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Halloween Tag

October 7th 2009 5:19 am
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I've been Tagged by Charlie. I have to answer the questions and send to 6 other friends. So here we go:

I been tagged for Halloween~ I just name my five favorite things about Halloween and chose 6 friends to tag~~

1. The Halloween Decorations everybody has.
2. The Beautiful and sometimes scary pages on Catster.
3. The costumes everyfurry is wearing.
4. The crickets and grasshoppers that come inside for warmth.
5. The Beautiful Full Harvest Moon

now i tag~
1.) Samoa
2.) Onyx
3.) Guido
4.) Pete
5.) Tully
6.) Chai latte Capone


It's a Wonderful Day

October 3rd 2009 8:01 am
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When we first woke up the day looked a little gloomy. We had Fog, but than the sun came out and oh my! What a beautiful morning. Grammy opened the porch and the windows for us. We are all so happy. Grammy even hung clothes out on the clothesline. She said the grass is still wet with dew, but she might take us outside later when the grass is dried. Oh Boy I hope so! I hope you all go see my page and the 3 pictures Pig-eon made for me. They are beautiful and we appreciate them so much. Thank you Pigeon. Pigeon is one of our new friends and a beautiful cat. We also went on Mercys pages to see their new Halloween Pictures. Well they are adorable. Our whole family saw them and well I just can't say enough about them. Go Check them out yourself. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road. Well I must go Grammy wants to vac and scrub floors, so we must find a safe place away from the noise and the water. Hope everyfurry has a Beautiful Day.


Shiver Me Timbers!!!!!!!!!

September 19th 2009 8:23 am
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Ahoy, Maties.

Avast ye day has come. It’s Talk like a PIRATE DAY! Hope everyone enjoys their day.
First let me introduce myself: I’m Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws. I got my name cause I’m declawed.
My ship is Called: Red Delight and we fly the Jolly Cat Roger high.
We set sail early this morning and are looking for the booty on DeTreats Island. Aye, understand ther much pieces of eight and treats.
At last I see land! Tell the Cockswain to take me to land…….
Have the bucko’s dig over ther, by the tall palm tree.
Avast ye got the booty. Open! Open! Me eyes! Me treasure!!!!!! Lots of Doubloons and, and, PARTY MIX. All mine. (maybe I’ll share with the crew.
All Aboard! Home!

Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws


I'm Cat of the Week

August 30th 2009 8:59 am
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I am so proud. I am Cat of the Week in the group " Hey you look like me." This is a fun group and you can see who looks like you, and make many new friends. The group has honored me by putting my picture on its page. How cool is that! I Thank them for my honors.

I hope everyfurry has a Great Day today. Enjoy


Good Morning

August 29th 2009 5:31 am
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Good Morning to all. I have 2 more Thank yous to add from my COTD.
I would like to Thank
Truffles for my Ice Cream it was delicious.
Muppet for the Watermelon I going to eat it for lunch today.

Thanks a bunch good friends.

I also would like to Send Concatulations to The Leader of the Pack, Mr. Sonny Bono for his 2nd day in a row of DDP.
To Bobbi Boi a big Concatulations on his DDP today also.
Hope you both have a Pawsome Day.

To Everyfurry out there Have a Great Day and enjoy life.


More Thank Yous

August 28th 2009 4:47 pm
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I am having the time of my life today. I have recieved many nice comments, pmails, rosies and new friends. I would like to add a THANK YOU to the following for more Rosies sent to me today.

Ice Cream from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sam, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe
Red Ribbon from Sonny Bono Aka The Leader of the Pack
Star from Chai-latte Capone, Little Bit, and Sugar Bear
Crown from Karma Kitty Aka The lady in Pink, Punkin Pooh, Bobbi Boi, and Charlie Clarence
Trophy and Cat of The Day Picture Frame from Hooch and family
Baseball from Guido, Yolo and Bad
Ice Cream from Sir Alfie Knead A Lot
Steak from Spitfire, Freddie, Purrscilla, and Katrina

Thanks to EVERYFURRY for making this a SPECIAL DAY for me.



August 28th 2009 6:49 am
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Today Grammy turned on the computer and was checking to see pmails, DDP etc. and their I was Cat Of the Day. She was shocked to see my picture there. We had to pick her off the floor! MOL! She is so proud of me. In fact she is proud of all us.
We would like to Thank Catster for choosing me. I have been so honored this week and last. I want to THANK ALL of my friends for the pmails, comments, and rosies sent to me.
I would like to THANK the following for sending me the following for my DDP 8.27.09:
Catweiser from Sonny Bono
Blue Ribbon and My DDP Picture from Hooch & Family
Ice Cream from Zack, Harry, Riley, Jack, Enzo, Hannah, Stinky, Sophie, Xerox, Angus McFangus, Annabelle, Cary, Kate, Queso, Copy, Sissy, Wally, Lily, Ivy, Charlie, Matilda, Bubba, Pete, Emme, Violet, Claire, Kira, DC, Luch, Griffin, And The Texas Wild Bunch.
Tree from Truffles
Heart from Jazzy, Isabelle Love, Pumkin Pooh
Tree from Biscotti
And from all of you who pmailed and sent comment.


I would like to THANK the following for my rosies sent to me for Cat of the Day 8.28.09.


Emerald from Lily, Boingo, Tigger, Poo, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandon, Oingo, Perky and Chance
Beach Ball from Edwina (Eddy), Emily, Nelly Bell may, Morris, Cleopatra Grace, Nekko, Itsumo and Jerry
Crown from Zack, Harry, Riley, Jack, Enzo, Hannah, Stinky, Sophie, Xerox, Angus McFangus, Annabelle, Cary, Kate, Queso, Copy, Sissy, Wally, Lily, Ivy, Charlie, Matilda, Bubba, Pete, Emme, Violet, Claire, Kira, DC, Luch, Griffin, And The Texas Wild Bunch.
Red Ribbon from Cheese, Pumpkin, Gabby, Charlie, Tucker, Angel Trucker, Smokey, Sydney Rose, and Lillix.
Crown from Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Priness, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, Rosie, Bob, Jesse, Babe from Texas, and McKinsey.
Ice Cream from Boogers
Heart from Jazzy, Isabelle Love, and Pumkin Pooh





August 27th 2009 4:36 am
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I am shocked! I am a DDP again today. Thank you Catster for picking me again. I just want to Thank every furry for reading my diaries and I am so honored. Just Shocked. Thanks
Hope everyone has a pawsome day.


Thank You

August 25th 2009 6:22 am
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I want to Thank Everyfurry for making my DDP pick day a Great Day.
I enjoyed all my pmails, comments and rosies. I would like to Thank the following for my rosies.

Zack and his entire family for my Crown
Hooch and his entire family for the Blue Ribbon and my special DDP Pictures.
Luke & Tully For the Blue Ribbon
Chesse, Pumpkin, Gabby and the gang for the Pink Ribbon
Jazzy, Isabelle, Pumkin Pooh for the Red Ribbon and the Crown
Booger for the Baseball

Thank you all for making my day so special. I love it here.


Thank you

August 24th 2009 5:42 am
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We are excited in this house again today. My Angel Brother Yoda is the main DDP today and we looked down the page and their I was along with our friend Jazzy. I am so proud of Yoda. We had such a great weekend with our friends and now this. Life is grand. I would like to Thank Catster for picking my diary and I hope you all enjoyed it. I would like to Thank Jazzy and her family for my 1st rosette. I hope everyfurry has a Great Day.
Thank you

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