windows, but not the porch.
Grammy got the vacuum out (which most of us hate) and vacuumed the floors and than did our cat trees and some of our toys. She said with all the hair she vacuumed we could make another kitty.
When Pappy came home from shopping he had lunch for Grammy. Yummy! Roast Beef. She a great Grammy she shares with us. She said next time Pappy should get us one so she has some scraps!
Than later on in the late afternoon a surprise....Grammy was going outside again and saw me laying on the porch in the sun being so good...she ask if I wanted to go for a backyard stroll. Well I wasn't going to turn that down! I got my harness on and my leash and we walked out the door. Right pass Zeeke, Tater, Harley, Moo-Moo and Cleo. Grammy said this is because Kibbles was so good today. Maybe you should all remember this.
I am as happy as a lark! I got to roll on the blacktop driveway, eat the fresh cut grass, smell the flowers, and stick my face in the cat nip. What a great reward! Thanks Grammy!


Bad Weather!

April 28th 2011 8:34 am
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What's with this nasty weather patterns around the states!
Today we are having T-storms, rain and wind. We have been on Tornado watch, Tornado warning, and flood watch since 4AM today!
We don't usually get this kind of stuff. What's going on?
We cats know something up...we are all pacing and just can't get comfy!
We send our purrs and prayers to our Southern friends. Alabama really got hit hard.

We also just learned a good friend of ours is going to the vets she is not feeling well. Please say a prayer for our friend Margo. We still keep in touch with Margo and on Monday we emailed her. She, Ma and Benny were doing fine. Ma even has her garden pots of lettuce at her new apt. Than today we read in Michael's diary that she is sick. We love Margo and send our purrs and prayers to her, Ma and Benny.

Well I have to go for now......Hope everyone has a Safe and Great Day!


I Gots Mail!

April 18th 2011 4:22 pm
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Today I received my prize package from River and Simone.
I was so was everyone else. Grammy put me on the floor so I could open my package. Well I got help from quite a few others. Boy whatever kind of catnip River and Simone's pappy grows it's GOOD STUFF! We love the empty envelope too! Grammy can't throw it away....we won't let her....we want to play with it.
Well back to the prizes. I gots a cigar, a mousie, a kicker, a heart, and a pillow. My favorite is the little pillow. I walk around with it. When I went in my house to nap, Grammy put my pillow in with me. I just love, love, love my pillow. Tater like the cigar, Zeeke likes the kicker, Cleo likes the heart, Zelda likes it all. We all like the Envelope and the card. We are all a bunch of STONED Kitty's. STONED on NIP! We will be putting pictures up later. Than you can see for yourselves, how much we like our new toys!
Have a great day!

Love, Kibbles


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

April 10th 2011 11:38 am
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Just in case you didn't know it, today is Sunday!
It's a cloudy day here in Carroll County Maryland. The temps are in the high 50's so far. Maybe if and when the sun appears it will reach the 60-70's they are calling for.
Grammy went outside to check the fishies and flowers and she picked us some more fresh catnip. Boy is is good! Nice new tender leaves. We didn't get much, but we all enjoyed it.
I have been a lazy boy today....just sleeping and resting in my cat house. Grammy was reading the paper and heard this hard thumping noise and looked up and there I was sound asleep and dreaming. I must have been hopping someplace....cause Grammy told Meowmy I kicked so hard I almost popped right out of my house. MOL!
It's a quite day for most of us! We are all lazy. Just laying around doing nothing.
We will all be moving around soon...cause Grammy is getting things ready for dinner. We are having SEAFOOD Tonight! She is frying bacon to go with Scallops. We are also having a crab dish, fresh green beans, macaroni salad, and a few other things.
She is making come on over around dinner time. We have extra plates.
Have a great day and enjoy!

PS- My time as Catster Cat of the Week will soon be over....just wanted to Thank all my friends for everything. The gifties, pictures, emails, pmails, comments, group invites, etc. I am such a lucky boy! I love my friends! They are the Bestest Friends anyone could have.


Snow Again!

March 30th 2011 5:04 pm
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Well it's snowing here again! These are really big flakes! They cover more ground fast!
I hope the snow goes away and the Sun will come out tomorrow! I don't like this cold weather. I want to have the windows open and smell and hear the birdies singing. I sure hope someone has spring weather.

I have the very bestest friends anyone could have. You have all make my days so special...with your comments, pmails, emails, gifties and pictures. The groups I'm in are just as special to me. Everyone here at Catster just makes my days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all.
Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you.....
Have a great day.

Love always,


Oh my! I'm the Catster Cat of the Week!

March 29th 2011 8:43 am
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Oh my! I'm the Catster Cat of the Week! What an honor!
First I Thank Catster Land for choosing me for this honor!
Now I Thank all my friends, new friends, and family for the gifties, comments, pmails, emails, pictures, and everything. I am such a lucky boy! I love my friends. I hope you all have a great day....I know I will.

Just a little note....We have a friend who is need of a new home. Her name is Shelly Sue. She is a very lovable lady. She has asthma and she needs a smoke free home. If you can help her please go to her page and let her mommy know. Her Id is 1065270. Please go by her page and check her out. She will steel your heart. I promise you that. Hope you or someone you know can help her.


A Beautiful Day

March 18th 2011 8:30 am
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Today is a beautiful day in Maryland. It's not even lunch time yet and it's 60 degrees...sun shinning....just a hint of a breeze. Grammy opened three windows for us. Wow! We are all trying to lay in the windows. We are watching the birdies and the squirrels and the chipmunks. Everyone is out today! The birdies are busy singing to us and gathering dried flowers, grasses, sticks and lint from the dryer that Grammy puts out for them. They are busy getting their nest made. It's an exciting time for all.
We hope you all have a bright sunshiny day too.

Say some purrs for all the sick furries.

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