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Today is my 12th birthday.

March 18th 2011 5:13 am
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I am 12 years old today. Woo Hoo! Pawty time *whispers* I hope. I share this birthday with my meowmy. She is alot older than I am. *giggles*


Yesterday Catster lost the best of the best.

March 17th 2011 6:05 am
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Yesterday was a very sad day, indeed, for my furmily and me and for so many Catster furiends. We were shocked and saddened to learn that our beloved furiend Hazel Lucy was to go to Heaven at 12:30 PM EST. Our meowmy had come home from getting her hair cut about 11:30 and turned on the catputer to see what was happening. She went to FB first and saw the posting about Hazel Lucy. The next hour we all spent our time crying and praying for Hazel Lucy and her wonderful meowmy Julie.

Hazel Lucy and her meowmy were and are such beautiful and caring souls who started the wonderful Purr Threads on Catster. Hazel Lucy touched all of our hearts in such a special way and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts and in the hearts of so many others. True love never dies and we do truly love Hazel Lucy and thank her for being a most special part of our lives.

Please keep Hazel Lucy and her meowmy Julie in your purrs and prayers during this sad and difficult time. We know that it is never easy to say our earthly goodbyes. We know that our lives will be reunited again one day and that, while absent from the earth, they are always present in our hearts.

We wanted to write yesterday but our meowmy just could not gather herself to help us. Hazel Lucy and Julie hold a very special place in our hearts and we found ourselves too devastated to write.

We still find ourselves shocked and deeply saddened but we know that Hazel Lucy is free of her earthly pain and is healthy again and is now happily reunited with her beloved furhusband Buddie. What a special reunion that was.

Hazel Lucy, we will forever love you and are so blessed to call you our furiend. Our meowmy is blessed, also, to call your meowmy a special friend. You are both dearly loved.


A special rosie from sweet furiends.

February 21st 2011 6:56 pm
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Gimli and his sweet furmily sent me the POP. They said, "Dear Cassidy,
bless you
Love & Purrs, Nigel, Isis, Gimli, Tabi, Charlie, Kenji & K.C"


Happy Valentine's Day to my furiends.

February 14th 2011 2:46 pm
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I want to wish all my furiends and their humans a very Happy Valentine's Day! Sending much love to all of you.

Update - I am finally healed from my abscess and the hair has grown back purrty well. I can't say I had a really good time but I did survive with dignity. It ended up that my boo boo took a little longer to heal and I was on extended antibiotics but all worked out well.


My weekend!

December 7th 2010 8:20 am
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Oh my kitty cats! I can't believe that it has been eight months since my meowmy has allowed me to paw in my diary. None of us have been pawing much but eight months is way too long. We have had lots going on in our furmily with different sickly kitties and issues and my human grandmother has had lots of problems with her health and my pawrents have had furry full plates. Another reason we have not written in our diaries is the changes in Catster. For us, it is so slow that Meowmy has not found the time to work with us on our diaries. Many of our furiends were put in the kennel for their comments and we did not care for the punishment that our furiends received. We love our furiends and it made us furry sad that they were being punished.

Now, let me tell you about my weekend. It started Friday night when Meowmy fed us. I was not interested in food. Unless I am sick, this never happens. Meowmy tried to coerce me into food but I had nothing to do with food. I was meowing a good deal, however, and Meowmy could not figure out why.

Saturday morning, I could not be found. I did not come out nor did I make a sound. Meowmy got the flashlight and went on a Cassidy hunt. She found me hiding under the catputer cabinet. When she shined the light on me, I did begin to meow loudly. Meowmy went straight to the telephone and called my doc doc. They said bring me in. Saturday is their half day so we hurried.

My regular doc doc was not in so I saw Dr. Elliott. He examined me and they stuck the thermometer you-know-where. I did not like that at all. They found my temperature to be 103.7. Dr. Elliott looked in my mouth and said that my teeth were bad but should not be causing my issues but he did tell Meowmy that we need to address my teeth in the near future. He decided to just try giving me a Sub Q, shot of Convenia and Orbax to take at home. He told Meowmy to put me in a room by myself so she could keep check on my intake and output and to be sure that I was not throwing up. He told Meowmy to take me to the emergency hospital if I had any problems on the weekend... otherwise, I was to return on Monday morning for recheck.

I did not eat much during the rest of the weekend but did eat some Hills A/D that Meowmy keeps on hand for Hooch. I seemed to like it better than the other things Meowmy was offering. Monday morning, I was taken in the prison carrier - against my will - back to the doc doc. I saw a substitute vet because my doc doc has taken her birthday week off. They stuck that thermometer you-know-where again. I did meow when they did it. They found, to their surprise, my temperature had risen to 104.2. Dr. Tabony was a little surprise by the temperature rise since I was on antibiotics. She felt my abdomen to see if I was possibly constipated. She felt a little firmness but nothing to say constipation. Dr. Tabony decided that maybe an enema could help... definitely would not hurt. So, she laid me down on my right side and lifted my tail to look around and that was when she saw it. I had an abscess at the left base of my tail... a big one... from bite wounds. (Meowmy suspects that my sisfur Kujo could be the offender but is not sure.)

Dr. Tabony said that it had to be drained. So, my meowmy left me there to let the doc doc torture me. They opened and drained my abscess, gave me a Sub Q, a Rimadyl injection for pain, a Buprenorphine injection and 6 Buprenorphine oral syringes to take at home. I had to stay at that hospital until 2:30ish.

To Meowmy's surprise, when she picked me up, I was wearing the Elizabethan collar. I have to wear it for a minumum of 5 days and the doc doc prefers that I wear it until my recheck in 10 days. I am confined to the upstairs bathroom for several reasons, one of which is the drainage. Meowmy is having to wash the floor alot with clorox wipes. She says it is unreal what is still draining and it could continue for 3 or so days. I have to use pelleted or shredded paper litter but I like my regular litter. My doc doc says there is too much of a chance of infection, if we use it. So, I am stuck with the "new" litter for the time being. I think I am being tortured by my meowmy.

So my new world for the next week or 10 days is going to be a scary one for me.


Happy Earth Day to all my furiends and my meowmy's special- furiend.

April 22nd 2010 1:55 pm
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Today, my meowmy had made plans with her special and longtime furiend. You see, Meowmy's furiend Daryle is one of the people she admires the most of anyone we know. Daryle was born with a condition of her eyes called Aniridia. Daryle's eyes were so bad that she was deemed legally blind with only some vision. As time went on, she lost more of her vision and had to go through several cornea transplants and even cataract surgery for the clouded lens. Daryle did NOT allow this to dampen her spirits. She was determined as she went through all of the surgeries to get her Master's Degree and took public transportation to UNC-Charlotte where she achieved this honor. Daryle became a counselor at a large local church and has become an inspiration to many. My meowmy is furry proud to be one of Daryle's furiends and they have had great fun with each other over the years. They (just Meowmy and Daryle) even took Daryle's two human children and three of my human siblings to Florida for almost a week on a furry limited budget. They saved so much money at Disney that they managed to squeeze two more nights in Daytona Beach. What a trip! Now, let me tell you that my meowmy and Daryle know how to squeeze blood out of a turnip when needed. Daryle has never given up and continues to wear her rose-colored glasses (Daryle's description of her view of life). Sadly, Daryle's vision is almost totally gone now and she basically sees only shades of greys. Meowmy says she doesn't know many people who would take the lemons that Daryle has been given and who could make such sweet lemonade. Daryle may have been given a little hope recently for some more vision with a doctor she found in Ohio who does artificial corneas. Daryle has had the limit of cornea transplants and has such scarring that nothing else can help her. My meowmy prays that this doctor can help her precious furiend.

Happy Earth Day to all my furiends.


Meowmy is finally helping me with my diary.

April 19th 2010 2:15 pm
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Can you believe that it has taken my meowmy THIS long to help me paw in my diary about my DDP honor on Saturday? Well, you see, my pawrents were expecting Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob to come by on their way back home from Florida where they were vacationing. They were spending the night with us. So, as most of you know, my pawrents had Wednesday and Thursday (14th and 15th) all tied up with workmen all day for both days as the men were installing the new furnaces and air conditioners. Meowmy got NOTHING done those days and it was a mess. So, Meowmy finished up her painting and moving the furniture back where it goes on Friday. When Saturday arrived and I found out I was a DDP honoree, I was furry excited BUT Meowmy told me that she could not help me paw about it because she had to clean up the house from the week of MESS.

Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob arrived about 6 PM. My pawrents were happy to see them. They sat around and had a glass of wine and snacks and chatted. Auntie Barbi and my meowmy exchanged gifts and we got to open them. Auntie Barbi brought us a cool kitty tunnel, two fun balls that Karisma confiscated and held hostage and a nice mousie. We were excited. Meowmy got a really nice Micky Mouse and characters afghan, a lovely towel for the kitchen with Minnie Mouse on it and a really cute pink Disney fanny pack. Meowmy loves fanny packs. My dad got a cute Disney keychain.

I managed to come out so that Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob could see me. Often when we have company, I will stay hidden. This time I was a furry brave girl! Yay.

My meowmy had not been able to sleep on Friday night. She said she watched the clock until at least 4 AM. She got up about 7:30 AM. Then, Auntie Barbi and Meowmy stayed up until after 2 AM on Saturday night chatting and having fun. Meowmy did not get up until she was called about 7:45 AM. Meowmy got in bed at 3 AM because she took her nightly bath before going to bed. My pawrents and Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob went to breakfast after Meowmy arose and got dressed and then Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob headed straight out for NJ and my pawrents came home. My meowmy was developing a headache so she told me she could not help me with my diary yesterday. I understood because Meowmy and headaches don't go well together.

My pawrents had to arise early this morning to go be with my human brofur Jim who was having some major dental surgery and they had to be there around 8. They did not get home until a little while ago. Jim did very well in his surgery. We think the illness he had (fungus in lungs and bones) and medicines he has taken for it has taken a toll on his teeth. So, my pawrents spent most of the day with him. He was "coming around" so they headed home.

On the 17th, when I received my DDP honor, I got many nice gifties and concats. I am so thankfur for my sweet furiends who help me celebrate honors and events.

Adam Dylan and his precious furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "CONCATS Our SWEET & BEAUTIFUL FURIEND for being DOTD! Have A PAWSOME DAY! WE LOVE YOU & YOUR PAWSOME FAMILY! Purrs & Hugs & Kitty Kisses & Head Bonks & A BIG KITTY HIGH 5 PAW & MUCH LOVE, Adam & Eve & Pudd & Puff & Pumpkin & Little One." PLEASE rev up your purrs for our dear furiend, Adam.

Beauty and her thoughtful furmily sent me a lucky ladybug. They said, "Congrats on being a diary pick, Cassidy!!! Enjoy your day!! Love, Beauty and family"

Karma Kitty and her pawsome furmily sent me a ladybug. She said, "Hi Cassidy, Just sending BIG Concats on your DDP today!!! You are such a pretty kitty Have a Purrfectly wonderful and special day honey. Love, Karma, Charlie, Punkin, Bobbi & Shelly"

Truffles and his sweet furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "Dear Cassidy~ Catgrats on being today's DDP and we hope that you have a pawsome day, celebrating. Meowmy and daddy are looking foward to seeing you later todaay. Love~ Truffles & Co."

Nala Sue sent me a yummy shrimp. She said, "Concatulations Daily Diary Pick!!! Love reading it!! Hugs, Nala Sue"

Boogers sent me a fun kite. He said, "Meow!! We're both DDP's today! Concats Cassidy and it's always extra special when I'm honored with friends!!!" It was an honor being selected as a DDP with such a sweet furiend like Boogers.

Sugar sent me a lucky ladybug. She said, "Good job being a diary pick today, Cassidy! Enjoy your day in the spotlight."

Sampson and his pawsome furmily sent me a beautifur rose. They said, "Congrats Pretty Miss Cassidy on being selected as a DDP! *cheers & hugs* Hope your day was as special as you are! Headbonks & Purrs, Sampson, Nakita, Lil' Muppet, Chico, Armani & Krikit xoxo"

I, also, got a nice pmail from Angel Buddie and his sweet furmily. They said,


OMC! I am one of today's DDP honorees! WOW!

April 17th 2010 6:04 am
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Oh WOW! I woke up to find that I am a DDP again today. Thank you, thank you Catster HQ and Diary Gal. I am really excited. I can't paw in my diary much now because my pawrents are getting ready for a visit from Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob later on today. Meowmy says that, if she gets ready in time, she will allow me to paw more in my diary today.

I want to CONCATULATE Queen Tallulah on her DOTD honor. Please send her your love, purrs and prayers as she undergoes chemo. My fellow pal Boogers is a DDP today, too. I want to say CONCATS to Boogers! It is nice being selected with such sweet furs.


A furever star from Milo and furmily.

April 13th 2010 7:38 pm
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Milo and his thoughtful furmily sent me a furever rainbow star. They said, "Becoz you are a Star and Beauty Queen and becoz we missed your birfday~Sending mucho concats on the many talents you possess with purrfect grace. Belated Happy Birthday and concats! Purrs galore, Milo, Timmy and Smokey Joe"

Milo, how thoughtfur of you and your furmily. You put a smile on my kitty face this evening.


More diary greetings and my dad may be out of the dog house.

April 10th 2010 5:57 am
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Last night after I signed off my diary, Angel Morris and his sweet furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "Sorry we missed it but we wanted to say congrats on being dairy pick!" It made me happy to receive more DDP concats.

This morning, Lily and her lovely furmily sent my furmily and me a fun brusselball. They said, "Concats on being the DDP!! Plus, you look like me (I had a similar start and have a similar purrsonality too)!! Purrs, Lily & furmily"

My other news is that my dad did get the "mud" on the walls finally yesterday. He has to do another check today and then sand the walls and THEN in the kitchen and living room he must put some caulking around the window and door areas where there has been some separation from the wall in the settling. In the kitchen, he must put the paintable caulking around the new granite countertop because our walls are not PURRfect like we are. MOL. Meowmy says that while he is "s-l-o-w", he is getting there finally.

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