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I Won

October 30th 2010 11:12 am
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Last night Francis and I went to a Halloween Party at Kewiest Catster Kitties Group. We had a blast! They had lots of food, fun things to do, dancing and just fun! We saw many of our friends and made even more. I won 1st place in the photo contest. I was shocked!

Tonight we are going to another Halloween Party at The Kit Kat Club. We can't wait to see our friends and dance the night away.

Francis and I would like to Wish you all A Safe and Happy Halloween.

EEK! Boo! I think somethings creeping around!!!!!!


Dinner with My Friends.....

October 21st 2010 9:51 am
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Last night we had TURKEY dinner! I invited my friends to come over too. Glad to see my TURKEY loving friends. Chef Rooster even brought over a Pumpkin Pie. YUM...... Now we need to get that recipe! I think we all had a very good evening. We all had round little tummies. Next time Grammy makes TURKEY don't be shy come on over for some. We do have left overs! I think she is making TURKEY noodle soup tonight.
Hope you all have a great day!


Calling All TURKEYS!!!!!

October 20th 2010 2:11 pm
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Grammy has fixed us another TURKEY dinner. She got a Turkey Breast on sale and said who wants TURKEY. I gave her a four paws up as did my sibling's. Well we have been watching her cut the onions, grab the spices, break the bread, melt the butter, stuff the TURKEY. Put it in the oven....Wait.....Wait....Wait....Well she says it done!
Now all we have to do is wait for Pappy to get home. Hurry Pappy! We saw her get a can of green beans and she is putting bacon in them, collard greens, and mushrooms and mashed potatoes with gravy. Where is that Pappy???? We are hungry!

If you love TURKEY the same as I do, come on over and join us! Everyone is welcome! You just have to wait for Pappy to get home!

See ya soon!

Gobble,Gobble, Kibbles


I'm On My Way to Disneyland!

October 15th 2010 6:58 pm
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We set sail this evening on Your Key to Happiness Cruise Line. We are going to Disneyland for a few days! This evening we enjoyed the company of many of our friends and meeting many new friends. We saw some beautiful fireworks, had a costume dinner and dance and just had fun. Francis can't wait he wants to see Minnie Mouse. I bet he dosen't get much sleep. I am getting ready for bed now so I see you all in the morning and let you know how our trip is going. Nitey-night!


A Bunch of Nip Heads!!!!!!

October 6th 2010 9:54 am
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Today is a cloudy day and still chilly, rain off and on. When it wasn't raining Grammy went outside to feed the fish and check the pond. Poor fish they were starving. Not really they have water plants they eat too. While Grammy was outside she picked us a big bunch of catnip. With all the cool weather and rain it has grown back and is very tender. Yum! Yum! You know I love my nip. At least I can hold my nip. Well! most of the time.
That Zelda, Mishka, Toes, Onyx, DC and their Momma PJ just can't hold their nip. They are all nip heads. PJ always loves when Grammy brings nip in she rolls in it, plays with it, and eats it. Today they went crazy! They were running up and down the hallway. Toys were flying around, someone started a little mishap and just plain getting into things.
After about an hour things settled down and now they are all stretched out and sleeping. Not me I waiting for lunch!
Have a great day!


We got a Package in the Mail!

October 2nd 2010 10:36 am
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We have the most generous friends!!!! Friday we received a package in the mail from our good friends Mercy & family. They sent us toy mousies, & some fancy collars & a cool kitty shaped mat, a Winnie the pooh winter vest & a Minnie Mouse jacket!!!!! We love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little ones played with the mousies first and tried on the collars. Zeeke claimed the kitty mat. Cleo liked the Mimmie Mouse Jacket and Tater just loves the Pooh jacket. He wouldn't take it off and feel asleep in it. Grammy had to wake him up and take it off. We have been having so much fun. But that's not all!!!

Grammy opened her e-mail.... surprise.... there was a note from Catster saying Someone had bought us a Catster plus subscription!!!! Who you might ask? Well Mercy, Milo, Pixie, Sofie, Pebbles, Melody, Joy, Enzo, Riley, Reebok, Nike, Quincy, Cosmo & Butch & the Furbies!!!
We can not thank them enough!!!!! We were so touched & surprised. We all love our gifies! THANK YOU MERCY AND FAMILY!

Grammy said we will add more picture really soon! I bet they will be taking more pictures of us, I hope they don't get into the Halloween box!!!!!! MOL!MOL!

Have a great day everyone!


Here Ye! Here Ye!

September 19th 2010 11:34 am
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Ahoy, Maties.

Avast ye day has come. It’s Talk like a PIRATE DAY! Hope everyone enjoys their day.
First let me introduce myself: I’m Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws. I got my name cause I’m declawed.
My ship is Called: Red Delight and we fly the Jolly Cat Roger high.
We set sail early this morning and are looking for the booty on DeTreats Island. Aye, understand ther much pieces of eight and treats.
At last I see land! Tell the Cockswain to take me to land…….
Have the bucko’s dig over ther, by the tall palm tree.
Avast ye got the booty. Open! Open! Me eyes! Me treasure!!!!!! Lots of Doubloons and, and, PARTY MIX. All mine. (maybe I’ll share with the crew.
All Aboard! Home!

Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws



September 17th 2010 12:20 pm
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1. What is your Pirate Name? Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws

2. Do you have a Ship? If so what is the name of your
Ship? Yes I call it Red Delight

3. Do you have a Treasure Map? Yes

4. What is the Lost Treasure? The Golden Turkey and Party Mix

5. Are you a Mean Pirate or a Kind Pirate? I am a kind pirate

6. Have you ever made anyone walk the plank? Not yet

7. Do you have a Pirate Page? Yes, come on over and check it

8. Do you have a Pirate Picture? Yes

9. Do you know How to Talk Like a Pirate? Oh 'course I do!

10. Are you ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day? Yep!

I am tagging Zoey and Zack!

Answer these questions and put in your diary. Tag two friends or foes. P-mail you friends than, Instruct them to copy the questions and answer them and repeat the process. Let’s see how many Pirates are out there………

Have fun!



September 15th 2010 2:08 pm
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Our Grammy left us yesterday for a few hours. She had a doc doc appointment, but she returned in a short time. We don't like to be alone!
Now today was Mewomy's day off and we had great plans! But no she and Grammy went shopping and were gone several hours. Along again!
Well we showed them - someone left them a big pile of P_ _P on the floor by the computer!
When they got home we were all surprised! They had gone shopping for us! (Now we feel bad about the P_ _P!)
They gots us 2 big bags of food! A box of canned Food. Two new scratching pads (the big ones). And a GREAT BIG SURPRISE!
It's called a Lean anywhere Scratching Post. It is 38inches tall and it's one you can lean anywhere! WOW! Grammy leaned it up against the bar counter in the kitchen while they unloaded the car. I was the very first one to sniff it. CATNIP! CATNIP! I love it. I can stretch out and sniff and scratch at the same time. This is great. Mine! But no I have to share it. Grammy moved it over by the hutch and than Zeeke got on it. He loves it to. He scratched it, sniffed it and than took a walk on it. It's a ladder too! Wow!
Later the others tried it out. We approve of this purchase!
But don't leave us alone anymore!!!!!!!!



September 13th 2010 2:32 pm
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Oh my gosh! The weather is getting cooler and the windows and doors are open most of the time. Grammy had the oven going! Smells great. Is it TURKEY DAY already?????
I bet you can't guess what we are having for dinner tonight!!!!
Yep! You guessed it! It's TURKEY AND THE TRIMMINGS. Well a lot of them. We are having Roast Turkey, Stuffing, Baked Potatoes, Something green! Maybe broccoli! and we even have pie. Cherry pie. Grammy said with it getting cooler she doesn't mind heating the oven up. I think I will go get in my space to eat. Thank way if anything should fall on the floor I'll be there to help clean up the mess! MOL!!!!
Hope you all are having a great day!
See ya later I need to get in my spot!!!!!!!

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