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~ Clawdia's Heavenly thoughts ~

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A beautiful poem.

March 24th 2011 6:09 am
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As many of you know, Meowmy is now on Facebook. This can be dangerous as she is not furry good with things like that and Facebook often catfuses her. That being said, she wanted to post something in my diary and in Fire's that someone sent to the beautiful new Angel Hazel Lucy. Meowmy was so touched by this poem and wanted to share it with furiends who may not have seen it before and who are not on Facebook. Meowmy apologizes to the purrson who sent it to sweet Hazel Lucy for not remembering who sent it.

Her Journey's Just Begun

Don't think of her as gone away
...her journey's just begun
life holds so many facets
this earth is only one.

Just think of her as resting
from the sorrow and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years

Think how she must be wishing
that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away

And think of her as living
in the hearts of those she touched
for nothing loved is ever lost
and she was loved so much!

We don't know the author, either. But isn't it beautiful?


A thank you heart from my sweet Sammy. Today is Sammy's- birthday!

March 10th 2011 11:35 pm
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My sweet furhusband Sammy sent me a purrty heart. He said, "Thank you for the sweetest birthday greetings, my lovely wife. You are so sweet to remember. I love you more with each passing day. You are the only birthday present that I will ever need (but I wouldn't mind a big piece of birthday cake). MOL" Today is my sweet Sammy's birthday. We have lots of pawtying to do to celebrate.


A belated Happy Valentines Day to all my furiends and- belated concats on my COTD.

February 15th 2011 6:11 am
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Yesterday, Gidgit sent me a big Valentine Hugz. She said, "Belated concats on cat of the day, and Happy Valentine's Day.

Yesterday, my furry handsome, loving furhusband Sammy sent me a big Valentine box of chocolates). He said, "Happy Valentine's Day my sweetest and most beautiful wife. I love your portrait and see that you have receives a special honor on the 12th by being cat of the day. You are my cat of the day every day of every year. All my love and devotion. Sam"

I hope all my furiends and their humans had a very Happy Valentines Day!


I received more concats today. I feel furry special.

February 13th 2011 3:54 pm
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I received more sweet concats from furiends today. I have been so bless with very caring furiends. Thanks to each of you who helped me celebrate my COTD honor.

My handsome brofur-in-law Poo and his precious furmily sent me a furever rainbow star. They said, "Congratulations, beautiful sisfur in law, for being yesterday's Cat of the Day! Our apawlogies for being late; wishing you a purrtastic celebration filled with love! We are so proud of you! Loads of love, Poo & the Kalifurnia Krew"

Teebo and his wonderpurr furmily sent me champagne glasses.... filled with delicious catnip champagne, of course. They said, "Belated concats on being Cat of the Day! We're sorry we missed it (Mom was taking a break from the computer). We hope you have a wonderful day!! Purrs, Teebo, Callie and Rose"

Gracie and her sweet furmily sent me a dozen beautifur red roses. They said, "Clawdia, i read your bio and you sound like you were a very special kitty cat.. and you are special in heaven now.. Love, Gracie, Mussey, Lola, Butterscotch and angel Snowflake" Please take the time to remember Gracie in your purrs and prayers. Gracie is undergoing chemo now. Pray for success and a healthy Gracie.

My thanks, again, to all the sweet furs who helped me celebrate this honor.


COTD! Me? Wow!

February 12th 2011 5:48 am
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I am so honored to learn that I am Catster's COTD today! Thank you HQ for selecting little ol' me. Wow! I flew in to see if my meowmy knew of my honor... she did... I saw her crying with joy for me. I know that it is very hard for my meowmy to visit my page. She says it makes her both sad and happy. I know that when I left her, I took such a big piece of her heart with me. My meowmy really loved me and I really loved her. She said I was her joy in the morning... especially when I jumped on her to remind her that it was time to eat. If she did not get up, I became more aggressive with my jumping and licking. My ploys worked. Meowmy always got up and fed us.

I want to wish my precious sisfur Fire a belated Happy 40th Birthday. Her birthday was February 10th. I know my meowmy still misses her so much. Meowmy said Fire was the sweetest cat one could ever imagine.

First, yesterday my meowmy added my beautiful portrait that Tyler's meowmy painted of me. Auntie Jill captured my beautiful eyes. Meowmy says it is like looking at me. Meowmy loves my portrait and we can't thank Tyler and Auntie Jill enough for the beautiful work of art. Tyler - Mr. Boombastic Angel sent me a beautiful forever diamond. He said, "Sweet angel Clawdia, mum is thrilled to see your portrait on your page! This is indeed a HIGH honor and she is humbled... Thank you for the star, I will always treasure it. Much love, Tyler xxx"

Today to help me celebrate my Catster honor, Angel Sammie and his special furmily sent me a heart of concatulations. They said, "Clawdia; Congratulations on being the COTD, what a beautiful portrait of you too by Tyler's Mommy. You will live on in our hearts! Love; Angel Sam, KiKi & Em"

Ciao-Li and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a beautifur pink ribbon. They said, "Beautiful Clawdia, congratulations on being Cat of the Day! What an exciting and pawsome honor! Yay! Way to go, sweetie! You must be so purroud. We are purroud of you, and we love you, precious angel!"

Sweet Tate sent me a dozen red roses. He said, Congrats beatiful Clawdia on being COTD! Im blowing kisses up to you at Rainbow Bridge Love, Tate"

Beautifur Sky sent me a beautiful heart. She said, "Cat of the Day - Kisses and Hugs"

Eddy and her sweet furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Big congrat's Clawdia on being Cat of the Day! Have a Heavenly day sweetheart. Love & Purr's, Eddy & Family"

Karma and her wonderpurr furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Pretty Angel Clawdia, Many concats on your cotd honor. Such a beautiful sweet face. Love, Karma, Charlie, Punkin, Bobbi and Shelly"

10:38 PM EST ~

Angel Sonny Bono and his sweet sisfurs sent me a furever Star of an Angel. They said, "Catgrats beautiful Clawdia on being COTD, we are so purroud of you, enjoy your day in the Spotlight sweetie, Love Angel Sonny Bono, Hugs, Presley & Paris ♥♥♥"

Anna and her wonderpurr furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Congratulations on being COTD beautifur Clawdia! Wishing you a day filled with golden memories and sweet moments. lots of hugs and purrs Anna and furmaily"

Milo and his precious furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Congrats on being Cat of the Day, Clawdia! Your portrait is beautiful. Love, Milo and family" Milo is a beautiful angel who captured our hearts when we first joined the Catster community.

Prissy and her sweet furmily sent me a furever crown. They said, "Catgrats on bein COTD! Here's a furever crown fur you to remember that you are a queen not just fur today but always. Sandpaper Kisses, Prissy, Harley, Tao, Teddy, Slater, Tori & Tyler"

Tyler - Mr. Boombastic Angel and his precious furmily sent me a trophy cup. They said, "Clawdia, concats on your wonderful Cat of the Day award! In our house you are tops every day! Much love, Tyler and family Xxx" Tyler, my portrait is too stunningly beautiful for words. You helped your wonderful meowmy to make a very special painting. I love it so much... and I love you and your meowmy so much.....

Ko and her pawsome furmily sent me a pink ribbon. They said, "Concats, sweetie, on being named COTD!"

Milo and his sweet furmily sent me a beautifur heart. They said, "Concats purrty Clawdia on ur Cat of the Day honor! What a spawcal surprise to see ur lovely face on the cover of Catster dis mornin'! Sweet purrs, Milo, Smokey Joe, Sam, 'n fur cousins"

Frosty and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a trophy cup. They said, "Dear Angel Clawdia~ We are so proud of your "Cat Of The Day" honor and may you have a wonderful celebration in Heaven... You really are a sweet little angel! Love~ Frosty & Co. xoxo"

Zachery sent me a beautifur heart. He said, "Happy Cat of the Day on the bridge."

Angel T C sent me a trophy cup. She said, "Concatulations Clawdia! Your picture on the homepage makes it look absolutely SPECTACULAR! Purrrrrrrrrrs, T C" T C is my sweet sisfur-in-law and the heavenly sisfur of my little sisfur Karisma's beloved Mr. Lollycat McNoNo.

Riley and Skippy sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Concatulations Clawdia for being Cat of the Day! Sending out love and thoughts! Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs & Purrs, Riley & Skippy Skipster"

Sweet Pooters sent me a beautifur red rose. She said, "concats Concats COTD! Hugs"

Casey and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a yummy shrimp. They said, "Hi Pretty Clawdia: A big congrats on being chosen COTD! We heard that your angel furfriends are planning a big celebration on cloud 9 with cake & gifts! Enjoy the shrimp & your day in the spotlight sweet Clawdia! Luv Casey,Grace,Leo & Frankie"

Adam Dylan and his pawsome furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "CONCATS CLAWDIA for Being COTD! A "ROSE" for a FURRY BEAUTIFUL LADY! WE LOVE YOU SO FURRY MUCH! We send "OUR LOVE" to Your WONDERFUL FAMILY! Purrs & MUCH LOVE, 'THE GANG OF FURS'"

Angel Rufus and his sweet furmily sent me a beautifur red rose. They said, "Congratulations, Cat of the Day! Hope you enjoyed your special honor. Purrs and love, Rufus & family"

Late night EST ~

Moozer and the Archangel Crew sent me a furever gold crown. They said, "Clawdia, Sorry we found out about you honor a bit late... concats...beautiful Angel~~ Queen for a Day! purrrs, Moozer + the Archangel Crew" Moozer is the furhusband and forever love of my sisfur Kujo. Kujo used to be bossy to me when I was young but I loved and still love that grouchy ol' gal.

Wanda and her precious furmily sent me a beautiful red heart. They said, "We are so very thrilled for you being Cat of the Day! It is a well deserved honor. Your portrait is so beautiful. Sending loads of hugs and kisses, Wanda, Norman and family" Wanda, you were one of my first Catster friends and know that I LOVE you so much. I will always love you and your furmily. We are furever furiends.

Samantha Angel sent me a beautiful red heart. She said, "Happy Cat of the Day pretty Clawdia! Come with me over to the Bridge & I will serve you my catnip cake. The kitties will sing and purr to you and the atmosphere will make a beautiful noise. The stars will shine brighter for you! Love Samantha xo"

I received sweet pmails from Angel Buddie and his furmily, Chef Rooster and his furmily, Big Harry who advised me of a lovely picture he had made for me, Zachery and Gidgit. I also got a sweet picture from Rory in a comment. Thank you for writing to me with your nice messages.

Thank you for sharing my joy and for my being COTD. I am honored. I have such sweet furiends.


Thank you to my sweet furiends for celebrating my Bridge- Anniversary.

June 5th 2010 3:30 pm
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Yesterday, was a truly sad one for my meowmy. It was six years ago that I broke the heart of my meowmy. You see, I had to leave her and make my long journey to the Rainbow Bridge. To this day, my meowmy can't talk about me without being very sad and crying. She remembers all the fun times we had and all the love we shared. I was her rock.

While time does help to heal the hurt, it never really goes away. The anniversaries of our births and deaths take a serious toll on our pawrents. I know that my meowmy is so happy that we shared 5 years of joy. She said I never gave her a single problem. I loved everyone I met but I did not like to go to the doc doc. That was my pet peeve.

Meowmy just could not visit my page again yesterday to help me see what I had gotten nor to read the sweet comments. This evening, we are doing that. Thank you to effuryone who thought of me during this sad time for my meowmy and me.

Yesterday, after I got off the catputer, I received some beautifur gifts.

Nuk and his sweet furmily sent me a purrty heart. They said, "There is no way to predict how you will feel. The reactions of grief are not like recipes, with given ingredients, and certain results. Each person mourns in a different way. ~ Rabbi Grollman
Sending our love to your family today (and everyday)" Thank you, dear furiends, for the very special message. It touched our meowmy's heart.

Rebby sent me a furever Star of an Angel. He said, "Clawdia what a Beautiful Diary Entry You wrote!! Our thoughts and Prayers go out to You and Your Family today. Love from Angel Rebby"

Adam and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a loving heart. They said, "We send OUR LOVE to our FURRY SWEET & BEAUTIFUL FURIEND today on your Bridge Anniversary. WE LOVE YOU SO FURRY MUCH. WE send MANY Purrs & Hugs & Kitty Kisses & MUCH LOVE to YOUR FAMILY today. Adam & Eve & Pudd & Puff & Pumpkin & Little One."

Wanda and her precious furmily sent me a furever Star of an Angel. They said, "Sending many hugs and lots of love to you and your family today. Love Wanda, Norman and family" Wanda and her furmily were one of our first furiends on Catster and are some of the best furiends we could effur have.

Bella and her sweet furmily sent me a loving heart. They said, "Dear Clawdia, Sending loads of love to you and your family on your Bridge anniversary. We know anniversaries can be hard, so we are sending purrrs of comfort and peace. Always remember: LOVE IS FOREVER! Purrrs from all of us,"

Vincent and his lovely furmily sent me a furever gold crown. They said, "rest in peace, sweet angel"

Today, Pooters sent me a beautifur rose. She said, "Thinking of you on your Bridge Anniversary. The pain eases as time passes but we never lose the love we have for each other. Many purrs to you and your family - Pooters"

Thank you to all of my precious furiends for remembering me. I saw smiles on my meowmy's face through all of her tears.


Today is my 6th Bridge Anniversary

June 4th 2010 5:39 am
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Today is the 6th anniversary of my Bridge crossing. It was ironically on a Friday morning in 2004 that I was called to the Bridge. It was shortly before noon when my meowmy got the call from my doc doc telling her that I had passed away. I saw my meowmy collapse in tears on the floor while on the phone with my doc doc and I heard my doc doc telling my meowmy what had happened to me. I had been playing with my favorite ball only 15 minutes before I was called to the Bridge. My doc doc had been standing nearby and was watching me in my morning play. She left to attend another patient and withing that time, they found me in the cage. I had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My meowmy will never forgive herself for not making her normal morning visit to see me. Who knew that it would have been the last time for us to see each other?

We knew that I would be crossing the Bridge soon because just that morning, my doc doc had called my meowmy to tell her that I was terminal with my renal failure. I had been diagnosed just three weeks before with Acute Renal Failure... I had never had any signs. From the day in May (15th) that I was diagnosed until the day I was called to the Bridge, my home was the hospital. My doc doc made a valiant attempt to save me. I would respond and we would have HOPE and then I would take a plunge. My doc doc had called my meowmy that Friday morning to tell her the bad news and told Meowmy that she wanted the weekend to stabilize me again and then would let me come home for a short while and would then come to my home where I was comfortable and the place I dearly loved to help me cross the Rainbow Bridge. Meowmy was not happy about that but she loved me too much to see me suffer... so that had been the plan. Meowmy NEVER expected the call a short time later from my doc doc telling her I had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I know that I left a big hole in my meowmy's heart and she constantly tells people about my pawprints that are forever in her heart. My doc doc still has my picture in her hospital where all who come in can see my sweet face. And my doc doc tells my meowmy that I was truly a ONE IN A MILLION cat. I gave my meowmy so much love and so many blessings in my all-too-short 5 years on earth with her. I know that I will never be forgotten and that my meowmy will forever love me.

I received two sweet rosettes yesterday from some very sweet and special Bridge furiends.

Albert sent me a beautifur rose. He said, "I will be remembering you, as I know your earth family will be also, on your Bridge anniversary, sweet Clawdia. True love never dies. Love, Albert"

Mr. Sam sent me a bouquet of tulips. He said, "Sending much love to your family today beautiful angel Clawdia. Purrs and sunshine, mr sam"

Thank you for remembering me for my Bridge Anniversary. I need to sprinkle lots of angel dust on my meowmy today to help her get through this sad day.


A sad day for my meowmy is coming up soon.

May 26th 2010 11:15 pm
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Angel Morris and his sweet furmily sent me a rainbow rosette. They said, "In memory of Clawdia. Many angel hugs to you." That is furry sweet of you to think of me.

I know that my meowmy is still very sad - even after all the years that have passed. My 6th bridge anniversary is coming up on June 4th. I see those tears and the saddness in my meowmy's eyes. I try to tell her not to feel sad because I am healthy again but humans have a very hard time when we have to leave them. Meowmy always says I left a big crater in her heart when I left her.


Today I celebrate my 11th birthday at the Bridge.

April 10th 2010 6:24 am
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Meowmy misses me always and I know that she doesn't miss one day thinking about me and being sad that I had to leave her too soon. Today I celebrate my 11th birthday but the celebration will be at the Bridge. I know Meowmy will be celebrating my birthday with our earth furmily but she is furry sad that I can't be there to have fun with my siblings and to celebrate with them. I will be flying over my home and sprinkling lots of angel dust today. Meowmy has had weepy eyes this morning and I must cheer her up today. After all, I have a birthday to celebrate at the Bridge.

Angel Wanda and her special and most loved furmily sent me a birthday hat. They said, "Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you are having a great party, I know Wanda will be there she can smell cake miles away! Hugs to your precious family, we know birthdays apart are hard. Love ya, Wanda, Norman and family" Wanda, you know how precious you and your furmily are and have always been to us. Thank you for being our dear furiends.


A kite from Ava Corrine and a basket to celebrate!

April 9th 2010 6:47 pm
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Sweet Angel Ava Corrine sent me a fun kite. She said, "Thanks for my DDP Rose! Now let's go play with this kite!" Oh boy, we can do "loopty loops" with our kite. We will have lots of fun and can be so creative in our formations.

I received a basket and pmail from Magnolia Blossum Lickitysplit. It said, "Woot fur being DDP" in the title. The message read, "(Happy dances around the room and then gives a special little gift basket to the DDP Kitty. (Mewr basket contains a catfish delight treat, a can of cat nip cola and a mousie.)
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