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I was tagged today

January 31st 2009 5:30 pm
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I was tagged today and I have to tell 7 things about myself then tag 7 friends here it goes
1. I love my momma so much
2. I love to sit in my chair and watch TV at night with a blanket
3. I pefer to play by myself.
4. I love catnip
5. I am a big Obama fan
6. I hate to be bushed
7. I suffer from asthma


Friday January 30 2009

January 30th 2009 5:13 pm
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Oh T.G.I.F. its food day. Momma always goes to the pet store and gets my food. I love fridays!!! Nikita keeps following mearound and I do not like it. She is a pest, but what do expect she is only 1.5 years old. But some ones should have taught her maners about going to the residents cat turf. I will be her friend on my terms, not hers.Its bad enough I have a dog lurking around harassing me and trying to get my food, now I have Nikita to deal with. I gues she is better then them getting another dog. Life was alot simpler and peaceful when Sophiewas around. Well atleast we Have President Obama around to rule the country's Roost. There seems to be hope around and not so blaugh like it was before. President Obama seems to be working very hard to help the economy. I really lik Obama even though he is silly and wants to get a dog- I think a cat would be alot better pet for the whitehouse. I guess my opionion does not count- I am just a Very cute sweet loving kitty.
Peace to All


another sunny day

January 26th 2009 4:38 pm
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It is another sunny day here, but it is breazy and cool. Seeing the sun makes me look forward to spring which is about 7 weeks away. I do hope we get some more rain, even though I complain about the rain we do need the rain. I am hoping the birds will come back, and there will be a lot of birds to watch. However, I hope they do not build a nest in my backyard tree. They are very noisy, and sometimes they wake me up from my rest.
My family used the furminator on me today. It felt kind of good, but I do not like to be brushed. I have to say I do look pretter. I hope these is will not be a everyday occurance. I am a very busy cat, and really do not have time to sit down, and let Momma get a new hobby of bushing me. If she needs a new hobby go bug Nikita or Abbey with the brush. Momma got a lot of fur out of me. It was kind of scary to see all my nice beautiful fur in a ball on the floor. Momma said it was enough to make another Lucy. If that were true why did she not save it, and we could make another Lucy. It would be kind of nice to have two of me. I would not have to work so hard. I tell you Nikia and Abbey are no help, and I have to spend a lot of time doing household chores. Oh well I guess the work gets done right if I am the one doing all the work. My paws are tried of typing so I think I go get a snack.


Sunny Sunday

January 25th 2009 4:41 pm
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Today the Sun came out which was good for me. I was getting tired of seeing Abbey (the dog) around the house. She went for a walk, and to the dog park which was good for me, I got some me time in while she was away. She came back from the park kind of looking dirty. Do not understand why dogs can not clean themselves up like us cats. It is not that hard.

My asthma seems to be better. I am very glad about that as I can wonder around without wheezing. When I last wrote in my diary Sausage and Meatball a coulpe of nice cats from the party palace saw my diary, and gave me a nice power of the paw rosetta. I thank Sausage and Meatball for the nice gift. I think that really helped my asthma get better. However, my family says I still have to go to the vet. I really do not think that is a good idea. I think I will butter momma up and maybe she will change her mind. If I am real nice, and friendly how could she turn around and send me to the vet.

I think I will go look outside, and see what is going on. I hear some dogs barking so something interesting must be going on
Ps. Nothing going on dogs just barking oh well.


January 23

January 23rd 2009 4:32 pm
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It is raining, and Abbey is staying in the house for the most part. She has been able to go on a few walks, but she really is being to get on my nevers. I wish the sun would come out for a few days then it can rain again. I really need a break please.
I am really not feeling well at all and then I have to deal with Abbey
You see my asthma is back in full force and I am just not feeling that well. There is not much you can do for cats with asthma. Just pill, shots ect. I am not good at taking my pills, but I do take them. I know Momma will take me to the vet, and I do not want to go. I hate going to the vet, but guess momma knows best.
Tuesday Obama became our 44th president. I was so happy, and it was so nice to see a good president. He has already gotten to work, and I like what I have seen so far. He seems to know what he is doing.
I celebrated a little with Pets for Obama, but again my asthma was acting up and really did not feel like celebrating with the group. However, I was just as happy as I could be.
I am going to rest for awhile



January 19th 2009 5:06 pm
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Well I feel better today. Bush will be gone for good tomorrow. I am so excited. Finally, a president we can believe in, cares about the regular people, and animals, can speak, does not lie, and is smart. We are so lucky. I am going to spend a lot of time watching TV tomorrow
Finally a president we can believe in.

Today it is hot again, and where is the rain? Is it suppose to be raining in January. I getting a little worried about not having rain. I know it is global warming, I also think some weather God loves me. As they are making it so nice that I do not have to see Abbey much. She can play outside, go for walks, ect. When it rains she is stuck in and that does not sit well with me as she is always around. If I were the family I think I would make her stay outside in the rain, put a little shampoo on her, and she could even give herself a bath. Hey that is a good idea, I think I let the family hear my idea. On second thought I better not, as they will be mad at me. Oh I do not like Abbey, and I finally got Nikita talked into hating her too. It is almost dinner time so I better go wash up


January 11th

January 11th 2009 4:51 pm
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Well it is another pretty day here. I really can not complain about the weather. In fact I kind of like it as it keeps Abbey from bugging me. She is always out on a walk, going on errands, or helping my family work outside. With her out of my fur I can really get a good rest in an not worry about her eating my food.
I been spending a lot of time with Nikita, and helping her get use to the house, and showing her the good hiding spots. I think pretty soon we will be good friends. I also did some window watching, but nothing much is going on so that put my mind at ease. I got to keep my paw on the neighborhood, and make sure no strange cat comes on the the yard.
Only 9 days left until Obama becomes our president. I am looking forward to that day. It will be nice to have a president who actually care about all of us. It will be a great 8 years


January 9th

January 9th 2009 4:28 pm
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Oh my what a nice day it has been. The sun is out the temperatures are warm. I wish my family let me go outside to enjoy the day. However, my family keeps me in the house pretty much. My fur sister use to get to go out when she wore a leash and collar. She would go all over the back yard then she would tell me all about it. My family is afraid I will climb a tree and run off and get lost so they just keep me inside.
I just heard that Abbey my dog lost some weight well good for her she really need to lose weight. She is one dog who could lose 5 pounds and not even miss it. She is a chubby dog. She claims that I should lose weight, but I weight a whole lot less then she does. I get plenty of exercise and I have cut back on snacks as I do not like them as well as I use to like them.
Only 11 more days until Obama is president. I will be so glad to when he is our president. I think his stimlus package will work. There are so many humans out of work it is sad. A friend of ours son lost his job, and now they are fighting to get him his unemployment. I hope he gets a job soon.
Going to look out the window


January 8th

January 8th 2009 5:03 pm
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Today it was suppose to rain, but it did not. It has been just cloudy and cold. It is suppose to clear up, and this weekend it will be nice.
I hope so as I would like to spend sometime bird and squirrel watching. I have not seen many birds or squirrels since Christmas. Most of the birds here go south, but wrens do stick around, and I have not seen many. I wonder where they are keeping them selves?
I guess there are a lot of squirrels at the dog park, but not many. Of course Abbey could just be telling me there are a lot of squirrels to make me jealous. You can never trust a dog to tell you the whole truth.
Today my rest was interupted as we are having some kind of street repair being done. I do not know what they are doing. They just dug a whole, and the paved over it. However, they were very noisy. I could not rest, and Nikita was scared and hid from the noise. Well it sounds like the street repair people are gone, so I think I will look out the window and see what kind of work they did.


January 7th

January 7th 2009 7:18 pm
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Today was interesting when the humans were gone Nikita and I went exploring. I showed her all the cool places in the house. She even cat on the piano. It was pretty cool. We had a good time together. When the humans came home we ran into our rooms and pretended to be sleeping.
My asthma is doing well, I have not had any asthma for the past few days. I think I was allergic to some christmas candles. My momma got a christmas present with candles that smelled really good , but I think I was allergic, and so does momma. Thankfully momma realized that was causing my asthma and got read of the candles. I liked to sit under the tree, then my asthma would start bothering me. Momma said maybe next year we would get a artifical tree. Momma loves real trees, but my health comes first. Momma always puts me first. It is so nice to have such a thoughtful momma.
Well, I should go see what is going on with the family tonight
Momma read an article that cats do indeed grieve the loss of another cat in the family. I really miss Sophie, but I know one day we will see each other again. I miss her a lot, but I am in know hurray to see her especially if momma was not there

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