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~ Cassie's thoughts ~

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POP from sweet Angel Simba.

February 19th 2010 7:45 pm
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Sweet Simba sent me a power of the paw. She said, "Hey there Cassidy, I just read your diary and I'm so glad you are feeling better. What an ordeal. Sorry you had to meet Ena Ma, but glad it helped. Purrs, Simba" Thank you for caring sweet angel.


An interesting week for me.

February 19th 2010 5:24 am
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I am back to my old self today. This has been a furry interesting week for me. It started a week ago for me. I decided on Friday (12th) that I was not eating much. This continued on both Saturday and Sunday. In fact, I did not come out to eat at all those days.

The first thing on Monday morning my meowmy called the doc doc and they told her to bring me in so they could see what was going on with me. Meowmy grabbed me up and placed me into the prison carrier and I began to wail as loudly as ol' Hooch does... maybe even louder. I bellowed the whole way. As Meowmy carried me outside, she told me that the neighbors would be looking out to see what siren was going off. I told her it was the Cassie siren. I made loud noises in the car and on my entry into the hospital.

They weighed me first. I was 9.5. Then they took me back in the examining room. I had to be pried out of the prison carrier. I did NOT go willingly. My doc doc poked, prodded, squeezed, stuck things in places that were not intended to be probed and called for the vampires to come get me. All of my tests seemed within normal. My doc doc poked a stool softener in my mouth and sent Meowmy home with one to give me daily but, to my delight, I was sent home with Meowmy --- BUT she was told to have me isolated. NOOOOOOOOOO. I will miss my Kujo! She is my bestie and I think of her as my meowmy. I want Kujo!

Meowmy placed me into the bathroom with food, water, my bed and a litterbox. I had my choice of two dry foods, canned food and baby food meat. I ate a little of the canned food. But I was not peeing much nor was I pooing.

On Tuesday morning, I had given a little pee but no poo. This went on with the same story until yesterday morning. My meowmy had called with her Wednesday report and my doc doc told her that IF I did NOT poo by Thursday I would have to visit a girl named Ene Ma. Meowmy told me that I did not want to see Ene Ma but it seems that I just could not poo.

Thursday morning I was on my way to meet Ene Ma. When I arrived, Sandy came in and weighed me, finding my weight to be 9.4, and then Sandy took my prison carrier and ME back into the back. I was about to meet Ene Ma. I don't think I was prepared for this and I saw my meowmy leaving the building. I did not like this.

I met Ene Ma and I did not like her. She did make me poo. I was so embarrassed that I tried to hide it by laying on it. I was a mess! My doc doc told the girls to wash me and clean me up. Then they called my meowmy to tell her that I had accomplished my mission and was ready to come home.

Meowmy picked me up. I was so happy to see my meowmy. I talked the whole way home. While Dr. Booker told my meowmy that I could join the furmily again, she also told her that I may have a little Dia Rhea furiend for a while. So, Meowmy decided I would spend part of the day in the bathroom. It is a furry good thing she did because I did have an accident while in there. But last night, I was freed. Yay. I was delighted to be with my furmily again.

This morning, I ate my breakfast and am having a good time with my furmily.

I do have some stool softeners and my doc doc said that my meowmy could try putting 2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin mix in our food to see if this will help us. *whispers* Baby G has had to meet Ene Ma two times recently. So, we are all going to get pumpkin in our food. Meowmy is hoping we will like it.

I am off to play with Kujo... well, probably off to snuggle with her.


Very sad purrs for a new angel... Snowflake.

February 12th 2010 4:44 pm
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A special new furiend named Snowflake made his journey to the Bridge this afternoon. Snowflake had survived a serious surgery and was making progress, we thought. He took a turn for the worst yesterday. Actually, Wednesday, the vets noticed a decline and yesterday his heart rate was slow and his blood pressure was low. Today, he was even worse and his sad meowmy went to visit him, along with Auntie Barbi. His meowmy had to make the decision to allow him to go to the Bridge during the visit. Snowflake fought a very valiant battle to overcome his health issues. He was just so weak from everything he went through. Please keep Snowflake and his furmily in your purrs and prayers, especially his grieving meowmy.


A thank you rose from Honey.

January 28th 2010 9:59 pm
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Honey sent my furmily and me a thank-you rose. She said, "Thank you for the concats today! Glad you were able to find a back door to sneak in!!! Thank you for the ribbon too! It's beatiful!!! Purrs and headbutts, Honey" It was hard to find Honey because her link to her diary was broken. We were all happy to help her celebrate her diary honor.


Meowmy is falling farther behind than effur.

January 11th 2010 12:48 pm
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On December 31st, my sisfur Clawdette and her handsome Tux eloped to Mexico. They were wed in a beautifur sunset beach ceremony. I want to concatulate my sweet sisfur and to welcome Tux into our furmily.

Yesterday, Serafina Tilly and Mafia Princess sent my furmily and me a purrty heart. They said, "We haven't been on much since mom got pregnant, but we wanted to say we love our friends!!! Love to all!!"

I need to update on my human brofur Jim. He had a CT scan recently... before he went back to the lung specialist on December 23rd. Jim got both good and "iffy" news about his condition. The GOOD news is that the lungs are clear of the fungus! The "iffy" news is that he DOES have some scarring. We don't really know what that means for Jim down the road. His treatment with the antifungal will go on for another 6 or so months as the bone involvement takes much longer to cure. So, he is to return for another report on his progress with the fungus attacking his bones. He is still short winded but that may be the result of the scarring. The OTHER issue they found was that Jim has kidney stones waiting to "surprise" him and a cyst on his kidney that must be watched. Given the prognosis a few months back of terminal cancer, we are so very thankful and grateful to have gotten such wonderpur news about Jim. Thank you to effuryone who has prayed for my human brofur. Please continue to remember him in those purrs and prayers... but know he has come a long way into becoming more healthy.


Late thank-yous and Christmas greetings.

December 26th 2009 12:06 pm
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Hooch has written in his diary about why we have been so quiet and I am borrowing some of his diary to start mine off. Meowmy says we have never been so far behind in our lives. We are hoping to get back to normal in 2010.

Our Christmas Day was furry full. Meowmy started the morning off with serving the delicious French Toast casserole to my brofur Jim and his girlfuriend Donna and to Jim's son Jimmy and his beautifur bride of two years... Amy. They had some very nice fellowship and a relaxed family moment before the "frenzy" began. After they had breakfast, Jimmy and Amy went home to prepare for the family Christmas gathering. Jim, Donna, my day and meowmy began preparing the delicious smelling food to take to Jimmy's. They baked ham and a turkey and would you believe that NONE of them would give us a bite. How rude. It smelled so delicious. Jim helped Meowmy and made the deviled egges. Meowmy says she doesn't know what he did but they were some of the best she has effur eaten. Meowmy put the potato salad together. Effurything smelled wonderpurr.

It was a VERY rainy day. Actually miserable, according to my meowmy. When they got ready to head out to Jimmy's, they had to put plastic over all the pawresents and food. They had the car totally packed to the brim. My pawrents did not get home until night and Jim helped my meowmy get her router hooked back up so that they can use all the catputers... my dad has a dinosaur and slow one and Meowmy had a laptop, in addition to the main catputer. It seems that when our DSL went out.... I don't know what DSL is and Meowmy WON'T tell me... she always spells it. How rude! Anyway, when the DSL guy fixed our phone and DSL lines, Meowmy thought that maybe her router was still working but the ol' gal did not know how to get it back up and running. Thank goodness for her catputer guru son Jim.

Speaking of Jim, I want to give a praise report on him. He had a CT scan recently... before he went back to the lung specialist. His appointment with the lung specialist was on December 23rd. Jim got both good and "iffy" news about his condition. The GOOD news is that the lungs are clear of the fungus! The "iffy" news is that he DOES have some scaring. We don't really know what that means for Jim down the road. His treatment with the antifungal will go on for another 6 or so months as the bone involvement takes much longer to cure. So, he is to return for another report on his progress with the fungus attacking his bones. He is still short winded but that may be the result of the scaring. The OTHER issue they found was that Jim has kidney stones waiting to "surprise" him and a cyst on his kidney that must be watched. Given the prognosis a few months back of terminal cancer, we are so very thankful and grateful to have gotten such wonderpur news about Jim. Thank you to effuryone who has prayed for my human brofur. Please continue to remember him in those purrs and prayers... but know he has come a long way into becoming more healthy.

My meowmy says she wants to apologize to effuryone who we have not contacted this Christmas season. She has been overwhelmed this whole year. In addition to the 12 of us kitties and 2 doggies, Meowmy has 5 grown children and 14 grandchildren. This keeps her time furry busy and shopping for the crew this year was really a job. We did not even decorate our home until a few days before Christmas and that was only minimal this year. We did not end up putting up a tree. Meowmy says she thinks it upset the whole furmily but next year she will do better.

Today, we got to open a package from Auntie Barbi, Cocoa and all the kitties. They gave us two bags full of mice, balls and catnip toys, Pounce treats, a stocking with Karisma's daddy Monte's picture inserted in it and a reindeer teaser. I can see Meowmy having fun with us on with it. Meowmy got a beautifur silver plated Christmas ornament from Auntie Barbi. It is a cute cat peeking out of a watering can. You can put a picture of one of us inside it. I wonder who will be chosen to go in the ornament?

I got behind, like Hooch, on my thank-yous for rosettes.

On the 23rd, my sweet future sisfur-in-law Calamity and her precious furmily sent me a Christmas stocking. They said, "We wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season with all our love and best wishes fur a PAWSOME NEW YEAR!!!! Calamity, Henry, Calia, Romeo and Kana"

On the 23rd, my sweet Rushy sent my furmily and me some sweet jingle bells. He said, "Happy Holidays Sweet Cassidy! I hope you and your Family have a great Christmas! Love You~ Rushy"

I hope that all my special furiends and loved ones had a pawsome Christmas Day and will be blessed in 2010. Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!


We are miffed.

December 1st 2009 10:22 am
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Well, I must tell you that all of us kits are MIFFED with our meowmy. She has been too busy to let us attend our diaries and pmails. Can you believe the nerve of her? She has been involved in stripping wallpaper. Then, she had to wash off the old glue and prepare the wall. There were cracks to patch, holes where pictures were hanging to fill, then sanding the wall to make it smooth enough to paint. Then came the painting. Meowmy did manage to grab some time online to tend the farms, hunt Hatchlings, decorate her Yo home and take care of her cat "Cuddles" on Pet Society. I KNOW... none of those are REAL... HELLO, are we chopped liver? Well, now we know where we stand in her world! Pfffffffttttt.

On the 22nd, my cute little sisfur Karisma married the most handsome Mr. Lollycat McNoNo. Their wedding was beautifur, in spite of all the last minute glitches.

The day before Thanksgiving, Hooch had to go back to the doc doc to be checked and that took a long time because they did blood work. At least, he didn't get a big bald spot this time. Meowmy asked them to only make a small place... so, you really don't notice it.

Then she and my dad were preparing the Thanksgiving food for most of the week of Thanksgiving. That really took most of their time... they shopped for the food, prepared it to be cooked and then had to do the cooking. We had a CROWD for Thanksgiving. There were 18 strangers in our home. Yikes.... we hid... actually, Meowmy locked us in different rooms to keep those strangers away from all of us.

The day after Thanksgiving, my pawrents left early in the morning and went to one of the local malls in that madness called Black Friday. The crowds were out and about. They did NOT go to shop but to meet up with a dear furiend and his furmily who had driven down from High Point for the day. When I say the day, I mean the day. It was dark when my pawrents returned home and our dinner was LATE. This is not cool.

On Saturday, my pawrents left in the morning to go to the NC mountains (Saluda) for the day to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary of a family member. AGAIN, my pawrents were gone all day long and it was really LATE when they returned... well past dinner. Meowmy was even late by almost an hour giving Hooch his insulin. Even she was NOT a happy camper about that.

On Sunday, my pawrents went to the same mall to meet up with three of my dad's cousins who had driven in for the anniversary pawty. So, they spent another day at the mall and got home at dinner time.

Yesterday, Meowmy spent the day playing catch up with too many things and guess what? She did NOT get caught up. But Hooch made her promise to attend to our needs first this morning... so she is attempting to do just that.

It will take us a while to get over our neglect! Pffffftttt!


Halloween greetings from Ozzy and Harriet.

October 31st 2009 10:10 pm
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Ozzy and Harriet sent me a cool pumpkin. They said, "Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenie!!! meowies! Ozzy and Harriet"


My eyes and doc doc visits.

October 27th 2009 4:57 pm
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Well, I know who rates in our home. Ol' Hooch got to write about our trip to the doc doc's on the 16th of this month. I waited for my turn but meowmy did not find the time. So, she is letting me write about it now. Gee, thanks, I think. Did you know that Meowmy and I have been having twin eyes? Both of us have had very watery eyes. It is like a flood. In my case, it was found that there is fur missing beside my left eye and there is a "crack" in the skin and it is bleeding off and on. That was when my meowmy got really disturbed about my watering eyes. So, she decided to take me in the day Hooch went for his B12 shot. I decided to hide.

Meowmy had to move the sofa in the family room and fish me out from under it. In the beginning, my meowmy thought maybe I had caught something from her or vice versa because both having had runny eyes that started about the same time a month or so ago.

The substitute doc doc said it was totally unrelated. I had to have cells wiped from the area that was bleeding and the doc doc looked at the "stained" cells to see if she saw anything weird. She did not any "funky" cells as she called them and she put me on Clavamox and on Bac/Neo/Polymix Opth. Meowmy had to chase me down twice a day for the Clavamox and three times a day to put the ointment in my eye. I was to go back to the doc doc on Wednesday, the 21st, for a recheck. I weighed 9.7 pounds so my weight is staying basically the same.

Then, on the 21st, I had a recheck of my eyes. My meowmy had to capture me again... against my will, of course. She put me in the prison carrier and off we headed for my recheck. This time I got to see my doc doc. She said that while my eye was healing, it was still not completely healed and wanted to see me again in a week, which would be the 28th. My meowmy told her that was a no go because she has to have her eye fixed that day. They are doing a one snip procedure. We don't know what the proper name of the procedure is because all the doc doc she saw told her was that it would be done in the office. They will deaden it so she won't feel any pain but snip doesn't sound like fun to me or to Meowmy. So, they scheduled me for the 29th.

So, yesterday when Patchez went back to the doc doc to be rechecked, my meowmy told them about her eye procedure and told them that she might cancel mine if her eye was hurting, they said for her to just bring me in today with Patchez. Gee thanks! So, I was taking my refreshing after breakfast nap on top of the cat condo when my meowmy grabbed me and put me in the prison carrier. I did NOT like that one bit and tried to spread my legs to where my meowmy could not shove me inside. It was useless because she won that game.

The next thing I knew, here came Meowmy with Patchez in captivity, too. We headed out to see the doc doc. Patchez got lots more done to her. All I did was have my doc doc look at my eye and weigh me. I am up to 10 pounds and my eye looks almost well. My doc doc told my meowmy to keep putting the ointment on the outside for about a week and then about every three days from now on. She told Meowmy that my duct is not draining properly either. She also told Meowmy that my lower eyelid rolls slightly back and the hair may irritate my eyes. Do you think my meowmy gave me her illness?

My heart still goes out to the furmily of our beloved furiend Calvin. We will miss his beautifur orange face on earth but the Bridge gained another very special angel. You are well now, sweet Calvin.

Yesterday, we did not go back on Catster after learning the sad, sad news about Calvin. My sweet and handsome Rushy sent me some beautifur roses. He said, "My Dear Sweet Cassidy, I am so sorry we haven't been around lately.Mom was overwhelmed by all our furriends crossing the Bridge.We had to take a break. I do love you! Yours furever~Rushy" Rushy, I think so many of us have had such heavy hearts in the loss of so many dear furiends this year. We are not as attentive as we should be either. Our hearts are heavy with saddness from all the losses.

11: 47 PM EST ~

Sarge, Lena and Pepi sent me a furever star. They said, "We think you're an awesome kitty and your family is special to recognize you as one. We're sorry for your early life and happy that you've found a great home."


Why is the Bridge calling so many of our dear furiends?- Godspeed to Calvin.

October 26th 2009 10:31 am
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We lost a dear friend named Calvin today. Our hearts are breaking right now. We know that Calvin is watching over all of his family and furiends now from the Bridge. Calvin touched so many hearts with his love and humor. We will miss you Calvin and will look to the heavens now for your beautifur orange face and wisdom. You took a piece of our hearts with you, dear furiend. We will forever love you. We send our love and pray for the comfort of your family in this time of such loss.

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