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MartinLuther King Day

January 16th 2012 7:22 am
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Happy Martin Luther King day. Congrats to my sister kitty Nikita for getting diary pick of the day for 3 times this month. Thank You catster for picking her.
Yesterday was a cold windy day but sunny still waiting for Rain! we watched the foot balls game I am glad the Ravens won! Too bad the cheese heads didn't but the are enemyies of the Bears so we should not really like them! We watched the Golden Globes it was boring- why do stars always give themselves awards, you do not see doctors and other occuations doing it and broadcasting it on TV.
The dogs went for a walk down the bike trail it was nice and peaceful time waching the Cheeseheads play with out th dogs bugging us.



January 15th 2012 7:28 am
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Hi friends
I am very happy I was choosen Catsters diary of the day , I was it on friday too. Thank you catster for choosing me. Thanks buddie you always send such nice notes.
It was another warm and sunny day yesterday, we are suppose to get rain this week. I hope so. But it is so cold at night below freezing we might get snow. The 49 ers won which makes this cat happy and Denver lost which me extra happy. The dogs are still stealing my cat food don't they know it is for Cats not dogs! well I am going to guard my cat food see ya later


cold morning and quite

January 14th 2012 8:03 am
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Nothing much going on today. It is cold this morning. Yesterday is was 68 degrees. To hot for this time of year and we need Rain! last night I was eating my dinner and was the last one done. Scrappy is a pig and already done and bugging me. I took a break and one of mys siters thought I was done and gave my dinner to him, well I was Mad and soe she gaveme some treats well then Nikta saw and had to have some. Life is not fair. Scrappy does weird stuff goes around and around in circles when he gets home froma walk or run. I never saw a dog do that. Foot ball games today. I want the 49ers and New England not sure if I will watch games. well I am going to take a quick nap just in case I do watch the games I can be bright eyed and alert! to celbrate my teams wins.



January 13th 2012 10:07 am
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I thought I would let all the cats on Catster know that there is a group on here that is for furs that like or LOVe presidet Barack Obama and would like to see him as president for 4 more years. It is a private group so if you would like to be in it please paw mail me.
It is a very nice day today. Sad day for soap fans- I began watching this show after my momma got sick with her( she watched it years ago!) One life to live is ending today! Strange and entertaining show. Has a dog on it but no cat wonder why?? Nikita is running around here, strange cat she never walks anywhere just runs do not know why- even when there is no dogs or scrappy around she runs!
Well Thanks for reading this and have a blessed and very Peaceful day!


A good day for me.

January 13th 2012 8:09 am
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Hi friends
I am one very Lucky Kitty I got choosen Catster's diary of the day. Thanks for choosing me. Well at christmas My human sisters got Abbey Scrappy, and Nikita new dishes for christmas presents. I do not like mine at all, I am not sure why but maybe because it has a cat at the bottom of the bowel. Well I was not eating my cat dinners or breakfast good at all. After 2 weeks one of them figured out that I did not like my new bowel and fed me back on the plate I like and now I am eating very well. My humans are not to bright! I bet I lost a couple of pounds during this hard period of my life. It is nice and sunny day but we really need rain. we have not had any in a few months! or snow! I will have a peaceful day as the dogs are at dog park and they will be doing errends all day with our human sisters. well I am hungry and going to get a snack, I have been up since 4.30 am and my tummy buzzer is ringing. I want to see if the birds are around and watch Good morning america, George S is quite good looking and Josh really likes cats better than dogs he is my type of man!


Lucys view of the world

January 12th 2012 7:44 am
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Hi friends.
I am tired! Nikita was up all night being wild and having a party for 1. She did not even ask me if I wanted to do her stuff she was doing, to me that was rude. I proberly would have said no. Abbey had to have a bath today I am sure glad it was not me! I wished we would get some snow. I am watching the Tv. Casey Anthony is on- I do not like her, I wished shwe would go away- Humans are really weird on what shows they watch and the news they think are interesting. People claim she wi weird and do not like her but it seems she is always on the news, just like the Kardashians, people say they do not like them but always on the news. If I ran tv stations it would just have shows that cats and maybe dogs wanted to watch!
I am getting tired as had to be up last night to keep my eyes on Nikita to make sure she did not hurt herself and I am hungry I have not eaten since 5 am!


peaceful Morning

January 11th 2012 7:38 am
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Well the dogs are gone at the park. One of my sisters took them to the dog park. Which is good because it gives me and Nikta some peace and quite. well it was peaceful but a high speed chase went bye. It was cops from an affluent city- so I guess rich people have criminals! I hope no animals get hit in this dangerous driving! It was a chilly night so I was glad I had my big nice blankey that my momma gave me to keep me warm. I love my big chair and blankey. I am glad that it is quite in the house as Scrappy ( the noice maker!) and Abbey are gone for a while. It lets me do my thinking and work as they are gone and I can do my stuff in peace. I hope we get birds this year. I miss watching them. It seems like spring highs in the 60's we need rain for petes sake it is Jan. We Need rain Now not this spring! How about snow for the skiiers. I have Never been to the mountains to see it. It did snow in the sac Valley Monday Dec 6 2009 My human sister took me out, it was just ice and freezing cold. I did not like it, as it was dark and dogs barking and very very cold! WE frooze some and it is in the refridgerator. well I hear Nikita getting a treat so I want one too. going to go get it.



January 10th 2012 1:55 pm
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January 10 2012 Tuesday 12 30 pm

Hello All.
Well My kitty sister Nikita is caters dairy of the day- so congrats to her. My poor dog sister Abbey is not doing well at all has a muscle wasting disease and ina deep depression since Momma died, we all miss her. So Much change, we are home alot alone and do not like it, Momma was always with us before now most time alone with the T.v and it is shows that we don't even get to pick to watch. I would like to wach CNN all day but no- I am very sad about Abbey. I have a new brother Scrappy and he is apest and jelous dog! He is two years old and has a real attitude but I put him in his place. I got the big cahir back. Nikta and I have been fighting over it for months and I won the fight! No she sits in a different place. Now my sisters are looking for better jobs and talk about moving- what I do not want to go to another place- an apartment what ever that is and it does not sound good. I hope there are birds to watch! My sisters have 6 plants and none are cat nip plants- you would think with 2 cats there would be 1 cat nigp plant. Thank goodness on wednesday I will have peace and quite for a while as Abbey and Scrappy will be at the dog park in the morning. I have lost quite a few pounds and looking quite thin- My human siusters say I still am chnky and needed to loose the weight, but I do not think so and my momma human never thought I was fat. She loved me. I miss her so much! There will Never be someone like her! I have to go and watch for birds and beg for treats see ya all later have a good after noon


New year

January 4th 2012 8:25 am
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Hello. I hope this year is better than last year. I had to deal with my momma human being sick with Cancer and dying on August 28 2011. I miss my momma very much! we got a new Dog in the family on Aug 16 2011. It was suppose to be for Momma she wanted a small dog. This dog is small but has a big Attitude! I am excited and worried about the elections- I hope Obama wins again! I am worried about the future- My human sister has a job but needsz a new one and worrys about things. My dog sister Abbey is sick I hope she does not die- I am getting used to her being around- she is easy going and knows the rules as Scrappy the new kids I have to train . I turned 13 this year so I am officially a teenage Cat and I am still sweet with No teen attitude just a tortitude! Santa Paws was good to me this year even with out my beloved Momma. I am busy keeping my eye on the election.
I got to go and get something to eat. I have lost a few pounds since my momma died.



June 19th 2011 3:24 pm
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What a surprise I am DDP today. I did not expect to be picked as I have not written in my diary for a week, However, I am very honored to be picked. Mom is trying to keep up my dairy with me, but sometimes we forget I thank everyone for their nice comments and zealies. Thanks all

I had another surprise which happened yesterday. I had a cat bath. Yes, my mom thought it would be a good idea to bath me.
I really do not understand why after 12 years of bathing myself.I wonder if I am not doing a good job. Anyway I had a bath which was surprisingly nice. I did enjoy the water coming over. It was a hot day so the water felt nice. To bad I did not know water was not so bad sooner. Maybe if I had know I could have been a water cat. Anyway after the I looked fluffy and smelled real good. I wonder when my next bath will be.

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