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Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

July 22nd 2010 2:05 am
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Please go to the Animal Rescue site click to give free food and while you are there give a vote to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in the Shelter Challenge (link is at top of page). Just type in "blind cat" and fill in the state of "NC" and they will come up. Make sure to verify your vote by identifying the animal in the picture they show you. I got the lion tonight, yesterday it was a spotted frog! Today is the last day to vote before this challenge period is over, they need to be in 5th place and are currently in 6th place. Please consider voting, it is easy, no registering is required and it is also a free way to help a well deserving shelter.


Animal Rescue Site

July 4th 2010 3:04 pm
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Have you clicked to give free food today? It is free and with this being "kitten season" the shelters are all full and in need of assistance. Their blinkee is on my page and all are welcome to stop by my page to go to their site, please give them a few clicks when you think about it.
Meowmy just ordered her first item from the site, a nice sterling silver bracelet with a purple paw print heart charm. I will let you know when it comes in if the delivery is speedy and the quality is nice. They have a lot of nice things and almost always have a clearance sale on a few items. Most all of the paw print items are reduced now. Her order funded 28 bowls of food! We used the money we saved from not buying zealies last month!
They are giving away a purple paw print pin now for those new visitors who sign up for their daily click reminder (you have to pay postage, but their postage is reasonable).
Go check it out:
The Animal Rescue Site


My Apologies

June 30th 2010 3:05 pm
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I am sorry if we have missed any friend update, my friends update page is taking 6+ minutes to open and often times out before it opens. I hope HQ is working on this.
I would also like to know why we no longer have the prezzies listed by our names? They fixed that once and now it is gone again.
I really miss the old homepage, it was designed perfect for all of the things we checked every day, now everything is such an effort to do.
I really wish the site updates had been more for the loyal members rather than for the general public. Although I do give credit to HQ for designing this wonderful place, it is the members who have made it a success. We are the ones posting birthdays, purrayer request and helping others celebrating special days and helping those who are grieving. Those are the things that keep members returning and spending their dollars on zealies. The members are the heart of Catster.


Please Vote for the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

June 27th 2010 9:48 pm
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They need lots of votes to win much needed funds, please vote and crosspost!!!!!!!!

Blind Cat Rescue Sanctuary



June 16th 2010 1:34 am
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Well meowmy just spent over an hour removing the "Say No to Nutro" photos from our pages, replacing the cat clock widget that quit working because of the changes and removing the cursors we had that no longer worked and despite updating all of our pages the darn cat toys are still on top of our backgrounds-which are almost non-existent because of the wider text box which is no longer necessary since the ads were graciously removed from our pages. We are having a hard time having fun here anymore, so many of our friends are no longer here, we only hear from them on facebook or through our meowmy's personal e-mail. I still want to be here everyday for the groups I am active in and what little paw-mail we get, but that is it. Guess everyone else is feeling the same way, it's sad. But I guess some feel it is time to move on and we like a few others have joined another site, not planning on leaving here just haven't had much reason to be here much. Catster as we once knew it is gone.


Awful Language!!!!

June 12th 2010 8:42 am
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The Cat's Meow has gotten some very rank replies to it, I hope they are deleted soon. The language and nature of the replies is horrifying. I did not know that non-members could leave comments, on most websites you have to be a member to comment and some even restrict that privilege for those who have been members for a week or more. Perhaps that is something that might be a good idea here also?

The Cats Meow



June 5th 2010 3:07 pm
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My AVG virus protection has blocked me from entering several Catster pages over the last couple of days. It is not the same pages every time so I am thinking it is some of the random ads. The message say "AVG has blocked access to this page due to a detected virus that may harm your computer" so please every one who does not have virus protection-get some before it is too late!

AVG free download here.


Found a New Place to Play!

June 4th 2010 8:35 pm
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No I'm not leaving Catster, not right now anyway, we have too many friends here. But many are thinking of leaving and then what would be the point of staying?

Found a new place to play!

Just joined last night and got friend request before meowmy got my page done, so we are still working on my page. Have added my meowmy Wanda too, but not the others yet.
We have also joined the Say NO to Nutro group here on Catster, if anyone else is interested here is the link to that:
Say No to Nutro!!!!!



May 26th 2010 12:45 am
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I do not like the new homepage at all! It is sloppy and ill designed. All of the things I check each day were conveniently located right down the center of the old homepage with click-able links right there. We knew who our gifts belonged to without having to click on each one. The daily diary picks and friends updates were easy to get to without having to open up a pop-up box. We have a group tab on the menu bar, so why do we need a list on our homepage, a useless list at that, the groups we administrate for is not even on top, and I do not need to know what forum I posted to last, if it is important I remember! And what is with all the white? I know when you go to buy a car, sheet tin and paint it is cheaper and that is what it looks like to me-CHEAP!Does the guy who redesigned all of this mess even use Catster on a daily basis? Did it get thrown together on his lunch hour? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! In all fairness there is ONE thing out of all of this that is better, the green is gone, at this point I would love to see it again along with my old homepage. I am not against change as long as it is better, this is NOT!!!!


Great Sadness

February 2nd 2010 2:27 am
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Yesterday I learned of the loss a true friend, Alfie (Sir Alfred). Actually he was much more than a friend, he was like a brother to me. We ran a group together, paw-mailed each other about everything and we had so much in common. He has always been there for me, even when I didn't ask, he just knew to be there. I am very sad for his meowmy, his friends and for me, we will all miss him terribly. I know in my heart he is now with his beloved brother Wally whom he loved so much and that is of some comfort.
But still I feel lost, there are just no words good enough to describe what he and his family mean to us. Meowmy has cried most of the day, me too. Please go by his page and spend a few moments remembering him and say a prayer for his dear family.

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