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Worrying and Watching

April 1st 2013 8:47 pm
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Happy April 1st. It is a partly cloudy day and it kind of quite. Saturday night was wild with all the thunder and lighting, and Sunday with all the rain so it is nice for it to be quite. I have not been doing much as the weather has kept me busy watching the weather. I have not been able to run or doing my nightly jogging as I need to watch the weather. I hope the weather continues to be quite so I do not need to worry and watch. It will be nice to get back to my jogging

Congratulations to Lucy for being DDP today.


EASTER AND RAIN-- Thunder and Lightening

March 31st 2013 7:43 am
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Well I hope all you Cats had a Wonderful Easter andthe Bunny brought you LOTS of treats. I got alot of treats 3 bags and 1 can of cat food. I guess I am right I am 1 GREAT CAT!!
It is raining and lots of Thunder and lightening last night around 1am. The Noise Scarred Nikita and Abbey but not Me!. There is not much to do today as the rain ruined everything- I do nto think squirrels or birds will be out in weather like this- it is more like Christmas than Easter. I think we should had this weather in the winter instead of Spring- I guess it is Global Change. I got some left over ceral milk from my human sister which is Delicious! Hope all the CATS have a WONDERFUL EASTER!!! Take care catch on the flip side
Ps. we might be in a flood- there are large pools of Water all over the yard amd streets and rain keeps poooring on down.. Suppose to have Thunder and lightening again which hardly never happens here- again Global warming= Climate change Hope all the homeless have a warm place to stay from this storm


Busy day before EASTER

March 30th 2013 10:27 am
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well I had a busy day. I got up had breakfast and had to fight off Abbey and Nikita for my breakfast. Then I helped my human sister make a Easter cake, cookies. It was fun I got a little tatte of frosting . I also helped re plant palnts to new pots which the plants really needed new pots. Then I helped do dishes and clean out a closet. Boy I am very tired from all my hard work. then we got a little bit of baccon which was very yummy! Easter Bunny comes tonight I hope the Bunny brings me somthing nice- as I am an Extra Special cat and deserve it. Well It is to rain on Easter so do not know what I will do. Does any one know if the Bunny brings stuff for Squirrels- I just wonder because they are nasty- peeping in windows. Hope all have a Fun easter and the Bunny is good to you.



March 29th 2013 7:44 am
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I hope all you cats are having a good friday. I am. I am not doing much today. I do have 1 problem it seems that Abbey and Nikita liketo steal my food so my human sisters have to keep guard so that they do not steal it. It is suppose to rain this weekend over Easter, I hope the Easter Bunny brings me something nice. I wish for my Easter wish that my human sisters get good paying jobs. well Not much going on see ya.
Have a Great day


ST. Patricks Day

March 17th 2013 10:35 am
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Iti sNikitas Birthday she is 6 years old today. She got some nice treats for her birthday. she shared them with me- well she better I shared minne with her. It is a nice day we are to get rain later this week. Nothing going on- there is a bigIrish thing in town that my human sisters are going to tonight but they are not drinkers- I wish cats could go- hope they take the Dog.. well I am going to see if Nkita is getting treats I donot want to miss out on any! Have a great day!


Nothing much going on--Do not forget to spring forward- spam again

March 9th 2013 7:58 pm
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Nothing much going on. It was a nice day. Nikita and I were home alone most of the day a Abbey went to dog park and walking down the bike trail with the humans which was nice and peaceful. i did not have to deal with Abbey making all kinds of weird noices.. well atleast they brought us back some treats. Tommorrow we spring forward- which will be good for me as I like to eat at 4 am- so getting up at 5pm will be the same as 4 m., My diary page was hit with Spam again. I do not like Spam! any other cat have this strange problem. well see ya on Sunday when we spring forward. Have a good night and weekend.


DDP and Surprise!

March 8th 2013 1:35 pm
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what a nice surprise. I am DDp today and I have not written in a few days. My typist was busy. We had a nice rain which we needed. Abbey is being annoying. My humans broght us snacks and Abbey a bone and boy was nosy eating it- just chomp chomp crack crack- it is very annoying and noisy!!! I gave her dirty looks and hit her but she keepis it up- what a dumb dog doesn;t she know she is disturbing the peace- My peace. My humans sisters think she is so cute- I say it is digusting Noisy- You do not hear cats eat like that. well I got to go and hide from the noise. Thanks to all the nice cats for comments and pictures. Have agreat day


I ate a hamburger

March 5th 2013 6:37 pm
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Well, I had some hamburger today, and it was a surprise. I generally do not like human food. Oh on Thanksgiving I will eat a little Turkey and sometimes I take a few bites of chicken, Human food just is not something that impresses me. However, today my human sister was cooking a hamburger to mix into Abbey's dog food, and I was resting in my room. Then all of the sudden something came over me. I smelled something good and followed my nose out into the kitchen. I saw my human sister and meowed. She turned around and I begged like a squirrel for some of what I was smelling. She said"Lucy are you sure you want some hamburger" Well, of course I wanted some or I would not come out and beg. She gave me a few bites and oh boy did I love it. I begged for more and more. She said she thought I was purring, but I do not pur so she must have been hearing things. Well, I ate until I it was all gone and then looked for more. That hamburger was so good I hope I get some tomorrow.



Sammy is gone

March 3rd 2013 7:58 pm
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Good News Sammy is gone. His mom came and got him! It is finally Peaceful here!I am so glad He is gone. It rained today. Humid weather. It is suppose to rain more which is good we need it. Oh Congrats to Friday for Being DDP today- good Job friday! Enjoy your day. see ya later Hope you all had a great weekend!


No DDP and Sammyhere making it a nightmare

March 2nd 2013 9:36 am
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well it is a sad day- No ddp and Sammy the monster is still here. I thought it was a nightmare that he was here- but I woke up and he is still here. well atleast he is gone for the morning- He is walking with Abbeys friends and the park- so I will have a peaceful morning. Last Night he was gone so it was peaceful. It i a very nice day but rain is in the future- which willbe good we need the rain and Sammy will be gone when it comes. nothing new. going to help look for jobs just wishour luck would improve. se ya Have a GREAT SATURDAY!

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