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It's a Beautiful Day!

December 28th 2009 8:00 am
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Today is a Monday! But what a Monday, the sky is clear, the sun is shinning brightly, a little windy and cold but beautiful. It's so clear we can see the mountains and the snow on the ski slopes. The snow is almost gone, between the warmer temps (yea!) and the rain. The grass is bright green, like in the Spring. The yard is full of birdies. I love to watch birdies and that's what I'm doing today. I am laying on the condo and I can see all the little birdies on the ground and in the feeders. We have so many birdies today, it looks like we planted a garden full of birdies. They have seed all over the ground where they picked out what they wanted on the snowy days and threw the rest on the ground. So when the snow melted it's now on the grass and the flower gardens. I wish my good friend Isabelle Love was here with me. She would love all these birds. Well I must get back to my bird watching. Hope you all have a fantastic day!


Santa Came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 25th 2009 7:40 am
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Oh my Gosh! Santa did come to our house. Even though some of us were a little naughty Santa Gave all of us something. First we had a delicious breakfast. He left us Tilapia appetizers. We love them. Than we had some treats. Than Grammy & Meowny played laser light with us. Than they told us Santa came and we Got stuff. So we all lined up to see what we got. Some of us got new collars, a new scratching box with capnip, some kickeroos, catnip kritters, plastic springy things and Tater got a new bow tie with a diamond in the center. (He's wearing it now). The Best gift we got is the Box. We love boxes and we are all playing with it. Poping in and out. I love everyday, but Christmas is really a special day. Our Family wishes everyone has a Very Safe and Merry Christmas.

PS-I almost forgot Francis. He is one the DDP today. This is his first Daily Diary, and we all know how special that is. So I would like to Concats. him on his big day.


Merry Christmas to ALL

December 24th 2009 6:35 am
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I would like to Wish All My Friends at Catster and Dogster a Very Merry Christmas.


I wish for all to have a Safe Forever Home
I wish for all to have Plenty to eat
I wish for all to have a Few Toys to Enjoy
I wish for all to be Happy and Loved
I wish you all to be Healthy and not be sick or hurting.
I wish for Peace on Earth
I wish I could be with each and every one of you
I just wish the Best for ALL!

Love, Kibbles



December 19th 2009 7:30 am
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We got mail. Yesterday we got mail. A real package with our names on it. Francis and I were so excited. Pappy too. He gave it to Grammy and said Kibbles and Francis got mail....... Grammy open the package and their was a toy for Francis and a toy for me and a card. We would like to Thank Chef Rooster, Pharoah Loki, The Count, Redd Catt, Jasmine Miz Rose and Mama Grace for our lovely package. This was so sweet of Rooster and his family. Glad the mailman brought our package yesterday, cause I dont think he's coming today. It's 10:30am here in Maryland and we now have over a foot of snow. It's really coming down harder than it was. I bet they change the predicted amounts again.......... No one is moving around our neighborhood. The birdies are still out at the feeders, but still no squirrels. Guess they have a stash somewhere out of the snow. Grammy will be putting snow pictures on mine and Francis pages later today. It really is beautiful. Everything is white. Hope you all have a Wonderful Day.


December 16th 2009 6:20 am
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Meowmy and Grammy are baking cookies today. All kinds. We are all so excited! Toes already got in trouble. She got up on the counter. Grammy told Meowmy she was just checking to make sure we had all the ingredients.
I am being a good boy as usual and am on the cat condo watching. I have a front row seat. Things look good and I am waiting for a taste of something! I hope I get one or two. I will have a while to wait as Meowmy just started.
I hope everyone has a Great Day.



December 5th 2009 5:32 am
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It's Snowing at my house. The area we are in is calling for at least 3 inches, but maybe 5! Guess Pappy will have to get the snow blower out. We are waiting for Meowmy to get up and feed us. She was awake earlier, but went back to bed. Lazy!!!! She said it was early and she was going back to sleep. Grammy keeps telling us we have to wait. We are looking out the windows and watching the snow. We also got to watch the big old crows in the yard. Guess they are getting something to eat while they can find it. Well not much to do until feeding time at the zoo. So I am signing off for now. Hope you all have a Wonderful Day.


Sound Asleep!

December 3rd 2009 2:02 pm
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I was sound asleep on the third level of the cat condo. All of a sudden Grammy heard this thud. She came a running. Guess what???? I fell off the condo. I must have rolled over and went right over the edge. Grammy picked me up, checked me out, gave me huggies and kisses, and ask me if I was ok. I was. She gave me more huggies and kisses and told me to be careful. She put back on the condo, but I didn't want any parts of it. I jumped up into the window shelf Pappy made for us. Grammy told me that was ok, but to be careful and not roll off that. I didn't. I did get some ham lunch meat for my lunch.
Hope you all have a very Good Day.


Christmas Tag

December 2nd 2009 6:16 am
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I have been Tagged by Santa Paws and he asked me to answer these questions! Thanks for tagging me Santa!

1.Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!
Of course! Doesn't he bring you TURKEY?

2. Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain yourself! MOL
Nice of course! I'm just a Very Sweet Kitty! I really am ask Grammy.

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?
TURKEY, Cause I Love It.
4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?
I'm Mr Snow Mister, and I'm Mr. Heat Mister.
5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
The year without a Santa cause we all like the music and action.
I am off to Tag some furiends! *(Santa Paws knows how busy we are around the holidays... so Tag as many friends as you would like!) As for any of my other furiends reading this that would like to play... consider yourself Tagged by Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Furiend/s I will Tag...

Hav e fun! Meowy christmas to all my furiends! :) ♥

*instructions... all you have to do is copy and paste this entry into your diary (just delete my answers), Tag a friend or a few by sending a message or a Zealie with a quick message asking them if they would like to play and if so to see your latest diary entry. Please be sure to mention who tagged you.


I'm a DDP

December 2nd 2009 5:26 am
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I would like to Thank the Daily Diary People at Catster for choosing my diary. I would also like to Thank all my friends for the gifties and pmails and comments. THANK YOU ALL


Jerry Tagged Me....

November 30th 2009 4:10 pm
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I got tagged by Jerry. I have to tell what kind of ice cream I am. I would say I am Orange Sherbet. Now I'm going to tag a few kitties and see what flavor they are. Anyone who wants to play please do so.

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