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December 15th

December 15th 2008 3:13 pm
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I got another suprise today. I was picked for princess of the week at the Party Palace. How exciting was that. I was very suprised and happy. Now Nikita and Abbey have to treat me like I am special. I am certainly a very lucky cat.
It really rained yesterday and last night. Everyone in the area is so happy as we really need the rain. The people in the mountains are also so happy, as the ski resorts.
I have been busy getting things ready for Chirstmas and I still have a lot more to do. I sent Christmas cards, go my tree up, and have done some Christmas baking. I just have to get my humans some gifts. However, they never take me to th store to buy any presents. So again they will have to settle on just petting me. However, you know they may take me to the pet store to buy some gifts
Going to make my christmas list


December 13th

December 13th 2008 3:39 pm
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What a surprise my diary got pick as one of the Diaries of the day. That is pretty exciting. I thank Catster for having my diary as one of the diaries. I also thank the all who have given me nice gifts I appreciate the gifts and nice messages.
The weather has been pretty good. We were expecting a big storm, but so far nothing has happened. It may still storm tomorrow, but who knows.
My asthma is all gone, and I am glad. I have been buzing around a lot, and it feels good not to just sit in my chair or walking without getting worn out. My appetite is not to good, but that is good for my diet. I hope my asthma stays gone for a long time.
I am still glad Obama got elected. He seems like he is going to make a great president. His picks are more conservative, than I would like, but at least they have a lot of experience. I am so glad that there is only a few more weeks than Obama will be our president.
Nikita is doing a lot more exploring the house. She is even spending a lot more time with my family which makes me a little sad, but I guess she needs attention too. She still prefers playing at night, but today she was been up a lot during the day.
Well, I am going to go see what is going on. Maybe momma and I will spend time visiting.


December 11th feeling good

December 11th 2008 7:22 pm
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I am feeling so much better today. I glad my momma took care of me, and made me go to the vet. I hope my asthma stays away for awhile.
My new fur sister Nikita spent some time today finally exploring the house. She has lived her for two weeks, and she mostly stayed in a bedroom. Now she is finally getting brave enough to explore the house.
I have not done much today as I am resting from having asthma
Think I will go rest again


December 10

December 10th 2008 4:19 pm
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Well, I still have asthma, and it was getting worse. I did not want to get up or eat breakfast. It was to much work to move as it takes all your energy just to walk when you lungs are not working well. Thankfully, momma called the vet, and he was real busy, but said I could come in for a shot which clears up asthma. I had to wait until later in the day. I went to the vet which was not fun, and got my shot.
I am feeling better now. I am glad momma took me to the vet eventhough I hate the vet
Last night momma thought it would be a good idea for me to sleep in her bedroom with Abbey and Nikita. Momma put me in her bedroom with Nikita, and I wanted to leave. I was so mad at momma.
I do not know why she thought that would be a good idea for this cat to sleep with a cat I do not really like. Although we have never fough we just make stare at each other. When we are together we each do our own thing. Nikita likes to stay in momma bedroom, and I like to be all over the house. I also did not want to sleep with Abbey. That dog hogs the bed. I have never known a dog who is not to big take up so much room.
Well I am going to rest, and hope to be all better tomorrow


December 7th

December 7th 2008 5:05 pm
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It is foggy again. I beginning to wonder if the fog will ever go away. It is cold and damp. I know most cats and dogs would not think it was cold but for a cat from California it is cold. I do love this weather, but I would like to see the sun.
I still have asthma, and I wish it would go away. My family is taking me to the vets this week. I do not want to go to the vet as he will tell me I am fat. I am not fat, and I do not need to hear that from pencil neck nerd.
Nikitta is still living here with me. She is a little bit strange. Today she came out of a room and ran around like something was chasing her, and there was nothing at all. She was wild, and when she was caught she got mad. I must admit I do not understand her at all!!!!.
Abbey got to go for a nature walk with the family. I enjoyed the peace, but a little upset as I was left home with Nikitta. However, she did not bother me, she just sat in room window looking out. Abbey has a cold, and I hope she does not give me her germs. I do not need a cold on top of this stubburn case of asthma. Well, I am going to go rest
number 1 Noam Chomskey fan


December 5th

December 5th 2008 4:19 pm
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Oh no my family is at it again. I just want to be left alone and take care of myself. I know I can cure my own asthma, but oh no my family just keeps bugging me. They are always coming and checking on my breathing. I am so sick oh people putting their head on my chest to listen to me breathing. Do they no know if I was not breathing I would be dead. Why do they not give me a break. Now they are giving me medicine morning and night. I hate medicine, plus this medicine taste awful. I wonder how they would feel if I came along and opened their months, then threw something that taste awful down their throats. I bet they would hate it too. Oh well, I guess I will have to over look them, cause they are my family. They also provide me with food. I love food, and without them I would have to hunt my own food. I could do it easily, but I do not want to hunt in the winter as hunting is pretty bad. The birds leave for the south, as they are such chickens they can not even handle the Northern Calfornia winter. I know it seems I not in the best mood, but I have had a hard week. The only good thing is my momma. She knows I have asthma, and she is the only one who can comfort me. She gives me a lot of nice warm blankets. She also brings me treats. I am going to go rest, and think about momma


December 1st

December 1st 2008 8:15 pm
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Well it is begin to look a lot like Christmas here in Northern California.
It has been foggy all morning, and now it is foggy again. I do not mind the fog as I stay inside, but it is not good for watching outside.You can not see much and at night all you can see is car headlight. It is kind of scary.
My human sister bought me a nice red blanket with snowman to cuddle up at night. I like to cuddle up in my blankets at night and set in my chair.
I guess I started my diet to day. It has not been to hard, but tomorrow I have to start exercising. I have been doing more exercising as I have been spying on my new cat sister. I have been snooping into her stuff when she is sleeping or not around. We have been looking at each other, and hissing, but no paw throwing. My humans are pleased. They are hoping we become good friends, but it hard to say


November 29th

November 29th 2008 7:53 pm
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Well, Thanksgiving is all over for another year. I do not understand all this excitement over Thanksgiving. It seems to me people just go away for awhile, then come back watch T.V and eat, and eat. My family left me for most of the morning which fine as I could catch up on my cat business. They went to some race and thankfully they took the dog (Abbey) so I had the house to myself. My fur sister was also home, but I did not see her. Eventually they came home, and of course they brought the dog back too.
My family had turkey, and they gave me some too, but I do not care for turkey. I know cats are suppose to love turkey, but not me.
I love fish. Fish is much better than turkey. My new fur sister loves turkey which makes my family happy. I think it is a little strange to like turkey
Well, I think I go see what is happening around the house


November 25,2008

November 25th 2008 4:28 pm
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This past week has been not to good. I got a fur sister who does not like me. I tried to talk to her, and she just hisses. She has her own room, and does not sleep with me, so I still miss my fur sister Sophie.
Abbey, is bugging me I think she wants to be friends, but that is not nor will it ever happen. I do not like her at all. She gets on my nerves
My asthma has been bothering me a lot, but hopefully it will get better. I took some asthma medicine and it really helped me feel better. The vets office said I need to come in next time I need medicine, but I do not want the vet to see me so fat. I do not need some stick figure telling me what to eat, what not to eat, and how much excersice I need. I can take care of myself after all I am 10 years old. Plus my human sister is always telling me I need to go on a diet, but it does not work for me Any way lets hope I do not have to go to the vet. I do not care for him.
Going to check on neighborhood


November 24th

November 24th 2008 6:01 pm
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Well, things have pretty much claimed down. My new fur sister Nikita
has claimed down a lot. She is not to friendly to me, but she is no longer scared. She is eatting, playing and exploring the house. She is still jumpy. I very thankful she does not like Abbey at all. I have to admit I was a little worried they would become friends, but they ignore each other. Oh well. I think I will go and take a nap

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