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My Life, by... a Princess

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I am very sick

August 1st 2005 7:44 am
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The vet said my bad cansurs had metastisized.

I have fluid in my lungs. I have more lumpies on my body. The lumpie on my leg is making me limp.

Meowmie is VERY sad. I came home with her.

She is giving me lots of love, tasty food and supplements mixed into my favrit wet foodies!! I get diuretics for the fluid in my lungs.

I brought her my toy mousie the other day and she was SO happy!

One of the nice kitties on this Catster place gave me HER toy mousie to make me feel better, and I liked it very much.

Meowmie cleaned out MY bedroom closet and put blankies in it because she knows I love to hide in there, and I was SO happy to go in there and recline on my blankie!!! Thank you Meowmie!!!



July 22nd 2005 10:56 am
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We are going to the Vet's . I have started to limp becuz of the ouchie lump on my leg.

I am crying.

I am not happy........


Life IS beautiful!

July 14th 2005 10:01 am
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I run and play and beat up sweet CC, who loves me ( I don't like being snuzzled by another kittie!! I belong to my Meowmie only!)

Even so, I have a new toomah on my knee and a lumpie under my arm. Meowmie will take me to the vet soon. I hope I can keep my knee.



May 17th 2005 10:49 am
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It's been ROUGH!! I had two surgeries since February (cancerous tumors) and THEN... two days after my surgikal stapuls came out, I tore thru the apartment and ran into something and tore off two claws.....! We wuz at the vet's at midnight and they were SO upset to see me all bloody and screaming. So was my Meowmie, who had been walking on crutches until I hurted myself and then she said -- the heck with the crutches, we are going to the emergency vet! (ugh I hate the word v-e-t.....) so she hobbled into the car with me screaming in the carrier and they calmed me down and put a big blue bandage on my foot and sent us home. And back I went, into the big doggy playpen to rest and heal.

But after three days I got bored and jumped 5 feet straight up, out of my big doggy enclosure, and ran around the bedroom so the vet took off my bandage, saw that I was healing, gave me (AGH!)Antibiotix and an ointment for my foot and said "Let the Little Stinker out of the playpen!" Ha!! I smell sweet!!! What did she mean by little stinker??!!

So now I have the run of the...bedroom, but I've gotten out a few times and chased Big Bad Baby Twinkle, just to keep her in her place, and I've hissed a few times at Cee Cee.


Meowmie left the door to the Puter room open......

April 12th 2005 8:22 am
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He He -- I signed onta her computer.

I waited for her to tell alla youse kitties and people what happened at the vet's but I guess she forgot. Or she's too busy hunting for kitty food for us kitties.

Anyway, we went to the vet Saturday. I was NOT amused!!!

The vet cuddled me and felt my new lumps and then stuck needles in me and gave me TWO ouchies! Right inta my lumpies!! But she told Meowmie that the fluid was cloudy and had little things floating in it -- yuk!! But not as yukky as the brown liquid that came outta the other awful toomers that were taken outta me the last time. So maybe I am ok?

I dunno -- we gotta wait until the Lab results come back. I dunno what a stoopid DOG has ta do with the results -- but I guess the Vet knows what she's saying.

PS -- The Vet also told Meowmie that I Miss Princess was HER favrit kitty!! Oh that made me feel MUCH better right then and there!! (BTW -- Meowmie sez I'm her favrit too -- but what does she mean when she says "Don't tell the other kitties I sed so!!!")

When we got home from da vet I got to go out on the (catproofed, fenced-in) balcony and I wiggled on my back in the sun and meowed sweetly to Meowmie (which means "Join me?") Ah...........

Meowmie also went out and bought free-range ground beef and chicken for us kitties. Me and CC we LOVED the little medium rare little hamburger pieces in broth that she makes for us. She gave some to Big Bad Baby Twinkle too -- and she ate it all up too -- and then she PUKED it all up!! The INGRATE!! No more hamburgers for YOU, BBBT!!

We also had some speshul "Anitra's" chicken soop made from the organic chikken - it was mixed with our wet foodies -- oh yum.... I must go off somewhere to nap and lie on my back and show everyone my plump tummy.

Ack Ack to all!


Uh oh

April 8th 2005 10:57 am
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Today is not a good day. I have some hurties and Meowmie found some new lumps on me. But I can still run and play and sing ta my mousie toys when I bring them to Meowmie. I am one tough kitty.

But we go to the ....eeek....VET....tomorrow and I hope she waves her magic VetWand over me and makes me well.

Meow to you later.

Miss P


Singin' To M' Mousie Toys, Once Again!

March 21st 2005 7:12 am
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Well, yesterday Meowmie showed me where she had put my mousie toys while I was recooperatin' -- I guess she thought I could find 'em by myself, but I didn't -- they wuz on top of the radio. Now what self-respecktin kitty would put their toys on top of a radio???!!!

So Meowmie said - Go Get Mousie!! and she left the room.

Ennyway, I was SOOO glad to see dem mousies cuz I thought they had gone and LEFT me!!! I picked up the noisiest squeakiest mousie toy and carried it proudly in my mouth down the hall to Meowmie while singing my Mousie Song. And I brought it to Meowmie and let it thunk on the floor and I stood proudly nexta my Mousie and waited for Meowmie to give me a treet. She praised me and gave me a treet.

I got Meowmie trained very well.



March 10th 2005 7:53 am
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Wow - it's been almost a MONTH since my operashun -- it was NOT fun.... I couldn't go home right away - They had to keep me in an INKYBATOR at the hospital for a day cuz I was sooo cold. Then Meowmie took me home in a warm warm carrier and put me in a BIG doggy playpen in the middle of her bedroom (It took up so much room that she had to roll over her bed to get to the other side of the room - it was so funny -- but I couldn't laugh or it would hurt. They had to take out a little piece of my muscle to get to the tumor....)

The playpen was big and warm and comfy and the first day home I tried to walk and kept falling over (there were lotsa towels and rugs in there so I was ok when I fell). Then I would eat and walk to my bed and THROW my self into my bed cuz I was so weak. I had a big covered bed and lots of blankies. I also had to wear a cute T shirt (I looked like a punk kitty!) to cover my shaved body and also to cover the surgical staples (about 14 of them!).

Cee Cee came in once and looked through the bars at me. She was very gentle. Then Big Bad Baby walked in and looked at me and hisssed at me-- then she stuck her paws through the bars and tried to get my foodies!!! Meowmie escorted her outta MY room.

After 2 weeks my staples finally came out-- then after 2 more days Meowmie finally took that big big playpen apart so I could run around in her bedroom. I was sooo happy to sleep with Meowmie again!! The first night, I just stood on her pillow and kept looking at her and looking at her and giving her lots and lots of smoochies.

Now we sleep together and since I still need my warm places, I get LOTS Of gentle cuddles. I hafta stay in this room until my fur and my strength grow back, but once in a while Meowmie puts the other kitties in other rooms and she carries me out to the livingroom so I can sit in my favorite patch of sunlight!!

Purrs to you.

Miss Princess


I had my tumor removed!!!

February 11th 2005 12:53 pm
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Boy do I feel groggy and cold -- but they wrapped me up and put me in the Eye Cee You Unit and I am nice and warm and..... I WANT MY MEOWMIE!!!!!!

It was a BIG BAD TOOMAH!! It had growed into my muscle a little bit-- egads!!!

Now I have dis thingie under my kittie arm like a little pipe (a drain) and I hafta wear if for a few days and then Meowmie takes me baack (AAAAGH!) to da hospital so they can take it out and I am gonna eat and shleeeeep and relax until I gets well enough to beat up Big Bad Baby Twinkle again.

Ya know - I tink Cee Cee is gonna miss seeing me for a while -- she loves me so much that I can't stand it -- but.... she is kinda cute....

Meowmie feels bad about BBBT though -- ya see BBBT's FAVRIT kitty tree is in Meowmie's bedroom and she won't be able ta play in it widout a SPESHUL invitation from Meowmie ta come inta the bedroom ta play. I guess I shall evenshually allow this to be -- I enjoy watching BBBT make an absolute idiot of herself on dat kitty tree (she rolls over, all 15 plump hairy pounds of her and wiggles her little feet and looks at Meowmie upside down and sez ta us "Aint I kewt?" -- HAHA I know what answer I could give her!!!

Mmmph-- going back to shleep right now.



February 10th 2005 9:03 am
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Well, I'm going in to surgery tomorrow Feb 11. Wish me luck. Another Tuma is being cut outta me.

I'm a bit skeered.

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