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Remembering on this Memorial Day!

May 30th 2010 4:31 am
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We would like to wish all our friends and family a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

We are Remembering all the ones who gave their lives for our freedom.

We also would like to Thank Catster and Dogster for the wonderful Memorial Day Picnic.

Enjoy your Holiday.


Happy Mothers Day

May 9th 2010 6:48 am
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Hope all you moms have a Happy Mothers Day. Sending Love, Kisses and Hugs to my Mom and Grammy.


Spring is in the Air

April 16th 2010 9:44 am
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Today is a beautiful day. Grammy has been opening the windows for us and the porch. The birds, squirrels and chipmunks are all out too. As for the bugs the bees are all around looking for what flowers that have popped open. This year we have a lot of stink bugs. We love to play with them, but boy are they nasty tasting.......
Today when Grammy went to feed the fish in the pond, she brought us all in some fresh picked cat nip. Oh boy! We all love the stuff. They little ones almost tripped Grammy, so she just threw some on the floor so she could walk. She gave me and Kahless extra, cause the little ones always try to steal ours. Now it's kind of quite here, cause we are all stoned on nip. We hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy it. See ya later!


March 11th 2010 6:39 am
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I Have received a few more Birthday Gifts and I would like to Thank the Following for them:
Dusty Miller Heart
Binx Mouse (Love to play with them)
Pigeon Rainbow (for Birthday & DDP)
Tigger, Cali, Scaredy Cat 4 Leaf Clover (Birthday & DDP)

Thank you for my Daily Diary:
Boogers & family 4 Leaf Clover
Zack Leprechaun Hat
Beauty, MNitzie, Snowflake, Mallory & Link 4 Leaf Clover
Calvin & Family 4 Leaf Clover
Hooch & Family Leprechaun Hat
Aedan Leprechaun Hat
Edwina (Eddy) & family 4 Leaf Clover
Tate Mc CuppyCake Leprechaun Hat

I hope I did not miss anyone! I want to Thank you all for making this a great week. I value all my friendships. You are all brofurs and sisfurs to me. I love when you love, and I cry when you cry. Remember I am always their even when you don't see me.


Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. Being DDP and all.
I also went to the Vets for my yearly checkup. I was all excited when Grammy and Meowmy got our harnesses and leashes out. I though we're going for a stroll! But wait! Why is Meowmy pushing me in the carrier. I don't want to go in that thing. Oh well! When she put me in the car I got excited again. I'm going bye-byes. I am great in the car I just sit or lay in the carrier and wait to go where we're going. In the Vets waiting room I get lots of attention. They Love us all. They can't wait to see if we have pictures or are wearing outfits. Francis came along also, but they like me best! Well they did! I ate all the attention up too. Grammy told them all about me being Irish this month and being a DDP and having my birthday. They just laugh. They know all about Catster and Dogster cause Meowmy, Grammy and Auntie Brandy told them about it a long time ago. They even have it on their link.
Well I got a great check up I weight 12 lbs., I have some tartar on my teeth, but not to worry about it, I got 2 shots and didn't care, I really didn't care for the invasion of privacy, but I got though it. I got lots of petties, a hug or two from the 2 vet techs, Missy the receptionist came over to see me and give me love talk. Dr. Holland says I'm a great boy. Than we went to McDonald's. Yum! I wish they had turkey! When we got home everyfurry was at the door to greet us. It was a wonderful day.
Today I am just laying around watching the birdies and ready to have another great day. Hope you all do too!


Sharing the Spotlight!!!!!!!

March 10th 2010 6:14 am
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Wow! What a surprise! I am one of the Daily Diary Pics today! I would like to Thank the Daily Diary Center for this honor. I am sharing this honor today with my friends, Calvin, Zack, Jingles and Pfeffer. How great is that????? To be honored the same day as my good friends. I send my Concats to each one of them. I am planning a great day of just partying with my friends. More cake, ice cream, Turkey, treats and Grammy has promised to give each guest a good belly rub and a brushing if they want one! I would like to Thank each and everyfurry for their comments, emails, pmails, gifties and pictures. I love you all. Have a Great Day!

I would also like to Thank the following for my Birthday Wishes, That I missed yesterday:

Ava Corrine Blue Ribbon
Monida 4 leaf clover
Chai O'latte Capone, Little McBit O'Trouble, Mrs. P. Sugar Mac Bear, Mrs. Precious and Misty Shrimp
Riley & Skippy Birthday Hat
Thank you all for stoping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Once again I hope Everyfurry has a great day! I Thank each and everyone for their friendships.


Birthday Thank you!

March 9th 2010 6:36 am
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I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. I got lots of love, hugs, kisses, treats, playtime, and I got to go on the porch. I GOT TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a lot of Thank yous and I hope I don’t miss anyone. First off I want to Thank the groups I’m in for all the Concats and pictures., and my friends that came to my page a wrote in my diary.
I want to Thank all my friends who p-mailed, e-mailed and sent gifties.
Thank you to the following:

Samoa McBoa Birthday Hat (she knows I look good in hats!)
Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh, Bobbie Boi, Shelly Sue Cup Cake
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo, Ashe Cup Cake
Alfie Lucky 4 leaf Clover
Anonymous from a group Birthday Hat
Sammie, Kiki, Ember Leprechaun Hat
Beauty, Mitzie, Snowflake, Mallory & Link Cup Cake
Miss Minerva Lucille Lucky 4 leaf Clover
Starr Paws, Tweekee Paws, Daisey Mae paws, Itty Bitty Paws, Patches Paws, Blaze Paws,
Little Blaze Paws, Windsong Paws, Puff & Buddy Shrimp
Jack, Bobby, Teddy Rainbow
Soc Paws Shrimp
Biggles Shrimp
Tabby Little Balloons
Jack & Molly Birthday Hat
Tatie Mc Cuppycake Num-Num Cup Cake
Kewpie Doll Dancer Birthday Hat
Pebbles, Mercy, Joy, Pixie, Riley, Nikie Rebok, Sofe, Enzo, Melody, Quincy Chug-a-Mug
Family of Andre, N’bitkay Y Gnomey Leprechaun Hat
Cailey Mae & Kobe Cupcake
Apollo Cream & Tinkerbell Pink Ribbon
Kallie & Joey Cupcake
Sparky Cupcake
Luke, Tully, Sammy, Natasha Champain
Hooch and Family Num Num Cup Cake
Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabrielle, and Lucinda Birthday Hat

Love to All of you. I Hope you have a great day.
Kibbles McBits


It's My Birthday!

March 8th 2010 7:25 am
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Today I am 6 years old. I don't feel or look any different. Grammy got up and right away said Happy Birthday. What's a birthday anyway? She said it's your big day. This is the day you came to live with us. Now that was a big day. I now have plenty of love, hugs, kisses (sometimes way to many), treats, food, toys, brofurs and sisfurs, and a nice place to sleep. Last night Grammy gave me some Tilapia fish for dinner. That's what they had. She even gave me broccoli, don't care for it. So tonight for dinner I don't know what she'll give me and Francis. It will be something we like. I do know that. It's supposed to get in the 50-55 degrees here today and she may let us on the porch. That will be our birthday treat. Hope it warms up fast.

I would also like to Thank everyone that has gmail, emailed, and given me rosie's. Our friends mean so much to us. They are our extended family members.

My birthday wish is for all furries to have a wonderful life with a forever home, like me.

Have a great day! I know I will! Thanks!

PS I would like to wish my little brofur Francis a Happy Birthday also. It is his birthday today too.!


Monday I will be 6!

March 5th 2010 1:25 pm
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Monday, March 8 I will be 6 years old. Oh my goodness! I hope I gets Turkey! I know Grammy will do something, but she hasn't said what. I am a very lucky boy to have such a great home and plenty to eat. When Grammy and Meowmy adopted me I was not eating at the SPCA and they knew Grammy and Meowmy would work with me. If anyone could get me to eat it would be them. Well they were not sure for a while. I wasn't eating and I kept looseing weight. The vet said to give me anything I wanted, cause something in the tummy was better than nothing. Well they finally found something I would eat. TURKEY! I love Turkey lunchmeat. For a while that was all I would eat. Than I started to eat other things. Now I am a little pig at times. But I still love my TURKEY! I have alot to be thankful for and Grammy and Meowny are 2 of those things. Cause without them I probably would not be here.
Francis is celebrating his birthday on Monday also, but he will only be 4.

Happy Birthday to us both.


St. Patrick Day Tag!

March 2nd 2010 2:08 pm
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I just got Tagged by Pigeon! Thanks ! S/He asked me...
(*Directions on bottom)

Q.-Are you Irish?
A.-No, I don't think so? ...

Q.-Do you and /or your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Q.- How?
A. -We wear green!

Q.-Will you wear Green?
Q.- What will you wear?
A.- We have a green hat and a bow tie

Q.-Do you like Corned Beef and Cabbage?

Q.-Do you believe in leprechauns?
A. Yes!

Q.-Why/Why not?
A.-Why not!

Q.-What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?
Peace and Love for all.

I am off to tag some friends...

1. Tabby Little
2. Perry
3. Samoa McBa
4. Ethan O’Green Eyes
5. Gunnar T
6. Soc Paws
7. Anyone who wants to play!

**Here is what you have to do now. You need to copy & paste this entry into your diary. Delete my answers and Tag friends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the friend who Tagged you ! You need to send a message off to the furiend/s you would like to Tag. You may copy and paste my original Paw Mail/ message I sent to you. You may also send your message in a Zealie. That's it! You may want to read your friends Diary entries afterwards and thank them for playing. Have fun!

For anybody who may be reading this who has not been tagged /yet... consider yourself Tagged by me! :)

May the Luck of the Irish be yours, my friend! Happy St. Paddy's Day! :)

Feel free to add your own Irish Blessing.


I Won a Gold Medal!

March 1st 2010 7:41 am
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I Won a Gold Medal yesterday! We are members of the Birthday & Gotcha Club, they have a Monthly Birthday Celebration each month for all the Furries that have birthdays and gotchas for that month. What a Celebration, this month they did the Fur Olympics. We had Ice Skating Event, Snowboarding, and Downhill Ski Events. Plus we had Cake, Ice Cream, and lots of Food. We also could go swimming, dancing, get in the hot tub and a place to socialize. A great time was had by all.
I entered into the Snowboarding event and I got a Gold Medal! Herbie received, Silver and Wilson J. received a Bronze Medal. It was close. Those guys are great! If you want to see pics of all of us go to Birthday & Gotcha Club and check us all out. I am just laying around the house today as I am a very tired Kitty Cat today. So much excitement and fun yesterday. I hope everyone has a great day!

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