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My big chair

February 23rd 2009 4:36 pm
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When I first moved in with my family they started letting me sit in a big brown chair. I believe I heard them say this is your chair Lucy, and they often put me in the big chair. I often sit in the chair and watch TV or visit with the family. Over the years I have been kind and let Sophie sit in the big chair. Sometimes Sophie would sit in the big chair and I would sit in Sophie's little chair. We did this as we had a wonderful bond. When Sophie died I decide that both chairs were now all mine. This is especially true for the big chair.
Now we have Nikita and she wants to share the big chair. When I am sitting in the chair she comes and sits next to me. I think she is trying to push me out of the big chair, but I will not leave. I have consented to letting her sit in the little chair which I think is very nice of me. I will not allow her to have this big chair it is mine. When the humans are sitting in it ,and I want in all I do is stare at them, sometimes hit them if they do not get the message to leave. The humans get up and give me my big chair. It is not hard to respect my chair. Momma even knows that we can not sit in the chair together as I am big cat and need a lot of room.Nikita needs to learn I own the big chair, and stop trying to steal it. I know she is up to something, and I will be watching


Dreaming of spring

February 22nd 2009 4:26 pm
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Today has been dark and gloomy. All it has done is rain rain and more rain. Not one pick of the sun. I wonder when we will see him again. According to the forcasters it is going to rain all week.
So I decided to spend my day dreaming of spring. I can hardly wait until the flowers start to bloom, bugs start buzzing around and I can catch the ones that sneak into the house. I also anticipating the arrival of more birds. I can spend hours looking out the window and watching the birds. I did see a mean old crow the other day. I hope he does not invite any of his friends to move into the neighborhood. Crows are mean, and I do not want any cats to get hurrassed by the crows. I do not go outside, so the crows will leave me a lone. Any way going back to my dreams of spring.


Treat day

February 20th 2009 7:22 pm
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Yeah today is Friday. Since I am a cat I work 7 days a week 24 hours a day so Fridays do not mean anything unless you have my momma. On Friday's my momma goes to the Pet store. Petsmart to be exact. There she buys me my treats and food. I am always so thankful when momma comes back from Petsmart. I am usually doing some type of work when she comes home from the store. Momma comes in the house and calls me. She tells me she is home from the store, and I come running down the hallway to the kitchen. Then I jump onto the table and look into the bags. Pushing and looking until I find my treats. Momma gets them out of the bag, and gives a few treats. I am then a very very happy cat. Whenever my treats are getting low I know it is going to be Friday soon, and Momma will go to the store to make sure I have plenty of treats for the week. This one reason I love my momma so much. She knows how to get only the best treats. She knows not to get me whatever is on sale, new, or diet food. She buys only the treats I like and appove of. I am very thankful for fridays and my momma


Still no birds

February 18th 2009 4:45 pm
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The rains has finally stopped and it is partly cloudy. It is not cold or hot. I guess I would say it is just about right. However, there are no birds. I know it is still winter, but here in Northern California we do have a few birds hanging around. There is usually the wrens and magpies. However, when looking out the window I do not see any of them. I do not hear them so I wonder what they are up to. I know several of the cats in the neighborhood are allowed to go outside and hunt. I wonder if some of them have killed them. If they have I wonder if they would share with me. I think they would not. I wonder if we will have more birds returning this summer. I love to bird watch. Momma does not let me out to catch them, as she knows I could kill them with a single blow. Momma worries so much about me, that she makes me stay inside. So all I can do is dream about catching birds. Oh well I will stay inside if that is what makes my momma happy
Going to see what is going on.


The Rain

February 17th 2009 7:14 pm
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It has been raining for several days and I am very tired of all this rain.
However, one thing about the rain, it allows me to think, and I have been spending a lot of time thinking. I have noticed when it is raining birds and humans are not around much. You look out the window and you do not see any birds or humans. As a result I have come to the conclusion birds are whimps and humans are crazy.

The reason I think humans are crazy is that they love to get all wet in their houses when taking a shower or bath. Yet when it is raining they complain about getting wet. It makes them cold or ruins their hair. It does not not make sense to me that they can handle getting wet at home, and if it is a shower their hair does get ruined. Yet get them outside and it is whole different story. Go figure

Birds are whimps. In the winter they fly south to enjoy the warmer climate of the south. In the summer they fly north so they do not have to deal with the summer humidity of the south or if they went to South America it is their winter when they fly back here. The birds who do stick around are never out when it is raining. What is wrong with them. Do they think they are made of salt or sugar? Maybe they know cats can catch them in the rain.

Cats on the hand will go outside in the rain, or heat as I have seen them in any kind of weather. I guess that is why cats are great
Just thought of mine


happy valentines day

February 14th 2009 4:31 pm
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Today is Valentines day. A day to show your love to your animals, and I guess other people. I was not expecting any valentines as my family is not really into valentines day. Momma says it is just a day for businesses to get rich. However, today momma got up and went into the kitchen and pulled out a nice can of cat food. It had a heart on it and she told me it was my valentine gift. I was so happy. I had some of it for breakfast. I was such a happy cat. If I knew how to purr I would have purred. Momma is so good to me. I am so glad I have my momma for a momma. Momma giving me that gift helped me to forgive her for making me take my medicine. I hate taking my medicine as it taste awful.
Going to see what is going on in neighborhood from the window.


I am a mess

February 10th 2009 4:31 pm
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Oh my goodness, I guess I am really not feeling well. I have not eatten much of my breakfast or dinner. The medicine that is supose to make me stop throwing up is not working, and my gums hurt so I can not eat my snacks. My cat suit is looking a little baggy and I do not my side bumps are going down. Most cats would be happy to see they are losing weight. However, I am not even trying and it is going away. I hope I do not have what Sophie did, and get to thin. Right before she went away she was skin and bones. She looked awful. The only good thing is my asthma is pretty much gone.
I just got some sad news my cousin Trevor passed away today. It is very sad, but he had been sick for a long time. My Aunt misses him a lot. Rest in Piece Trevor


Health getting better

February 9th 2009 9:10 pm
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Well I am getting better. My asthma has claimed down a bit, and I can breath a little bit better. It is nice to not be so wheezee. My stomach is better too as I have not thrown up as much as I had been.
I did throw up yesterday, but not today. Unfortunately, I can not have any cat treats as the vet, and momma think my stomach problem is caused by treats. I think it just cause Abbey has been inside more as it is raining. When it rains Abbey can not go to the park or walks, as a result she is here with me. That dog would make any cat sick. Oh well, what can a cat do. I am hoping once my tummy get better I will be able to have my treats back. Well I am going to go rest


Under the weather this week

February 6th 2009 7:42 pm
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This past few days have not been good for me. I do not know what I did, but I feel like I am falling apart. I am only 10, but I feel a lot older. My asthma has really been bothering me, and I just do not have much energy. I am just happy to sit, and do nothing. It takes a lot of energy to move around a lot. Now the inside of my mouth is hurting and it is not fun to eat. That takes a lot of enjoyment out of life. Then yesterday my tummy started to misbehave. Every couple of hours it starts hurting real bad and I throw up. It is very embarrasing. What cat wants to throw up.
Today My momma made me go to the vets. I hate going to the vet, but I went anyway. The vet tech put a something up my but to see what my temperature was. It was very painful and rude. I wanted to turn around a scratch her eyes out, but I knew I would embarasse momma, and I did not want to do that. Then they weighed me. That was embarrassing. It is no ones business what I weight. Then she wrote it down so the vet could see, and of course he went on and on about that. However, he said I did not really need I diet as I was muscle. Of course he listened to my lungs, and looked in my mouth. He said I had some kind of allergy to treats or food ( not true)
and I had a mouth infection, and my asthma was acting up. He gave me some medicine and I went home. Of course momma gave me the medicine right away, and I put up a fight. I lost the fight, but next time I will win.
Going rest as I need to repair myself


Just relaxing

February 2nd 2009 4:40 pm
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Yesterday was the superbowl, and of course I picked the winning team. It was a good game, and the cardinals almost won. A do not support any team that is named after a bird. Who would be scared of a bird. After all the excitement of the game I decide I would spend today just relaxing and enjoying myself. I watched the news from my window. Not much going on in my neighborhood. In fact it was kind of boring. Then I took a nap and continue napping, but my humans would not let me. My human sister came home, and she decided to furminate me. What trauma that is. I hate being brushed or furminated. Did momma help me know. In fact momma helped as she brushed my tummy. Well after that truama I had a snack and continued with my restful day. I going to go have a early dinner

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