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Im's Kirby!

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Boing'e wins a Prize!

May 3rd 2008 9:28 am
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That little Boing'e won a prize for diary picks of the day! Hims a funny little guy. He mostly just fights with his brother. alot. We touch noses through the screen sometimes. I dont mind the little Goofys so much now but I donts go inside to visit them or anything like that. I been too busy watching big gray kitty. sometimes I lets him on the porch with me and sometimes I sit on the railing and keeps him at bay by staring ats him with my super eyeball powers. Hims a little scardy of me now and still meows like a girl. WANTS A PIECE OF ME BIG GRAY!?! Didn't sinks so.


Coming back around

April 19th 2008 9:30 pm
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I been staying away more from Pixie-moms cause her has those both babies. Today I came up to the door to checks if they growed up yet but can you believe them is still babies! I cant be hanging out wif babies. Jeez, what if Big Gray Kitty sees me?! For crys out loud grow up already boys!



April 12th 2008 5:30 pm
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Oh pixie-mom say bad word for the babies jumping on the compuwter and erasing all my diary! I will try agains later after naps. DONT TALK LIKE THAT IN FRONT OF THE BABIES AGAIN PIXIE-MOM! Meeesh!


babies introductions

April 6th 2008 5:07 pm
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Guess what? I meets the new babies today. Thems names are Biggest Boy and Boing'e. Them almost 7 weeks old and am brothers! We touchted noses and I wasn't scaredy of them not one bit. They didnt whine and dont has nothing to say to me, not even howdy-do. Kinda rude-gots a lot to learn. They were a little bit scaredy of me though! hahaha and mewmewmew...SISSY BOYS!


Im backs

April 5th 2008 4:55 pm
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I came backs to visit today and now I not too mad. I make Pixie-mom worry for me so she can know I still the best boy. The babies are OK I guess. I will like them better when they aren't too whiney any more. Ignorning Pixie-mom sure did wore me outs so I will take extra naps now. Bye-ow for this time.


Just as I thinks!

April 3rd 2008 10:04 pm
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Yep, it's just as I thinks alright, there are two of those kitys! Thems are boys and we can haves fun someday but 2 babies are doubles troubles for now! I stayed away from Pixie-moms house all day and never runned to chase her car or nothing! She will be goods and sorry for that! I MADS AT YOU TODAY PIXIE-MOM!


I Smells baby things!

April 2nd 2008 5:10 pm
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Hmmmm.......todays at Pixie-moms I smells something new. Not sure but thinks it smells like babies kitties? OMC! NOT TWO OF THEMS! I runs fast away but I will keeps instagating this mystery. I not scaredy of babies but they are noying. VERY! Please Pixie-mom, say to me it aint so! Oh Shivers!


Pixie's Birthday

April 1st 2008 5:03 pm
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Oh so sad a day for Pixie-mom. Today is Pixie 1st birthday. Pixie-mom is crying all day and Im trying to makes her happy with pets and mews and visits inside hers house. She wants hugs me to pieces but makes me too skwirmy! She say she will looks for new kitty some day maybe soon. I hopes it will be nicest to me and be my new best friend. I suggests her name it Looney since new ones usually are. Hers laughs about that. I really hopes Pixie can comes home for her birthday though, thats what Pixie-mom wants mosted. Not too lates for a party! Bye-ow for dis time!


I Shared!

March 29th 2008 8:38 pm
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On this morning Pixie-mom was on the porch and I runs to see her and on her other side is (surprise) Gray Kitty. Him got petted! I wanted to run but Pixie-mom say "Come on Kirby see the nice kitty" and her pets me too and me and gray kitty touched our noses and Gray kitty say "meeewww" to me! Very nice hims was to say good morning! Maybe we cans be friends now and play and everything. Hopes. Last night Pixie-mom came homes very late. Very. Hers babysitting to 1:00 am and Ims was outside and she picked me up and took me in hers house to sleeps but I slipped out the dog door after some time. I has to get use to stay inside for sleeps in tiny bits. My real mom keeps me inside all day today maybe she is mad at Pixie-mom for letting me stay hers house. I likes outside the best but Pixie-mom is still so scaredy of coyotes. Hers having bad days for missing Pixie and she say she is worry for me. Silly Pixie-mom. Bye-ow for dis time!



March 24th 2008 9:09 am
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Today Pixie-mom tooks a picture of the BIG GRAY KITTY! I put hims on mys page to show hims looks mean! Pixie-mom tell me that hims very nice but Ims still hates him! Look at my treats hims eating! GO AWAY YOU BIG TUFF BOY WHO MEOWS LIKE A GIRL! Ims not scaredy of him. Anyways, Pixie-mom makes me a funnest picture with gleasses on and everything! Oh Ims a ROCKSTAR! Hopes everykitty likes it. Bye-ow for this time!

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