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February 20th 2008 8:54 am
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HELLO.It was momma humans birthday yesterday. I got her a box of Sees Candy. I am mad at mom for personal cat reasons. I am very glad that Obama won 10 in a row!!! My human sister has a friend who is a super delagate for California- she is not to bright though she wants Hilary for president.It is raining today. Played for a long time with my cat sister sophie last night- we had lots of fun chasing each other and wrestling. Peace Lucy


February 16 2008

February 16th 2008 7:37 am
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Hello. Had a nice Valentines day. I got two cans of treats and a mouse to play with- add to my posse. The weather is nice. its been windy. My momma humans birthday is this Tuesday- it suppose to rain- she always has rain on her birthday- I gues its tears of joy that she was born that day! I love my mom so much!!!! Not much to write today. Peace to you Lucy.


February 12, 2008

February 12th 2008 3:58 pm
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Boy what a day did I have there were many ups and downs. It was kind of like a rollercoaster. The day started out fine, especially when I saw momma was up. We had a nice visiting until she got it in her head I need a pill for my asthma. I was so mad at momma I hissed kicked and even bit her while she and my human sister were trying to give me that stupid pill. Then I felt bad as I realized it was my stupid sister who gave me the pill, and I should have gotten mad at her. My momma was a innocent victim. I felt so bad, but momma came into my room and I apologized and she accepted. Momma and I once again best friends. It is a lovely day with birds and people to watch how much fun was that. momma heated up a blanket for me at night to cuddle up into so I do not get to cold. What a great Mom.


Monday February 11 2008

February 11th 2008 8:09 am
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Hello. Well this week has been pretty good. It has been nice weather here. Not foggy and grey but nice and sunny. I like sunny cool weather. Obama is really doing good in his race to be our next president. The New York giants won the Superbowl it was a good game and a great upset. My Momma human and I have spent alot of time together- we LOVE each other so much !!!!!. My Stupid human sister thinks I am fat- and wants to put me ona diet and exercise program- I am not fat! I am part Main Coon Cat and just big bone. Anyway my momma human likes me like this. I am a ferral cat and we are big cats once we are tamed-What does a vet know anyway- have they looked at themselves in a mirror lately- they are no skinny winnys. I am cute just the way I am- not diet for this cat!!! Well that is all I have to say- Thursday is Valentines day- I catcha later, if I am not starving to death with this stupid diet and exercise thing. you cats understand when humans call you Fat and you are not. what do humans know about cats any way?! Have they seen themselves with no clothes on- they are ugly and have no fur and they are not so skinny either. Peace to you Lucy. Ps. vote for Obama.


February 3 2008. Superbowl sunday.

February 3rd 2008 2:16 pm
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Thanks caster for choosing my diary for diary on February 1 2008. It was nice of you. It started out to be a sad day-My Momma human was gone for 5 hours this morning(it seemed like 100 hours) to my human sisters half marathon. She did not spend much time with me today- which make s me sad- mom's are suppose to spend time with their kittys. Moma went to the pet store on Friday and got me lots of good thing s to eat!- Moma knows how to pick out food Lucy likes.It's superbowl Sunday Momma and I want the Boston team to win- I like everything momma likes- she knows how to pick things-the winners. My momma human is purfect!!!!! Sophie got mad at me cause I slept on her box-she hit me and I hit back and left why fight with her- she is hard to deal with sometimes- but she is my kitty best friend forever. she thinks everything for cats is hers and hers alone! she does not like to share! Any other of you cats have problems like I have with Sophie your cat brother or sisters. But you can not not help to love little Sophie- I had to take care of Sophie today when our family was gone- she crys when our family leaves us for a few minutes .Little sister Cats- you can't live with them or with out them. I gotta go its game time. Tuesday is Super Tuesday- Election Day. Go Obama- hit it big! I Just Love my Momma Human she is the BEST MOMMA HUMAN AROUND!!!. Meow Meow > PEACE to YOU Lucy


Janary 30 2008

January 30th 2008 8:08 am
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Well its down to the wire- now that Edwards dropped out. I know Obama will win- he has what us cats want. I don't like Hilary- she was not nice to Socks their cat in whe White House! Momma Human went to human Vet for her eyes- she has bad eyes - has to go back again. I am worried about momma human- I Love her so Much!!! The dog in the family has to have tests down at the vet tommorrow she will be gone all day! Looking forward to some peace and quite with her being gone- nothing major wrong with her- humans just paranoid cause she is Fat!! Well I can tell them why-she eats my cat friskies at night- that makes me so mad my fur stands straigt up on my head, she is such a pig!!- you cats with dogs understand my problem with her. Well I plan some nice time with my momma cat today. Sophie was up playing last night and pured very loud- it is such a racket I don't like it- it is not dignified!! I know humans like it and it makes them happy- but my momma Loves me even if I don't make that racket called purring.
(note from Lucy's human sister- Lucy was a ferral cat and did not learn to purr- she does not like it when Sophie her cat sister purrs. Lucy is a loving cat even if she does not purr- Purr on cats us humans love it.your family loves you Lucy)


JANUARY 28 2008 Monday

January 28th 2008 8:22 am
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The sun and birds are out! My asthma is much better-Thank goodness. The Sacramento Kings won their basketball game against the Seattle SuperSonics- Go Kings! Sophie got a special gift- thats nice but why didn't I? I am a nice kitty too. My momma is my Best Friend forever NOTHING can tear us apart. Oh Obama won South Carolina- and got the Kennedy support- Go Obama Go. You can do it ! I guess I want the new York Giants to win the supperbowl- cause little Sophie does- we wanted the Green bay packers. I had a very nice visit with my mom today- She really LOVES ME- I love my momma with all my heart- I am her favorite pet!


Janauryt 27 2008

January 27th 2008 8:59 am
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Not a good day for Lucy- I have asthma really bad!! My human wants me on a diet! I don't need any dumb diets! I am just cute as I am - I part Main Coon and we are big cats!! Don't humans understand that?


Lucy's day January 24 2008

January 24th 2008 11:42 am
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Not much going on today. its rainy , so no birds. Sophie and I were up late playing and wrestling. We had alot of fun. I have a new posse member to sleep with a raindeer. I really like Chlorise the Raindeer.Yesterday the dog Abbey went to the dog park, so I got her out of my fur for a few hours. well gotta go and try and some some snack treats, my tummy is a rubling. Lucy


January 22 2008.

January 22nd 2008 7:33 pm
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Oh ok I started my diary. Not much to say. My cat sister sophie and Dog sister Abbey have a diary- so suppose I need one too. It Rained- A very good day to sleep and mediate. I have 23 new friends on Caster. I would like more. well see ya. I think my mom is gettin a treat for me or mine and Sophie's Blankies warmed up- gotta run No birds to watch or squirrels

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