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Happy Ground Hog day

February 2nd 2013 7:53 am
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Hello There
Well the ground Hog in Pennsylvania says it will be an early spring. Well spring brings hope I hope my human sisters get better jobs this spring. many people say and predict that the Baltimore Ravens to win the Superbowl. Well Not much else going on. The neighbors in the area had a wild party again. My humans are allergic to the the Lavender stuff that helps calm me down.Well i am going on cat patrol.


Ground Hog day

February 2nd 2013 7:47 am
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well the ground hog says it will be sn Early spring. I am not surprised it seems like it is spring already. Many people think that Baltimoe Ravens will win the Superbowl. The neighbors up the street had a wild party last night again. Not much sleep. Nothing else going on. see ya


Nothing new

February 1st 2013 8:24 am
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well My tummy is feeling better. It looks like a nother beautiful day! It is friday 3 days until the super bowl I hope the 49ers win!! February is a sad Month it is when my momma humans birthday was and I still Miss her so very very much!!! I LOVE HER. We had a song from the I Love Lucy show- it went I Love Lucy I love Lucy and Lucy Loves me! That was me and momma song- Now she is gone and left me with 2 knucklehead people to take care of a Duffus dog and1 crazy cat. WhY!! well I am going to go on Cat patrol and see what birds, squirrels and other cats I can see.


Spring day and DDP

January 31st 2013 5:33 pm
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Boy I had 2 nice surprises. First I was honored again for being chosedn DDP again. It was very nice surpise. I appreciate all the nice Comments on my page. Thanks Patches and smily for thenice pictures. It seemes like an early spring. It was a great day. I had a little upset tummy this morning but it seems much better ths afternoon. Some sad news on the human news - about gun violence 200 people hurt or killed by guns today- Boy are people silly shooting some one just because they do not like them. I am glad that I am a Cat we do not do stuff like that. well Not much going on here. Just taking it easy with my upset tummy.



January 30th 2013 9:02 am
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Let me say Thank You to Catster for picking me as DDP. I also Thank all the Nice Kitties who left nice messages on my page. It is a Cold day today. I have No car rides planned for today.( Ihope) Nikta is no starting any fights which is good. abbeys back is bothering her- I feel for her- she looks like she is in pain.Nothing much going on.


strang thing- I am going on bye byes

January 29th 2013 6:53 pm
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well something strange i shappening to me. My human sisters seem to think that i like to go on car rides. I do not know why they think I like to do that- Just because I do not meow and cry around dose not mean I like to go on car rides- I do not like them. I find them boring- I do not understand why Abbey likes to go and sit around in cars- Boring!! I hope they get this tsrange idea out of their minds ASAP. If my momma was still around I would Not be going on Bye bey or car rides. It is crazy you know they are Not the best drivers. well i got to go see ya



January 28th 2013 7:26 pm
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Not much going on. It was cold this morning, but it warmed up in the afternoon. I can tell spring is just around the corner as I saw a Robin bobbing around this afternoon. I guess it is a little more than 6 weeks until spring and I sure will be glad. I have noticed how the sun is raising earlier and staying light later so that is nice. I am like my momma and do not like it to get dark early.
Well hope you all have a good day



January 27th 2013 8:03 am
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well Nikita and abbey had a fight last night. Nikita went up and hissed at Abbey- I have No clue what Abbey did to make Nikita mad but she must have done something really bad for to make Nikita Hiss at her. I guess she and Abbey want to be like the new neighbors and fight all the time. Abbey got to go to the dog park. I do not know what is going on with Nikita since we moved she has become very mischief. well I am going on cat patrol.


Foggy day

January 26th 2013 8:10 am
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Boy is it foggy today. As far as my cats eyes can see it is foggy. I do not like fog- It looks like London England here. I was Lucky here today as no pet tried to steal my food. It is only 8 days until the superbowl- I want the 49ers to win- I just wish that my Lions would have made it to the superbowl. Ever been on facebook- they have some cute cat pictures on it- but NOT as cute as me!!! I rather be on cattster than Facebook any old day- it is alot more fun. One of the cats here caught a squirrel yesterday- all the cats in the neighborhood think he is so great- I say big deal I caught a squirrel before during my farrel cat days- they do not taste that great. Did you see that some idiot man in New Zealand wants to ban Cats in that country! i'd say we should ban people who hate cats in this country- just kick them to the curb! well ia m going. we are to have rain today which we need.


Its friday

January 25th 2013 9:46 am
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Well it is friday- which is good. this week has not been good. It is raining again! I got some snackss after staring at my human sister for 15 minutes , she finally got the idea I wanted some treats! I wonder about humans. The squirrels are out- I am sure the birds will follow. I am excited about Spring- Hope comes with the new spring and I hope my human sisers finally get jobs that pay well. I am tired of helping them look- it is a hard job for a cat to do.
well My human sister has a question= Do other pet ie cat moms, sisters dads brothers feel funny about helping us write diaries on catser and being on catster? Do they tell their friends? well ia m going to go

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