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The end of the year

December 30th 2009 7:29 pm
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The end of the year is near, and I am looking forward to seeing what 2010 has in store for me and my family. I sure it will be good as I am a good luck cat. Maine Coon cats are cats thought to bring good luck to their families, and I would hate to see where my family would be without me. As the years ends I like to thank all my cat friends for being good to me. I am not making any new years resolutions as I pretty darn good cat and really do not see an need to improve however, I do have a few ideas for some family members
1. Mom- spend more time with me
2. Nikita-learn to realize I am the boss of the family and all the chairs in the house belong to me.
3. Human sisters- learn to respect me as a cat and when I do not want to do something like get brushed then do not do it, or I want to be left alone than for heaven sakes leave me alone. Do not force pills down my throat, as I can take care of myself.
4. Abbey- anything you do will be an improvement so just pick one thing like maybe stop eatting out of my bowl after I am done. Do not you think I might be coming back to finish plus you need a diet.



December 22nd 2009 8:03 pm
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Christmas is coming in just a few days, but I am beginning to worry. We have our tree up, the house is decorated, the socks are hung up so you would not have anything worry about. Well, there are presents under the tree, but none of them are for me. I have been under the tree many times looking, and smelling the presents, but nothing. I have not even gotten my annual package from my great aunt Dorothy. She always sends a package, but I have not seen it. My dog sister Abbey things the mailman stole it as there is always nice presents in the package. My mom claims she bought me some presents, but I am to big of snoop so she will not put them out. I have never snooped into my presents.
Ok once I accidently opened the present from my Aunt Dorothy, but it was an accident not on perpose. I think they should give me another chance to prove I am not a snoop. I guess I will just have to wait and see what they bought me, and see what Santa gives me. Oh if any one knows my Great Aunt Dorothy who lives in some place called Iowa with a lot of snow please tell her I am waiting for my package.



December 13th 2009 3:51 pm
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Last night Nikita and spent a lot of time fighting over the little rocking chair. I understand that it is her chair, but only when it is in the living room. Plus this is a sharing place, and she needs to learn to share. I wanted to sleep in peace in the little chair, and who should come, and want to sit in the chair, Nikita. She wanted me out of the chair so she could sit in the chair so she started a fight. Every time I got in the chair here comes Nikita ready to start a fight. Sometimes I wanted the chair when she was in the chair, and I told her to get out, but she would not get out. I of course had to give some harsh words to her to get her out of the chair. She should get out as I am the oldest a rule the roost. There are a couple of other chairs in our room, but this one is more comfortable. After all I am the oldest cat, and I should be the one who makes the rules. I think I should get the chair, and when I do not want the chair she can use the chair. After all I do not spend that much time in the chair
Learn to share Nikita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wishing I was there

December 12th 2009 6:16 pm
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I wish I was a cat who could go to Copenhagen Denmark. I would love to be at all the protest. I am very worried about global warming.
Although I have never meet a polor bear (and do not think I want to) I am worried about them. Being a cat I can see the effects of global warming right here in my little area. We had hail and snow all very strange for Sacramento. We have storms that last for days and then nothing. We had 3 years of drought, and are forest are always catching on fire. It is just strange. I hope the leaders do something before it is to late. I heard some people say it might be to late now, and that scares me as I plan on living to be 200 years old. Yes, I want to be the oldest living cat. Anyway I wish I be at copenhagen along with the protesters. My heart is with them, but my stomach is here and I think I will get a bite to eat.



December 10th 2009 5:53 pm
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Well. Well Well. Its that time of year again. My family brought home a great big tree and put in the living room. They put lights , balls, ornaments and fuzzy sting on it. I guess Christmas time is here once again. It seems to come faster each year. I like the tree, it is very pretty. I like to sit under it. My family says I am the prettiest and best present under the tree!! Nikita and I want one for our room but yet the answer is NO one tree is enough. I love the tree I wish it could stay in all year. I just don't understand why people do all this stuff for just one day. They should do every day and be nice to each other and strangers all year long not just one day. Well I am off to sit under the tree, I have to get the best spot before Nikita gets it .



December 7th 2009 1:32 pm
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For most of yesterday (Sunday) we kept hearing it was going to snow today in the early morning. Not everyone believe it would snow even though it was cold. However, by mid-afternoon the clouds rolled in and they kept getting darker, and the temperatures got colder. By evening there was no sign of snow, and the clouds seemed to be disappearing. People began to look glum as they thought there would be no snow. Then at 3 o'clock in the morining it happened without any fanfare. The snow came according to the weather people as I was fast a sleep. When I got up there was snow on the ground. I did not go out to look at it, as I could see it from my window. My human sister did bring in some snow to look at. I was polite and acted interested, but to tell you the truth snow is just frozen water, big deal. It was not all that interesting, why were people so excited about snow. People are silly. Maybe they do not know it is frozen water. I just can not figure people out.


What in the world is going on

December 1st 2009 7:50 pm
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Man this week we have had some wild and strange weather. First on Friday the day after Thanksgiving we had a strange storm come by. It rained a lot and streets were flooded which for us is not to unusual, but we had thunder, lightening and hail. That was strange, it was like a spring storm in the mid-west. Then the next day the wind just blew so hard. A lot of leafs came of trees, and branches from other trees came off to. It was very strange. Then for the rest of the week the temperatures have been warm. One day the temps were in the upper 60 almost 70. Now I know I live in California and the temps do not get real cold, but the temperature for this time of year is usually in the middle to upper 50's. I have to agree with Al Gore this is a sure sign of global warming, and in my opinion any one who does not believe is a silly frog



November 24th 2009 7:31 pm
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In two days it will be Thanksgiving. Since humans always mention things they are thankful for, I have decided I would do the same

1. President Obama- I am thankful he is the president, and he stepped up and ran for president, and against the odds he won.
1a. The people who voted for President Obama with out them there would be no President Obama. Just wish us cats could vote.
2. Planet Earth- Without planet Earth I would not have a place to live as all other planets do not have air to breath which I do need
3. Dr. Fastiggi- He gives me medicine to help my asthma. If I did not have the medicine I could not breath the air I need. So I guess I really would not need planet Earth. Thank you Dr. Fastiggi
4. My family- They provide me a warm house, food, treats, and attention.
5. The most important think I am thankful is my Momma. Momma understands me, and loves me so much. Momma and I are best friends. Thanks momma


A visitor

November 21st 2009 5:46 pm
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Well, On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I was all set to enjoy the afternoon sun when my day was shaken up.I had stranger come into my house, and they do not seem to be leaving anytime soon. This visitor is a dog who is about the same size as Abbey but much younger and pushy. The dog likes to follow me around and stare at me. Sometimes he even actually has the nerve to touch me when I am sitting in my chair. I have even caught him in my very own bedroom snooping around looking in my bowls. This evening he tried to sneak in my room at dinner time, and eat my food. If you ask me this is rude behavior on a guest part. However, for the most part all I have to do is give this dog a look, and he knows not to mess with me. I guess he is staying until after Thanksgiving, then he will go to his own home where he belongs. I will have to say after only 5 days of him, I now know why his parents are gone, they need a break from him. Going to see what he is up to now.


A visitor

November 11th 2009 7:46 pm
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Oh no I just heard that Ricki is coming back. His parents are going away for Thanksgiving and he is staying with us. I thought when he left he was gone for good. Now I hear he is coming back. I am not to happy, but it is not like I can not deal with a dog. I certainly shaped Abbey up in a few days so I am sure I will be able to shape him up in a matter of days. I am sure his cat brother will thank me when he comes home a much better dog. I do not know why he has not tried to improve him. Now I have to help the dog become a better dog. I think I will have my work cut out for me.

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