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What's Up with This Disgusting Photo Catster?????????

February 1st 2010 8:58 pm
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The "In Vet Blogs" is featuring a story about FDA pet food recalls, okay so that is a good thing, but what is with that photo? Is that cat supposed to be passed out sick or dead in his plate of food? This picture infurriates me! Sensationalism is not necessary here! We all know the horrors of tainted food and it's not like there isn't a zillion other photos that could have been used, that would not be so offensive. If any of us posted a photo like that we would be getting our paws slapped in a hurry, has Catster forgotten children come here? That photo is unsuitable in my opinion, I hope it is removed soon.


Google ad on Kidney Disease in Cats

January 9th 2010 2:09 pm
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I recently clicked on one of the Google ads featured here on Catster for Kidney Disease in Cats. It is promoting books by Michael Dole on natural care. It had a rather disgusting photo, detail of which I will spare you. I attempted to e-mail him at the address about the ad and guess what-the e-mail came back as undeliverable! So I googled him and there are others who have had the same problem, some have even sent him money and never received anything in return and they can't contact him either! Seems as if he has a lot of ads out there concerning various illness in dogs and cats and simply just rewords the same ad for each illness. So buyer beware!



December 23rd 2009 12:53 pm
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I am a little saddened today. Why? Well I'm gonna tell you. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Catster, it's been a source of comfort and has given me the wonderful gift of many treasured friends, but I am disappointed in them right now.
The World's Coolest Pet Contest main voting period was over 5 weeks ago and all of us voted our hearts out for our pals and tried to make it a success. BTW, congrats to all of the winners.
But back to the reason for my dismay. Many of my pals are not plus members and cannot afford zealies, they feel bad because they can't repay all of the gifts given to them during the year and were planning on gifting back with their earned zealies for Christmas. Well the zealies are not here yet and it is almost Christmas.
Okay, so I am a big boy and I realize Catster is a business designed to make money and giving the free zealies out now would drastically cut their Christmas profits, but it would've been the NICE thing to do.
Fortunately I can afford zealies, but I am feeling really bad for those who can't and are disappointed not having any for Christmas. I'm sure they feel like they got lumps of coal in their stockings from Catster.



October 9th 2009 3:01 pm
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Disneyland parks is offering a free park day when you give a day of your time through the Hands on Network, which includes many SPCAs. WTG DISNEY!
Free dates begin in 2010, you can get more info here and use the link to the Hands on Network (about two thirds down) to see what opportunities exist in your area!
Disney's Give a Day Get a Day Offer-click here!


Halloween Tagged!

October 7th 2009 5:36 pm
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My good pal Sir Sonny tagged me to play Halloween tag! I am supposed to list what I love about Halloween and tag some other furriends. Halloween is such a fun time of year.

1. I love the Halloween spirit, everyone has a good time!
2. I love the spooky costumes.
3. I enjoy seeing all of the decorated pictures and pages.
4. It's the start of all of the best holidays!
5. Meowmy is always in a good mood cause there is lots of chocolate in the house! (So is Dad!)

I tag:
Newman because he is such a cutie.
Angel, because she loves to dress-up.
Gordy, he's a handsome dude.
Guido the Italian Kitt, now there's a dude who really knows how to party!


Thanks Everyfur!

August 8th 2009 9:35 am
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My birthday yesterday was the best ever! I got a bunch of clicks for the Animal Rescue site, judging by the fishies count! It's not too late to click, the blinkie is on my page and it's free.
I got a bunch of nice messages and a few e-cards and some nice gifts too! Everyone was so nice and I had a wonderful day, thank you all for making me feel so special.
I got a giant cake from my dear friend Princess, she knows what a big family we have! I guess she thought I would share, well meowmy made me share.
My long time friend and Sweet Face co admin. Pooters sent me a cupcake and a very sweet message.
I got beautiful furever crowns from Alfie and Beloved Angel Amelia, I'm gonna wear them too, so everyfur knows who's king of the house!
I got a yummy steak from Jasmine Delilah, Isabella Love and Pumkin Pooh, I didn't share that!
I got ice cream from Kibbles, Francis, Yoda, Zeeke, Romeo, Cleo, Tater Tot, KK, Harley, Dave, Moo, Tommie, PJ, Fozzy Bear, Onyx, Toes, Mishka, Zelda, DC, Poo Cat, Tigger, Mittens, Frisky, Moe and Family", Calvin, and Gimli (who also sent me happy smiling ballons) , the ice cream went perfect with my cake!
I got a fun beach ball from Edwina and her family.
Jaffa, Lulu and Rustle sent me watermelon because Catster doesn't have a chicken prezzie, gonna have to talk to them about getting some chicken!
I got cupcakes also from Beau, Millie and the gang, they have been so helpful to us, and also a cupcake from Tony, Anna, Stormy, Sammy Grey, Cleo and Ashe, they are a pawsome family, we love those guys.
I got enough party hats to play dress-up for a while! Hats are fun!
I got hats from Kaci and Mittens some true friends, who have really helped me out a lot, Hooch and his dear sweet family- well actually I kinda consider them my family, my great pal Sir Sonny Bono and his adorable sisfurs Presley and Paris and Henry and Calamity who I have missed. Sonny also sent me several e-cards just to remind me I was getting older, I loved them.
I got a kimi from Chloe with a luscious cake on it!
I got a nice shiny trophy, looks nice with my crowns, from Tigger, Cali and Scaredy Cat(In Memory).
Plus I got tons of messages from pals letting me know they were thinking of me, it was a purrfect day! Thanks to all, I surely hope I did not leave anyone out, if I did I apologize.
Thanks to all those who clicked for the shelter animals, come visit my page and do it again sometime, or better yet put one of their cool blinkies on your page!
Love Norman


Today is my Birthday!

August 7th 2009 12:15 pm
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Hi friends! Today is my 8th birthday and I am having the best day ever! Last year my sisfur Rosie had everyfur send me chicken jokes for my birthday and that was terrific, they are all saved in my diary. This year I have a special wish, since I was a rescue and saved from going to the local shelter, I am asking that everyfur visit my page and click on The Animal Rescue site blinkie and give free food to shelter animals and while you are there pick up the blinkie for your own page if you have room for it. Also please give me a free Catster fishy treat so I will know you have clicked! Thanks to all my precious friends for making this the best birthday ever, I will be updating this entry later to thank each of you!


Please Pray for Hooch

July 1st 2009 1:29 am
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One of my dearest friends Hooch is in need of prayers. He is very sick and his pawrents are very worried about him. Please everyone say a prayer for my friend and his family too, who desperately needs him to get well and come home. If you would like to show support by changing your main photo, that would be nice too, you may use my picture of him if you want. Tag it Purring for Hooch


Ice Cream Tag

June 25th 2009 7:53 pm
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Well the tag game finally got me! My furmeowmy Wanda has been tagged twice and my sisfur Lilly has been tagged too!
What flavor describes me best? Well you guys all know me, I'm just plain old me, so I would have to say the flavor that describes me best is just plain old fashioned homemade vanilla!
My sisfur Lilly now that's a different story, she is truly a very silly girl, so it would have to be something fun, we'll just have to wait and see what she says!
I am tagging:
Greta Grace
Sir Alfred KneadsaLot
Toby Aragorn


A Sweet Card

May 13th 2009 1:18 pm
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Meowmy and us furbabies got a very sweet card today from Patchez, Kujo, Hooch, Precious, Prince, Princess, Mojo, Sweet Angel Clawdia,Callista, Cassidy, Sunflower, Clawdette, Precious Angel Fire, Karisma and their meowmy JoAnn. It was a beautiful remembrance card in memory of our precious Harvey, my adopted furson that we lost last week. Of course meowmy came home from the post office in tears, but they weren't sad tears, they were thankful tears. Thankful that we have such precious friends in our life. She let me sniff the card and rub my face on it, I liked it, then she put it away for safe keeping. She will treasure it always. This family have been our best friends in good times and bad and we love everyone of them dearly.

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