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I Won a Gold Medal!

March 1st 2010 7:41 am
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I Won a Gold Medal yesterday! We are members of the Birthday & Gotcha Club, they have a Monthly Birthday Celebration each month for all the Furries that have birthdays and gotchas for that month. What a Celebration, this month they did the Fur Olympics. We had Ice Skating Event, Snowboarding, and Downhill Ski Events. Plus we had Cake, Ice Cream, and lots of Food. We also could go swimming, dancing, get in the hot tub and a place to socialize. A great time was had by all.
I entered into the Snowboarding event and I got a Gold Medal! Herbie received, Silver and Wilson J. received a Bronze Medal. It was close. Those guys are great! If you want to see pics of all of us go to Birthday & Gotcha Club and check us all out. I am just laying around the house today as I am a very tired Kitty Cat today. So much excitement and fun yesterday. I hope everyone has a great day!


I' a Dreamboat!

February 26th 2010 6:42 am
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Today started out as any other day, until Grammy got on the computer. She got on Catster and saw a pmail. Hazel Lucy wrote Concats your Samao's Dreamboat #30. Grammy was so excited, she told Meowmy and than they told me, and my siblings. I am excited to be among the Dreamboats. Samao said really nice things about me. I thank her for that. I thank her for choosing me a as Dreamboat. She has some pretty tough standards that you must meet to become a Dreamboat. Samao Boa I think your a beautiful lady. Thank you again for choosing me as a Dreamboat.
I hope everyone and everyfurrie has a safe and great day.

Take care!


Happy Valentines Day

February 14th 2010 6:06 am
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I hope everyone out there, has a Happy Valentines Day.
Have a great Day All.


Thank you

February 11th 2010 11:45 am
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First of all I would like to Thank All our friends for their concern over this historic storm we are having on the east coast. We are fine and today is a beautiful day, it 's cold and a little windy but no snow. The sun is out and melting a little of the snow. Don't want it to melt to much at one time. We don't need a flood. We took some apples and pears, and nuts and chopped them up for the poor birdies. Crumbled some bread and chips too. They love it. We had some extra chicken pot pie, Grammy put it out for any one who was hungry. Pappy has the snow blower out clearing out the drive way and the cars. The roads are still a mess and not may cars out yet. We hope everyone is safe and warm and that you all have a wonderful day.


To Much of a Good Thing!

February 10th 2010 1:38 pm
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Snow, we have over 20 more inches of the white suff. That's 20 more to the 18 plus we already got Saturday. The winds are picking up and now it's blowing and making white out conditions. They say we have a couple more hours of snow and wind. Man I don't know what we are going to do with all this snow. If you want any SNOW please come take some it's FREE. No hidden fees, no fine print. JUST FREE. I guess we could make Snow People, but with this much snow we would have an Army in our yard. We could make ice cream that would be good, but we can't eat that much. We could make snow balls and have a battle, but no one is coming outside. We could melt it down, but than we would have a flood. Does anyone have any ideas what to do with all this snow?????
We hope all of you have a warm, safe day.



February 8th 2010 6:11 pm
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I got tagged by our cool friend McKinsey
The game is Valentine tag.

1. Do you have a valentine?

2. If not, do you wish you did? Is there anyone particular? Or would you rather be single? Why?

3. What's your favorite love song? Who sings it?

4. What would be a perfect Valentines Day for you?

I tag the following 4 friends:-

2. SOC




Snow Update!

February 6th 2010 2:45 pm
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Well the snow has finally stopped for this storm. Now it's beautiful. The sun came out for a brief time, it's clear we can see the mountains, the temps are dropping, wind picking up a little. We have between 28-30 inches of snow. We also have a few drifts. The road is plowed, but still snow covered, not bare payment yet. We have no driveway yet. Pappy will work on that tomorrow. The neighbors had someone in a snowplow truck come do their lane and he got stuck. They had to dig him out! We watched that. The county grader had to back up and start again on our turn and down by the neighbors house. So far we have had many birdies. Poor things the snow has covered most of the berry bushes and they are hungry. Glad we filled the feeders yesterday. They are all empty now, but we can't get to the shed yet. They do have the suit feeders. so that will have to do for now. Thank you for all your pmails and comments making sure we are ok. We are all in the warm house with our bellies full. We will be ok, we hope everyone is in a warm safe place. We know in the one area their is a backup of traffic 6miles long and it's been there since 11:30am today. Emergency crews are taking them water and gas if needed and making sure everyone is warm and safe. We sure hope so. This storm is about all that's on TV here in this area. UPdates, UPdates, Updates. We will be glad when Spring is Here!!!!!!! If you are in the snow storm area please be careful and stay home.


Snow! Snow! Snow!

February 6th 2010 6:00 am
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What a morning! We woke up to over 22 inches of snow. Plus it's still falling. The poor birdies have been all over the feeders and at the bottoms. This is the first time we have seen them leave a trail from one feeder to another. It's cold, snowy and the wind is picking up. But the birdies keep coming. I guess all the berry bushes are under the snow. Us cats can't even see out the front windows, cause the snow is so high on the shrubbery. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day. Keep warm.


A Day of Tears

February 2nd 2010 6:03 am
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We bow our head today, our dear friend Sir Alfie Needs a Lot is at Rainbow Bridge. We can not believe it! Alfie is a wonderful friend and we will miss him. He lived his life the way he wanted and enjoyed his loving family and his friends. We will miss him dearly. Please, as you read this diary: Smile and say We love you Alfie. Please keep Alfie's family in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to Hug your loved ones.


For our Dear Friend

January 27th 2010 8:03 am
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Hi Today my Diary is about a Wonderful Friend. Her name is Rocky Ann and she is in need of Purrs and prayers. Also her friend and mine Samoa has started a Stroll to honor Rocky Ann Please add your pictures to this stroll. Here is what you do.

Well, we all know she is the Stroller Queen, and to honor her, we've started a stroll and would like you to join in!

Tag a photo: Rocky Ann

It can be a picture of you in something pink!

It can be a picture of you in a special bed - she has many!

It can be a picture of you in your stroller!

It can be a picture of you with something Hello Kitty!

You tag a photo in the same place where you put a caption. Under the caption is a place to put a tag. Type in Rocky Ann, and you'll be included in the stroll!

Then you can check out all the pictures in the stroll by clicking here!

We love you, Rocky Ann . . . . . . . .

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