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Just checking in

October 30th 2012 6:26 am
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We just checking in.... So far we have been blessed.
We awoke to electric and doesn't look like like much damage in our neighborhood...but we really havent gone outside to check.
We are in the calm part of the storm right now...but they say the winds are coming. So we are not out of the woods yet. We hope our friends are all safe too. Hang in there for another day. They say tomorrow will be lots warmer and no rain. Thanks Goodness.
Take care and be safe.


Daily Double

October 29th 2012 7:48 am
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Wow! I gots a Daily Double!
Many Thanks to all of you for the pmails, comments, and gifties.
We just wanted to let everyone far we ok.
Sandy made her turn and it's closer to us than they first thought.
It's been raining all night and still more today and the winds are starting to pick up. They are telling all Maryland to stay home and off the roads and bunker down. They say the next 24-36 hours are not going to be nice. We do expect power outages for sure....and with wind expected up to 100 mph they are calling for it will be days before we will get it back. They don't allow the electric company in the buckets till winds are down to around 25mph. So we will probably be off line for a while. But we will keep in touch till then.
The western part of Maryland is getting snow and expect blizzard conditions.
So All of Maryland is being hit by this storm.
So please anyones that are in Sandy's path....listen to your news and be prepared as much as you can and be safe.
Sure hope to be able to update you more later....but we'll see.
Take care and once again Thanks for my honors.


I'm a DDP Today!

October 28th 2012 6:22 am
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I'm very excited today, I am a DDP.
Well it's just starting to sprinkle here and it's breezy. Hope this is all we gets .... but they say wes in for more....and it's sounds bad.
We purring for all our friends on the east coast. Hopes everyone will be safe. Remember be prepared as mush as you can.
Once again Thanks for my DDP and the gifties and comments.


Waiting for Sandy

October 27th 2012 11:16 am
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Well wes be busy getting ready for Sandy!
We got plenty of water, catfood, and disposable plates for our meals.
Plenty of kitty litter and some snacks.

As for Grammy and the family they be busy getting all the yard stuff moved and putting our hanging bird feeds on the ground so they don't blow off the hooks or bang against them.

We have heard lots about this lady and wes don't think she's very nice.
They say she full of wind and all wet....and like to drain you of you electric. We sure hopes she changes her mind and goes out to sea...buts it don't look like it. Sometimes you just wish your company wasn't coming!

Well we hopes you all are safe and prepared just in case Sandy visit you too!


Computer Woes!!!!!

October 19th 2012 7:15 am
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We be without a computer for a week and wes going nuts.
We gots a new one....and are now in process of changing over files.
Grammy don't do we has to wait for Meowmy...and shes be out of town for the weekend. So things gots to wait till Monday or Tuesday.

Guess this means Grammy will run that vacuum some mores. Since she doesn't have a computer she's been cleaning and redoing stuffs more than usual. Gosh! What's a cat to do!!!!!

Really do miss all our Catster friends and glad to catch up some.


Buggie Fun!

September 26th 2012 12:48 pm
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Hi Everyone! It's a great day here in Maryland....Grammy has the door to the porch open and some of the windows. We are having fun watching the chipmunks, the squirrels, and some birdies, and the butterflies are fluttering all over the place. The best thing is those stinkbugs ....good you say....well they are all over the screens and we all gots some to play with. Theys all outside so Grammy don't care. We bes good just sitting and watching them. Every now and than Grammy flicks the screen and they fly away....but theys comes back. What fun!
Grammy is keeping us busy watching them so she cans run that vac. thing. She vac 2 of our cat trees and moved them and washed the floors. We don't like it when she moves our stuffs. But she puts it back so we still loves her. Now we have to puts our smells all over it again. What's a cat to do????
Well we hopes you are all having a great day and have some buggies to play with too! Enjoy your day!


NEW TOY!!!!!

August 11th 2012 5:41 pm
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I didn't gets to go outside yet....but I did get to watch the new toy. I'm not sure of it .... so I watch a few of my siblings play with it. It's cool!
It's bugs in a jar. You see it's a quart size canning jar with bugs in it! They lights up and flies around and around, they even hits the side of the jar and makes noise. How cool is that!!!!! Most of us like it....but a few are scared of it.
Well I gots to get to bed....cause I wants to go outside it's my turn. I missed it tonight cause Zeeke went, and we don't always gets along. Plus tomorrow I'm going the Olympics with our group Kewlest Katster Kitties. Come on over and join in if you can. We will surely have a blast! See ya tomorrow!


We're Back!

January 25th 2012 2:09 pm
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Hi Everyone! We're back on line!
Our computer battery died and we just gots the new one today.
Boy have we missed our friends.
How did we do without puters??????
Anyway...we are fine and ready to play again.
Happy Days!



January 14th 2012 1:02 pm
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We love to gets I'm sure you all do!
The story starts out with our cat trees. Our trees are getting old and starting to fall apart. So Grammy and Meowmy have been looking at new ones for sometime. Meowmy did make us a new one in the fall and we love it....but with so many of us....we need more. So they finally replaced one of our old ones the other day. They order it online and told us a big box was coming.
In the mean time Grammy and Meowmy went shopping at Petco and hit a great cat tree sale. They took the measurements down of a few and came home to check out if they would fit. Yep they would so they went right back to the store and gots us one! They came home with this big box and we love it. The box. Meowmy said it's the small things in life that make you the happiest. But she told us to gets off the box, she haa to put things together. Well you know we are all such good kitties....we tried to help Meowmy put it together. Finally she gots it all together and we couldn't even wait for her to put it where it belongs. We were on it and ready to go!
Than the next day the Fed X guy delivered this big box. Grammy had it in the kitchen and we claimed it. The Box! She said we had to wait for Meowmy to come home and she would open it. In the mean time Grammy finished cleaning the dinning room and moving our cat trees and cleaning where they were. We hate when she does that! But she put them back and things we ok. When Meowmy came home ...she put the other cat tree up for us. Now we have two new cat trees and are really enjoying checking them out. Kibbles claimed the one in the dinning room. It's like what we had before .... so he gots his little house back. It's a little bigger and now everyone gets in. He shares....but he doesn't always like it when they fall asleep and won't get out.
So we have been very happy kitties this week.
Than today Grammy and Pappy comes home with two bags for us. We were surprised!!!! Thanks to Paris and Presley's momcat ...Grammy found the chirping bird toy and now we have one. This toy is the Bestest! The ball has a chirping birdie in it! (Really) You hit the ball and it goes around the circle thing and the birdie chirps. We all love it and Grammy says it sounds like we have a bird in the house. When one of us is done playing with it.....another one of us started it back up! It's been Chirping a little over an hour now. We also gots a catnip ball and another toy called a Rocker.
Is it Christmas so soon??????
We hope you all have a Great Day!
Now back to my house and take a nap!


Thank you!

October 7th 2011 5:59 am
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It's another beautiful day in Maryland. Come on over and play!
It want to Thank Catster Diary Land for choosing me as a diary pick today! I was so Surprised!
I also want to Thanks all my Friends for their Gifties, Pictures, and Comments. You all mean so much to me and my family. Hope you all have a beautiful day too! Now lets go play..

Love, Kibbles

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