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IAMS pet food recalls

November 26th 2011 12:02 pm
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You can read about it here:
IAMS Recalls

The products being recalled:
IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food 1901403915 12794177D3 6.8 lbs.
IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food 1901410504 12794177I5 4 lbs.
IAMS Lamb Meal With Rice Dog Food 1901403735 12794177J4 15 lbs.

Reason for Recall:
The product is being recalled due to elevated aflotoxin levels.

Please pass this along.


Purrs please!

November 10th 2011 6:37 pm
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Purrs, purrs, purrs and more purrs! Two of my good friends are in need of purrs and the great support that Catster pals are so good at!
Teddy Bearz has been diagnosed with Hypercalcemia, which from our internet surfing can be caused by a variety of things, he has written about it in his diary, please go by and leave some purrs for him and his meowmy.
Our pal Hooch is having eye issues and has been diagnosed with glaucoma, the pressure in his eyes is high and the usual medicines used to bring it down are not working, it has been suggested by his vet that he may have a brain tumor causing the pressure. He has another vet appt with a specialist next week. His meowmy is so heartbroken and has been unable to update his diary. He has been through so much in the last couple of years, please go by and leave him and his meowmy some purrs.
I love both of these guys so much, I have my whole family purring, please join us.



October 12th 2011 4:23 pm
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We had to say good bye to my sisfur Fay today, she had respiratory problems and just could not get better. Meowmy couldn't let her suffer anymore, it was hard, we are very heartbroken. She was quite a character before she got so
sick, very opinionated, we love her very much, always.


Latest News

September 28th 2011 1:15 pm
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Sorry we have not been here much. I am doing pretty good health-wise. My sisfur Fay is very sick right now with a respiratory infection, she is not responding well to the antibiotics and that has the vet and meowmy worried that something else may be going on, she has a appt. with the vet tomorrow. She could use some purrs.
I posted a couple of new photos on my page, one of cute little Stormy who was nicknamed Stormin Norman after me. He is super cute and his meowmy has raised him on a bottle since he was only about a day old. We are so thankful he is doing well.
I also posted a photo of the guardian angel that came with my mini-me, Meowmy got a new camera weeks ago and is still not used to it, as you can tell!
And speaking of Guardian Angels, my pal Sonny Bono has offered to be my guardian angel. I know he will be a good one. I kinda figure I have a lot of guardian angels helping me out.
My friend Tigger is turning 19 this week and he has plans to party all week long! Happy Birthday Tigger.


A Special Day

September 22nd 2011 10:36 pm
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Yesterday I got a package in the mail, I knew it was mine as soon as meowmy walked in the door with it. I could not wait for her to open it! It was my prize from the lovely Katerina for winning her diary caption contest. I rubbed all over the box until she got it open and then I rubbed my face all over the figurine copy of me. I so enjoyed getting a prezzie in the mail! I have pictures of it on my page, you all have to go see them! It is truly a treasure and it even came with a smaller guardian angel cat just for me! I have been needing one of those too. Meowmy is going to try and sneak the mini-me out so she can show the girls at the vet, but I will be keeping an eye on it, she is going to have to wait until I fall asleep.
Thank you Katerina, you would not believe how exciting this was for me and what a special treasure this will be for meowmy to keep forever! Meowmy was so happy to see me so excited and I tired myself plumb out! It was a great day for me.
I have had a busy week, my gotcha day was Wednesday and I had so many friends stop by, it was just wonderful, thank you all.
Of course the week wasn't all great, I had to go to the vet on Tuesday to be weighed. I got a good report and have even gained some weight, but meowmy took some of my siblings in for vaccinations at the same time and I had to listen to them whine the entire trip!


Tuesday Vet Visit

August 23rd 2011 9:07 am
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I just got back from the vets. My jaundice is hanging on but has improved slightly. My appetite is still not good, I just don't want to eat much. But I am eating small amounts, just not enough. Meowmy is syringe feeding me to make sure I get enough to eat, I hate it. I am still hiding for the most part and very tired of being messed with. I hissed at the vet today and tried to scratch him but he had two assistants holding me so I didn't get in any good kicks or scratches today. But at least I do still feel good enough to put up a good fight.
I am so very grateful for all of the purrs, comments and prezzies. We are big believers in the power of prayer and I know it is helping me and meowmy. Thank all of you who are displaying my picture on your page, you guys are the best. Everyone's support has meant so much to us, I don't think we could get through this without all of you.


Update and thanks

August 18th 2011 6:42 pm
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First I must thank you all for making my tenth birthday my best ever. Given the year I have had it was a very important birthday for me.
I loved all of the comments and messages and of course the prezzies and pictures. You were all so kind to me and I love you and am so thankful to have such good friends.

I am sorry I have not updated you all on my health, I was doing good in July (26th) when I went to the vet and my medicine was discontinued, but it didn't last.
I started getting sick again just a week later and just kept getting worse. I am back on all of the medicine again, for a week and a half now and I am still not feeling good.
I have lost interest in food and am barely eating. I am hiding from the rest of the cats because I don't feel like being sociable, mainly just staying in meowmy's room.
The vet is doing all they can and meowmy has been praying a lot that I start feeling better.
Please don't send prezzies, I love them, but I have so many already and there are so many who don't have any. Please just send me some purrs and prayers, I really believe in the power of prayer.



June 11th 2011 2:29 pm
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Being Cat of the Day yesterday was a great honor and terrific fun! Meowmy was already behind in some of my family's birthday thank yous and now she is even further behind! But she will try to get some time this week-end to get caught up. I was so amazed by all of the congrats from all of my friends and even some new friends, really warmed my heart. Thank you all for making my special honor a special day.



June 7th 2011 8:28 pm
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Yesterday was one of those good days/bad days! It was good because my sisfur Marie had a great birthday, a birthday just a couple of years ago we thought she would never see. She is doing so much better. The bad part of the day was me having to go see the vethuman for a check-up. Originally when we made this appt the vet was going to do another round of labs on me, but decided not to. Meowmy was not very happy about that, but I was relieved. The vet says they are already doing all they can for me and the blood test would serve no purpose other than to worry meowmy---she is already worried. I had lost a tenth of a pound, which is not too bad and could have been because I had not eaten much before my visit, the vet was not concerned over it. My muscle tone is still good and my appetite is okay. I am still having to take the prednisone and probably will from now on, also still taking the denamarin and got a shot of B12. I was spitting mad at the vet as usual and got in quite a few good kicks and scratches to both the vet and his assistant.
Me and Marie enjoyed a nice feast of baked chicken in celebration of her birthday, separate plates so I would not get swatted of course. She is not near as sweet as she looks, she does not like any of us very much, she is only nice to meowmy and daddy most of the time.
We know that I will never be well again but for right now I am holding my own and that is the best we can hope for. I am thankful to have so many of my pals purraying for me, I know the power of the paw works! Thank you all for sticking by me, forgive us if we miss a few days here and there, meowmy has been trying to deal with all of this the best she can for my sake, but still has some very depressing days. Love you all, Normy


My Vet Visit Today

May 11th 2011 7:21 pm
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My vet visit today did not go as well as meowmy would have liked. They did a sonogram, I really hate those, took the vet tech and meowmy to hold me still enough. My gall bladder is looking fairly good, still some room for improvement there, my liver and intestines are still very inflamed. The vet was hoping for some improvement on my liver at least, but there was little if any. I had gained some weight, I am still over a pound under my normal weight. I have been eating pretty good, not much at a time, but meowmy is feeding me very often. I also got a vitamin B12 shot. I go back the first part of June for lab work. So for now I still have to take the Orbax, Prednisone and the Denamarin, at least the prednisone is every other day now instead of every day. I was unruly at the vet as usual, I was mad before we left the house, it was storming outside and I didn't want to go out so meowmy had a very hard time getting me in my carrier. I did get a little treat when we got home, some roast beef, but I still pouted. Thanks to everyone who has sent prezzie, messages and left me comments, and thanks for all of the purrayers too. You guys are the best and me and meowmy love you all.

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