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Little Kinks from Kujuku

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And the lights are flickering

April 29th 2008 4:57 am
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Last night while mom was on the computer and the family was hangin round watching tv, the lights kept flickering and going in and out , During that time our old dawg Tex decided to go on a gaging spree yacking up his nightly meal
that looked like frothy scrambeled eggs... yack yack barf...... just during that time we had total black out with two large puke pools on the living room rug... So here we are the whole FAm damily no lights, dog puke, us cats and chichuahua on the couch... MOM said laughing, hey I got a good game to play- lets all take off our shoes and socks and run around the floor, the first one to step in a warm slimey puddle is the looser.. ahahhahahahahahaha.


Doin it and doing it well ---

April 23rd 2008 5:12 pm
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Ok, my meowmy was telling us a story about our past brother Kosco -
Lets go wayback in his hay day when he was raised with our family dog member Brutus the chichuahua they used to be best buddies.. (they were both unneutered males) . Ya following me so far? Ok good.
Well, we used to catch them on grandmas bed, tryin to "do" each other -
we never laughed so hard at the site of this.
Years past and later on in life they were both neutered.
Then for some reason, when ever we would say "Herrroooooo" (as if sayin hello) on a high pitched sound to make the chichuahua HOWL the cat would hear him and come a runnin down the hall way, grab the chichuahua by the back of the neck and proceed to mount him.
But of course then it would come to an end by meowmy and dad.
All in all it was such a funny thing, I just wanted to share it all with you just for a giggle or two..


Its a beautiful spring day

April 22nd 2008 1:50 pm
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Spring has finally sprung here in NJ. The Kwazwan cherry trees are in full bloom pink, the dogwoods are ready to blossom, and the forsythias are showing their bright yellow hues. Windows are open and breezes are a flowin
and Im just a sittin here takin it all in... ahhhhh the smell of the flowers and fresh air and birdies in the tree nearby, hear them chirp? I seen a robin redbreast eating worms and building a nest under neath the window, shes gathering sticks and other materials for her little babies to be. I cant wait to see them!

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