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Many Thanks

March 17th 2013 4:13 pm
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Just wanted to Thanks you all for the beautiful pic, the gifties, comments, and pmails. I just love my Catster friends. Thanks for making my DDP day(s) so great!

Have a Great Day and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL.


Today is My Birthday!

March 8th 2013 4:27 pm
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I have had a Great Birthday today!
My fellow Catster Friends made sure of it.
They have sent me Gifties...Pmails....Pictures...and lots of Birthday Wishes.
I loves my Friends.
I would like to Thanks you All for being so GREAT!
Grammy made sure we had lots of foods today and treats. She even gaves me and Francis bigger hugs and kisses than usual.
We hopes you all have a Great Day too!


Grammy went back to the hospital again!

February 21st 2013 2:08 pm
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Hi Everyones,

Last night ... Poor Grammy had chest pain, breathing difficultly, and her left arm went numb, so she went to the emergency room again. They kept her overnight and this morning she had another test. She had a stress test and they took pictures of her heart too. Well...the good news is Grammy past. It wasn't her heart it was acid reflux, and something else. They thinks it's from the medicine she has.
She is still being monitor with a heart monitor till March 5th. But she's HOME now!
We so glad ... we miss her when she's not hear.
Well gots to go cause dinner will soon be readies and Grammy is hungry and so are we. We's having fish!
Have a great day everyones!!!!!


Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th 2013 7:08 am
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Hi Dear Friends,

Just stopped by to Say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you all!
Sure hopes you have a great day celebrating LOVE!

Gots to go go for now!
Enjoy your day!


Grammy was in the Hospital Again.

February 8th 2013 12:54 pm
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Hi everyones...we just wanted to let you all know Grammy was in the hospital again. They not sure what's wrong...but she was in there for 3 days. She went in cause she was light headed and her pulse was very low and her BP machine said irregular heatbeat. So they puts a heart monitor on her while in the hospital and monitored her and took her off some of her BP medicines.
They not sure what it was cause nothing showed up. So she's home but she is going to be wearing a monitor at home. Of course the hospital didn't have any when they went down to get one so now they called and are mailing her one. She gots so upset she don't feel good again. She trying to calm down now, so she thought she would help Kibbles do a diary and let you all know why Kibbles, Francis, Angel Yoda and The Crew haven't been on playing with you all. She is taking it easy and will be on when she can. Please purr for Grammy to be ok. We loves her and miss her when she's not home with us.
The good news is she has lost 8 more pounds. Well she tiring out so guess we will close for now.
Have a great day.


Good Report

January 17th 2013 11:32 am
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Hi Everyfurry!
Grammy was too tired yesterday to do a diary for she's helping me today. She gots a good report from the Doctors yesterday. She's on the right road....she don't need to see him for 6 months unless something comes up. She has to cut the salt out...lower the Cholesterol...lower fats and exercise more. So far she's doing well.
She would like to Thanks you all for the purrs and prayers and the kind messages you have sent her.
We loves you all and can't wait to be back more...but it will take time.
We hopes you all have a great day.


Grammy's Dr Appointment

January 14th 2013 2:58 pm
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Grammy is still very tired and scared.
The doctor said that's normal.
She also still has the sinus troubles and she gots an Antibiotic for that.
They said she seems to be doing good. She lost 7 lbs from her last Dr visit in Sept, and 4 of those pounds were since she came home from the hospital last week.
She has been following a low salt, low Cholesterol eating plan.
She has a breakfast now... oatmeals and of course her cup of hot tea. No sugar...No cream....but that's the way she always did it.
Than for lunch she has sliced chicken breast on small roll
or a salad with chicken and 1-2 Tablespoon of Honey mustard dressing.
Dinner she have sliced lemon chicken breast
Lean Steak Very small piece, one night she even had a steak sub sandwich.
All fresh made. No more fast foods.
Baked potato, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, onions, pepper.
plus applesauce, pear, apple slices.
She's on a good start. She still has to cut out her some of her favorites. like Cheese, watch using butter when cooking, she needs to find unsalted sunflower kernels and nuts for her homemade snack, with dried cranberries, and cherries and blueberries.
It's not really a hard eating plan....cause they already do alot of that stuff anyway, cause Pappy had heart problems way back and some other issues so she knew that way of eating....just has to follow along better.

On Wed she goes to Neurologist and will know more. So she keep all her questions and her eating journal to check out with him too.

As a tip for anyone that can't have fast foods ....Grammy and Pappy do their shopping and usually go to eat out on that day. So she knew she would want something and knew pappy would want go where he wanted to eat so while doing grocery shopping she gots a garden salad and fresh fruits. Than she got a small soda as a drink. She can have that but limit it. No big deal she's more a tea and water person. That was a great choice she said it was really good and she didn't have any thing bad. Now as for Pappy MOL!

We will update you on Wed after Grammy other Doctor Visit.

Thank you for the pmails, gifties and comments. Grammy read them all. We loves our Catster Friends and can't wait to be back full time again.
Have a great day Everyones!


Grammy's Home!!!!

January 8th 2013 7:33 pm
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Hi Everyones our Grammy is home from the hospital tonight.
She was taken from the Doctors office to the hospital Monday afternoon. They kept her there for observation and she had lots of test today. So she's still tired. She did have a Small stoke...but they feel with some changes she will be ok's.
We really missed our Grammy and was really glad when she walked in the door and said where's my babies.
So please understand that Grammy, Me , Francis, Angel Yoda and The Crew will be back when she feels better .... but we will be on the slow side of doing things in our Groups. We Miss you all and Grammy misses you too!
We hopes you all have a great day. And we will sees you ....when we sees you!


Windows are Open!

December 3rd 2012 10:58 am
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Wow! What a great day it is!
It's 63 degree as we speak!
Grammy is busy making Christmas Cookies and the oven is on and...and...
she said let's open the windows. She even has the side porch open for us.
She's a wonderful Grammy. She knows we love fresh air. The concrete is still cold so Meowmy puts some of our warm pads on it so wes wouldn't get cold feets. They say tomorrow is going to be even warmer. Hopes we gets the door and windows open again.
I gots to go so I can enjoy this nice day. Sure hopes you all are having a Great Day too!
Stop by and grab a few cookies. She plans on making candy tomorrow.


Being Thankful

November 21st 2012 1:05 pm
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Hi Everyfurry!

Just want to wish you all a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Hopes you all have plenty to eat and drink.

This will be the first time in many, many years that Pappy, Grammy and Meowmy will do Thanksgiving at home. They usually went to Grammy's Great Aunts or Aunt Brandys. But her Aunt is no longer with us and Aunt Brandy has to work this year. You see she's a nurse and duty calls.
But this is a good thing for use. Our family will be home together.
Grammy is fixing the turkey today and boy does it smell good. You know I just Love TURKEY! It's almost done. Yummmmmm! I hopes we gets some tonight as a treat! She's going to have stuffings, potatoes, kale, and some other stuffs.
Yes we have alot to be Thanksful for this year.
We live in a great country that's free.....
We have a loving family....
We have plenty to eat....
We have a warm cozy home....
We have Cat nip....
We have toys.....
And we have TURKEY!


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