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Copy Cat

September 10th 2009 4:46 pm
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When I was younger and my fur sister Sophie was a live we respected each other, and gave each other space. Sure we shared stuff, and did things together. If one of us came up with a good idea, sure the other would try it. However, now I have this young cat who just will not stop coping me.

When I get a treat, she gets a treat, when I get up she gets up, when I sleep, she sleeps, ect. It can really get on a cats nerve. She even hates the dog Abbey. Well, now she was asthma just like me, and takes the same medicine that I take. Man can a cat ever get any peace from this copy cat.


The day after

August 8th 2009 7:04 pm
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Well, I do not feel any older than I did before my birthday. Being 11 years old is pretty easy. I have mostly rested from all my birthday activities. I sat in my box, looked out my window and sampled my birthday treats. It has been a pretty easy day

Tomorrow, I will have to go back to by regular activities. I will have to make sure no other cats are in the yard, watch birds, keep an eye on Nikita, help momma, and do the disciplining of Abbey. A lot of work is ahead of me so it is a good thing I took today off to rest.



My Birthday

August 7th 2009 7:40 pm
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Today I turn 11 years old. It does not seem like I should be 11. I moved in to my forever home when I was 6 months old, and it does not seem like that long ago. Time sure does fly when you are a happy cat. It seems like just yesterday I was a little kitten able to hide from the family under the couch. Oh well, I have grown up and I am a much better cat than when I was young. I also say I am much more cute. Momma says I get better everyday.

I got a lot of treats for my birthday. My family gave me a lot of treats. 6 bags to be accurate. I am so happy I got all these treats.
I am going to have a great time enjoying them. I also got a lot of nice birthday messages from my caster friends which were all very nice. I even got a new friend named Wally. All in all I would say I had a very nice day.


Oh no

August 2nd 2009 5:16 pm
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I am a cat and my paws do not have long enough fingers to type with. As a result I need a typist to write my diary for me. My beloved momma has poor eye sight, and can not see well, so I have to hire a typist. I hired my human sister who is willing to do my typing for a few cents. However, It has been brought to my attentions she is an idiot. not a little idoit but a big idiot. She made a big mistake, and it something noone else would do especially my momma. What did she do? She implyed that yesterday was my birthday. Well, my birthday was not yesterday or will it be next Saturday. My birthday is the 7 th of August. You would think she would be smart enough to know that, but I guess not. It is kind of heartbreaking she did not know when my birthday is. You think she could she on the calander that my birthday is on Friday the 7th as it is written in big bold letters. My she is an nucklehead. If I could find a typist willing to work cheap I would fire this ding bat in a minute family or not. If any one knows of a typist who works cheap let me know.
Upset Lucy


oh no

August 2nd 2009 5:07 pm
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I am a cat who does not have fingers that can be used to type. So I had to hire a typist. Right now my money is tied up somewhere, I do not know where but is somewhere. As a result I can only pay my typist a few cents. Well it has been brought to my attention that my typist is a idiot. I guess you get what you pay for. My typist made a big mistake, and trust me she will pay for it. My typist is not my beloved momma, but my human sister. My mom would never make such a mistake. Momma can not type as she has poor eyes, and can not see well at all. The mistake was she implyed that yesterday was my birthday, well it was not. My birthday is not even next Saturday. It is this Friday August 7th. Man she does not know when my birthday is. She needs to learn to read. Anyway, if I could find a better typist who will work for pennies I would fire this nucklehead. If anyone knows a cheap typist let me know so I can fire this one
Upset Lucy


Oh oh

August 2nd 2009 4:20 pm
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When you are a cat and do not have tumbs and only a few cent to rub together you have to hire a typistthings do not always work out well. Sometimes you get what you pay for. As I said I just had a few cents to hire a typist and not may takers so I got stuck an airhead. My typist who is my human aunt as mom has bad eyes and can not type. Anyway my typist made a mistake. In her typing she said it was my birthday. Well, it was not my birthday. My birthday will not be next saturday either. It will be this coming Friday. She needs to get a calander or learn to read. My birthday is the 7th, and I am still looking forward to the day. If anyone knows a typist who will work for 2 cents let me know, and I will fire the one I have. I wish momma had good eyes and could do my typing for me. Oh well, off to look for better help


My birthday

August 1st 2009 4:10 pm
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Oh my goodness this Saturday will be my 11th birthday. I can not believe I will be eleven years old. I have lived with my momma for 10 1/2 years. It is strange how the years go by. I do not feel like I am eleven years old. It seems like just yesterday I was so excited about turning 1 years old. Oh well time does go by. I am looking forward to my birthday. I hope I get a lot of treats.


current events

July 31st 2009 8:12 pm
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Well, California finally got its budget. It is not a good budget at all. Our governor is not good. He has certainly screwed up California. I hope we get someone better next election. The budget really hurts the poor, parks, and schools. I do not know what is going to happen to our state. The only reason I care is that I do not want anything bad to happen to my humans. I am not a poor cat, I do not get out to use the parks,and I have graduated cat university with flying colors so I will be fine. I just worry about all the humans. Momma is really sad about the parks as she likes to hike with the dog.
On a national level Obama seems to be doing well. I do not always agree with him, but he so much better than what we had. I hope we get a good health care program. He certainly has his paws full. With the problems overseas, and the republicans and blue dog democrats he really has a lot to deal with. I am sure glad I am a cat. However, I do wish I could vote.


Lazy Sunday

July 26th 2009 4:38 pm
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Today it is hot and Sunday so I decided not to do much. Typically I am a very busy cat. I have a lot of things that I do all day. I have to look out window to make sure not stranger cat, dog or human is in my yard, I have to do a bird count, and just see what is happening outside. I also do house patrol and make sure everything inside is going well, and there are not problems. I am the offical treat tester, and I have to test the treats to make sure they have not gone bad every couple of hours. Then of course I have to help mom do all her inside chores, and make sure Abbey behaves herself. If she does not I have to punish her. However, today I said the heck with it all, anI am just going to rest. I know everything is going to pot while I am not working, but I will just have to work extra hard tomorrow. I deserve one day just to rest.



July 24th 2009 8:55 pm
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I live with a copycat, and her name is Nikita. She is always doing what I am doing. I sit in the window, she sits in the window, I sleep on bed, she is sleeping on same bed. In the morning she gets up when I get up. I like Obama, and progressive stuff, and now she like Obama and progressive stuff. She love Stephanie Miller and I have always been a fan. Now she has bad allergies and asthma just like me. The only difference is that she has a cough, and I have never coughed with my asthma. She will soon have to take the same medicine I take.
Hopefully, she will take my medicine for me.
I just wish one day I could do my own thing, and she would do her own thing. However, I do not think that will happen as she is already attached to me. I think she really loves me, and I guess why not I am a great cat. I guess Nikita is pretty smart to pick me to copy. The cat has potential.

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