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A furever star from Milo and furmily.

April 13th 2010 7:38 pm
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Milo and his thoughtful furmily sent me a furever rainbow star. They said, "Becoz you are a Star and Beauty Queen and becoz we missed your birfday~Sending mucho concats on the many talents you possess with purrfect grace. Belated Happy Birthday and concats! Purrs galore, Milo, Timmy and Smokey Joe"

Milo, how thoughtfur of you and your furmily. You put a smile on my kitty face this evening.


More diary greetings and my dad may be out of the dog house.

April 10th 2010 5:57 am
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Last night after I signed off my diary, Angel Morris and his sweet furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "Sorry we missed it but we wanted to say congrats on being dairy pick!" It made me happy to receive more DDP concats.

This morning, Lily and her lovely furmily sent my furmily and me a fun brusselball. They said, "Concats on being the DDP!! Plus, you look like me (I had a similar start and have a similar purrsonality too)!! Purrs, Lily & furmily"

My other news is that my dad did get the "mud" on the walls finally yesterday. He has to do another check today and then sand the walls and THEN in the kitchen and living room he must put some caulking around the window and door areas where there has been some separation from the wall in the settling. In the kitchen, he must put the paintable caulking around the new granite countertop because our walls are not PURRfect like we are. MOL. Meowmy says that while he is "s-l-o-w", he is getting there finally.


Uh oh, Dad is in big trouble.

April 9th 2010 5:21 am
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Yesterday on my DDP honor day, Meowmy was miffed with my dad because he was puttering around outside rather than getting the settling cracks in our living room repaired so Meowmy can get on with her painting the room. We were expecting T-storms later in the day and he deemed the outside more important. This was a big error in judgement on his part, according to my meowmy.

Today, you should see Meowmy's pouty face! You see, my dad still has NOT repaired the cracks in the walls in the living room. Yesterday he made the choice to go outside to putter around before the rain arrived. Late in the afternoon, he decided to come in and he did finally dig out around the cracks and hammered the nails back in that were trying to pop out BUT he did NOT get around to using the sheet rock tape and "mud" as he calls it. Meowmy knows that this means it will be tomorrow at best before she can even think about painting the walls in the living room and that is IF the "mud" has dried and they sand it smooth. You could put your dinner plate on Meowmy's pouty lips today. Not a good thing. I think my dad is in the dog house and he is TOO BIG to fit into the large igloos outside. He is in BIG trouble! Meowmy says he could be the President of the Procrastinator's Club but he puts off going to the meetings. It is going to be a furry interesting day, indeed.


I woke up to find I am one of today's DDP honorees. Wow.

April 8th 2010 6:08 am
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Whoa! Guess what? I am a DDP today. How on earth did that happen? I am the "unseen" kitty. I am the really quiet one, unless being drug to the doc doc's. I like to be in the background because I am the shy one. Thank you Catster HQ and Diary Gal for selecting me today. Did Hooch mention potty things to get you to notice me? MOL.

My pawsome furiend Cocoa and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a beautifur rose. They said, "Dear Cassidy~ Catgrats on your DDP and we hope that you have a pawsome day, celebrating. Love~ Cocoa & Co. xoxo"

The adorable and talented Hazel Lucy sent me a lovely pmail of concats.

Angel Buddie and his sweet furmily sent a lovely pmail. They said,

9:46 AM EST ~

I got a lucky ladybug from Sugar. She said, "Way to go on being a diary pick today, Cassidy! Enjoy your day in the diary spotlight!" Say, Sugar, have you had a lot of catnip? Your eyes are captivating! Sugar reminds us to Go Orange this month!

11:00 PM EST ~

Beauty and her adorable furmily sent me a yummy shrimp. They said, "Congratulations on being a diary pick, Cassidy!!! Have a wonderful time celebrating your special honor!! Love, Beauty and family"

Mittens and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a lucky ladybug. They said, "Concats on your DDP!! Your family is on a roll and your catster resume is sure building up!! Enjoy your day!!! Love me and my family!"

Adam and his pawsome furmily sent me a lucky ladybug. They said, "CONCATS Cassidy for being DOTD, Way to go our SWEET & BEAUTIFUL FURIEND! Enjoy your day. WE LOVE YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Purrs & Hugs & Kitty Kisses & Head Bonks & A BIG KITTY HIGH 5 PAW, Adam & Eve & Pudd & Puff & Pumpkin & Little One."

Teebo and Callie sent me a lucky ladybug. They said, "Cassidy, Concats on being a DDP today. Enjoy your special day in the spotlight! Purrs, Teebo and Callie"

The precious Muppet and her pawsome furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "Pretty Miss Cassidy, Way to go on being a DDP! Hurray! Hope your honored day has been most special! Hugs & Love, Lil' Muppet & Family xoxo"

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my diary honor today.


Happy Easter to ALL my furiends.

April 4th 2010 5:37 pm
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I want to wish ALL of my precious furiends a very Happy Easter! We had a lot of people over today and all of us kitties were locked away for our own safety. We weren't happy about it but Meowmy said it must be that way.

I want to let effuryone know that our Meowmy and Dad said we must tell all of you what good kitties we have been. You see.. on March 20th both of my pawrents got really sick. My meowmy did not get out of bed for two days except to go to see someone called John. My dad was the same. At first, they thought they had gotten food poisoning but they talked to Grandma and Aunt Barbara who had eaten the very same thing as my pawrents when they went out to eat on Saturday evening and neither one of them was sick. My pawrents both were hit with the problem about 3 AM. After finding out that they were the only ones affected, they decided that it was probably a virus. During the time that my pawrents were seriously affected, we were PURRfect angels. Normally, we do squabble daily and we are most demanding at food time. Not one of us did anything during the time our pawrents were so sick. My dad said that you never knew cats were in the house. My meowmy says she is so thankful that we were such good and caring furbabies.

Meowmy only ate crackers, toast, applesauce, jello and bananas and drank Pepsi or Coke when she finally ate on the third day. Those items were her only source of food until Friday (April 2nd). She just could not be around food. Meowmy says it is a lousy way to diet for sure. My dad started eating much sooner than that. My meowmy has a sluggish gallbladder that in past years has bothered her but it has been 4 or 5 years since her last spell... the sickness seemed to have triggered a really bad attack with her gallbladder on Monday the 29th. She was ready to go to the hospital one night this past week. Then, on Friday, things began to ease a little for her. We had planned this Easter gathering for a while now and Meowmy was determined not to let this spoil things. Dad was ready to call it off. Today turned out to be very special and the food was delicious and Meowmy ate. The only down side is that our air conditioner unit downstairs is NOT working and it is to be in or near the 90's. Not good timing weatherwise for a nonworking air conditioner.

Meowmy says she is happy to have things getting back to normal. She said she feels like she let our 90 year old furiend down as he has had to do most of the feeding of his cats since Meowmy got sick. She needs to help him with the litterbox duty and take Tiger in for bloodwork to see what his BUN and creatinine are doing. Tiger is 14 years old. If any of you who have had renal issues have any advice for Meowmy in helping with Tiger, please pmail her. Crawford loves Tiger and Tiger loves Crawford. Crawford is going blind and has a bad back. Even his surgery to cement his spine has not relieved all of his pain.

Prince was in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights this week with a big hairball. Dr. Booker was able to break it up and move it out of his tummy. Then, I had to see Ene Ma again... so, now the plan for almost all of us is to get Laxatone twice weekly and 2 tablespoons of pumpkin when Meowmy can sneak it in on us. And, to make matters worse, our doc doc broke her ankle. So, it was a sickly week for our home and for our doc doc. But I did get all good news on my tests. I am not showing Inflammatory Bowel Disease nor is my pancreas showing any problems. This was good news that we received on both Thursday and Friday this week. We know there is a new dawning now... Easter has come! We are so thankful for the love we have been shown that was "written in red".


Another visit to the doc doc.

March 30th 2010 1:40 pm
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Arrkkkkk... Meowmy just finished helping me write my diary and suddenly it disappeared. We don't know what happened.

My doc doc called my meowmy early this morning to check on me and to give an update on Prince. Meowmy told her that I had thrown up last night and this morning. I have been trying to decorate the carpet with my designs. Meowmy says we could have permanently stained carpet.

I had lost 2 tenths of a pound since yesterday. I was 9.2 pounds today. Lots of throwing up? Dr. Booker wants to run a special test to see if I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. When I was sick last month, a lot of tests were run on me and all were negative so this is another one. Dr. Booker says it is way too soon for me to be having more pooping issues. Unfortunately, I could not have the test run today because I had eaten about a tablespoon of soft food this morning and this test must be done when fasting or it could give false results. So, Dr. Booker gave me a shot of Cerenia for the vomiting and Sub Q fluids to replenish what I have lost since yesterday... and to add electrolytes. I am to go back to the doc doc's early in the morning for my test.

I feel furry special because Dr. Booker came in for Prince and me. Remember that poor Dr. Booker broke her ankle and is supposed to stay off it. She really loves us. She left when Meowmy and I left this morning and is coming back in the morning to see Prince and me. Isn't that nice? We are so lucky to have such a committed doc doc.

I can't have anything to eat tonight. I will probably not like that at all but Meowmy will just put me in a room while my siblings eat. That is cruel... but Meowmy tells me it is a must.

Meowmy went to visit Prince this afternoon. He was furry glad to see Meowmy. He had been throwing up Leslie told Meowmy. And Meowmy says he smells just like POO. We don't care as long as he gets better. Dr. Booker told Meowmy that the hairball seems to be moving some but it must get out of the tummy and then he can come home. They are measuring effurything going in and coming out of him. Meowmy took a few pictures of him today.

Prince has a special neighbor in the hospital. It is an 18 year old orange kitty who disappeared some time ago (Meowmy forgot how long ago) and was just found. The owners brought him in to Dr. Booker's for a total health evaluation after his ordeal away from home. Isn't it special that he was found? We are hoping that nothing bad happened to him during his adventure. Meowmy will try to find out how long he was missing tomorrow. Meowmy says he is a furry handsome boy.

Lastly, my middle human brofur is sick. He came home from work with a high fever (104.5) today and began hallucinating. His wife called the paramedics and he is on the way to the hospital for evaluation as we speak. He is almost never sick... but he has been known to hallucinate with a high fever in the past. He is also prone to strep infections and tends to run high fevers with those. This is the first time his wife has experienced one of his episodes. My dad has gone to the hospital but Meowmy is staying home with us since I am sick and Mojo threw up a nasty hairball just before my dad left. The hospital is only 5 minutes from our house so Meowmy can be there in short order if need be. Today has not been one of Meowmy's better days. She has a sluggish gallbladder and most days it is okay. Today is NOT one of those days. Add a headache to that... well, does anyone out there know where 12 kitties and Meowmy can get a room together in a care facility? Meowmy joked with Dr. Booker about the two of them getting a hospital room earlier today. Dr. Booker told her that they could read in bed. MOL.


Addition to my Monday entry.

March 29th 2010 11:33 pm
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On the 20th, Pooters sent me a yummy shrimp. She said, "Happy Birthday

Also on the 20th, Edgar and his pawsome furmily sent me a birthday hat. They said, "Happy belated Birthday sweetie! Sorry we missed it. Hope you had a pawsome day! purrrs, Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby & Lucy"

On the 25th, Angel Zack and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a yummy pink iced cupcake, They said, "So sorry to be late, Cassidy
Happy Belated Birthday
Love, T"

Today Adam and his pawsome furmily sent me a power of the paw. They said, "PURRING & PRAYING very LOUD & HARD for you our FURIEND, Please feel better, WE LOVE YOU! MANY PURRS & HUGS & KITTY KISSES & MUCH LOVE, Adam & Eve & Pudd & Puff & Pumpkin & Little One."

Thank you to my furiends for helping me celebrate my birthday and for the good well wishes. Love to all of you.


My unexpected day.

March 29th 2010 1:33 pm
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You WON'T believe who I had to visit today! I was taken to see Ene Ma! It was most definitely against my will. I still don't like her any better than I did the last time I met her. That was on February 18 of this year. Seems that February 18th is significant in our furmily. That is the date that Hooch was found to be so sick last year (2009). Meowmy says that maybe we should just bypass February next year. What do you think?

It has been a sickly week for the kitties and the humans in our home. First, on Saturday night (early Sunday morning - March 21), both my pawrents got furry sick. They first thought they had food poisoning but are now leaning toward a nasty virus. Meowmy checked the backside of her eyelids for 2 days straight and hasn't done much since then. In fact, she even missed a few days of helping her 90 year old furiend and his kitties. She feels badly about that because he can't clean the litterbox. Meowmy said he has managed to pour water for the kitties and feed them something.

All of my siblings and I have not eaten furry well this whole week, even ol' Prince. Meowmy says he is the "Mikey" of our furmily. Theory is give it to Prince, he'll eat anything. On Saturday of this week, Prince started throwing up when he ate. He was still showing signs of wanting to eat but would walk away from his bowl before he finished eating and then, about half an hour later, would throw up what he had eaten. Meowmy said it figured as it was the weekend. This went on all day on Saturday and then again Sunday. About noon on Sunday, we think Prince threw up fluid and it was very pink. Meowmy became even more concerned with evidence of blood. She gave him some Pepcid and then decided to NOT feed him last night. He did take exception to that but Meowmy stood her ground. About 6:30 last night, we think Prince threw up more fluid and it was very pink. By now, Meowmy was getting really concerned but knew that Dr. Booker would be in first thing this morning.

When Meowmy called this morning, she got a big shock. Poor Dr. Booker had gone to Asheville, NC to look at possible wedding sites for her daughter who is getting married. Unfortunately, on her way down the gazebo steps, Dr. Booker fell and broke her ankle. Meowmy went on and scheduled a 2 PM appointment to take Prince in for examination. Dr. Booker came back to the office before lunch and called Meowmy so she hurried on over to take Prince.

The next thing I knew, Meowmy had returned and I was being hauled over to Dr. Booker's to see Ene Ma. Dr. Booker felt my belly and said I was definitely clogged up again. So, Meowmy rudely left me to fend for myself with Ene Ma. I weighed 9.4 pounds before I met Ene Ma. I don't know what I weighed after I left. MOL.

About 3 PM EST, Meowmy called and Dr. Booker told her that I had a successful meeting with Ene Ma and was ready to come home. Prince was not as lucky. Dr. Booker wants him kept to (1) watch the vomiting and (2) to see if he is able to pass the big hairball that we know is in his tummy. He was given two different emetrics with NO results by 3, when I was picked up. Dr. Booker was concerned about the blood and wanted to check on any blood in any vomiting he may do while there in observation.

I was really happy to be home again BUT, soon after we settled in, Meowmy noticed the fresh fluid throw up in the downstairs bathroom on the tile floor. It had blood in it - just like from the day before. Now, Meowmy is thinking I may be the culprit vomiting blood and not Prince. That doesn't take away from his big hairball in his tummy but I may have been the one throwing up that bloody fluid. Meowmy called Dr. Booker immediately after her discovery but Dr. Booker had already headed home for the day. Meowmy will just watch all of us and wait until the morning. Dr. Booker has a sub coming in tomorrow and the rest of the week so she can get better and stay off her broken ankle. She has a cast on it and said she is furry happy that her doctor did not want to do surgery... for now, at least. She goes back in a few weeks and hopes that some good healing has taken place.

In the meantime, for now, Meowmy is going to give each of us a Pepcid (1/4), in hopes of settling the tummy until we can track down who is having the problem. Meowmy is purrty sure that I fit that role to a tee.

If you can spare some extra purrs, both Prince and I could use them tonight. Hooch is still doing remarkably well and we all know the prayers worked for him.


I am 11 today!

March 18th 2010 6:02 am
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Guess what? I am 11 years old today. Yes, I am! And you know what else? I share this day with my human meowmy. I am really special because none of my other siblings share this special day with our meowmy.

Yesterday, Cally Jane made me a beautifur birthday picture and sent it to my pmail. I just love it, don't you?

I woke up to some birthday greetings.

Cocoa and his pawsome furmily sent me a most delicious birthday cupcake. They said, "Dear Cassidy~ We are so excited be celebrating your 11th B-day and may your celebration be as special as you are... We would also like to wish your beautiful mom a wonderful B-day as well. Love to you both! Kisses~ Cocoa & Family 3/18/10"

Angel Wanda and her special furmily sent me a beautifur heart. They said, "Boy have we missed you all! Hope you have a terrific birthday and all in your house is well. Love you lots, Wanda, Norman and family" Thank you, Wanda and furmily for being our constant, loyal and special furiends.

Poo and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a yummy shrimp. They said, "Happy birthday, princess! Wishing you a fabulous day today! Here is a platter of nummy shrimpers to enjoy! Much love to you, your in-laws xoxoxoxo" I have such sweet in-laws.

I had two sweet birthday messages when I woke up. One was from Angel Peaches and one was from that had two lovely pictures included ~

Birthday Roses

Birthday Cake

I just know that my birthday will be extra special. And you know what? Meowmy ordered a Hazel Lucy birthday hat for me. She said we will take pictures after lunch of me wearing it.

10:52 PM EST ~

Karma and her sweet furmily sent me a beautifur heart. They said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CASSIDY.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..... (And Many More) Have a very special day sweetie. Love, Karma, Charlie, Bobbi, Punkin & Shelly"

Nala Sue sent me a purrty rose. She said, "Happy 11 th Birthday!!! And many more!!!"

Mr. Sam and his pawsome furmily sent me a beautifur rose. They said, "Happy Birthday Cassidy! We love you!! Huggies, mr sam and his family"

Hazel Lucy McBarfs-A-Lot sent me a delicious shrimp. She said, "Wishing you a lucky birthday filled with all your favorite things! Happy Birthday from all of us!" I love my new Hazel Lucy birthday hat. My meowmy took pictures tonight with me wearing it. She hasn't had time to upload them to our catputer yet. She said tomorrow will be fine for uploading.

Sugar and her wonderpurr furmily sent me a shamrock. They said, "Wishing you a lucky birthday filled with all your favorite things! Happy Birthday from all of us!"

Bitu sent me a shamrock. She said, "Happy Birthday!" I was almost the St. Patrick's Day baby.

Xena Princess and her purrcious furmily sent me a beautifur rose. They said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL, HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY WITH GETTING LOTS OF LOVE!!!!" Could you please spare some extra purrs and prayers for Xena's sisfur Queen Tallulah? She needs our support and love.

Adam and his sweet furmily sent my furmily and me a beautifur egg. They said, "HAPPY MEOWDAY to you, hope you had A PURRRRECT Day, glad we are FURIENDS. Happy Easter to you & your Family. Purrs & Hugs & Kitty Kisses & Head Bonks, Adam, Eve, Pudd, Puff, Pumpkin, Little One."

Big Harry and his pawsone furmily sent me a yummy shrimp. They said, "Happy Purrday, Cassidy! Love, Purrs and Woofs, Big Harry, Royce, Patches, Abigail and Zack"

Dino and his furmily sent me a delicious chocolate iced cupcake. They said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIDY! WISHING YOU A VERY SPECIAL DAY! HUGS, LOVE AND FURIENDSHIP, LEXI, MONNIE, DINO, ANGEL BUDDY(BABY KISSES)!"

Teebo and Callie sent me a yummy pink iced cupcake. They said, "Happy 11th Birthday Cassidy! We hope your day is purrfectly wonderful! Purrs, Teebo and Callie"

I received more nice pmails from Baci (Mrs. Redd Catt) and a fun message from Liliana Houseafluff and furmily that said, "Meow! A purrday, come on everyfurry!
(Daisy Mae, Lily and the Furry Angel Gang (Tico, Bandit, Yum Yum, and Maggie) form a chorus line.)

Mew Mew Mew


(Presents a purrday gift basket to the purrday cat. Mewr basket contains a fish shaped Tuna Cake, a 6 pack of mouse cola, lizard and chocolate chunk ice cream, a ball of yarn and a mousie.)

Purrday Basket

11:30 PM EST ~

Beepers and furmily sent me a yummy birthday cupcake. They said, "Happy 11th Birthday, Cassidy ~ and many more! Wishing you a wonderful birthday and wonderful year ahead, too. (I'm the 11-year-old in our family, so I get to give you the birthday cupcake. Hope you like it!) prrrr, Beepers & family"

My birthday was furry special and I had a wonderpurr time. Thanks to all who helped me celebrate it.


Happy St. Patrick's Day and we need to be on Catster more.

March 17th 2010 7:50 pm
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I must apologize for few entries of late. Ever since November, Meowmy has had a full plate. *scratches head because the plate is actually empty* There has not been much time for our diaries. She has had little more than time to try to check daily to see if our furiends and loved ones have received honors. Meowmy has been busy with the holidays, at first, then illnesses in the human furmily, and helping care for other people's kitties. What? Pffftttt. Our furiend who is almost 90 has been unable to care for his three kitties and Meowmy has had to go over there daily to feed and water the kitties and change the litter. Our furiend's wife is in a nursing home and he had a bad back. He had pinched nerves from collapsing vertabrae. He had something injected last week to build up the area and lift the pressure and he is walking better but not able to care for his 14 year old cat who is showing signs of early renal problems. He has a cat who is about 7 or 8 who has a heart murmur and a calico who is about 6 years or so. Meowmy says he will soon have to find homes for his babies and it pains her heart. She is afraid that this man's son will take them to the pound and we all know what will happen if that takes place. It gives my meowmy lots of stress and worries.

Meowmy was caring for another three cats while their pawrents were on a 9 day cruise. Meowmy says she doesn't mind.

Tomorrow is my meowmy's birthday. I won't tell you how old she really is but let's say dirt is younger. MOL. Guess what my meowmy got for her birthday? She finally got her new kitchen countertops. She got granite and loves it already... even though the spigot can not be put in until tomorrow.

Meowmy has been busy stripping wallpaper for a long while now as time allows. Then my dad will patch the cracks from the foundation settling and then Meowmy is painting the walls. This will take months to complete. So, some of this is why Meowmy can't find the time for us to paw our diaries like we would like to do.

Today, Meowmy finally found out why we have NOT gotten Catster notices. It seems that her Catster notices are being bounced by Yahoo. Meowmy got in touch with Yahoo and it was determined that it is a Catster issue. So, Meowmy tried ALL day long to reach HQ and got the message. Late this evening she finally reached a human who told her to contact Catster via email. Hazel Lucy's meowmy had told my meowmy that is what would happen and had given Meowmy the email to do it. Pffffftttt. What next?

A very Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my furiends.

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