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January 24th 2013 8:13 am
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well Yesterday we got some rain which we needed. This weather is really strange I think it is climate change. Not doing much today it is a boring day.



January 23rd 2013 7:31 am
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well it is warming up- the squirrels are out and about and boy is there alot of them! I have never seen so many.Yesterdaymy human sister went to the pet store and we got some nice treats, and you all know how I LOVE my treats! The heater man came and it is still broke. I watched the swearing in of President Obama and it was interesting. well I am going to go and get some zzz's I was on cat patrol last night and nothing going on.


Martin Luther King and ingural day

January 21st 2013 7:41 am
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well to day is MLK day. It is a nice that we honor such a great man. President Obama is sworn in today which is very bice because I like him as president. I is a cold day today I wish we would get rain we need it very bad or we will be in a drought. The neighborood was quite which is good. Congrats to Nikita for Being DDP.


people fight presents ignauaal

January 20th 2013 8:57 am
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Well around 3 am I was woken up with people fighting. Boy were they really yelling and swearing around. I heard fists flying abd windows breaking. I was scared and went and hid. I heard the police come. I do not know what or why they were making such a racket to wake the whole neighborhood up!! then they says cats are funny when we fight , well atleast we do not wake the whole neighborhood up. It was very scarry! PEOPLE are STRANGE!!
Tommorrow is the big ignaural day. Iam very excited for it I like President Obama. One of my human sisters thinks he is cute! I hope things go well for him.
Today is the big football game 49ers verses the Falcons= I do Not like either teams- I am a Lions fan! But since The falcons are birds and kill cats I will have to go with the 49ers.
well I have to go and catch up on my sleep from the fight I lost sleep.After it ended I was to nervous to go back to sleep.
Oh yes Congrats to Nikita for me DDP. She is one lucky kitty


sat- nothing new

January 19th 2013 8:43 am
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well nothing new going on. I am just snooping into stuff. when cleaning out our old house, my human sisters found an blanket that my momma human made(knitted) me and Sophie years ago about 10 years ago. It is so nice to get it back. I forgot where I put it. I saw a squirrel this morning. Some strange cat was a little confused and wanted in my home. I guess they thought it was theirs. I hope it is NOT homeless! well I am off for a mid morning nap after all I was up on cat patrol at 2 am! while the humans were snorin away!


Car trip

January 18th 2013 10:21 am
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Well yesterday I went on a car trip and IDID NOT Like it at all!!! I had to go to the Vet with Abbey and Nikita for Moral support then went to the grocery store. I had to wait in the car- it was cold but warm in side. Poor Nikita has to have her teeth pulled feel bad for her. Oh I saw a squirrel- so I guess those annoying criters do live here too. Now that we went on our car trip and very well behaved( what else did she expect!) now my crazy sisters are thinking they take us more places-- I do not think so- But hey Maybe a vacation would be fun. well I am going to go find some mischief to get into- there seems there is alot of stuff to snoop into.


Cold day

January 16th 2013 7:17 am
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Boy it is still cold. I do not klnow how much longer this very cold weather is going to stick around! It is 28 degrees again. Tommorrow I have to go to the vet- No I am not sick or need shots, I just have to hang out there. I have to hang out there because repair people are coming, and Nikita and Abbey have to go to and get shots and Nikita's teeth fixed.5 days until President Obama is reingrauated which is good and exciting thing. still I have not seen any squirrels around, maybe it isto cold! well I am going to go. I am very excited I was choosen DDP on Tuesday 1-15-2013. Thanks for all the nice comments about it especilaly from Smiley Cassonova.


another cold day 28 degrees

January 14th 2013 7:20 pm
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Boy is it cold!! I wish this cold weather would go away. We are colder than some parts in the mid west= CLIMATE CHANGE I SAY!!!
I am adjustig to living inour new home Nikita has Not., I know my momma human would want me to. I hope the luck will turn around- I think it will I feel it in my kitty bones that good luck is coming for my family. well Nothing else to say got to go and keep warm! 7 days until Obama is swornin again!


Cold day 23 degrees

January 13th 2013 8:01 am
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It is another freezing day. I do not like this very cold weather or really hor weather above 90's . My ideal weather is about 50-80 degrees, even maybe 40-90 but that is it! There seems to be alot of cats and unfortunately dogs in this area. I have Not seen any sqirrels like I did at our old home. Well I have to start my writing streak over because my human sisiter messed up helping me write in my diary. It is 8 days until President Obama is sworn in again- I can hardly wait! I love political things. I just wish the economy would improve and my sisters would get jobs. They just have Terrible Luck. They deserve to have something go right!


moved in

January 8th 2013 3:17 pm
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Well we are finally adjusting to the new place. It is nice. It is lonely with out our momma humans sent around, we miss her terribly. There are alot of cats and wouldn't you know it Dogs! The cats seem very friendly. I have not seen any squirrels or heard them. Not much going on.

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